Ask yourself one question:

Do you want more of the same or are you finally ready for something totally new and fundamentally different?

This is health care which is publicly proven and not based on theory, amazing new discoveries, speculation or wild claims. This is health where the results are self-evident, self-motivating, lasting and self-sustainable.

We're HPS. HelpingPeopleSurvive.

New and different for you yet tried, tested and very very proven. Online since 1996.

We've been redefining what health, and health care actually means, with profound results.


Can you immediately profit from an HPS cleanse?


Ask yourself the following question  ...

Have you already become the hero of your own health yet?

  • Proactive interactive "sane" health care. It's time to return some sanity to your health care!

  • Skill focused genuine authentic health care rather than what you have been exposed to up until today- that being sick care, symptom/ treatment care, test care, diet care, med care, supplement care, surgery care and exercise care.

  • Addressing the underlying causes, and not just the symptoms. Holistic health care that educates rather than medicating or supplementating. Cross disciplinary health care.

  • Done at your pace and convenience in the privacy and comfort of your own home in your comfort zone rather than at a clinic, hospital, spa or health center. Safe, recommended and appropriate for ages 21 to 65.

  • Multi-level health care embracing continuity and personal development on all dimensions; physically, mentally, emotionally, and the spiritual dimension too. They are all undoubtedly intimately inter-connected! Ignore one and the peril is- your overall health suffers. If your health suffers, that means you and your family will painfully suffer too- physically, mentally, emotionally and OF COURSE financially too!


"Investing in oneself and in a health enterprise that one actively controls may now be the only legitimate deployment of capital that qualifies as an investment in the traditional sense - that is, capital isn't being risked in rigged gambling and Ponzi schemes."



There is no "BUY NOW" button in this website.

In other words... We do not want to pull a quick sale, or an impulse purchase from you.

In fact, you can only get into our 7 Day Wonder online interactive guided program by appointment only. And that appointment making will take a few days to sort through.

We want you to start reading everything on this page, contemplate, think critically, reread, research this whole website and thoroughly investigate our online forum before contacting us to enquire into availability for you.


Place are limited!

Sorry. Unlike in previous years, even though this program is online, space is limited this year and next. Do to my teaching responsibilities at the university and, because this program is fully guided and so personalized, I won't be able to accept more than a few new people in 2013, 2014 and 2015 too.



Itís nice to have a plan, but, paraphrasing Mike Tyson, everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.

No matter how 5 star a supplement is, by nature, whatever it does for you, is temporary.

At some point you'll recognize that your health is down for the count, and at that point you're ready to start genuinely cleansing your body and mind.


The emphasis here at HPS health cleansing isn't on supplements, but rather on you.

No supplement can ever transform your health.

Or you.

Neither can any exercise, diet or surgery.



No one needs to spend tens of thousands of dollars over a lifetime on supplements, equipment, devices, doctors, tests, medical insurance, drugs and meds, or specialty food.

That is a foolish approach to health care.

What everyone does need is to TRANSFORM THEIR BODY AND HEALTH in a lasting sustainable natural holistic manner. In a genuine manner that they can sustain on their own, forever.

And that starts from genuinely getting on a health cleansing and rejuvenation path.

A path that encompasses your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

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The Proof?

See for yourself ...

This is just too delightfully rewarding to pass by.


400+ different HPS Customer Satisfaction Reviews
for you to explore right now at our online HPS health cleansing forum.

Read their reviews...

Pick a few and get the HPS 7 Day Wonder picture. Hundreds of real-time amazing WOW stories at our online HPS health cleansing forum spanning more then a decade already.

Have you ever actually tasted anywhere 'ascending good health' year after year, health that like a wine ascends in taste even as you age?

Have you ever written about your body, looks, weight management, mind, immunity, energy and general health anything similar to what they are writing at our online forum? Consistently for years as many are here?

Have you ever SEEN ANYWHERE anything like they are talking about, anywhere? Or anything like I'm talking about with my life?



HPS health cleansing: Return some sanity to your health care!


PROPERLY CARING for yourself pays off handsomely.
This is a guided interactive online alternative health care proposition.

Skyrocketing health...Energizing life.

Health Care Full Of Causes and Condition, Not Rules.


Most people haven't ever given any thought to the insanity in their healthcare.

It's become the norm.

Everybody does the same things... so it seems correct, and normal.


My approach is similar to Nissim Taleb's- "we should stop trying to predict what exactly the Black Swans in our health will be, when a Black Swan will arrive at our doorstep, and start trying to be more 'antifragile'."

Becoming more 'antifragile' means becoming more sane.

Having more sane relationships with our self, our body and our health.

And consequently, with the world around us.

There is no 'next level of health'.

This is it.

This is fundamentally superior to anything you'll ever find, do or dream of.




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