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Therapeutic fasting, juicing, colon cleansing, home colonics.
21st century health care.

* There are about 60,000 miles of blood vessels in your body. Every
square inch of your body has an average of 32 million bacteria on it.
Now, tell me, you don't need a good cleanse. Right?

The diseases (in order) that kill the most people in the United States are heart disease, cancer, chronic lower respiratory disease and stroke. Accidents are right behind, followed by Alzheimer's disease. Many people are surprised to learn there's a lot they can do to help lower their risk of developing these illnesses, and diet plays a huge role.

This program plays an even huger role, exponentially huger because fasting combined with juicing is natures anti inflammation natural treatment.

All of the diseases listed above have an inflammatory component, and autoimmune diseases, such as lupus and fibromyalgia, also involve inflammation. Minimizing the inflammation in your body can lower your risk of developing these illnesses. And aids in the healing of these diseases, and rejuvenation of tissue on the cellular level.

A human body is fragile. Every human life is fragile, and might I say precious, too.

A body sacked with years and years of accumulated internal waste has a very hard time preventing disease and illness from erupting and spreading inside the body.

It also has a very hard time to properly heal and continuously rejuvenate itself year in and year out (especially as it ages).

I find it hard that the majority of people just can't seem to get their head around this idea. I don't understand why they don't intuitively like I did, see the logic in this.

I've been watching friends and strangers drop like flies over the past two decades even though they diet, exercise, gorge on supplements and engage in many other conventional health activities and procedures like annual medical tests, take vitamins, learn about nutrition, etc., etc..

I myself and those people who have done and who do this HPS health cleansing program are on the other hand, thriving, even as we age.

I've been doing this program on my own body, with my own body, for over a quarter of a century now. All gain, no pain. And no diseases or illnesses either. A complete transformation of body, attitude, mind and health.

My friends and family laughed at me when I tried for years to convince them that this is the way to go with their body and health. Unfortunately, now, I have to say, I've been having the last laugh. And it's not fun. They suffer, I prosper. That hurts.

I'm very confident that no matter what your health issues are (minor or major) this HPS 7 Day Wonder® health cleansing program is going to end them. All you need to do is walk the path with us, step-by-step and they will end. I've seen it happen here for hundreds of people, including myself of course.

My professional opinion is that you should try to do a 7 Day Wonder® year in and year out forever because this will set you, and your body, free.

If you have been in the process of identifying the dots, now  you can connect them all.

Now is the time for you to act and take your body, and your health care, into your own hands. Now is the time to learn how to walk "a path" with your health.

Depending on others for our health is a risky approach, especially if one day our health all of the sudden, out of the blue, tanks and is on the line. Even good people panic in a crisis. Imagine the poor quality of your decisions and the limited possible outcomes you'll discover when your life is on the line, when out of the blue your doctor tells you that you have either option "a" or option "b," and that's it. When that happens you won't have much time to research, think clearly, find alternatives, play with choices or test new waters.

If you want calmness in your health and are looking for healing, rejuvenation and prevention we are your address. You and I will set the stage for that by you engaging in self-help. By you thoroughly cleansing your body the HPS online way with guidance, direction, instructions, love and consistent continuous personalized support.

Forget the newest apps and technology that monitor your steps, heart beat or your sugar levels. It is all nonsense, just another way to suck more money out of us. Doctors, diets, meds, tests, insurance, surgery, supplements, workouts and gyms are the same. Look around and you'll see the truth in this- everyone is sicker than ever before. Every one is much more scared than ever before. AND RIGHTFULLY SO!

Whichever metric you'll use be it return/risk, feelings, comparative medical test results (before and after), weight loss and management, skin improvements, energy levels, flexibility, memory, mental clarity & sharpness, immunity, healing, rejuvenation, prevention etc., whatever metric you chose you will find that the 7 Day Wonder® is more than worth it!










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7 Day Wonder


Immunity building

We want to train
you in the care of your
body and health.

7 Day Wonder®
health cleansing

Doing this program and
adopting this paradigm will
reduce your medical, beauty,
fitness and health bills enriching
you and your family in ways
you never imagined possible.

This is not a supplement, or a technology, or a device, or a diet.
Nor an exercise routine.

This is about relationship building.
How you relate to body and health.
We're going to give you a ton of health skills, not pills.
No one ever got fantastically healthy in a sustainable manner from tinctures, supplements, diets, meds and pills.
But from skills, many have. At least with us they have.

This is the end of helplessness and hopelessness.

Forget the workouts. Drop the diets. Chuck the pills out the window and start focusing on your internal cleanliness.


Our HPS 7 Day Wonder® proposal for you, is about change.

Changing, upgrading, revamping, rebooting health.

Not just changing, upgrading, revamping, and rebooting your health but your health care too.

Changing what you do, how you do it, when you do it and why you do it.


In short, this is about you reinventing your body.

This program is about you reinventing your health.

You reinventing your health care. You changing for the better.

This is a very personalized and individualized program.

Hundreds of latest rave reviews at our online cleansing forum.

Health is like berries. Ir needs a lot of cntinuous gentle attention.


   If it's good or bad or average health that you presently have, it's not just something you enjoy or live with.

   Health is not a supplement, or a technology, or a med, or a device, or a diet.  Nor an exercise routine.

   Health is a responsibility.

   You can either flip out or step out of the confusion.

   Here, we're stepping out.

   Organ by organ. System by system. Internally. Independently.



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7 Day Wonder


Immunity building



Our online interactive 7 Day Wonder® guided cleansing and and rejuvenation program starts off with seven days of colon cleansing combined with home colonics, and juicing, and therapeutic fasting. Learn more about these health protocols here.

If you are looking just for products to improve your health, change gears.

Be looking for a guided interactive educational program- for actions to be taken, for personal responsibility to be taken up, for knowledge to be acquired, for guidance to profit from, for lots of feedback and love to relieve your fears, and for tested wisdom in health care so that you can find yourself and stay in full control of your body, feelings, mind and health.

Yes, we are all this, and more!

Here at HPS-online we tie this all together for you in one easy tried, tested and VERY proven program, under one roof, done at your pace and convenience, in your comfort zone, in your home. Online since 1996.

You can profit. Your health care can profit. Your body can profit.

That's it. This is the deal here.  That's our HPS health cleansing, healing, rejuvenation and prevention plan in a nutshell.

Is this clear?


Four ninety nine dollars only during this late winter 2015 sale, on now.

Meet a few hundred of my students from the past 12 years at our online HPS cleansing forum.


We're going to take your hand online and at your pace and convenience show you how we regain full control over health. You're going to study first, then learn and watch us... and then do it.

Then we're going to let you imitate and follow us, step by step, action by action, phase by phase, level by level.

Along the way we're going to focus you and your attention on skills. You acquiring knowledge and skills.

We're also going to show you how you stay in full control of your body and health with these skills, in control forever.

This HPS 7 Day Wonder® cleansing, healing, rejuvenation and preventative health care program is for people who want to take their health into their own hands. Decision makers. Action takers. This is why Google and many other search engines have been forced to make us disappear from their top listings. The powers that be don't want you to know about us, or for you to take full control over your health on your own just as thousands of people have already done here. They want you in servitude forever. So beware, you have been forewarned... if you decide to start this online guided program and walk the path you become a threat to the system because just like us you'll become free from worrying about health. And "they" don't want that. You have been forewarned.


Which skills? Do the program.

Why this type of approach and not another? Because it's exactly what you need- it moves you beyond pills.

How to? When? Do the 7 Day Wonder®.

Feedback for three months after you finished your 7 Day Wonder® is included in the price of this program.


The supplements or products used for health, are just tools. 

They are not all that important. It's time you got off the supplement trip. The diet trip. The exercise trip.

We've worked with different supplements, tools and products yet we keep attaining the same results from this program.

Because skills, they tend to help all the time. They're dependable.

That's because skills when combined with knowledge, wisdom, guidance and some self-confidence leads to sustainability of action.

Health care means just that... you caring for yourself. Actions. Continuous actions for a lifetime.

What knowledge? What wisdom? Which actions? Do our program online and discover for yourself.

Forget for a moment what I say or believe. I'm of course biased. I'm going to make money from you buying this so yes, I have a bias. But people who have done this aren't biased. They have no incentive other than to share and tell you what they discovered here by doing the HPS 7 Day Wonder®. See what they have to say in their own words. Some of these people have been 7 Day Wondering for over a decade now. My guess is that they will continue like me, for their whole life too. Why wouldn't they? They know this works. They've become familiar and comfortable with all the processes, and proficient too. Knowledgeable and wise too. Self confident too.


After this cleanse is over, we're going to stay by your side in a proactive manner.


Is any other cleanse, detox or for that matter any health related product you've bought online in the past five years done that?

Practice, teach, guide, and communicate with you, providing unlimited continuous professional feedback plus active group support? All in a proactive manner? Continuously and consistently? And at a reasonable price?


We're doing it because we want to show you how to sustain in your rejuvenation, healing and growth.

Just like we sustain with ourselves right now, we want you to learn how - how to engage, embrace and celebrate.

Guide you, teach you, support you, help you, educate you, love you, instruct you, inspire you, and practice with you for three full months at NO EXTRA COST to you.


I've personally been staying in full control of my body and health for over a quarter of a century now, and I see no reason why you cannot too.

Maybe I don't have 100% full control, but hey I'm closer than anyone I know and at my age, I'm more than delighted with 90 to 96%!

There is a lot of focus in the 7 Day Wonder® on the gut. Rightfully so.

The reason being the gut holds 80% of the secrets to naturally invigorating our immune system.


If your health is poor today, you'll profit. Your health is sustainably going to change in inconceivable manners.

If your health is just average, you'll profit. It will now start growing again, and keep growing.

If your health is excellent, you'll profit. Your health is going to skyrocket.


Words mean absolutely nothing - are "often crafted to make a sale."

Actions mean everything - are "the truth."


Come take actions with us!

This is an action packed online guided interactive program.


Healthy. Tried, tested and very proven. Online since 1996.


Your body is a sleeping 'giant'.

Awaken the giant in you.

"If you try to do this all alone on your own, chances are you'll be shooting in the dark. With HPS and Jos-hua by your side for three straight months, hundreds of us at the HPS health cleansing forum can confirm successful execution. Start 7 day wondering. You'll profit just as we all have."



Thousands of people have already awakened their bodies.

These aren't empty words.



Order today.

7 Day Wonder, level 1.

US$ 499 only.

NO reoccurring fees.

By appointment only.

Contact Jos-hua


Join in. Start today. Enquire today. The sale will end soon.

Your body will thank you.


In health, there are quite a few different paradigms to chose from:
Some chose to focus on food. What's in the food. What shouldn't be there. What to eat, what not.
Some focus on exercise and workouts. Different reasons to exercise, and different routines.
Some focus on pills, creams, supplements, meds and ultimately surgery.
Some focus on Asian and eastern alternatives: yoga, REIKI, chee gung, tai chee, meditation, etc..
Some do nothing. Or they do very minimal and sit back waiting for the rock to fall. That too is a paradigm.

I've personally found over the past 26 years (since the age of 31) that the easiest way for me to stay fit, flexible, nimble, healthy, continuously very energetic, vigorous and consciously happy has been through HPS cleansing.

7 Day Wonder® cleansing and rejuvenation has provided my life with clarity- physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I'm grateful. That's why I put my program online. So others can benefit. And many have. So I rejoice too. I rejoice in their rejoicing.

Here at HPS our starting, middle and ending point is cleansing.

The level of internal cleanliness and therefore the body's capacity to eliminate and evacuate whatever may or does cause "dis"ease and illness is our first priority. Where and when disease and illness should not be present is what we want to eliminate... we're going after the source. This is our paradigm.

Unleash this cleanliness and you unlock the potential for ascending good health. The body naturally can fend for itself and protect itself and age graciously when it isn't bogged down by pounds of stagnant internal pollution. Well oiled door hinges don't squeak. That's the bottom line here.

 Don't wreck your brain anymore.

Nor your body.

Minimize the risks.

Your health risks.

Publicly proven.

Online guided HPS cleansing puts the pain in your body, mind, and health to bed.


At HPS, this cleansing experience is guided and interactive.


Personalized. And individualized.

It starts from the base chakra and works it way up.


Detox fasting plus juicing plus colon cleansing plus home colonics.

Take advantage, and profit. Learn more about these four protocols.


Educational and empowering.


Meet a few hundred of my students from the past 12 years at our forum.

At our online HPS health cleansing forum you'll see that a few are still active at our forum for over a decade already.

That also is telling you something.


Done in your comfort zone.

At your pace and convenience.

At home.

Safe, suitable and recommended for ages 21 to 65.


Places are limited online.

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