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Page 1: Modern dietary abuse  
Page 2: Auto-toxemia
Page 3: Colon cleansing with irrigations
Page 4: Colon cleansing with juice fasting
Page 5: Day-by-day playback



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Why seven days?

"Seven is a sort of 'magic number' throughout the realm of nature.

Women's menstrual cycles occur in four units of seven, as does the moon orbit around the earth. 

It takes exactly seven days to cleanse the entire bloodstream by fasting, and it requires seven days to thoroughly rid the lymph of toxins.

On a larger scale, it takes seven months to balance the endocrine system through proper nutrition and exercise and seven years to replace every cell in the body.

For seven days, you eat nothing at all, but you won't feel hungry because you take an intestinal cleanser. This is a powder that's ground from a special grade of Psyllium seed. The cleanser clings to the colon walls, holds moisture there, and softens and loosens the waste matter.

The Intestinal Cleanser should be taken five times a day, every three hours. You put a heaping teaspoon of Cleanser in a jar with a good tight cover. Add ten ounces of water, with a little bit of your favorite fruit or vegetable juice for flavor.

You also add a tablespoon or two of another product called Bentonite, which is made from volcanic ash. Bentonite is like a magnetic sponge that removes toxins from your entire digestive tract. Shake the mixture well and drink it. Then follow it with a glass of water.

A seven-day fast might sound severe, but it's really not too bad because the Intestinal Cleanser swells up in your system, so that you feel full. You take herbal concentrate nutrients that keep your body in top nutritional state.

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During the HPS 7 Day Wonder you administer to yourself two 5-gallon colenemas (home colonics) per day on the colenema board, which works entirely by gravity, not pumps.

To the 5 gallons of warm (100-105°F) water you add some strong boiled coffee, which stimulates the bowels' natural peristaltic contractions and contains acids that help throw out mucus and cleanse the colon wall.

If you are overly sensitive to caffeine, you may substitute fresh garlic juice, fresh lemon juice, or Bentonite. Fresh garlic provides a good parasite cleanse too.

All these different choices are addressed for you in a structured manner in the HPS online guided 7 Day Wonder cleanse- what not to do, what to do, when, why and how.

The Intestinal Cleanser and the Bentonite are remarkably effective cleansing agents.

Powdered Psyllium seed husk is almost 100 percent pure fibrous bulk. It is not absorbed or digested but instead expands in the gut and dredges your bowels of debris as it passes through. When it reaches the colon, the warm water from the colonics helps it loosen impacted toxic wastes from the colon wall and propel it out through the rectum.

Bentonite, which is derived from volcanic ash, contains an ingredient called montmorillonite, a molecule of which is 1/500th the size of a water molecule and carries a negative charge that is 200 times greater than its positive charge. It's minuscule size enables it to reach into nooks and crannies of your tissues that even water cannot penetrate, while its strong negative charge enables it to pick up 200 times its own weight in toxic positive ions. As we have seen, pollutants always take the form of big, bulky positive ions, and these are readily neutralized by active negative ions. Bentonite works in the bowels along with the Psyllium seed powered, but it also enters the bloodstream to neutralize and facilitate rapid elimination of the toxic wastes that enter the blood from the cells.

Some advocates of fasting, do not recommend colenemas or any supplements whatsoever during cleansing fasts. Instead, they advise nothing but distilled water.

Others recommend one 24-36 hour fast per week throughout the year. In addition, a very strict diet or mostly raw foods between fasts is observed.

Jos-hua Medicine man recommends that you do your first few fasts with home colonic irrigations and juicing, in order to effect a thorough cleansing of the bowels, after which you may experiment with straight water-fasts.

Use colonic irrigations to speed up the evacuations of toxic debris and you will find fasting and colon cleansing easy and rewarding.

Otherwise, the discomforts might be unbearable, and also possibly unhealthy for you. Toxins will be eliminated into your bloodstream at an accelerated pace. If your internal organs aren't healthy, they become overloaded and taxed. So be forewarned, water fasting should not be done by the novice cleanser.

An effective maintenance program might be a 3-day fasts every three to four months, drinking only purified water during the three days.

Alternatively, fasting once a week for 24-36 hours with nothing but purified water and juices is also an excellent year-round maintenance program between major cleansing fasts.

However, four, five, or maybe six 10 day water fasts are required to remove the same amount of toxic waste from the colon as one fast done the HPS way--> juice fasting + home colonics + herbal cleansing supplements = the HPS 7-Day Wonder™ online guided cleansing and rebirthing program, available exclusively at HPS-ONLINE.COM.

Take into account that you will experience lots of discomfort from a fast if you are not flushing the accumulated toxins out of your colon twice daily with home colonics. A lot! This observation is based on extensive hands-on experience. Fasting becomes a whole lot easier when one is doing home colonics at the same time!

It's up to you if you want to drag it on forever to the grave, or dump it in just seven days only.

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Source: Daniel Reid, The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity.



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