Program structure-
Grow your health rather than just trying to stop its demise!

Summary of this page in one sentence: What we are saying in all below is that if attaining and sustaining great health by cleansing was as easy as buying a new car and driving it off the lot then everyone you know, including yourself, would already be exceptionally healthy, vigorous, youthful and energetic without a health problem or worry in the world.

But it's not.

Staying thin doesn't have much to do with calorie counting, but it has everything to do with your digestive, alimentary and elimination systems. Developing great immunity has nothing to with vitamins and vaccines, but it has everything to do with blood and lymph purity. Great skin tone, high levels of energy and mental buoyancy doesn't have much to with exercising, but it has everything to do with internal organ integrity and proper detox. 

In order to "get" well, you'll need to cleanse properly and rejuvenate your body properly. You will need to take the initiative. We intend to show you how. But know, there is no quick fix and it will require an investment by you.

Here at HPS-online guided cleansing, we've taken an approach that is fundamentally different than others in the cleansing industry... we're into building relationships with our clients simply because that is the way our clients will profit from their investments in cleansing.

We offer a cleansing, healing and rejuvenation path for our clients to walk, and the beauty of this is that they can walk it from the privacy and comfort of their home at their pace and convenience. And it can last for a lifetime.

We want to open your eyes and let the future in.

A week or two of cleansing at a Spa, or purchasing a kit from a colon cleansing site and popping pills for a few weeks, or a few visits to a colonic clinic, a diet, checking into a fasting center or doing a meditation retreat, etc., etc., are basically one-off events.

But my lifelong experience has been that in order to get really healthy
and stay really healthy, we need to engage our health, and engage our health care, continuously, week in and week out, month in and month out, year in and year out.

And for that to happen we need a plan; a program to work from and a path to walk.

The path has got to be easy and executable, and reasonably priced. If it is burdensome or is a hassle to implement, we'll drop it.

We need to continuously make reference to this path if we want to succeed in taking care of ourselves in a sane, sensible, easy, safe and reasonably priced way.

If we don't have a path which we can walk year in and year out we can expect confusion, anxiety, and spiraling health care bills for the duration of our life. guided cleansing is providing this path for thousands of people.

Come join us and see for yourself how you'll profit, just how easy genuine cleansing can be and just how hassle free and fun proper rejuvenation is.

So, what are you buying from us?

You're buying from us an online guided cleansing and guided rejuvenation program exclusive to using the HPS protocols, system, methods and means. You're buying a path to walk on.

Taking action in a piecemeal manner, trying this and trying that, isn't how great health is attained...

You MUST HAVE, and be continuously working from, a comprehensive program... Tactical maneuvers don't deliver success in cleansing, nor in healing, nor in rejuvenation.

The core HPS cleansing protocols used in the HPS 7 Day Wonder program:

  • Colon cleansing

  • Juicing

  • Fasting

  • Home colonics

  • Plus 16 other protocols that
    we shall teach and practice with you
    when you do the program.

These 16 will keep you engaged in your health care long after your formal cleansing, in an effortless yet rewarding way, month and month out.

You're NOT buying from us a treatment or a quick fix, nor a cleansing kit or a supplement, not a book, a DVD or a manual but rather you are buying a guided supervised personalized educational online cleansing and renewal program which is going to positively alter your health- physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically.

The colon cleansing supplements, a book, and a home colonic board are just a byline. They're just cleansing tools, nothing more than that. And they are not included in the price of the HPS 7DW guided program. You will need to buy the tools independently. We shall direct you to recommended online vendors.

The HPS 7 Day Wonder (7DW) program is divided into three distinct phases:

  • A pre-cleansing period of three to seven days, you'll chose what's most appropriate for you.

  • A formal cleansing period, seven days of juice fasting, colon cleansing and home colonics.

  • A post-cleansing period of two to three months which includes continuous personal guidance and our intervention in your health, in your healing and in your rejuvenation. Focus is on body and mind.

To succeed at this program all you have to do is follow our detailed and personalized instructions, using our step-by-step proven blueprint, and participate at your pace and convenience at our cleansing and rejuvenation forums online.

In short, you'll be attaining here at HPS-online guided cleansing the cessation of declining health and buying into ascending good health... and might we add you're attaining all this at a ridiculously low cost, and in a ridiculously short time span. 

In short, you'll profit from learning an enhanced way of living and taking care of yourself in a truly holistic manner.

HPS guided cleansing is the beginning of a whole new set of actions for you that will skyrocket your health, energy and looks and it is the end of many actions that you have been taking up until today...

  • This is the end of your total dependency on doctors.

  • The end of medications and drugs.

  • The end of endless bottles of vitamins, herbal and dietary supplements.

  • The end of diets and dieting.

  • The end of botox and cosmeticians to make you look better and mask declining health.

  • The end of the endless exercising and yoga classes.

  • The end of worrying about your health, the end of anxiety and frustration.

You can bank on success because we have a very long very proven online track record in guiding novice and advanced cleansers to priceless renewal and rejuvenation, a record which is indisputable and second to none, bar none.

In summary...

End declining health forever.
Learn how to skyrocket in a sustainable manner your health, energy and looks.

This is your chance, your time, your opportunity...

TAKE IT and make the most of it.

Contact us by email to inquire how the HPS 7 Day Wonder guided cleanse can help you too, or to book today your place for a guided 7 Day Wonder cleanse exclusive to Places are coveted and limited.

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