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People appreciate insider tips.
You are going to find hundreds OF INSIDER TIPS in this program because hundreds of people are living this. They are more than just surviving, they are thriving!

HPS online guided cleansing and rejuvenation.
Your online address for much better health.



What you will need:

A kitchen, a bathroom, a home colonic board, a juicer, the herbal cleansing supplements and us by your side online- helping, instructing, teaching, guiding and loving you.

Time required:

One week. Take time off from work because you'll be doing twice a day home colonics, five times a day fresh juicing, three to five times a day supplements plus a few other things too confidential to the program.


Easy because that's why you're buying a guided program- the daily online individual and personal guidance, the group support at our online forum, and the one-one-one instructions will make this so easy and productive for you!

We're running the exact same cleansing, healing, rejuvenation AND preventative health care program, the exact same way, for 25 years now!

In contrast to all the other health websites you have been visiting - we never have changed what we have said in the past and never have changed what we do here... The only thing we keep adding is new testimonials/program reviews.

That's telling you something.

How is that? Why?

Because this works.

It's been the real deal from day one.

And the real deal never changes, because it's the real deal.

And yes, this cost. Real deals usually do.


Here is the first free tip...

We need to take care of ourselves not just physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually too. If you aren't...know... constant health issues and problems are heading your way, forcefully. ----- Jos-hua


Here is the second free tip...

"What is the one thing most of us already had enough of? Regret. You can always recover, learn and build from mistakes. Doing nothing is a mistake, however. When you do nothing, that automatically means there is nothing to improve, salvage or discover." ----- Jeff Haden


Here is a third free tip...

Why the US consumer is about to be crushed...The Obamacare inflationary deluge arrives.


Get sharp and stay sharp with this program. Money in your pocket.
All the below and MORE becomes history when you walk this HPS path...

Acne Diabetes Lymphatic problems
Addictions Emotional outbursts Menstruation problems
Allergies Fatigue/low energy Memory sluggishness
Arthritis Flatulence-gas Migraines, irritability
Asthma Foot odor Nerve damage
Bleeding gums Hair loss Pain (acute & chronic)
Blood pressure Headaches Psoriasis
B/O, Bad breath Heart disease Sinus issues
Boils, Hives Hemorrhoids Skin wrinkles
Bulging abdomen Herpes, Shingles Sluggish healing
Confusion IBS Sluggish health
Cellulite Irritability Smoking
Chronic disease Insomnia Sores
Cholesterol Liver problems Spasms
Colds and flu Lethargy Ulcers
Constipation Lower back pain Weight problems
Depression Lower shoulder pain Yeast infections 

I'm going to show you how to skyrocket your energy, body and your health.
And we have a long record online at our online forum which proves that you can do this too.
400+ HPS program reviews/ testimonials at our online forum for your to investigate today.
Say bye bye to the old boss, and hello to the new boss who from today just happens to be YOU...

Most of us know that we don't get everything in life or from life that we want, but we also know that it's worth trying, worth shooting for.

All the more reason to HPS health cleanse!

Move into a more peaceful existence...

Exterminate the doctor, tests, meds, supplements, exercise, surgeries, insurance and other spiraling out of control health related bills after doing this. They have, I have, you can too.

400+ HPS program reviews.

No great health = No great happiness!

Why is that?
Because without great health, we never have lasting peace of mind. And without lasting peace of mind, we never experience lasting happiness.

Enquire to Order.
Places online for only 1 new person a month.

7 Day Wonder®, level 1, online. 

By appointment only.



Fluent in Health> Online since 1996.
Great health equates to great happiness.


I'm a teacher, and a cleansing practitioner.
I practice on my own body everything that I teach.

I'm not a salesman, a researcher, or a theorist.

I'm not a talker, I'm a doer. Talk is cheap.

I don't write books, I don't do interviews, I'm not an activist.

I do practice genuine cleansing on my own body, and I do help others learn everything that I know and practice.

That's it. That's my story.

I just want to live my life in peace without hurting or harming others, to be free, and to help others.

I don't want to be famous, I don't need to be rich, and I can't see any benefit in making any promises to you.

If you want magic cures, health guarantees, false hopes and promises, I'm not your address.

Try the doctor, or the herbal supplement companies.






I'm Jos-hua, the HPS medicine man.

The best medicine is NO medicine. That's my philosophical outlook.

That right there is telling you a lot about me, my title, my job, how I relate to health and health care and how I relate to my place in your life. If I'm the medicine man and I believe the best medicine is no medicine, that means I'm hoping to get out of your life ASAP. I plan on teaching, guiding, instructing and helping you heal yourself and your life. And then to get out of your life because you'll be proficient enough to sustain everything taught and done here for a lifetime, on your own. You won't be needing anymore medicine, or the medicine man either.


My job in this life has been to help people sleep better.

It's a nice job. Lots of personal satisfaction. I'm happy with this duty.

In light of the past quarter century of my work in health care it seems to me there are two distinct phases in health care ... The first is when we make a concentrated intense burst of effort to clean out our body internally (that takes a year to two years) and the second phase is when we clean up the residue and rebalance our system internally (that's a year or two of concentrated effort and work).


It's basically a one-two knockout punch.

We end up investing time, money and effort for three to five years of our life so that we can live peacefully and be very healthy, without much effort, worry or exorbitant expenses for the following 85 years after.

It's a nice trade-off in my opinion.

At least that is how I now relate to this with my own life.

Along the way we learn a lot, heal and cure ourselves, grow and love, and experience happiness and well being.


When I started out doing this on my own body I of course DID NOT relate to this that way back then.

I just wanted to quickly try and cure the long list of health issues that were plaguing me, my bodies and my life- from constant pain in my body (lower back area), to skin problems, to monthly migraines, monthly herpes attacks, chronic fatigue, frequent constipation, hemorrhoids, body odor and bad breath and dandruff, weight issues... my list was long at 31 years old and I wanted it all to end. So I threw the dice and gave this a try... I never met anyone who ever did anything remotely similar to this so of course this was a gamble for me. Turned out to be the best gamble I ever made.

And I also desired prevention. Once cured I didn't want these same problems to come back ever again, nor new problems to arise either. I wanted a lot. I was suffering.

Guess what, from my very first week of this type of cleansing not much happened...  but that first round of cleansing helped me begin to understand the difference between curing and healing... and by my second round most everything above started to disappear and over the course of that year with a bit more cleansing and rejuvenation practices, most of the above expired, never to come back again... and by the second year into this I was sold, it became clear to me that this is how we human beings can independently on our own take care of ourselves and profit for a lifetime. And consequently, HPS was born. HelpingPeopleSurvive. And thrive.


Maybe you have a different worldview, a different outlook on health and health care.

Maybe you're into quick fixes.

Maybe you're into doing things on the cheap, hoping and wishing.

Maybe you don't trust yourself or the universe and only trust doctors and tests.

Maybe you only do what your friends do, family do, or what you see on TV.

Maybe you subconsciously like being sick, even though you don't see it and won't admit it. You get a lot to talk about with others and a lot of attention too. Isn't it so?

Maybe you have been numbed down and it's too late.

Fair enough. You keep your outlook, and I'll keep mine.

I'm now 58. I've helped a lot of different people around the globe to change the status of their health and well being- to change their life- physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially.

I've done a lot of this helping through this HPS cleansing, but I also do it through other means too.


Freedom is the name of the game here.

When I say independence, I actually truly mean FREEDOM... freedom from pain, freedom from anxiety and worries, freedom from the mental suffering caused from spiraling health expenses, freedom from the fear of aging, freedom from doctors and tests, freedom from diets and exercising, freedom from supplements and meds, freedom from illness and disease. Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and financial freedom!

I've been doing this HPS health cleansing and rejuvenation program for over a quarter of a century already.

I'm proficient.  And it seems I've been very successful at it...

Not just with my own body and health but with thousands of other bodies too.

See for yourself. Read a few hundred health transformational stories at our HPS online cleansing and rejuvenation forum.

Don't believe me, that's ok with me, but you just have to in all fairness believe them!

If it is independence in your health and your health care which you seek, we're an address worthy of your attention.


I personally welcome YOU to the 7 Day Wonder® cleansing and rejuvenation program...

How do you get a healthy body, one that heals and rejuvenates itself again and again?

One way is to start from a clean page, to clean up and clean out.

Then to heal, then to rejuvenate and then, to prevent. You cannot prevent when the body has never healed nor rejuvenated, and its hard to heal and rejuvenate is the body is filthy and polluted internally.

This isn't rocket science. It's pretty much common sense.

This is an online guided interactive health cleansing and rejuvenation program.

It's really more of a paradigm. Calling it a program doesn't do it justice.

This health paradigm is intended for Mature Audiences. Tried, tested and proven. Online since 1996.


Do we really need all the tests, meds, surgeries, diets, endless supplements and exercises?
No. Old school works just fine!

Personally, I'm not into exercising, dieting, pill popping, meds or surgery.

Years ago (about 33 years ago) I got tired feeling that I need to nap daily, tired of having to visit doctors frequently, having to worry about my health and well being, and having to spend fortunes of money on medical insurance and all kinds of tests, meds, supplements, diets, health devices, fitness equipment and apparel.

And I certainly don't believe in magic or miracles.

What I am is a firm believer in something quite old-fashion, old-school, that being genuine authentic cleansing done the HPS way. I've had some great teachers, and I want to publicly say here- I'm grateful and in gratitude to them!

My own personal experiences and the experiences of thousands of people whom I personally have guided and helped this past quarter of a century are without a doubt my motivation for running this online program.

I'm interested in you! My motivation is altruistic. If you win, I win. Me just winning alone isn't good enough, nor satisfying enough for me.

In my opinion, you might want to drop all the high tech BS in health and become old school again... once you read what people who do the 7 Day Wonder say in their own words at our online cleansing and rejuvenation forum you'll find yourself questioning your past actions. That would be a good starting point. After all, they were at one time not to long ago just like you, on the sidelines questioning if this is the way to go.

And you might just want to take a look at these colon detox pictures to see what I and other HPS health cleansers have evacuated from our colon and eliminated from our health.


Nearly ALL adults in this country will be overweight... HPS cleansers will be some of the few, who aren't.


You shit on your self daily- physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually.

Our diseases, our illnesses and almost all of your health problems are of our own doing and of our own ignorance and arrogance.

We pollute our own body but blame others (corporations, governments, finances, mad scientists, etc.), we ignore our bodies basic fundamental need (love, self love, basic human love) and then we spend hundreds of millions, if not billions to find cures, developing high tech costly diagnostic devices, procedures and even finding hundreds of millions to map our genome.

Whole industries have been created where they never existed before (exercise and fitness, diet, Big Pharma drugs, medical and health insurance, nutritional supplements, etc., etc.) All we're doing is creating employment for millions of people- researchers, hospitals, doctors, technicians, bankers, regulators, business people, etc., etc..


But we're not cleaning up our act, neither individually nor collectively.

We not just shit on ourselves, we shit on the planet too.

Basically, what we need is simple and logical.

We need to clean out, and clean up, our act.

To do that properly we need to study, practice, and find honest, knowledgeable wise and caring people to guide us.

We also need to learn how to love ourselves, love others and love the planet, BasicHumanLove™ I call it, and have coined it such.


That's what we need to do!

Sounds great, doesn't it? Sounds simple too! It is!


Doctor Anderson explains it this way:

"Once mucoid plaque develops in the large intestine proper digestion becomes more and more dysfunctional and constipation also sets in. Then one problem occurs after another, and the bowel becomes a toxic sewer system. Once the bowel becomes toxic, the blood becomes toxic, for all the blood coming from the bowel carrying the necessary nutrients to feed the heart, lungs, brain, muscles, etc. goes to the liver - nowhere else. Then the liver must deal with the toxic blood. After years of relentless toxicity from the bowel, the liver becomes more and more sluggish. After a while it no longer functions efficiently and toxic overloads begin to go to other parts of the body, such as the kidneys, heart, brain, joints, skin, lymph, etc. Disease manifests where the toxins settle. For when there is toxic settlement there is lack of circulation, lack of oxygen and lack of nutrients."  



We need to start doing it now. Not to wait any longer. You've waited long enough.

Personally, I feel cures are a foolish approach. Professionally I don't want to cure cancer or any other disease. That's not a worthy goal.

A more worthy goal lies in the prevention. If we stop getting sick, stop getting illnesses and dis-eases, and feel great and sustain for decades that feeling, then we can say we cured them all, didn't we?

And the way to do that is one person at a time- body by body, naturally and holistically. I started with myself long ago, now its your turn. First we need to clean out and clean up, then we can heal and rejuvenate, and then we can prevent. That's the path, that's the way, let me show you how to.


So the question arises- how to?

How to PROPERLY EXECUTE this cleaning out and cleaning up? With whom? Whom to trust? What are the proper steps? One step at a time, or many different steps together? One forward, and two back? Or two forward and one back? Who is going to help us? Guide us? Be there for us when the changes unfold? Explain what is happening and what should be happening... Taking all the steps with us, inspire us, build our self confidence, educate and participate with us.

I've been doing this HPS health cleansing program on my own body for over 25 years, year in and year out, every year. Now, that's telling you something about its efficacy! And my own personal proficiency too! Would I continue and make the effort year in and year out if the results weren't outstanding each and every time? Think about that!

And, we've been online with this program since 1996.

You'll find a few hundred other people at our HPS online forum who are doing the HPS 7 Day Wonder under my auspices; many for over a decade or more every year living out this program. Now it's your chance.

If you want great health it's up to you. It's not up to anyone else. It's your story, not someone else's. If you want it you are going to have to invest in it- invest time, money, and effort. There is no other way that I know of to get it.


Here at HPS we're talking SKILLS, not pills. Your future is different here than your past. I'm sure your past filled you with tests and pills... but your future can be skills and freedom. Freedom and independence. Independence and happiness. Happiness and well being. Health care should be fun. It is here.

This is a hands-on practice program done in the privacy of your own home. At your pace we practice what you learn here.

The 7 Day Wonder is a hands-on educational, guided, health practice program.

You and I shall be practicing together the art and science of cleansing, healing, rejuvenation and prevention.

I'll be the teacher and the guide, you'll be the student and the practitioner. You practice with and on your own body. This is a "together" program. Together we are going to fix your body once and for all, step by step.




My HPS 7 Day Wonder revolves around seven days of therapeutic cleansing- foremost genuine detox cleansing protocols- therapeutic fasting, juicing, colon cleansing and home colonics.

  Learn more about these four longevity and health cleansing protocols.

But there is a lot more than just these for cleansing and longevity protocols protocols...

We'll be exploring together 12 different health cleansing and rejuvenation processes which are lifelong processes including food combining, immunity building, energy work, liver cleansing, parasite cleansing, massage, steam, and TCM (traditional Chinese medicine). 

We shall be talking a lot together about love, self realization, compassion, caring, respecting, and honesty. Without honesty in our health care, we're going nowhere sustainable.

In each level of the 7DW you will be getting 3 full months of personal daily attention from me- 7 Day Wonder pre-cleansing, formal cleansing and post-cleansing guidance, lessons, instructions, love and support at NO EXTRA COSTS. If you want or need more after the three months, it's FREE. All you have to do is just hang around at our online forum and participate there.


Yes, there are levels, in fact 4 levels in all.

It takes time to clean out, clean up and rebuild health. It's a step by step process. A bit like gardening. We till the soil, prepare the soil, plant the seeds, take care of the plants and flowers as they grow, protect them from the elements, shower love on them, keep weeding, and then we enjoy the blossoming and flowering (i.e., the fruit of our work) and then we start again. Level 2 is a new garden. And level 3 is a new garden, a new season, as is level 4. We make effort, watch, experience and enjoy what unfolds, level by level. 

If you are more than satisfied (yes, "more than." Satisfied is not enough for me!) and excited about the results you see and experience after your 7DW level 1, jump into the next level of the 7 Day Wonder. Most people do. In all there are four levels to the program. Online since 1996.

I already told you I don't sell any of the equipment or supplements or tools used in my programs.

I'm only offering you a new body. That's it.

I'm not a salesman, and I don't want to be a salesman even though it can be a very profitable business.

I want to teach, guided, instruct, share with you and care for you before, during and after your HPScleansing.

I want to see you achieve the same level, depth, sustainability and intensity of healing, rejuvenation, prevention, happiness, immunity and energy that I have achieved with my own body, well being and health.

Last but not least I want to see you successfully sustain it all just as I am for the past 25 years! That means building up your self confidence in yourself, your knowledge and your skills. And that means building your practices with you.


Until your death, there is still a long ways to go.

I'm promoting quality of life, and the higher hanging fruit, which is quantity too.

But in the end, we have no choice, we have to lovingly let go. We all will die.

A part of our humanity is to let go. We all die ... I'm not promoting immortality. If you want that, go to the movies. The movie Transcendence is a good place to start.

That too is an honest appraisal of our situation and where our health and body is ultimately headed. But until then lets ENGAGE=EMBRACE=CELEBRATE.


Why do we Seven Day Wonder?

We continuously live this program because this is proven by us to work for us- if it's healing, and rejuvenation and preventative health care, and anti-ageing, combined together or separately, this works.


This is a hands-on practical easily executable health cleansing and rejuvenation program.

Done in the privacy and comfort of your own home, in your comfort zone, at your pace and convenience.

Safe, recommended and suitable for ages 21 to 65.

This HPS health cleanse is NOT:

  • This is not calorie counting.

  • This is not an exercise routine.

  • This is not positive thinking.

  • This is not yoga.

  • This is not Pilates, aerobics or other such exercises.

  • This is not a special food-eating plan, i.e., a diet.

  • This is not a recipe or cook book.

  • This is not a pill or supplement taking routine.

  • This is not an enema.

  • This is not an ebook that ends up forgotten on your hard drive.

  • This is not New Age.

  • This is not some powered juice, or health food candy-bar that does magic cleansing, detox and weight loss for you while you sleep.

This is a guided therapeutic health cleanse- therapeutic fasting, juicing, colon cleansing and home colonics.

This is a lifestyle.

This is a hands-on education packed action full program. A paradigm for living, surviving and thriving.

A very purposeful, meaningful, and rewarding life change done in your comfort zone, at your pace and convenience.


No one offered me any guarantees when I started out on this path/started down this path with my own body and health and therefore, I don't feel I should offer you any either. In fact, this non offering of guarantees is what makes the path that much worth while for those who have any basic discriminating awareness. All I can do is to help you, to share my BasicHumanLove™ with you. That's more than enough anyone could offer.

Learn more right now about these four basic longevity and health cleansing protocols.

We'll be exploring beyond the four above protocols/therapies all together 12 different protocols including food combining, immunity building, energy work, liver cleansing, parasite cleansing, massage, steam, and TCM (traditional Chinese medicine).

Talk is cheap... their dreams are so romantic, and enticing, aren't they!

To cure ourselves, to evolve into the future, to eliminate disease, to heal the planet, to prolong life, etc., etc.. Doesn't it all sound so romantic and even glamorous, and so beautiful, and so exciting too- Who among us isn't enchanted by glamour, beauty, by romance, by excitement?

Gosh, it's makes me feel all warm and fuzzy just writing it down, just saying it to myself right now, right here.

It's an easy sell, and we're being sold a pack of confusion. Romantic dreams that enchant each and everyone of us, and confuse us even more than we already are.


Fact is, we need not be focused on a romantic future.

We, each and everyone of us needs to step out of the confusion and out of the romance and head back again to the trenches. We need to get our hands dirty again and start taking personal responsibility for our health and well being. We've given the responsibility to others for quite some time now, and it has to stop.


No one can do it for us.

We need to take the fight for our own happiness, our own health and our own well being back into our own hands. We need to stop dreaming about the future and refocus on the past and the present in a sincere genuine way. Great Gut Extinction: Has modern life destroyed our health?


Low tech answers to a world of hi tech problems.

The first few times Seven Day Wondering requires guidance and professional support. But from then on, you're a champ with the self confidence to proceed on your own for the remainder of your life.

These days information is a dime a dozen, it's everywhere, even a 15 year old can design and promote a great health site, and sell supplements and equipment, books and videos... But actions, not theory, PROPER actions and a proper follow through, now that's a different ballgame.


Lets conclude your visit here today with some basic HPS health care education...

Question: How many bodies do you have?

Answer: We have 5 different bodies, not one but five.

I have five. You have five. Everyone you know has five.


A physical body, a mental body, an emotional body, an energetic body and a spiritual body.

Each body is a world unto its own, a system unto its own, and all five are interconnected.

We see them as one body, but actually, we're not seeing clearly. There are five.


Most people, when you ask them how many bodies they have, they usually answer one. Maybe you just did too. That's because you haven't yet been taught otherwise. And even if they weren't taught we could say if they were seeing CLEARLY, they would have discovered this on their own.

In this online guided HPS cleansing program we are going to be addressing all five bodies individually, and we shall also be addressing the relationships between them too. In health, the relationship, is of critical importance.


The above maps are of our emotional body. Our emotional body effects our physical body in a manifest of divergent ways. Our energetic body effects our emotional body. Both are effected by our mental and spiritual bodies. The end results are expressed in our physical body. And vise versa. Our physical body when ill or healthy directly reflects our mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual bodies. We need to be addressing all five bodies if healing, rejuvenation and prevention is on our life, living and lifestyle agenda. We need to be understanding how and where illness starts (it commences in the outer bodies and works its way in... the physical body is the last stop where it materializes), how it grows and develops and spreads, and how to nip it in the bud in a sustainable manner. Otherwise, we're going to spend a lifetime "treating" the body rather than just living and enjoying our body. Otherwise we are going to spend a lifetime fearing our body and health rather than loving it. Otherwise we going to end up spending a fortune of money on our health, rather than using that money for other more enjoyable purposes. In this HPS 7 Day Wonder program (7DW) we are going to be CLEANING OUT your physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual bodies. Cleaning out and cleaning them up.

Excellence in health is quite simple.

For our health to excel in the longer run all five bodies need to be addressed simultaneously.

Supplements, diets, exercising doesn't address all five. They address only the physical body.

HPS health cleansing does address all five.

Ailments, sickness and illness actually start in our outer bodies (the mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual bodies) and work their way down into the physical body, the last stop being the physical body where they manifest in a material form. And then western allopathic medicine addresses the symptoms rather than the root causes, reaping billions from us along the way.


We're being shortchanged.

Is any other doctor, med, supplement, detox, cleanse or health program you've been investigating teaching you this?

Or rather are they all the same?

They all just want to sell us more treatments and procedures.

That's a one dimensional approach to health, USUALLY with a one dimensional result.

But they aren't selling us better health. Nor health care. It's just sick care. That is what they offer us.

In the USA, it is probably not the diseases that will kill you, but rather the medical bills!

If whatever you are doing to improve and heal your body be it cleansing or any other health procedure, if it doesn't and isn't addressing all five bodies, chances are you will not transform your body and health, and that means the chances are high that illness and sickness will return again even if the cleanse or the procedure was deemed a success; returning either in the same spot or at a different spot in the body, returning in either the same form or in a different form.


Walk away from HPS guided cleansing with more than just better health ... Walk away with skills, wisdom, more love for yourself, more love for others and more self confidence to care for yourself intelligently and efficiently. Cost efficient health care.

With this program you'll walk away not just with phenomenally better health, just as I have but as have hundreds online who have followed in my footsteps, and thousands offline, have.

Self evident better health.

Sustainable health care.

Ascending good health I call it.

Self evident sustainability because this is a health program which is based on love, BasicHumanLove™.

As important, you'll walk away with the SKILLS, the knowledge, the WISDOM, the toolbox, and the self confidence to take care of your body, well being and health forever, on your own, independently.

Now that's money in your pocket!

And happiness too!

And of course, peace of mind.


Your options?

If anybody, anywhere, has offered you anything slightly resembling the above, they are either a student of mine in the past, or a copycat, and my suggestion would be to jump on it. Something is better than nothing.

If not, my suggestion is to realize that you just found HERE AT HPS-ONLINE.COM something quite unique and very valuable, worthy of your attention, further investigation, the effort and your hard earned dollars. That's why we call our HPS, HelpingPeopleSurvive. Survive and Thrive.


My very last suggestion today is don't believe me but rather believe and listen to what those who have done and are doing this 7dw program have to say.

Read them all... Find here over 400 different program reviews at our online HPS health cleansing forum. There were hundreds more prior to this forum, but they got deleted when that public forum went down. Now, we're at our own privately held forum so these are up for posterity. I hope to see your program review this year and next. And for the coming years too. This is an all gain, no pain proposition. Join in. Your body will thank you.

That's it for today... class over.

What you will need:

A home colonic board, a juicer, the herbal cleansing supplements, a kitchen, and a bathroom.

Time required:

One week. Twice a day home colonics, five times a day fresh juices, three to five times a day supplements.


Easy because of the daily online individual and personal guidance, the group support at our online forum, and associated materials.


Join in. Start today. Enquire today. The sale will end soon.

Therapeutic fasting, juicing, colon cleansing, home colonics.
21st century health care.

Your body will thank you.

Go ahead, throw the dice...

No more health bills after doing this. And we mean for a lifetime.

No great health = No great happiness!

Order today.
Places online for only 1 new person a month.

7 Day Wonder, level 1, online. 

By appointment only.

Contact Jos-hua


Health is like berries. Ir needs a lot of cntinuous gentle attention.


It's up to you. What do you want?

Is it a quick fix, or a lifetime lifelong fix?


Americans spent $374 billion on Big Pharma drugs last year.

HPS health cleansers spent zero dollars.

I'm not interested in life long customers which is what Big Pharma wants. I'm interested in seeing you CHANGE. Change yourself, fundamentally change your health, change your body, and fundamentally change how you view, relate and take care of your body and health. And then you're out of here. Just as I don't need anyone for my health, you won't either. Lets go after the ROOT causes of bad health, rather than treating the underlying symptoms. I'm going to share everything I know with you so that you meet long term success.



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