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  Energy flow within the human body. Meridians.

Do you sometimes wake up at night from a deep sleep at approximately the same hour of the night? 

Or perhaps, you may have noticed that a specific ache or pain in your body seemingly occurs at the same time of day? 

If so, take note of the following information as, you might want to investigate which meridian and organ is expressly active, and then address those issues. Real cures start within you, not outside of you.

Introduction: The earth, the meridians and energy... 
What's the connection?

The planet earth- including the successive layers of core, mantle, crust, oceans, atmosphere, and radiation belts- is produced by interactions of the motions of contraction and expansion, which our ancestors called Heaven's force and Earth's force. 

The human structure is generated by the same energies, and shares many similarities with the earth. For instance, Heaven's and Earth's forces create the primary channel in the human body just as they generate the intensely charged line that runs through the center of the planet- the earth's primary channel. Humans have seven energy centers, called chakras, which correlate to the planet's single energy center, the magnetic core.

From the chakras, Chee (energy) circulates to all areas of the body, charging each of its billions of cells. These currents of energy are called meridians in Chinese medicine. If we use the image of a swiftly flowing river to portray the primary channel, the chakras can be likened to whirlpools arising within this powerful current. 

The meridians are tributaries of this river. Branching off from the primary channel, they divide and sub divide into increasingly smaller streams which finally join with the cells. 

In this way, each cell is continually supplied with energy via the meridians, which in turn receive energy from the chakras, the primary channel and ultimately from the universe itself in the form of Heaven's and Earth's forces.

The meridians are often described as channels along which Chee flow, but this is somewhat misleading. Actually, there are no channels that direct or confine the flow of Chee. Think instead of streams of energy flowing actively from one of the centrally located chakras out to the body's periphery and then back again to one of chakras. The meridians are these energy currents rather than any particular tubes of vessels that carry Chee.

This mechanism parallels the activity of the earth's streams and rivers. It is not the river banks that determine the course of a river. Rather, it is the amount of water and the rate of flow that produce the banks. If and when these two factors change, new embankments are formed.

On the earth, the discharge of energy from lines comparable to the body's meridians creates mountain ranges like the Andes, the Rockies, the Himalayas, and the great mountain ranges rising form the floor of the oceans. Divisions of these energy streams branch out across the planet. 

Prehistoric sacred sites, and later, settlements, towns, and cities grew up at points along these lines, with each having a different nature depending on the energetic quality of the particular spot. For instance, some cities are more business oriented or are famous for their arts and crafts. Others become known as university towns, as centers of technology, as places devoted to spiritual practices, and so on. In each case, the emphasis comes from the characteristic energy of the area, which in turn stimulates specific physical and psychological attributes of the inhabitants.

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Traditional people are well aware of these lines and the influences they exerted on their surroundings. In China, they are called dragon lines, and a sophisticated art, known as Feng-Shui, was developed to locate and utilize the energy generated along them. For instance, the quality of energy at a particular site could be subtly altered in various ways to make it more harmonious with the activities being pursued there. Locations for distinctive types of buildings, such as a temple, school, government office, or personal residence, were selected according to the nature of the energy deemed appropriate for the intended activity. 

Even today, in modern Chinese cities such as Hong Kong Feng Shui considerations are  prominent when buying an apartment, constructing a building, decorating a department store exhibit or remodeling an office. It is a well know fact in H.K. that commercial buildings that have failed (Bond building for example, etc..), have been plaque by bad Feng-Shui. No matter how many different owners, no matter how many different tenants, well located commercial office building and shopping complex has failed financially, whereas building in the nearby vicinity have thrived! "Bad Feng-Shui" it is said.

In the Western world, the earth's energy lines have been called by various names since ancient times. They are now generally referred to as ley lines in English. In this century a steady body of information has been accumulating, and there are now a number of books available, both on the Chinese art of Feng-shui and on the Western study of ley lines. It is sufficient for our purposes to realize that the meridians of the human body correspond to these highly charged energy lines that run across the planet.

The meridians represent our connection with the larger forces of creation. They are important not only to a study of Oriental medicine, but to every aspect of human activity. On a larger scale, they can help put us in touch with the basic nature of life.


Course of Energy Flow

The meridians, with the exception of the conception and governing vessels, flow symmetrically on both sides of the body. That is to say, there are identical segments on the right and left sides. They run in a helical pattern from the center to the periphery and then back to the center, so that each organ pair describes one complete cycle. The path on the meridian pairs resembles the petal of a flower and the entire meridian system can be likened to a six-petal energy blossom.

Energy Cycle along the Meridians

1. Lung (Yin)

7. Bladder (Yang)

2. Large Intestine (Yang)

8. Kidney (Yin)

3. Stomach (Yang)

9. Heart Governor (Yin)

4. Spleen/Pancreas (Yin)

10. Triple Heater (Yang)

5. Heart (Yin)

11. Gall Bladder (Yang)

6. Small Intestines (Yang)

12. Liver (Yin)

As mentioned above, instead of being separate streams, the meridians are actually one continuous flow along which distinct qualities of energy can be recognized. Traditional peoples recognized a surge or wave-like pattern along the meridians. The course of this swell of energy follows a specific order, starting with the lungs and ending with the liver. The complete sequence is depicted in the above table. This cycle is repeated approximately fifty times per day, depending on one's age (more frequently in the young, less often as we age), activity level, and general state of health.

While this cycle is repeated numerous times during the course of the day, there are particular times when individual meridians/organs are especially active. This occurs because there is a larger 24-hour cycle that influences the earth's Chee.

The time of day that each meridian/organ is expressly active.


3-5 A.M.


5-7 A.M.

Large Intestine

7-9 A.M.


9-11 A.M.


11 A.M. - 1 P.M.


1-3 P.M.

Small Intestines

3-5 P.M.


5-7 P.M.


7-9 P.M.

Heart Governor

9-11 P.M.

Triple Heater

11 P.M.- 1 A.M.


1-3 A.M.


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