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Doctor group seeks to clear confusion
in cancer screening

Instead of constantly changing what they say, think and suggest maybe they should just say what needs to be said:
"Clean out and clean yourself up... and make sure to do it properly. Forever, every year. Year in and year out."



Fluent in Health.

This is not a supplement, or a technology, or a device, a piece of equipment nor a diet.

Nor an exercise routine.

This is a guided interactive online and individualized one-on-one health cleansing program with strong group support too.

The real deal... the type of cleansing, guidance, education and personalized support that one hopes to find only finds at a very high end expensive spa, far away from home.


Great health takes the steps up. Bad health takes the elevator down.

This is the beginning of a new era for you. We're going up, up, up.


McDonald's Destroyed the Gut Bacteria of a College Kid in 10 Days
Spector notes that "the loss of [gut bacteria] diversity is a universal signal of ill health."


Everyone who knows anything of value about health understands the primary importance of the Gut... both for immunity, energy, and well being.
Here at HPS, our 7 Day Wonder
® cleansing program revolves around the gut and the bloodstream.


400 hundred rave reviews at our online cleansing forum.
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  It's as simple as seven days, as in
a 7 Day Wonder


You're ready for this... your body can immediately BEGIN, already today.


UPGRADE your whole system!

Turbo healing, rejuvenation and prevention starts in a clean bowel coupled with a purified bloodstream.

Vibrant health means less doctor visits and less Rx which means more money in your pocket. Plus better energy, better looks, less weight issues and a better immune system! It's this simple.


Detox fasting.
Colon cleansing.
Home colonics.
Fruit juicing.


An HPS 7 Day Wonder® affords your body the capacity of a sustainable healthier immune system at a reasonable cost.


This website details many sections in the 7 Day Wonder cleansing and rejuvenation program.


HPS® your body right NOW already in 2015. Save big! Big.


Contact     Colon cleansing theory     Food and diet     Cleanse - detox programs     Pictures of eliminations




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