Find real value when cleansing online with HPS-ONLINE... that's because we stay focused on YOU, so that you can stay focused on your cleansing and rejuvenation.

Cleansing diet testimonials•• Alan_A, age 27, 2007
It's on the cutting edge of healthcare...

"...HPS is like one of those special cutting-edge programs or products you hear about that only celebrities, dignitaries, or top business leaders get access to--who was it, i think it was the actor Collin Farrell recently got exclusive access to a new "green" hybrid BMW that is better for the environment.
HPS Colon Cleansing is one of those programs. It is on the cutting edge of
healthcare, real responsible self-healthcare. It's one of those programs that makes big positive shifts in people's lives, and once its used and understood leaves the user thanking their good fortune over and over again because they know they've found a gem.."
Alan_A, , Age 27, 7DW Master Faster 2007



  HPS-online guided supervised educational cleansing

Colon cleansing, juice fasting, home colonics combined is our starting point... but we just start there, we don't end there. Learning how to relate in a sane manner to our bodies and health, and the world around us, requires that we start from a clean slate.

Please note: This guided program is exclusive to Places for only 8 new online cleansers each month. Hurry and book your place before it becomes too late.

What's with the cleansing competition online?

Who is the competition?

Those who sell books, kits and endless bottles of herbal cleansing and dietary supplements? Are they our competition?

We don't think so.

When they behave like they should behave, then we shall call them competition... until then we won't use that word.

Why do we say that?

We feel they should be telling you the truth... to reclaim great health and sustain it, that requires from you effort, skills, patience, and investments both in time and money.

To be telling you that some supplement, or a colon cleansing kit, or a book or a DVD, or that a colonic or two is going to improve your health for the better isn't truthful and is outright misleading.

What they are selling are the tools of cleansing. NOTHING more than that. Just tools.

What they aren't doing is making sure you profit from your investments in the tools/ products.

Right now, most cleansing options you have reviewed are replacing the crutch of chemical medicine with the crutch of herbal medicine or some device. But still, they have left you out on a limb, dependent. You have neither the skills, knowledge, nor experience and self-confidence to take care of yourself properly.

Look around, hundreds of millions of people, if not billions worldwide, fall into this category.

If and when they, the so-called competition, start devoting themselves day in and day out, week in and week out to you and your health, if and when they start walking the cleansing, healing and rejuvenation path themselves, if and when your needs take precedent over theirs, ONLY THEN will we call them competitors.

At this point in time, 99.9% of them are just salesmen, out to sell you something- a kit, herbal supplements, a piece of equipment and then head for the hills leaving you with the mistaken conception that your purchase and good intentions and trust in them will deliver fruitful results, i.e., much better lasting sustainable good health.

Unfortunately, it won't.

Some people say car, car, car- they are all the same.

Other people say NO, they are not all the same- Mercedes is better than Subaru, BMW is better than Chevy, Toyota is better than Saab.

At HPS-online cleansing we're investing in our clients... living, walking the cleansing and rejuvenation path with them and inspiring them to take full control of their health...we're investing in our clients teaching, sharing and monitoring them week in and week out, month in and month out... and we are doing it with love, skillfully and in an unconditional manner and they are prospering year in and year out.

We know we are in a different league than the salesmen.

Find us even one competitor and we shall give you an HPS 7-Day Wonder cleanse FREE so that you can do our program and compare, and then write up your comparison when you post your testimonial at our cleansing forums for the public to see and read.

Cleansing diet testimonials•• Perry_K, age 49, 2008

"...In summary and simply put, I am in high spirits and at peace – I am happy!

To conclude this testimony let me address those whom might read this and are considering taking this step to cleanse themselves from the inside out and experience what so many of these testimonies attest to by way of astounding positive changes in their health on various levels.

First of all when I decided to go ahead with the HPS cleanse I no longer had any reservations, I simply knew that this was the next step I must take having tried virtually everything else under the sun to achieve sustainable excellent health to no avail.

But that’s not to say I hadn’t heard and allowed many of the concerns or dangers expressed by others prevent me from doing this cleanse much, much sooner; I had.

I’d also attribute not acting upon this essential step to excellent health to an inner inhibition – something along the lines of an unconscious believe that I (we) don’t deserve excellent health…for whatever reason…or that the diseased state we are in is somehow beneficial or comfortable – which is probably the biggest factor, for if such a believe or beliefs are within us, one will seize upon any reason or excuse concocted or heard not to do the thing the believe suggests we are not worthy of or that might upset the status quo.

And to this I can now say from experience, don’t you believe it – whatever the source!

The HPS cleansing program is among the safest, well thought out, best programs that you can possible do, backed by the support and experience of numerous others who have themselves done it. And that support, guidance and encouragement is available to you from start to finish…

Rest assured there is no short cut to first cleaning out this organ which is responsible for eliminating a major portion of waste from out bodies and absorption of nutrition form the foods that we eat. For without the elimination of waste & proper absorption of nutrition how can we possible expect to experience disease free excellent health?

If you plugged up your cars tail pipe and/or fuel system how well or long do you think the motor would run? Try it sometime and see. The same applies likewise to your colon.

And what better & safer way to clean up your physical exhaust & intake system than to loosen the built up crud with a few herbs and wash out the pipes with water..?!

Then once cleaned, maintain the efficiency of that system by way of premium fuel sources i.e. live wholesome natural foods…

Our colons are use to passing some of the foulest most toxic shit you can imagine through them – so how in hell could a few natural herbs and a little pure clean water possible hurt it??? Truth is your colon and entire body will thank you a million times over in the long run for it...

And that folks is the long & short and simple truth of it.

So what’s holding you back? Take the step…we’ll all be here for you and rejoice with you – knowing from our own experience what a great choice it is you’ve made and the great benefits that are to come.

Thank you everyone at HPS for all your ongoing support, guidance and encouragement…

All the best,

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