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We want to connect with you...
that's our driving force.

This web site is called
Helping People Survive.
It's not by accident that Jos-hua
chose this name.

Jos-hua has done over 600 days of fasting and over 1,200 self administered home colonics on his body. He has guided over 3,000 people in their fitness, health and rejuvenation journey's. He wants to help you too. Start cleansing with HPS today and experience explosive good health and rejuvenation.

Our viewers write to us that they can't believe it's all free here!!

The HPS-ONLINE message

It's a lot easier and a lot less expensive to stay well, than to get well. This web site offers you an explosive amount of FREE info to start with.

It's up to you to take responsibility for your health, well being and happiness.

Vigorous energetic youthful health doesn't come about by accident. You create your health- good and bad. Connect with us and create good health- already today, and for the future.

We think most of what you do today re your health, and have done in the past is useless. We think you know that too. We think you can afford HPS cleansing and we know you'll benefit from it like nothing you've done to date. It's just a question of what your financial priorities are.

Vibrant health starts from a clean bowel, a clean bloodstream and from a clean body. Remove  years of abuse and pollution- see here what comes out when we cleanse & purify the body.

This is the HPS message! More information about Jos-hua, Medicine man in the FAQ section.

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