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Modern dietary abuse
The theory of genuine colon cleansing
How to?

"Autotoxemia is the source of most health problems."

"Colon cleansing with irrigations is a good answer."


"If you stand long and still enough near rivers, lakes and ponds where herons and similar long-beaked birds fish and feed, you will notice a curious habit.

From time to time, a heron will suck up a beak full of water, twist its neck around and insert the beak into its own anus, squirting the water deep into its bowels to flush out the putrid debris and other residue from its fish-based diet.

Who taught these birds to do that?

Nature did.

And a Taoist respects no teacher more than nature.


The very sound of the word colon prompts embarrassment these days.


Many people can't even bare to look at a picture of a colon, let alone talk about their own. Suggest that someone run 5 gallons of warm water through it, and embarrassment turns to suspicion or sheer panic.

American doctors are reluctant even to discuss the matter, and they flatly refuse to administer colonic irrigations to patients on request. They believe, as one New York physician put it, colonics 'went out with the horse-and-buggy' a century ago.


American doctors also reject nutritional therapy, herbal remedies, fasting, therapeutic breathing, meditation and other 'outdated' methods that they no longer understand, nor want to understand.

In Russia however, it remains standard procedure in all hospitals and clinics to administer a thorough colonic cleansing to all patients, regardless of their ailments, immediately upon entering any hospital. Russian physicians realize that no cure for any ailment can be properly administered to a filthy, highly toxic body, which simply cannot assimilate and utilize medications.


Nor does a body devitalized by chronic toxemia have sufficient strength and energy to fully recover from such radical procedures as anesthesia, surgery and chemical therapy.


As a case in point for colonics, take pneumonia.


At the turn of the century, before cancer and heart disease replaced it, pneumonia was the biggest killer in America.

Back then, Dr. J.H. Tilden of Denver, Colorado, who specialized in pneumonia and treated more patients for this disease than any other physician on record, never lost a single patient to this dreaded ailment. He achieved his remarkable record by relying entirely on fasting and colonic irrigations, followed by strict diets of raw natural foods. Today, pneumonia still takes a heavy toll among the elderly and weak, despite all the modern drugs used to treat it.

In 1935, at the age of 40, V. Ions suffered from a rare and extremely painful form of arthritis now known as 'ankylosing spondylosis'. This condition is caused by unassimilated calcium (such as that from pasteurized milk) being deposited on the spinal vertebrae, where it gradually builds spurs that cause the entire spine to stoop forward, until, after 10-20 years, the victim is bent over double for life.

Having been told that there is no cure, Ion went off to research his conditions on his own, and, like anyone else who looks hard and long enough for the real source of chronic degenerative disease, he found it lurking in his own clogged colon.


As he recalls:

"Within two months I had no more pain from displacement and with 14 months practically no spurs. All done with home colonics, fasting and natural food- no drugs!"


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Source: Daniel Reid, The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity.


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