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Winter promotions below:

Don't wait! The GET-ONE-FREE deals will not last!

No guessing- just solid results™.

True health care via true self-care™.


In my opinion, and based on my experiences, the idea in life isn't to keep trying things, but rather to find something great and then learn how to sustain it and get good at it. This especially holds true in health care.

This program can basically be summed up in eight words- you taking responsibility for your body and health.

Or in eleven words- you becoming independent in the care of your body and health.

Or in four words- freedom from health issues.

I'm going to show you how it's done.

We imagine the impossible, and then try to think how possible it might be.

Not just better health, Skyrocketing energy, better weight and fantastic looks BUT skills for a lifetime with this program in your hands.

Meet right now some veteran 7DW cleansers ...

Best colon cleanse. Best bowel cleansing!Thijs_VG, age 35, 7DW level 3, 2012. 
See his full HPS program review at our online forum

"For example, since I started this I've never been sick anymore, after the level 1 I was careful not to do anything rash, but now, I'm just not getting sick and I know it. It's a hard to describe feeling, I don't just feel "good" or think I might be doing okay health wise... it's more like my immune system and selected other bodily functions are an impenetrable fortress that I am fully aware of, I've gained incredible balance and hardiness, also mentally, through thoroughly cleaning my body with the HPS 7 Day Wonder program. In the "just starting out" phase of me joining HPS, I used to be really interested in all the details about certain afflictions that were troubling me.... but now after the 3rd round, they all vanished like snow before the sun, what's left is just more and more health, energy and happiness to be gained."

You just met Thijs, and you met Bharat in his video on the previous page, now meet a few other very experienced 7 Day Wonderers... some of our favorite 7DW freedom cleansing friends.

How many times is enough?

Rick has done this 7DW program 18 times already.

And according to his words, he's looking forward to the next 18 times! And he's looking forward to meeting you too. Click the link, read him in full.

I'm also looking forward to meeting you too, and so many other 7 Day Wonder cleansers are, too. People like Dorothea and Stephen.

Dorothea has done this program 13 times. She's our mother here, to us all.

Stephen has done this 10 times. He started in his mid fifties, now he is 64. Sixty four years young!


This works!

This works extraordinary well, better than anything and everything else we all tried before.

Many others have done all four levels and beyond too, lots of young folks, lots of older folks, including:

Alan_A, Adrian_S, Tina_A, Louise_L, Sue_S, Elisa_C, Niamh_H, Belinda_G, Martin_J, Ronald_H, Colin_C, gosh, the list goes on and on...Layne, Ben, Nathan, Maz, Janaka, Yvonne, Michelle, Mia, so many great 7DW cleansing and rebirthing milestones they all covered and reported on for themselves, also for you too, at our online forum.

They were all great students who experienced here very profound and lasting results with their health.

And we've become friends.  Over the years I've met more than a handful of these people offline, in person, years after they started this online program. Read their public stories at our private online forum.

Only four forums are open (introduction, testimonial, polls, and why not to register), are open for the general public to read. All the other forums are private to us, those doing a 7 Day Wonder cleanse, and rebirth™.

Engineers, housewives, software programmers, lawyers, roofers, artists, designers, managers, fashion models, entrepreneurs, waiters and bartenders, teachers, students... many different types of people do this program.

Employed and unemployed. Well off financially and not so well off.

Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu and atheists have done this.

Black, white, red, yellow and brown skin people. From around the globe.

All looking inside, looking to GENUINELY purify their body, intentionally, consciously, internally rather than focusing on the outside looking at race, SHAPE, religion, socio economic status, nationality or tribal affiliation. Peace seeking people. Not vanity seeking people. Peace loving people. People whom I would call health warriors, although I'm sure non of them would see themselves in that light. They deserve our respect, and they deserve great health for a lifetime. At least they made genuine effort. They are to be commended.

Chemo is war with our body. Drugs and medications is war with our body. Dieting and workouts, tests and specialists is war, war, war.

No violence here, no wars here, only sanity and peace. Logic, reasoning, teachings and practice.

Practice makes perfect!

Sane program. Same results. Ascending better health. Consistently. Year after year.

You'll find at the forum their introductions and program reviews for each level they did, plus many ongoing stories of greatness and success.

And just in case you want to watch the immediate future at the forum I can already confirm that Kevin_C, Joel_P and Stephen_Dy are starting the 7DW level 4 sometime in late 2013 or early 2014. Great health EXPANSION stories COMING there soon, too!

Many have done all four levels, and now find doing this every year forever easier than going for a dentist visit, and a lot more pleasurable and rewarding too!

Now go beat that!

  • Annual health care costs slide by 90%.

  • Energy levels skyrocket by 100's of percent.

  • Old aches, pains, illnesses and "dis"-eases seem to just fall away, fade away, some immediately, others over the course of weeks only. Many people have documented at our online forum years of lasting healing, rejuvenation and prevention.

  • Ageing seems to discernibly slow down in a self evident manner. Does this last? Non of us yet know... none of us are yet in our 70's or 80's.

These 4 points basically sums up our common experiences with a 7 Day Wonder™.


You might ask, why four levels?

Why can't you get it all at one time, in one go, in one level?

My answer to that is you can, and you will get it all from the 7DW level 1 program.

You will experience deep detox cleansing and immediate healing, IMMEDIATE.

You'll walk away with a complete skills set, and the toolbox to empower your health for a lifetime!


Here are A FEW CLASSIC level 1 examples.


HR Consultant, Kate_E, Age 32, 7DW Level 1- Colon Cleansing, Home Colonics, Fasting, Juicing cleanse. Testimonial - No more constipation and bloating.

Homemaker, Anna_Di, Age 45, 7DW Level 1- Colon Cleansing, Home Colonics, Fasting, Juicing cleanse. Testimonial: IBS Gone, Amazing Energy!

Housewife, Donna_C, Age 47, 7DW Level 1 Detox & Cleanse,
Testimonial, Jan 3, 2009- My life before HPS was a living hell.

Semi-retired, Linda_P, aged 64, 7DW Level 1, Testimonial .. the best!

But there is more to experience than just immediate healing and self-evident health improvements.


Imagine the evolution of your health like a pregnancy; it needs to reach full term.

Just as a child isn't ready to be born after five months of gestation, the New Health we're creating has to ripen in its own time. Level by level, step by step, is in my opinion, the correct approach which guarantees best results in cleansing and rebirthing of body, mind and spirit.

This is our way, the way of a 7 Day Wonder™.

Embrace us and your health will profit on many dimensions! Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Here's the SCOOP of the day...

We're weaving good health.

If you want lasting sustainable better health you'll have to walk yourself through all the processes, protocols, therapies and wisdom leading to it. Step by step YOU weave better health... we're going to help you meet success.

There are no short cuts. There are no quick fixes, no hi tech devices, nor magic potions.

You might wish there were, but there aren't.

All those people that you know, read about and hear of who had a stroke, a heart attack, cancer, chronic illnesses and chronic pain didn't have the above insights, and therefore, suffer today. Or are already dead. They NEVER WOVE themselves a carpet of good health to walk on. They tried to buy one. And it doesn't work.

We're going to help you realize what we already know, and practice.

This is a life extension proposition.

Quick, easy and pocket friendly.

Safe, suitable and recommended for ages 21 to 65.

Sounds good?  This is!


My proposition to you is simple, and proven...

23 years in the refining and making ... so please listen up!

Natural, safe, holistic self-help wisdom ...

Great health (attaining it and maintaining it) isn't about equipment, products, vitamins, tests, dieting, workouts, meds or supplements, having or not having medical insurance, gadgets or magic formulas but rather it's about cleansing skills, health care wisdom and the self confidence to actually make a difference in your long term health prospects, today and into the future.

In other words, your ABILITY to continuously rebirth yourself, year after year, or if you so wish- a few times every year!

Not having the skills, the self confidence and the wisdom to continuously rebirth yourself can be extremely costly, and painful... Both today, and especially as you age.

"Only 13% of pre-retirees (people over 50 who have not yet retired) think their health will be significantly worse in retirement than it is now, while 39% of retirees report that it actually is worse, according to 2011 research by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard School of Public Health.

One of the biggest drains on boomer retirement savings will be health-care expenses. Medicare pays for only about 60% of the cost of health services the typical retiree will face, estimates EBRI. A couple that is 65 today might need nearly $300,000 to cover health costs. “People who haven’t saved enough for health-care costs may deplete their assets,” says Michael Markiewicz, a partner at New York-based Fogel Neale Partners. “A lot of them may have to live with their kids or depend on them for money and care.”


No guesswork- Here's my offer ...

4 different ways to buy into this...

Six different ways to change the status of your health, today and into the future.

I'm hoping that if you are serious about healing and taking control of your weight, looks, body, immunity levels, energy levels and general health one of the four is just what you were looking for!


Cleansing works best when there is a tone, a vibration, a setting, and a momentum to it.

This insight pertains to any and, every type of detox cleanse.

HPS or other.

And, when it is interactive.

Remove the interactivity, and you'll end up killing the tone, and the momentum.

Consequently, you're left without any setting to bank on.

It's quite difficult to experience, year after year, ascending better health if you keep losing your bearings.

Lets together change/ transform your health; this is a lasting sustainable proposition.

Jos-huia "Wrap yourself in a new body this Christmas. I've literally have put thousands of hours of work into this program offline and online over the past 25 years. You'll profit. My life is the 7 Day wonder path, forever. Many people have benefited too. When I say a new body, I mean it, no BS! Your skin is going to shine, but you'll be shining from the inside out. This is totally different than everyone else's health. This is superior to anything and everything you have EVER done before for your health, at any price! Tell your doctors, specialists, surgeons, fitness coaches, health food stores, and supplement suppliers to swing by here and take a look. There is a lot to learn here. Great health is about skills, not pills."

"Skills, not pills I humbly say!

Get interactive with us today... Start from as low as US$ 499 per person. 

Winter promotions below:

Don't wait! These deals will not last!

Please read these guidelines before enquiring.

Guidelines before you enquire into availability:

You should not attempt to do a 7 Day Wonder if you aren't of age. This program is safe, suitable and recommended for ages 21 to 65.

You cannot do a 7 Day Wonder program if you do not have a kitchen and a bathroom in your home. The kitchen is used for juicing. The bathroom for the home colonics.

You cannot do the 7 Day Wonder if you don't have an internet connection. This is an online guided interactive program. You will need to be providing us with feedback, and we'll need to be providing you with feedback. 24/7 feedback loop at our online forum.

You should not attempt to do a 7 Day Wonder if you don't have basic proficiency in the English language. You need to be able to read and write in English.

You should not do a 7 Day Wonder program if you are afraid of personal responsibility. If you would rather be dependent, instead of being independent of doctors, tests, meds, endless vitamins and supplements, and a ton of colon cleansing and detox misinformation then this might not be for you.

Places are limited.

You'll need a home colonic board, a juicer and the herbal cleansing supplements used in this program. If you don't yet own any or all of the above, we'll direct you to reliable suppliers to buy from once we get your 7DW rolling. It will take about ten days for delivery from them, once you ordered from them. Buy from them or suppliers of your choice. We don't sell any products, never ever have, and we don't take commissions from manufacturers or vendors/suppliers for products used in the 7 Day Wonder programs. Buy from the vendors we recommend or buy from websites of your choice. It makes absolutely no difference to us. We make our money from delivering results, not products.

You should not attempt to do the 7 Day Wonder if you are unable to devote some time to yourself... you'll need five full days plus a weekend, in other words seven straight days at home for the "formal" detox and cleansing period... the seven days of juicing, fasting, colon cleansing and home colonics. Sorry, that's the way it works in level 1 if you want genuine authentic detox. In level 2 you can work and do the formal cleansing, simply because you and your body will be familiar already with the basic processes and feelings experienced during the 'formal cleansing'- the  seven days of juicing, fasting, colon cleansing and home colonics.


The earliest you can commence the "formal" 7 days of freedom cleansing- the seven days of juicing, fasting, colon cleansing and home colonics- is (to be on the comfortable side) about three weeks after ordering and paying for your 7DW program.

First off, I need to collect your payment. Then, during these two and a half to three weeks we need to get you registered up, running and feeling comfortable at our online forum/ community. You'll need to post your introduction thread to the group. You'll need to get hold of two recommended books too (yes, you are going to end up building a great health library with us level by level) and to do some 7DW precleansing together before you begin the formal cleansing.

PLUS, You'll need to get hold of the products/tools used in the 7Dw level 1 program if you don't already own them; these being a home colonic board, a juicer, a colander and the herbal cleansing supplements used in the formal seven days of detox cleansing. These tools are not included in the price of the 7 Day Wonder program.

So, three weeks sounds about right. No? Makes sense, yes? NO pressure on you, and that's in my humble opinion the way to commence a life changing program, pressureless!

I prefer you slide into a 7 Day Wonder rather than rush into it!

7 Day Wonder™

Power Health.

"No guesswork - just solid results."



No credit card asked for today.
No money up front.
No obligation. 14 day free trial.
Enquire below.

The rational behind this structured INTERACTIVE online alternative health care program is ONE- low risk, high reward.

Step 1: Review right now the different available promo sale packages.

In 14 days you'll have to decide on one.

Step 2: Copy and past the below questions into the below enquiry form.

And then provide your answers below each question.

Step 3: Look forward to a personal reply from Jos-hua by email within 36-72 hours.

Enquiries are now being accepted for 2013 winter 7DW detox cleansing, body rebirthing and renewal, online.  .

By appointment only.

My schedule is pretty tight both in 2013, and 2014.

I'm spending more time taking care of myself, rather than taking care of others.

If my schedule permits, I'll confirm your suggested date to order and start level 1.

If not, I'll get back to you to hear your suggested new dates in light of my scheduling restraints. 

Places still are available for seven new people, only. Enquiry form below,

Want to learn even more about this program? If yes, click here for an expanded explanation.
The bottom line is the treatment of illness is costly, the experience of disease debilitating and painful. 

Prevent illness, avoid sickness. Don't treat it. Treating is to high risk/ low reward. That's why financially this makes sense today and into the future!

On Sale right now...

Buy one, get one Free!*

Promo #1: 7DW level 1 & 2, US$699 only instead of US$1,400.

Level 2 is free, on our account! That US$700 in in savings basically pays for all the products which will be used in your 7DW level 1 and 2! Conquer the colon cleansing/ detox/ fasting story both physically, mentally and spiritually. Watch your body heal.

Promo #2: 7DW level 1 & 2 & 3: US$1,400 only instead of US$2,100.

Level 3 is free, on our account! That's 700 in your pocket today! You paid for two levels but are getting three levels which is Deep tissue cleansing at its best. Watch your body not just heal, but rejuvenate too. Level 3 will TRANSFORM your health in an undeniable manner.

Promo #3: 7DW level 1, 2, 3 & 4. US$2,100 only instead of US$2,800.

Get level 4 free! Put yourself on the path of an accomplished 7DW Master Faster. This is a fun, exciting and very rewarding experience. This is total independence in your health care for the rest of your life. Watch your body heal, rejuvenate and prevent as it fly's on auto-pilot while everyone else around you is stalling and slowly dropping like flies.

* Two equal month after month interest free payments accepted in promo #2 and promo #3. First payment at the date of ordering, second payment 30 days later.


Christmas New Year program:

Promo Package #4
Two for the price of one!
US$499 only (per person).

Two for the price of one. Bring someone close to you onto the path with you. 

7 Day Wonder level 1 with your best friend, a loved one, a twin, a family member, a brother, a sister, a business partner or colleague... Two for the price of one! US$ 999 only. That's $499 apiece. Make a donation to someone close to you, today.

Wrap yourselves in new bodies this Christmas!

Conditions apply: This cleanse is a special 7DW Christmas-New year program. Booking must be paid for in full no later than November 15, 2013.  


  Step 2: Copy and past my below 8 questions into the below enquiry form, and provide your answers below each question. This should take about 5 to 10 minutes OF YOUR TIME, at most, to do.


Contact me today to enquire into availability for doing a 7 Day Wonder power detox and body rebirthing cleansing program.

Have you read the guidelines before enquiring?

If not please do so now before proceeding any further.

Also, please note, we do not sell any equipment, devices or supplements so don't contact us asking for that info as we simply WILL NOT REPLY to your inquiry. Whatever products or vendors used in a 7DW program is confidential to people doing this program.

When enquiring about availability of place to join the ranks, to become a 7 Day Wonderer, please provide me with some basic information about yourself. If I don't receive from you answers to ALL THE QUESTIONS BELOW, I will not be replying to your enquiry so please remember to answer all EIGHT questions below, question by question. Thanks. Your 7 Day Wonder starts right now!


1.) Your age.

2.) Have you ever detoxed cleansed before? When, for how long, where, using what protocols?

3.) The state of your health today. Yep, I want you to already re-live it all right now. Lets start to get focused. Please list all your health issues, from the minor to the very major. What issues do you wish to see immediately healed? Which do you think will take longer? How long have these issues been a problem for you? How many different issues are in your list of health problems? Please list and describe them all, list them all from the minor to the major. Most people can easily find five things they would like to see healed immediately. Lets let a 7DW go after them all!

4.) When do you wish to start your 7DW lev 1 formal cleansing? Remember, it's advised if this is your first 7 Day Wonder to take 7 days off from work for the formal cleansing, the 7 days of juicing, fasting, colon cleansing and home colonics combined. Is any date convenient for you, or do you have a specific date, or dates, in mind? Please advise.

5.) On a scale of 1 to 10, with ten being the top/very high, how serious would you rate yourself in your desire to transform your health?

6.) On a scale of 1 to 10, with ten being the top/very high, how much do you love yourself?

7.) Which Number # sale promo package are you interested in buying? Please be precise, they are numbered #1 to #4.

8.) Last but not least, I'm really interested to know How did you find us? Most of the search engines have 'sandboxed' us, google included. Was it from a search engine (which one? what search term?), facebook or other social sites, a random link from another site (do you remember which site), or from a friend? This is really important to me personally, so please try to remember. Thanks for your kindness!


Try to be as precise as possible when answering the above questions.
Please also be honest. This is your very first record. Don't cheat on yourself. I've seen thousands of these applications, so I know at a glance who is for real, and who isn't.

Here, in this program you write up, and keep all your records.

Your record keeping starts from your enquiry, right now.

Copy and paste the above eight questions into the below form,
and answer each question, one by one.

Guidelines before enquiringPromo package?

Step 3:
Look forward to my reply.

I'll personally be getting back to you within 36-72 hours!

Look forward to my email titled  7 Day Wonder REPLY.



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