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 Special dedicated FAQ for our HPS Cleansing Programs Online

HPS sales policies; Do they include refunds?

Our sales policies are simple. Best for you, best for us!

If you didn't get the cleansing results you expected, then we need to put more energy, effort and reconfigure your cleanse to your specific needs in order to reach further into the detoxification and purification.

The solution lies in persistence in light of your particular circumstance and not in demanding... demanding refunds, demanding results, demanding the world jump to your tune. Your body innately listens to itself. And you should be listening to it, not demanding from it.

 HPS cleansing will help a lot with all your health problems- physical, mental, energetic and emotional problems. I know that for sure, I've been there before.

We are confident we can meet success with you. By being tenacious and persistent, you will win. This is what cleansing is all about. Allow us to manage the complexities of it all for you.

Our HPS job is to get you on the cleansing path, and keep you there.

If you are not satisfied, then we haven't done our job well. Therefore we will keep working with you for FREE until you are satisfied, but again refunds are out of the question. We're not here to subsidize your experiments nor waste your time. We're not here to get ripped off. We're here to help you meet success. And we've keep doing that again and again, daily. We're more than proven. Our record speaks for itself.

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