We're talking here based on our record, not on theory. Waste management is the very first step in winding back your clock. In rewiring health. In reclaiming good weight. In skyrocketing your energy and immunity levels. In healing and rejuvenation. Quid Pro Quo...

'Deep Body Care.' When you secure the first domino in health, all the rest don't and won't fall. Online since 1996.

Look here what the cat let out of the bag.

Pictures ... dumps of poison, waste and pollution... posted by our clients.

Repeat after me... CANCER JUST LOVES A FILTHY DIRTY POLLUTED BODY... it's the perfect place for it to reside in, hide in and thrive in.

Think Big or Go Home... Go ahead and ignore the below, keep doing the same things you do for your health, the way you do them, exactly how you have been doing them for years already. Go ahead and see what happens. That's a choice.

When your lights start to dim or God forbid even temporarily go out ... let's then see how well you will be able to light up the world around you and your own world too. I'm guessing it's going to be dark. Very dark.

"Auto-toxemia is the real culprit in almost all diseases and degenerative conditions." The main point here is that internal waste is the root "cause" which creates "conditions" for declining health... symptoms only thereafter appear.

Much of our success here at in reclaiming ownership of our body and health DEPENDED upon how well we understood the following and properly acted upon it.

You might say "I don't want to look at the pictures. I want to sleep at night." Our reply is "What if your sleep is based on a false deception?"

Skills and skillfulness... and not just more information, products, exercising, diets and pills:





Our clients posted these pictures at our forum. This is their shit. This is their waste, their toxemia which was hiding deep within their own body.

Auto-toxemia is the real culprit in almost all diseases and degenerative conditions.

The main point here is that internal waste causes auto-toxemia. Internal waste is the root "cause" which creates "conditions" for declining health... symptoms only thereafter appear.

Symptoms don't precede 'causes and conditions' but rather they only appear after the 'causes and conditions' have been established for a decline in health to occur i.e., for symptoms to appear.

Only then can symptoms break out. Only then do they break out.

It therefore makes a lot more sense to go after the root "causes" rather than constantly running after and continuously treating symptoms.

Wipe out the 'causes and conditions' for symptoms to reside in, and you're well on your way to wiping out the symptoms themselves!

Skills and skillfulness in health care... not just more information, products, diets and pills!

Riding the spirit of the East we are going to clean up the piping, the internal plumbing, of your body.

Joe the plumber can take lessons from us!

The combination of juicing, fasting, colon cleansing and home colonics for seven days as our starting point is an intelligent approach, an intelligent first step in straightening out the plumbing... This is what "straightens" out your digestive and elimination systems and tissue from mouth to anus.

When your digestive tissue are optimally straightened out (i.e., when they can properly, effectively and efficiently assimilate the nourishing properties in the food you eat) and when your elimination systems are also properly straightened out (i.e., waste stops accumulating inside your body) we've set the "causes and conditions" for health to start to skyrocket. Pay attention to that terminology... "causes and conditions." It repeats itself throughout the HPS programs.

Add to that self-love instead of a loathing and fear of your body & health and you are set for a healthy powerful combustion to take place, lift-off can happen, the "causes and conditions" are in place for that to happen.

Mountains and cesspools of pollution, poison, blight and contamination has accumulated internally inside your body for years already, if not decades already... in other words a huge mass of accumulated blight and internal waste auto intoxicating your human body from head to toes.

You just saw sample pictures of some of it, above. From our clients own bodies, clients doing the HPS GUIDED™ online program in the comfort and privacy of their own home.

All body sub-systems (respiratory system, circulatory system, digestive system, elimination systems, assimilation systems, reproductive system, nervous system, hormonal system, immune system, lymphatic system, cellular system) get bogged down, congested, blocked up, polluted, corrupted and ultimately poisoned by this internal waste.

And weight too starts to back-up in light of this congestion, in light of incessant blockages in the piping, pollution in the system and the systemic dysfunctions which follow.

This process ends up leading ultimately to a total collapse of health.

A collapse of health is defined as the body's inability to heal, rejuvenate or prevent.

A collapse is usually step by step and transpires over time but sometimes it's immediate, total, and unfortunately either debilitating or even fatal.

The 2016 Nobel prize recipient for Medicine, Japan's Yoshinori Ohsumi, says the exact same things just said above. And for this discovery he was awarded the Nobel prize for Medicine in 2016.

I quote him:

"You can no longer take care of the waste and once it accumulates you will get some type of disease, or some type of health problem."

These scientifically proven findings basically turn the whole modern medicine paradigm and approach to health care on its head including surgery, chemo, drugs and meds, psychiatry, therapy, diet, vitamins, supplements and exercise. Basically what's being said is that our health, body and health care has been handicapped and targeted to inevitably fail if waste management is not at the center of our health care.

How is any substantial healing, rejuvenation and lasting prevention going to take place if you and your internal systems are already polluted and are still being heavily poisoned 24/7 by a mass of accumulated waste already deep inside your body and mind.

What good is any jogging, yoga, meditation, endless supplements, a trendy three day detox, intermittent fasting, organic or vegan eating, diets, meds, painkillers  surgery or drugs really going to actually do for you- for your weight, energy, skin, digestion and elimination systems, heart, respiratory system or your vital life force?

How will your body be able to deal even with your minor health problems let alone slow down aging, prevent cancer, heart disease, arthritis, dementia or any chronic illness which attacks you when it is so polluted, so weakened, and under constant daily attack by autotoxemia? Please use your common sense. While it is true that we live in a globalist world, but that doesn't mean we have to take it up the ass.

Tons of more pictures which our HPS clients posted at our online forum.

And because so few resources and so little energy is left over for anything other than preservation (i.e., the containment of the poisons and waste loads) you the reader have consistently never ever succeeded in improving the trajectory of your health.

You just keep band aiding health problems rather than actually using your time and your money wisely, transforming health.

The price of the HPS programs should not deter you... A 2017 study from TransUnion Healthcare reveals that Patient responsibility on 14% of hospital bills in 2016 exceeded $3,000. This costs a lot less and gives a lot more.

Has your doctor put for you the health back into medicine?

Great musicians succeed in putting the 'muse' back in music...

We succeed in putting the 'love' back into health care.

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Clean health care
Which makes more sense to you if better health is on your agenda... The above clean green environment or would this nasty congested oxygenless DARK FILTHY polluted dump be more conducive to you attaining good health... to healing, rejuvenation, prevention and high energy levels?


Mountains and cesspools of pollution, poison, blight and contamination both in body and in mind... in others words accumulated internal waste which is contaminating spirit too.

This page isn't just information... it is wisdom in health care. Share this page with a friend. Sharing is an expression of kindness. Kindness does improve mental health.

Have your doctor name your health problem for you, walk out the door and then start here. It's hard not to see the connection between this internal waste, pollution, filth, negativity and congestion with any and every possible health issue... be it HEMORRHOIDS, body weakness, arthritis, a STROKE, heart disease, cancer, pollen sensitivities, poor weight, LACK OF ENERGY, poor immunity, nests of parasites, poor skin, poor healing, HIGH BP, constipation, constant mental stress, depression, ASTHMA, and poor longevity. To be quite honest I'm surprised most people can even still get up in the morning! Share this page with someone you love, and then check out this page and share it too!

Cancer just hates a clean purified body. It's harder to survive there!

You do know what poisoning does to a human body, right?