Tissue cleansing through bowel management and fasting
The complete colon cleansing story

Exercising isn't enough.

Neither is yoga.

Eating right just isn't enough.

Neither is a diet.

None of the above address the problems seen to the right.

Forget calorie counting, food ladders and portion control, it makes no difference.

Portion control and calorie counting is the last thing you need to focus on.

What do our colon cleansers get from us?.

Where has your health, looks and energy gone over the past few years?  Reclaim it here with some new skills.

When you skillfully and properly cleanse and rebirth your health and body, you consequently upgrade your life and lifestyles.


You too can easily end constipation, gas, bloating and weight issues, heal old injuries,
heal chronic diseases, rejuvenate and prevent disease, all at the same time in one go.





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How many of the six below common colon impairments belong to you?


Notice the ballooning
and stretching?


Here we find colitis.
Very painful.


This colon has pockets of poisonous gases. Results are cancer & tumors.

Prolapsed with pressure on lower fertility organs can result in infertility.


Spastic colon
Spastic colon. Uncomfortable and problematic to cure.

at two different locations. IBS.



nextblink.gif (146 bytes)   Click here to see what accumulates within your colon
when your colon is impaired.


Here's a preview which a 7DW client of ours took a picture of:


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"Our colons were intended by nature to function as smoothly flowing sewer systems in order to promptly flush digestive wastes from the body.

Instead, they have become stagnant cesspools, the physiological equivalent to a festering pile of uncollected garbage or a broken toilet that continues to be used for defecation."

There were 175,000 cases of colorectal cancer
identified in the US in 1999 alone.

Over 56,000 Americans died of colorectal cancer in that year alone.

The American Cancer Society's estimates for the number of colorectal cancer cases in the United States for 2013 are:

* 102,480 new cases of colon cancer.
*  40,340 new cases of rectal cancer.

Colon cleansing theory.

78 million people worldwide suffer from colon and bowel problems, gastric-intestinal tract diseases, and respiratory disorders.

Yes, respiratory problems are tied to gastric-intestinal tract disease.

Most don't try to do anything serious about it beyond popping pills, buying a bottle or two of a pro-biotic, diet and exercise. They end up sitting and watching their health continually decline every few years.

But it doesn't have to be like that. You can rebirth your body and health.

With this crap inside of us how can we not have constipation, not have fatigue, not have numerous colon and bowel problems, not have gas and bloating, not have acid reflux, not suffer from cascading health issues, and not feel 100 percent great everyday?

Find your impairment above, and understand how toxic waste keeps accumulating inside of your body.

No diet or exercise is going to fix this. Nor will a simple enema.

We need a combination of a few things, the 7DW cleansing and body rebirthing program has all of them.


Enlightened 21st century alternative health care practitioners claim that 85% of all disease has its source in the colon.
Learn more about your colon here.

The truth can be painful...
as can a bad bowel movement in the morning.

Have you been taking care of your colon?
Take care of your colon and it will take care of you.

Here's what a healthy looking colon looks like 

Clean  colons  are pink  and  not distorted...check  the   fasting  and colon  cleansing  sections  today......The shape, smell, size and texture of your morning bowel movement
(or lack of one) can tell you a lot about the state of your colon
and where your health is headed.

Compare your BM's to mine. The shape, length and size
of your BM is contoured by the shape of your colon and the health
of your colon.

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 Our 7 Day Wonder cleansers are re-claiming vibrant 
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Is constipation hindering your life?   Are hemorrhoids a problem for you?

85% of all disease originates from the colon.
Start connecting again with yourself and your colon. 
Cleanse soon with HPS and Jos-hua by your side.


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