Goodness in body.
Goodness in mind.
Goodness in health.

No matter what your age is ...
that is what we intend to give you more of in your life.

We intend to do it with DBC.
Deep Body Care.

Of course, we're very much aware that different age groups require different methods and different levels of personal attention to them in order to arrive at a good body/mind space WHEN deep body caring, and after.

At HPS we're quite aware of all of this.

Obviously, the impact of a deep body program on a 57 year old body is different than the impact on a 25, 35 or 40 year old body. 

See below a few snippets by our 50+ crowd.

See with your own eyes what they are achieving with their body, mind and health. Their outlook, spirit, and attitudes.

If you are younger than 50 just imagine what you are going to achieve!

Throughout the rest of this site on almost every page you'll find snippet testimonials from our 20, 30 and 40 year old clients. Each one is more profound than the next.

Allow us to guide you every step of the way.

Allow us to help you. Support you. Be there for you. Educate you. Instruct you. We know how to. We're already "where" you want to get to with your body and health. We've been helping our clients get to this same space for almost a quarter of a century now. Online since 1996.

Online. Interactive. Transparent. Proven.

Real people, real needs, real challenges, real success!

Hundreds of HPS deep body care (DBC) healing, rejuvenation and prevention testimonials and program reviews at our online forum for you to investigate today, even prior to ordering. 

The title line in each Introduction and Testimonial at our online forum starts off with the person's age... so that you can see and read with your own eyes exactly what someone your age is experiencing with HPS!

This obviously has the potential to go viral but it never will.

Places online for only 12 new online DBC online clients per year.

By appointment only. Exclusive and personalized health care. You'll profit.

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What do a few of our HPS over 5o "senior" crowd have to say about DBC (Deep Body Care)?

In their words...

“Things just get better with each 7-Day Wonder. 

 The body is leaner and feels better. I still have the feeling of having gone back in time, and my aches and pains and various health problems are a thing of the past. I get occasional reminders when I lapse, but I know how to get back to feeling good – and I do it.

 7-Day Wonder Level 3 was an amazing experience. It is longer and more complex than the previous levels. You come out of it with quite a set of tools and a good feeling about the length of time you cleansed. 

 I am feeling more and more confident about being in control of my health. 

 My whole attitude toward life is more positive, and I am experiencing joy frequently. 

 I often have a feeling of being a different person, and while I know I’m not, my attitude is so much more positive that I am indeed different.”
“As I look back now I can see how I shut down emotionally last summer and into the fall, just as the seasons were changing, and now as we move through spring, I’m having a need to resolve this inner conflict that is rising up through me.

 So as I can attest as we move on down the cleansing path and get our bodies clean we start to break lose some of the clinging and attachment cells that are still lodged in place. This too can be a very painful and learning experience. A different form of healing crises and another good reason to participate and stay plugged into the forum here and I find this participation as healing as the cleanse itself.

 Taking care of myself has for me been one of the most exciting adventures I’ve ever been on. I don’t want to say I’m sorry I didn’t start sooner, but feel if I can pass this experience on to just one person I will have accomplished something. There is so much anxiety and stress in the world and there is really no need for it. If we can just get in touch with ourselves I feel touching and communicating with others would become as easy as breathing in the air.
“Prior to actually signing up for and beginning the HPS cleansing process though the 7 Day Wonder DBC PROGRAM, I had no doubts that my colon would get cleaned out by this program. 

 What I could not fully grasp was how extensive the changes could be in the rest of my being as a result of fully engaging the HPS freedom path. 

 To someone who hasn't entered in yet, this probably sounds like so much "rah, rah" hype. However, if you will jump over and read the 7DW Level 3 testimonial of Merlene_B, you will see a very dramatic example of what I mean. I also did not realize how extensive the rest of the cleansing and detox aspects would be, but I did know that I needed and wanted a total system cleanse, not just an isolated colon clean-up...

If you are thinking of just getting on a board and cleansing crap out of your colon, you are missing the big picture. Once you become aware of what is going on with your physical body, you will begin to experience the inter-connectedness of the physical with the mental, emotional, and spiritual...”
“I finished my 7 Day Wonder Freedom Cleanse Level 2 cleanse on September 3.

 RESULTS---Here are four persistent things that were bugging me, which completely cleared up and went away during the precleanse and the 7-day formal cleanse: An athlete's-foot type of itching on my right foot, recurring anal bleeding when having a bowel movement, recurring acid stomach, redness and dryness on my forehead and face.

 MORE RESULTS---A really SURPRISING amount of material dropped into the colander during my colenemas. After each colenema I eyeballed the amount of material in the colander, being careful not to over- or under-estimate, and I believe I said good-bye to about 20 and 3/4 cups of heavy dark-green mucoid masses. (They were about as dense and solid as, say, chicken liver.) That's OVER A GALLON AND A QUART of solid STUFF that was installed in my gut even though it really didn't belong there.”
“Dropped 28 pounds and one pant size!
 Blood pressure was 128/77 at the start of this program and was lowered to 120/80 by the end of day 19!
 Complexion and scalp is no longer oily!
 Hair, skin, fingernails look and feel healthy!
 I no longer have a need for deodorant, soap or shampoo!
 Eliminated pounds of accumulations from my colon; calcified mucoid plaque and tubes of mucus!
 Abdomen is now soft, pliable, and no longer distended!
 Can now breathe deeper; no colon accumulations to restrict lung expansion!
 Meals digest quicker now that I observe the trophology food combining guidelines; no more problems with acid reflux!
 Healthy food never tasted so good!
 Increased body awareness; better self image!

 A co-worker stopped me on the street just to say they could "sense something different" about me! Of course I had to tell him about the Helping People Survive program! It's much easier sharing the benefits of the HPS program with friends, now that I have experienced these results first hand!
“Hi everyone,

 In November I did a 7 Day Wonder Freedom Cleanse Level 1 and a week ago yesterday was my final day of Level 2. 

 I'm glad I did both 7DW Freedom Cleanses and when I signed up for Level 2, I also signed up for 7DW Level 3 and 4 - not so much for the discount, although that was a carrot, but mainly because it required one rather than 3 decisions. 

 I believe that will help me stay on track. Now, weeks after making that decision, I remain glad I did it.

 In the past week, I have had one piece of chocolate candy. 

 That was amazing - I could enjoy ONE and leave it at that! 

 I am or perhabs WAS diabetic, so I craved junk all the time. 

 During this program, I learned why...”

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