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Therapeutic foods and juices

Before an omen arises, it's easy to take preventive measures.
What is still soft is easily melted;
What is still small is easily scattered.
Deal with things in their formative state;
Put things in order before they grow confused.

[Tao Teh Ching]

Mini fasts; Juice fasting

Popular semi-fasts include raw vegetables and fruit juice fasts, such as the famous 'grape cure'.

Vegetable and therapeutic fruit juice fasts are an excellent way to start to purify the body and eliminate toxic conditions before they become pathological.

They are also a fantastic way, a very efficient and quick way to replenish enzyme content in the human body.

Select only one variety of raw vegetable or fruit juice, and stick to it throughout a program, which may last anywhere from 3 to 10 days, depending on your condition and your determination.

Select a fruit or vegetable that has a natural affinity for the organs and glands that need the most therapy. For example, watermelon for kidneys. Or pineapple for lungs and respiration.

Dark grapes, for example, are the best choice for people with gastric-intestinal and liver ailments.

In Russia, there is a sanitarium in Yalta that specializes exclusively in the grape fast. Patients begin by eating 1 pound of fresh raw grapes and work up to 10 pounds per day.

Besides detoxifying the digestive tract and curing gesture-intestinal ailments, the grape cure greatly enhances metabolism and strengthens heart muscles. Some patients in America have credited the grape with curing otherwise 'incurable' cancers.

Most people who try a fruit or vegetable juice semi-fast feel marvelous the first two days, then start 'crashing' by the third or fourth. That's because it takes two or three days for detoxification to commence but, once it does, the bloodstream becomes heavily loaded with poisons excreted from the cells for disposal through the kidneys.

When this happens, just grin and bear it for a few more days, and you will soon feel better than ever before. In order for any cleansing fast to work, you must go through this two-or-three-day period of cathartic discomfort; otherwise, you'll carry these poisons with you right into an early grave. It takes at least 27 hours before the body starts to go into detox mode.

Mini fasts are short fasts lasting from 24 hours to 3 days. 

Going on a once-a-week mini-fast of 24 -36 hours is an ancient Oriental health practice that is still quite popular among enlightened circles of the East.

It used to be known in the West as well. The Greek biographer Plutarch wrote, 'Instead of medicine, fast for a day'. Many experienced colon cleansing Masters highly recommend this once-a-week regimen as a 'maintenance program' between annual 7-day cleanses.


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