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If you have already read, contemplated, reread, researched this website and thoroughly investigated our online forum, AND ARE READY TO PROCEED and do a 7 Day Wonder health cleanse and rejuvenation program, please contact us below using the below form.


  HPS=Superior health cleansing

Copy and paste the BELOW five questions into your MESSAGE, and then answer each question, one by one.

Enquire into 7 Day Wonder health cleansing availability by providing Jos-hua with the following information:

1.) Which country do you live in? Your age, gender, family status (male or female, single or married, living alone or living with a partner, kids? How many? What ages?).

We're interested in this information for one purpose only- we want to get a clearer picture where there might be potential problems for you in doing this program.

Will it be a spouse, or young children in the home for example? Or for example, in certain countries it might be extremely difficult for you to get hold of the tools and herbal supplements used in this program.

By knowing this general information and the below information we can deduce where there might be potential problems and offer credible solutions in advance to you buying this program. Or alternatively we might know in advance that this program isn't for you, and will tell you so.

2.) Have you ever detoxed or cleansed before?

When, for how long, where, using what protocols? How many times before?

Note, we are not asking which products you bought in the past, but rather which protocols you learnt, practiced and employed. If you just popped some pills, then say so. If you fasted, or did some other kind of detox, describe what type of detox or fasting you did. If you did home colonics, using which protocols? Colonics at a clinic? Juiced before, whatever, please tell us.

Something else, say so.

None of the above, that's fine too. Just tell us.

Products aren't important in order to know what you did or gauge what you know, or the state of your health today; protocols allow us to understand how we can build on your health care knowledge and where we should head with you in the immediate future.

3.) The state of your health, today.

If we are honest with ourselves, everyone has a heap of health issues... Jos-hua for example had a ton of different health issues (over 12 different issues- some minor, some major!) before starting down this 7DW path at age 31, and perhaps you do too.

Please list all your health issues, from the very minor to the very major.

Please be very honest, and as thorough as you can be.

Which issues if immediately healed would you be ecstatic about?

Which ones do you expect will take more time?

How long have these issues been a problem for you?

4.) When to start?

Remember, it is advised if this is your first 7 Day Wonder to take five days plus a weekend off from work for the formal cleansing, the 7 days of juicing, fasting, colon cleansing and home colonics combined.

Is any date convenient for you, or do you have a specific date, or dates, in mind? Please advise.

If a space is available for the date/dates that interest you, we'll confirm. If not, suggested new dates will be offered according to availability in Jos-hua's schedule.

5.) Last but not least, HPS-online is really interested to know How did you find

Was it from a search engine (which one? what search term?), fb or other social sites, a random link from another site (do you remember which site), or was it a friend who recommended us?

This is really important for us, so please try to remember. Thanks for your kindness!


Try to be as precise as possible when answering the above questions.
Copy and paste the above five questions into your MESSAGE, and then answer each question, one by one.

You are invited to ask any questions you might have, BUT NOTE, if you don't provide answers to the above five questions, don't expect any reply from Jos-hua no matter what your question is.  


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Sometime, in some countries the captcha image (and the empty input box immediately below it) doesn't load properly.

I don't know why that is... This is completely beyond our control.

Therefore, you can always contact us alternatively by email.

When contacting us by email please copy and paste the above 5 questions into your email and answer them one by one.

Our email address is:

If your enquiry by email or by using the form submit IS NOT about the HPS 7 Day Wonder health cleansing program, personal or corporate plan, please note we unfortunately WILL NOT be able to respond. We apologize in advance.

Upon receipt of your enquiry either Jos-hua or an assistant will revert back to you within 24 to 36 hours.

Please note: we're also offering corporate programs. Available from January 2015. Revamp your health and human resources departments. Minimum participation is four people. Maximum seven at one time. Use the above form to enquire. If you are human resource manager this program is your way to increase productivity and reduce corporate health care costs in a sustainable lasting manner. Happier healthier employees shows up in the bottom line in more corporate profitability, less absenteeism, and stronger moral.

We want to thank you for your enquiry, cooperation and understanding.

This is a great health gig, the greatest of all. You're about to totally change the quality of your health today and, the trajectory your health will take in the future. Skills, not pills, is your secret in doing so. Skills which you take with you everywhere, forever.

From all of us here at, we wish you all the best.


Jos-hua Medicine man

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P.S. Please note, the HPS-online guided 7 Day Wonder is an online guided and interactive program. We do not provide any telephone support whatsoever.


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