Please note: Corporate programs available from January 2015. If you are Human Resource manager this program is your quickest way to reward your employees and increase productivity and reduce corporate health care costs in a BIG WAY and in a sustainable lasting manner. Happier healthier employees shows up in the bottom line in more corporate profitability, less absenteeism, less turnover and stronger moral. Put together a group of employees and we will do a private online group HPS 7 Day Wonder cleanse. Maximum seven persons.

Lets keep things simple... I need and want to know something about you before I accept you into my online guided 7 Day Wonder program.

I'm very picky with regards to whom I accept simply because these days I don't have a lot of free time like I had in the past. In the past I accepted everyone who wanted to do this. These days I cannot.


The below starts your enquiry into availability of space for you to do our online guided interactive 7 Day Wonder health cleansing and rejuvenation program, online.


You will receive back a reply from Jos-hua with 24 to 36 hours.


Copy and paste the BELOW five questions into your email, and then answer each question, one by one.


1.) Your age, gender.

2.) Have you ever detoxed or cleansed before?

When, for how long, where, using what protocols? How many times before?

3.) The state of your health, today.

Please list all your health issues, from the very minor to the very major.

Please be very honest, and as thorough as you can be.

4.) When to start?

Is any date convenient for you, or do you have a specific date, or dates, in mind? Please advise.

If a space is available for the date/dates that interest you, we'll confirm. If not, suggested new dates will be offered according to availability in Jos-hua's schedule.


7 Day WonderŽ, level 1,
online cleansing and rejuvenation.

Pick your date to start your cleansing. Pick your price.

This is not a commodity. This is a very personalized program. And therefore this costs.

Yes this is an online guided program but it is by appointment only. Places are limited.


Unlike a decade or two ago, these days
I have time to work with only one new
person a month. Therefore, this is by
appointment only.

I only wish to work with those persons who are serious about transforming their health.

Everyone else, please go do yoga, buy some supplements and make sure to do your annual medical checkups. And don't forget to take your meds.


Try to be as precise as possible when answering the above questions.

Copy and paste the above four questions into your MESSAGE, and then answer each question, one by one.

You are invited to ask any questions you might have, BUT NOTE, if you don't provide answers to the above five questions, don't expect any reply from Jos-hua no matter what your question is.  

Our email address is:



If your enquiry is not about the HPS 7 Day Wonder health cleansing program, personal or corporate plan, please note we unfortunately WILL NOT be able to respond. We apologize in advance.

Upon receipt of your enquiry either Jos-hua or an assistant will revert back to you within 24 to 36 hours.

We thank you for your enquiry, cooperation and understanding re the above.


Peace, love, wisdom and light,

Jos-hua Medicine man

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P.S. Please note, the HPS-online guided 7 Day Wonder is an online guided and interactive program. We do not provide any telephone support whatsoever.


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