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Superior health cleansing.

Enquire into HPS availability by providing Jos-hua with the following information:

1.) Your age.

2.) Have you ever detoxed or cleansed before?

When, for how long, where, using what protocols?

Note, Jos-hua is not asking which products you bought in the past, but rather which protocols you learnt, practiced and employed.

If you just popped some pills, then say so. If you fasted, or detoxed, describe what type of detox. If you did home colonics, using which protocols?

Products aren't important in order to know what you did or gauge what you know or the state of your health today; protocols allow us to understand how we can build on your health care and where we should head to in the immediate future.

3.) The state of your health, today.

Everyone has a heap of health issues... Jos-hua had a heap, and we're sure you do too.

Please list all your health issues, from the minor to the very major. What issues do you wish to see immediately healed? Which do you think will take longer? How long have these issues been a problem for you? Please list and describe all your health issues, from the very minor to the very major. Most people can easily find five things they would like to see healed immediately.

4.) When to start? At what price?

Peak Season cleansing
Dec., Jan., Feb., March
Mid Season
April, May, June, July, Aug.
Low Season
Sept., Oct., Nov.
US$999 US$799 $599

Remember, it's advised if this is your first 7 Day Wonder to take five days plus a weekend off from work for the formal cleansing, the 7 days of juicing, fasting, colon cleansing and home colonics combined. Is any date convenient for you, or do you have a specific date, or dates, in mind? Please advise.

If a space is available for the date/dates that interest you, we'll confirm. If not, suggested new dates will be offered according to availability in Jos-hua's schedule. Plus, also remember that you are going to need about three weeks (to be on the safe side) for the products used in this program to be purchased by you and delivered to your home. You won't be able to start your "formal" HPS health cleansing until that has happened, so schedule this fact into your date scheduling too.

5.) Last but not least, Jos-hua is really interested to know How did you find

Was it from a search engine (which one? what search term?), fb or other social sites, a random link from another site (do you remember which site), or was it a friend who recommended us? This is really important for me, so please try to remember. Thanks for your kindness!


Try to be as precise as possible when answering the above questions.
Copy and paste the above five questions into the below form,
and then answer each question, one by one.

You are invited to ask any questions you might have, BUT NOTE, if you don't provide answers to the above five questions, don't expect any reply from Jos-hua no matter what your question is.  

Revamp your health and human resources department today.

Corporate programs available. Inquire today.

If your email IS NOT about the HPS 7 Day Wonder health cleansing program, personal or corporate plan, please note we unfortunately WILL NOT be able to respond.

We apologize in advance.


We will also not answer any questions regarding the hardware used in a 7 Day Wonder- which home colonic board, which colon cleansing supplements, which detox books, which juicers, which devices, etc., what to buy, where to buy, at best prices? etc.. That information is confidential to those persons doing the 7 Day Wonder program.

Upon receipt of your mail either Jos-hua or an assistant will revert back to you within 24 to 36 hours.

Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.

This is a great gig, the greatest gig of all. You're about to totally change the quality of your health. Skills, not pills, is your secret in doing so.

From all of us here at, we wish you all the best.


Jos-hua Medicine man

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P.S. Please note, the HPS-online guided 7 Day Wonder is an online interactive program. We do not provide any telephone support whatsoever.


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