OK, Lets get interactive ...

Before looking at the below pictures place your hands on your internal organs.

You know where your heart and lungs are, but what about the rest of your organs?
They carry you around daily. Without your vital internal organs your body is just a shell.

Think about it.

It's nice to know where your vital internal organs are. Most people don't.
Lets start today with your digestive internal organs.

In another day or two we will talk about your other organs and how they are connected to your digestive organs:

Place your hands first on your stomach,
then move to your small intestines,
then to the pancreas,
then to your colon (large intestine)- and to your ascending colon, your transverse colon, your descending colon.
followed by liver and gallbladder. (I'll bet nine to one you have no idea where your gallbladder is nor what it does in your body!)

          Check your accuracy with the below pictures.
    Don't cheat... first place the hands, then look below.

This is where your health problems began... and this is where we will end them.

Note how high up your stomach is... now look at your navel and tell me where is that mass of
extra weight that you're carrying around ... is it your stomach or is it your intestines bulging?

Now take a look at these 3D body maps, rotational.

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