Why do we need good friendly intestinal bacteria in the gut and colon?
Enemies of friendly intestinal bacteria. Avoid these foods like the plague. Print this list out
Implanting friendly intestinal bacteria after an HPS cleanse

Eating right just isn't enough.

Forget calorie counting, food ladders and portion control, it makes no difference.

Portion control and calorie counting is the last thing you need to focus on.

And inexpensive quick-fixes like a diet, a colon cleansing kit, a pro-biotic, herbal tea's, twenty minutes on the treadmill, supplements or even yoga are in my opinion, well, deceptive too. They can't compare to what our rebirthers get from us.

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Food for thought

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After colon cleansing make sure to supplement a probiotic into the colon.Pro-biotics are important, but please note, they are the last thing to do on a cleansers list, not the first.

If you have gastro intestinal issues, immunity problems, gas or bloating, weight issues, frequent infections or low energy probiotics are not going to fundamentally change the nature/ status of your health. Salesmen say it will, but it won't.

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Intestinal bacteria and antibiotics. There is a connect.

   Intestinal bacteria- Antibiotics kill it all off

The chemical drugs so freely prescribed by practitioners of allopathic medicine relieve the overt symptoms of disease, particularly pain, but do nothing to eliminate the root causes which often lie hidden far from the symptoms.

People easily grow dependent on these drugs using them continuously until they develop a tolerance to them, then switching to stronger chemicals. Often the drugs themselves further aggravate the condition, or cause other ailments in related organ-energy systems. The next step is usually surgery.

Antibiotics, which are potent immuno-suppressants, are prescribed for dozens of common ailments. OK, fair enough...

But, in the process of killing the bacteria for which they are prescribed, they also kill off all the friendly bacteria in your intestines, severely impairing digestion and assimilation of nutrients at a time when your body needs them most.

At times the taking of antibiotics can be necessary, even life saving.

When we take them to kill off infectious bacteria, we also destroy large amounts of the beneficial flora in our digestive tracts.

When bowel ecology becomes out of balance health problems can and usually almost always do develop over the longer term. Serious health problems.

I have seen children who for years suffer one common cold after another, due to compromised immune systems fundamentally brought about by a course or two of antibiotics without supplementing the lactobacteria killed off by the antibiotics. In this instance, it is important to replenish the friendly bacteria as soon as possible in order to maintain good health.

In adults, bad breath is usually the first indication that normal bacteria levels are critically low.

When lactobacillus levels are low in the colon, partially digested food decays, producing foul gas and toxemia. Taking a herbal supplement at that stage is self defeating, a waste of time and a waste of money. It's way too late by then. Only some serious cleansing can permanently rectify the situation.

If you are not actively replenishing your intestinal bacteria after a dose of antibiotics, both with supplements and contributing foods, you indirectly are providing to the recurrence of future health problems. An intestinal tract devoid of proper friendly intestinal bacteria is breeding ground for future illness.

Lactobacteria are the only elements in the body which keep candida and other harmful yeast infections under control, so whenever you take a course of antibiotics, candida have a field day and spread like wildfire throughout your system.

A primary effect of candida infection is suppression of the immune system, which means that the very drug you're taking to combat disease is impairing your only natural defense against it, both immediately and in the future.

Healthy "friendly" intestinal bacteria is essential not only to good intestinal health, but without it overall vibrant health is quite difficult to achieve and/or maintain.

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Bacteria are everywhere.

We swallow them with our food, drink them with water, they are in the air we breathe, on our skin, in our mouths, digestive tract, sinuses and other areas of our bodies.

In so far as health is concerned, some of them are harmful, some neutral and some are very beneficial. Some are extremely valuable for good health as they work harmoniously with our immune system.

In a healthy colon, there are literally billions of beneficial or "friendly" bacteria.

Under favorable conditions, they multiply at a fast enough rate to keep pace with the large numbers that are lost during elimination. Bacteria is also referred to as micro-organisms.

When they are located in the intestinal tract, they are referred to as "intestinal flora," "micro-flora", "good bacteria", "friendly/beneficial bacteria" or sometimes just "flora."

These friendly bacteria synthesize many important vitamins in the digestive tract including Vitamin K and some of the B vitamins.

A very important function they perform is helping the colon maintain a proper pH or acid-base balance.

It is necessary for the pH to stay in the correct range in order for other health supporting bacteria to exist. It is also important to keep levels of antagonistic micro-organisms under control.

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Symptoms of low intestinal bacteria include:

Bad breath: In adults bad breath is a profound indication that intestinal bacteria levels are impaired. It's not the bacteria in your mouth that is the source of bad breath (which is what your dentist probably told you) but rather it's the bacteria in your gut. 

You most probably have noticed no matter how many times you brush your teeth, floss, or use mouthwash ultimately a day or two later your bad breath is back again. When lactobacillus levels are low in the colon partially digested food decays producing foul gas, toxemia, and consequently bad breath. 

When food putrefies for years inside your gut, enormous amounts of mucus is created to deal with the toxic side effects of the putrefactions... therefore it makes no sense to try and supplement back into the intestines lactobacillus before cleaning out your gut.

Take a look at these pictures of what is hanging around inside your gut.

True cures start within you, not outside of you. All the brushing, flossing and mouthwash in the world won't help or cure you. Get to the source. Join us for an online cleanse. It will do a lot more for you than just clean up foul breath, heal constipation, eliminate hemorrhoids, or renew your energy levels.

Recurring colds, recurring illness: Antibiotics are the culprit. Learn below why recurrent infections might be plaguing you or your kids. Every dose of antibiotics that you have ever given your kids kills off all bacteria in their gut- 'good and bad'. If you don't actively replenished your child's intestinal bacteria after a dose of antibiotics, both with supplements and with bacteria producing foods, you indirectly are providing the foundations for recurring illness since there is no good bacteria in their gut to fight off pathogens. 

Anal itching: when friendly intestinal bacteria are depressed, a common sign is itching around the rectum.

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How do 'friendly' intestinal bacteria proliferate?

Most raw foods, especially those with chlorophyll feed the friendly bacteria in the intestines.

Cooked and processed foods inherently feed the harmful bacteria.

The ratio of good "friendly" bacteria in the gut, to "harmful" bacteria, should be in the vicinity of 80% good- 20% harmful.

Many progressive cleansing nutritionist believe that in today's world, in most people, that ratio is actually reversed, e.g., 20% good - 80% harmful.

This can be due to a variety of factors, primarily the denatured diets we consume and the abundant use of antibiotics.

Dairy products are a good source of friendly lactobacillus, especially yogurt and kefir. 

However, the milk that most people drink today is pasteurized, or heated to about 165 degrees F. So, for the most part, we have lost this source of lactobacillus in our diets and are not receiving the quantities of these bacteria in our diets as we used to. 

It is a good idea to routinely eat some live culture containing foods such as yogurt, kefir, etc. Be sure the products are guaranteed to contain live cultures. It is actually best to make your own yogurt to be assured of bacteria content.

Many people seem to be allergic to dairy products. The primary reason is quite often not that they are truly allergic to them but that they cannot deal with the lactose (commonly called milk sugar) contained in the dairy products. They cannot digest lactose, or milk sugar, and this can lead to allergies, headaches, cramps, mucous formation and many other health problems. The various kinds of lactobacillus bacteria can digest it. This is why many people can eat yogurt, cultured milks and kefir even though they cannot handle dairy products like milk, cheese, ice cream, etc.

The prevalence of cold sores (herpes simplex), constipation, diarrhea, acne, vaginitis, headaches, symptoms of hypoglycemia, yeast infections and others are often signs of low flora levels. 

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How to improve your friendly intestinal bacteria rates?

Take a look.Here is a list of reasons why we need friendly intestinal bacteria. You should print this list out and share it with friends and family.

Friendly intestinal bacteria helps fight infections

Symptoms of decreased levels of micro-flora are wide and varied. They include bad breath, cold sores, constipation, diarrhea, toxemia, vaginitis, yeast infections and chronic infections such as acne.

It is believed that yeast infections, including thrush, vaginitis, and vaginal infections with abnormal amounts of discharge, are associated with decreased micro-flora levels.


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Take a look. "Enemies" of friendly bacteria? You definitely should print this list out and share it with friends and family. Post it up on your fridge.

Anyone with chronic infections should consider supplementing with lactobacillus to support the immune system and help restore healthy ecology. People with toxemia and those going through any kind of detoxification program should supplement with micro flora.

It's interesting to note that many of the opponents to vegetarianism insist that if one doesn't east meat one has no source of vitamin B-12 and is undernourished. 

That theory is rather upside-down. Those who eat meat destroy the B-12 as soon as they cook it. 

Meat eaters generally have a very poor intestinal flora (little or no friendly bacteria) and are therefore unable to produce or assimilate B-12 properly. Vegetarians who have a healthy intestinal flora are able to produce it.

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