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Page 1: Modern dietary abuse  
Page 2: Auto-toxemia
Page 3: Colon cleansing with irrigations
Page 4: Colon cleansing with juice fasting
Page 5: Day-by-day playback



"The worse you feel during the first three days, the more toxic are your tissues, and the better the program is working. Hang in there and you will soon feel better than ever!"

Daniel Reid
The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity

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Day to day playback of the HPS 7-Day Wonder cleansing program

"The first day is simple.

It takes between 15 to 24 hours for the body to commence detoxification and start pouring toxins into the bloodstream for elimination.

The second & third days are the most difficult. By then you bloodstream will be carrying up to ten times its normal load of toxins, as the entire body excretes accumulated poisons into the blood for disposal. You might feel weak, fatigued, stiff, light-headed and perhaps nauseous, much like a heavy hangover.

This is not due to nutritional deficiency, so do not make the most common mistake of first-time faster, which is to break the fast prematurely by eating something to 'pick you up'.

The moment you eat something, the unpleasant symptoms of detoxification disappear- not because of the nutrients in the food but because the food signals the body to halt the detoxification process and gear up for digestion and metabolism instead.

The worse you feel during the first three days, the more toxic are your tissues, and the better the programme is working. Hang in there and you will soon feel better than ever!

During the first fast with colenemas (home colonics), the first two or three days often fail to produce the dramatic evacuations of foul toxic wastes expected.

That's not because your colon is clean, but rather because the dried mucus and toxins are so deeply impacted in the folds of your colon that it takes six to eight colonics just to start jarring them loose. One of V. E. Ions most severe cases failed to evacuate anything of significance through four full 7-day programs, but then on her fifth cleanse an avalanche of black hard poisons came pouring out with every colenema!

Generally, you will start passing these toxic encrustations of mucus on the fourth or fifth day and continue to do so till the end of the cleanse. This deathly junk is collected in a colander under the colenema board, and you should carefully inspect it after each session.

By seeing what comes out of you each time, you will be strongly motivated to continue through to the end of the program.

If by the seventh day you are still expelling a lot of waste, you may choose to continue the program for up to 10 days, or else stop and wait for your next cleanse.

Do not attempt to fast more than 10 days by yourself until you have done at least half a dozen 7-10 day fasts. The less toxic your system becomes, the easier it is to maintain fasting, and longer periods of healthy therapeutic fasting.

Don't expect to get everything out during the first cleanse. It takes about four 7-day programs, with mini-fasts in between and careful attention to diet and lifestyle to effect a thorough cleansing of the colon and completely detoxify body tissues.

One person recounts how, after five years of four annual 7-day fasts coupled with juicing, colon cleansing and home colonics he went on a 10-day program and on the seventh day of which "I had a terrific bowel evacuation, and at the end of this evacuation, I felt a heavy cool sensation in my rectum and out passed a third of a cup of quicksilver [mercury] from the Calomel [a medication] that I had taken during my childhood".

When it comes to purifying your body from a lifetime of self-pollution, "once is not enough!"

Consume no solid food whatsoever during the program except for an ounce or two of juices to make your intestinal cleanser mixture more palatable, avoid all solid foods.

Besides cleansing the colon, you will want to give all your digestive organs and all your vital glands a complete 7-day rest so that tissue may be detoxified and damaged cells replaced.

If you 'cheat', you'll only be cheating yourself.

Excessively obese and/or chronically ill persons should do an extensive pre-cleanse prior to commencing a 7 day cleanse. Such persons are so permeated with toxins that a 7-day fast would raise the toxin levels in the bloodstream to dangerous or even fatal levels.

Pregnant or lactating women, diabetics, hypoglycemia, Wilson's disease, severe CBS, degenerative AIDS, or surgery recovery victims should not engage in this kind of cleansing. Over 65 should also not do this program.

Everyone should always use the internal intestinal cleansers AND administer home colonics during their fasts to facilitate rapid excretion of poisons. Colenemas flush the accumulating toxic debris immediately out from your system. This is an integral part of the HPS 7 Day Wonder cleansing programs.

Break any cleansing fast with first fruit, one type only, and then a light meal of raw vegetables, especially carrots, cabbage and lettuce, followed a few hours later with either some fresh mild fruit again (apple, grape, watermelon, pear, etc., but no dried fruits or oranges) OR a couple of lightly steamed vegetables, such as squash, tomato, string beans.

If need be, however it would be preferable to avoid, have a few slices of well-toasted whole-grain bread with a little bit of nut butter but no dairy butter. Thoroughly toasting bread coverts much of the hard-to-digest starch into readily digestible sugars." Brown rice and a salad would be preferable to any toast.

Make the second day a vegetarian day as well adding some brown rice and a fresh green salad. Please no commercial salad dressings. Use for dressing cold pressed extra virgin olive oil and apple cider vinegar. Yes you may add salt, use sea salt. Celtic sea salt is best. Then if you feel the  need on the third day you may commence eating one animal protein meal a day- chicken, or fish. Please combine it correctly. Select deep blue seawater fish as it does the least damage to your body.

After any fasting/cleansing program try to make fresh raw foods comprise about 50 to 65 percent of your overall diet. Develop deep awareness of food combinations whenever you eat. Use mindfulness and compassion as your allies. Our HPS online cleansers are doing so, learning how to do this, you should too.

Plain cultured raw yogurt is a meager way to restore friendly intestinal fauna to your colon after colon cleansing. Oral and anal acidophilus implants are far more superior.

Last but not least, continue to take the Psyllium seed powder once or twice a day for two weeks to a month after the fasting and colon cleansing to restore rhythmic regularity to your bowel movements. Do not continue with the Psyllium seed procedure for more then a month.

The practice of just cleansing isn't enough.

We need to practice healing, we need to practice rejuvenation and we need to practice prevention. In short, body rebirthing.

All four practices should become a part of your health care strategy especially since it is all done from the privacy of your own home, at your convenience and pace. There is no better way to indulge in healthy self-care.

Allow HPS to manage the complexities of cleansing, healing, rejuvenation and prevention for you, with you. Follow in the footsteps of successful cleansers. Start here.

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Source: Daniel Reid, The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity.



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