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What's more important- colon cleansing or juicing, or juice fasting?

Dr. Walker is the founder of juice therapy and is well-respected world wide for his contribution to health and nutrition. The secret to Dr. Walker's years of vibrant health was colon cleansing and juicing.

Colon cleansing was first on his list even before juicing.

Autointoxication, or "self poisoning" occurs when the colon is impacted   with layer upon layer of mucoid fecal matter. It is estimated that over 90 % of all disease can be contributed directly or indirectly to an unhealthy digestive system.

Colon cancer is the second most common cause of death in the US. Leading health practitioners consider autointoxication to be the underlying reason for all DIS-ease.

The symptoms of autointoxication are:

* Tension

* Irritability

* Craving for food

* Bad Breath

* Fatigue

* Nervousness

* Anxiety and worry

* Swelling of legs

* Allergies

* Nausea

* Insomnia

* Asthma

* Indigestion

* Depression

* Abdominal discomfort

* Poor Appetite

* Headaches

* Overweight

* Menstrual problems

* Loss of memory

* Backache

* Hemorrhoids

* Lack of sexual response

* Skin problems

* Colds/Flu

* Acne/Pimples

* Smelly Body Odor

* Poor vision

In my Medicine man research I have explicitly investigated and understand the importance of juicing, both on an organic structural and chemical basis.

Dr. Walker is correct, juicing is a necessary ingredient in any cleansing program worth its name, but the sequence of steps towards a long lasting cure is firstly a series of colon cleanses accompanied by fasting, and then organic nourishment- with juicing at the forefront.

Can you please, in simple laymen's language, tell me what causes colon problems?

Using the modern toilet without squatting, improper diet, not adhering to the laws of trophology, insufficient exercise, stress, overeating and ignoring the "call of nature" cause lots of colon problems.

Eating mucous producing foods such as meat, dairy products and white flour, cause dense, sticky bowel movements, and is to be avoided if one wishes to attend to correct colon hygiene.

These types of foods, when they are expelled, they leave behind a glue like coating on the wall of the colon. This accumulates, layers by layers, into a black hard rubbery crust. The body cannot eliminate these layers of hardened mucous on its own. They are often carried for the duration of the person's life in your colon and digestive tract, as a toxic burden.

You can find the full story here. At the end of each page, click on the 'next page' button and follow the story to its logical conclusion.

Is there a place to buy the products and guided programs?

Whenever you feel inspired to start reclaiming your health, our store offers you cleansing and rejuvenation programs.

All the herbal medicinal prescriptions and other cleansing products used in our programs Jos-hua Medicine man has used and tested extensively on his own body. No second hand information here at HPS-ONLINE.

What's the best way to clean the colon?

The best way to clean and rejuvenate the colon is to cleanse it! Gradually and over a period of time. One of the best ways to guarantee success of the cleansing process is to adopt new eating habits and lifestyle options. Professional guidance is recommended. Support is critical.

The HPS-ONLINE online guided 7 DAY WONDER cleanse™ is the best way that we know of to clean the colon, and cure disease in the human body.

The famous cleansing and fasting expert Dr. Shelton once said, "it's easy to convince a man that eating strengthens him, but quite hard to convince him that abstaining from eating- fasting -  strengthens him even more."

Everyone who has done this cleansing program will attest to this fact.

Are there any dangerous side effects when doing colon cleansing while fasting and using the colenema board method of cleansing?

If properly done, none that we know of. 

We hear about and see only positive stories.

Like any thing in life, if we embark on a major change in patterns, it is worthwhile to learn correctly techniques that support and enhance whatever effort we embark on.

If your colenemas are properly done, there are no negative side effects. Only positive effects.

SO positive that you'll be amazed.

Jos-hua Medicine man has guided a few thousand different people in their cleansing.

Get the professional insight and support to avoid dangers and mishaps.


Why do you claim that the colenema boards that you promote and sell are the best in the world?

Because they are for the beginner. Our job is to keep you on the cleansing path. Financial cost analysis is important to you too. These boards aren't too expensive, nor are they cheap.

That's the truth!

Not many people have used a colenema board as extensively as I have. That's a fact too.

The boards I promote from this website are the strongest, lightest, most hygienic, most modern and most cost effective home use colon cleansing equipment you will find on the planet.  We promote from this website two different colenema boards.

Do enemas do the same things as colenemas?

Absolutely not.

Enemas are nowhere similar to a colenema- neither in application nor results!

Anyone who claims that they are similar, is either ignorant of the facts or lacking in actual first hand experience.

1) An enema uses very little water compared to a colenema, 1 or 2 quarts in an enema versus 5 to 10 gallons during one colenema session.

2) The water from an enema will reach, if you're lucky, 8 to 10 inches into your colon while a colenema will rinse your entire colon, about 5 1/2 feet.

3) Colenemas are much more easier to administer and do, than an enema. Jos-hua knows from experience, he has done hundreds of both on his own body.

When using a colenema board, you lie effortlessly on your back on the board, in a comfortable position. You can relax and massage your colon while laying on the colenema board.

An enema on the other hand can be a traumatic, hard and tiring experience. It is usually done laying down on a towel on the bathroom floor. It's problematic to get the enema renal tip in, it's problematic to work with the tip and hold it in, it's problematic to adjust the water flow, and its a nuisance to replace the 1.5-2 liters of water, two or three times during a session.

Enema's are frequently messy- splurting dirty feces filled filthy water out in all directions, when you miss the toilet bowel

A colenema on the other hand is easy, clean and calm.

There is a whole at the end of the board the board, so everything that is eliminated from your colon drops right into the toilet while you are laying on the board evacuating. It couldn't be easier, safer or more hygienic!

Using an enema is better than nothing if you're constipated, but it doesn't do much for  you in terms of colon cleansing.

To cleanse the colon using an enema is like trying to wash your car with one glass of water. You'll run out of water long before you even get close to finishing the job.

How is a colenema administered?

Colon irrigation's can be administered by a professional colon hydro-therapist or it can be self administered at your home using a colenema board with Jos-hua Medicine man's guidance.

The audio clips provided with the 7 DAY WONDER cleanse™ guarantee that you'll get the most from your board, and that you won't hurt yourself either.

Detailed daily instruction and guidance for a 7 day colenema cleanse and fast.

Setting up a self-colon irrigation at home will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in the long run.

The board pays for itself after your first cleanse, and you'll be able to use the board for many more future sessions. The convenience of being at home is wonderful.

An important benefit of setting up your own self-colon irrigation at home is being able to control the sanitary conditions, making sure the water is pure and making sure the equipment is thoroughly disinfected. You can learn more about colenemas & tissue management here.

To learn more how to benefit from Jos-hua's Medicine man guidance, for 7 days during your first OR second cleansing program, send a blank email to easydetox@getresponse.com

Who do I contact at HPS-ONLINE if I have questions about cleansing products?

Contact HPS NetWonder support, Cindy, at info@hps-online.com.

We will be happy to answer all your questions and to assist you to find the products and services you are looking for. 

Please note, the products used in our online HPS cleansing programs are confidential to those people doing the program. Please do not request from us the manufacturers name, or product brand names.


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