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Meet Ben, an HPS-online 7DW level 3 cleanser-->

 Ben, HPS 7DW cleanser Level 3 and his wheatgrass. "Our HPS cleansers love their grass... cows beware when ordering... the competition is high here"

I want you to know...

The Detoxing-Made-Easy path offered all over the Internet these days doesn't deliver any sustainable changes... it might sound cheap and made to sound easy, but it's a hoax.

Drinking detox tea's, popping pills, going on a diet and consuming endless bottles of herbal supplements doesn't and cannot deliver what HPS is delivering.

See Dorothea's most recent painting--> she's 50 this year, and here is a recent painting of hers. Click on the link. This women never saw a papaya before, let alone eat one, let alone paint one. At HPS cleansing a lot of great things are happening with her, to her and in her life. Click the below link and see what we mean.

Read what Dorothea says about her upcoming third cleanse with us... she's invested her time, money and energy with us in two previous cleanses and it seems like it paid off.... wouldn't you say so? Don't you think so? Read what she has to say about her experiences so far to date and where she feels she is headed.

Now meet me, Jos-hua, the HPS medicine man -->

If you really want to see and experience WHY HPS is so different take a good look at my own post-cleansing thread opened mid January 2008 at our forums.

If you don't have the time to read my whole thread from beginning to end (lots of great stuff in there including my experiences with Kundalini and many exchanges with HPS cleansers spanning the last 60 days), I highly suggest you read at the least Deborah's question to me there- "If you do a cleanse or two, eat well and exercise, isn't that enough for a lifetime? - and my reply to her.

At the least read that and YOU WILL LEARN A LOT and understand for yourself what is going on here at HPS-online guided cleansing and why everything here is so precious, so genuine and authentic, so valuable for you, open hearted and special, and so enlightening for anyone who really wants to take control of their health for a lifetime.

Read the thread and discover what real cleansing is all about, and how I go about my own personal cleansing and rejuvenation with HPS cleansers by my side.

It's worth the investment of your time!
I guarantee it.


•• David_T, age 44, 2004
I weigh 60 lbs less...

"I weigh 60 lbs less and, more importantly, I feel completely in charge of my health. I get by fine with 6 hours of sleep and can go for periods on 5 hours. My overall energy has improved significantly and I have a respect for my body that I never had before. Perhaps most notable to me through this process is experiencing the connection between mind, body and spirit. It is one thing to read about that connection – and yet another to experience it so obviously when you undertake a program like this..."
David_T, age 44,
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
See his full testimonial online live at the forums


•• Louise_L, age 54, 2004
This is an educational program...

 "...This program is probably the single best investment a person could make. It's very modestly priced, and it's sold as being of benefit for physical health.
What you begin to realize early in the program is that when you take care of your physical health, it improves the health of your mind and spirit as well.
This is an educational program. To follow it, you have to learn how to take care
of yourself. As you begin to do that, you take control of your health, and that is very empowering. HPS is a transformative program. If you follow it, it will change your life.
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Everybody has at least one friend in California.

Tell a friend in California about HPS-online.com. Californians love fun, sun, self help, self development, independence and great health. HPS guided cleansing online is all those things and more. Tell a friend today.


If you've never set foot in cleansing before... HPS managed supervised interactive cleansing will give you a step-by-step recipe for success that will enable you to skip all of the mistakes, blunders and pitfalls and start rejuvenating immediately.

If you've already given cleansing a shot in the past... and are feeling frustrated with the results you've been having, this GUIDED program will show you what you've been doing wrong and give you the tips and strategies to start succeeding NOW.


Some people never get sick, never have health issues.
Others are unhealthy frequently ...

Some people never worry about their health, others are worrying all the time ...

Either way I have something valuable to offer you ...

I've helped thousands of people to date and I'm confident I can also help you improve the quality of your life too.

Let me put it to you frankly and bluntly-

The HPS 7DW CLEANSING AND REJUVENATION program is unique and the reason for that is BECAUSE I'm totally involved with my cleansers, and also because my life has been unique... especially from the cleansing and healing perspective, so the program I built, the HPS 7-Day Wonder program is built around my life experiences, and it rocks.

If you knew how to take care of yourself properly, most probably you would. It makes sense that you would... I know I take care of myself in a sane and sensible manner and benefit daily, so I guess you would too IF YOU KNEW HOW TO.

If you don't KNOW HOW TO allow me to show you how we do it at HPS-online and let me help you in your first few cleanses. I've helped them, and I'm confident I can also help you too.

Watch the video and learn more about me, and what the HPS program will do for you and your health.

My experience with cleansing has shown that all the below and MORE can easily become history when cleansing properly.

Acne Diabetes Lymphatic problems
Addictions Emotional outbursts Menstruation problems
Allergies Fatigue/low energy Memory sluggishness
Arthritis Flatulence-gas Migraines, irritability
Asthma Foot odor Osteoporosis
Bleeding gums Hair loss Pain (acute & chronic)
Blood pressure Headaches Psoriasis
B/O, Bad breath Heart disease Sinus issues
Boils, Hives Hemorrhoids Skin wrinkles
Bulging abdomen Herpes, Shingles Sluggish healing
Confusion IBS Sluggish health
Cellulite Irritability Smoking
Chronic disease Insomnia Sores
Cholesterol Liver problems Spasms
Colds and flu Lethargy Ulcers
Constipation Lower back pain Weight problems
Depression Lower shoulder pain Yeast infections 

My hope is to be able to show you how to skyrocket your energy and put your health on autopilot, FOREVER... I started cleansing when I was close to 35.. now I'm almost 51...I'm a living example of what HPS cleansing can do for you.


These days AUTHENTICITY is something we all need to see more of in our health care. HPS-online cleansing is very authentic.

They've already done the HPS guided cleansing program.
They will tell you in their own words if this is worth the investment, or not.

Most people arrive at this site thinking either - home colonics, or fasting, or colon cleansing or juicing- but by the time they leave they understand it's not one or the other, but all are necessary, all four must be done at the same time if you want to experience any long-lasting healing and rejuvenation of body and mind.

Most people also think that cleansing means some physical procedures to better ones physical health (i.e., buy the products and use them), but the truth is, cleansing needs to be not only physical but mental and emotional too if we really want to see lasting physical change and transformation... otherwise, we just fall back into old ways and regress back into old habits. AND you need a strategy. And commitment to it.

As you can sense, there is a lot more to cleansing and detox than just popping some pills or drinking some tea's or fresh juices.

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