• Practical online health program based on you acquiring a matrix of skills, skill sets and practical experiences. HPS GUIDED™ provides the antidote necessary for lasting healing, rejuvenation and prevention. The methods we're using include deep tissue cleansing, restoring and reforming your five core elimination systems, vital organ revitalization and a re-calibration of your energy systems including vital life force. In short, consequential deep self-help!
  • Self evident results... when your bowel movements start looking like mine do, you'll know your health is moving in a safe and positive direction! You won't need any tests to tell you where your health is headed. One could definitely say that vibrant health absolutely does start from a clean bowel.
  • Guided and professionally supervised online health care program.
  • Structured multi-level self-help that actually works because this is after all an instructional step-by-step program.
  • Pro-active rather than reactive health care.
  • Multi-level system. Multi-level means you have continuity in your health care rather than finding yourself out on a limb again not knowing how to proceed next. Multi-level means you have a choice- a choice if you want to skyrocket your health, energy and immunity beyond your wildest dreams. After all everyone knows that the best medicine is prevention. You chose if you want to proceed into the next level of HPS GUIDED™ or not. Most wisely chose to proceed!
  • Educational body/mind program. Beyond healing, rejuvenation and prevention we also want to teach you how to bring simplicity back into your health care, and back into your life. We're not just looking for great health, we're also looking to experience more peace in our lives too! Simplicity and peace go well together.
  • Original content/ refreshing proven alternatives. You'll be tasting foods, doing things and experiencing a totally new approach to your body, mind, health and health care. You'll be developing new deeper relationships with all four.

    Look around at the mall. It's quite sad to see people looking like that, feeling like that, being like that. Look at your own family members or friends that already have been struck down with poor health. It's so sad. It needn't be like that. I think it is fair to say they were ignorant of how one attains great health, and maintains it.
  • Exclusive. Online places are very limited. Only one new person a month is accepted into the program, 12 new persons per year.
  • Private. This program not just gives you enormous freedom with your health but it also gives you privacy in your health care, and privacy with your health; something which is becoming exceedingly difficult to have in today's world with the heavy government and corporate intrusion into our lives. If privacy means anything to you then HPS means a lot too.
  • Proven. HPS GUIDED™ is online since 1996! Hundreds of clients to date. Inquire into availability.


  • On mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.
  • Support formats include online forum, email, chat, mobile chat messaging- audio and video messaging too!
  • One on one and group support at our private mature online forum.

    Sick care treats health. True genuine health care is a culture of caring for heath. It's vastly different than sick care.

    Either you are going to put your hands back on your health in a caring manner, or you are going to continue just as you have in the past to keep putting stuff into your hands (accumulating more stuff- more food info, more diets, more exercise routines and equipment, more fitness workouts and yoga postures, more herbal supplements, and maybe more meds too, etc.), hoping that will do the trick.

    But hope isn't a strategy, it's just hopium.

    Here at HPS GUIDED™ we want to see you reclaim the keys to better health. We want to see you put your hands back on your health. It's you who interests us; not the stuff in your hands.

    "The practice of good health doesn't need to be a daily fight. It just needs to be intelligent and sane."

    And it needs to be "caring." See how these four clients of ours explain how it unfolded for them... two men, two women.

    It needs to be focused on a number of different things- but diets, counting pills, workouts, endless yoga and endless supplements aren't those things. And it's also not about herbal teas, smoothies, apple cider vinegar or superfoods either. And surely not about meds or drugs.

    Contrary to what everyone around you thinks and believes, I say "you don't need to actively fight for good health every day. You just need to be sane about it."

    How many people do you see fighting for it? I see way too many!

    In fact most everyone I know are in a battle. They are lost in "battling" rather than "caring."

    They have no true health knowledge or wisdom up their sleeves in their self-help health activities, no self-confidence in their capacity to steer their body & health for years to come let alone for weeks or months, no system to work with independently, no format to work from and with and no deep experiences under their belts i.e., their own hands-on experiences showing success.

    They have no culture of health care, nor a mentality of health care. They treat, but they do not care. No knowledge, wisdom, nor self confidence.

    They basically are alone on their own, and that's scary.

    So they do what everyone they know does, what other choice do they have?

    They diet, exercise, pop pills (supplements and meds), visit doctors who run them through tests, and hope for the best. They read books, watch videos, surf websites and hope for the best.

    They are alone on their own.

    At HPS it's fundamentally a different world.

    You are never alone. You're here with us. We're here for you, with you.

    Risk is very very low here relative to the many many rewards.

    In fact one could say this is almost risk free health care because everything we're doing is wholistic, safe, sound and natural.

    Nothing is invasive, synthetic or chemically oriented. Nothing is experimental or new here.

    The HPS DBC therapies have been around for thousands of years. You're just rediscovering them now, but know, they go all the way back to the days of Jesus and the Buddha.

    We've reworked the deep body care therapies and made them even more effective than ever before by adding our own discoveries based on over a quarter of a century of personal practice.

    And you will have daily supervision and daily individualized feedback too both personally from Jos-hua (the founder of this program) and from others at our online forum. When have you ever had all that in your health care before?

    I mean really, think about it, this is out of this world.

    This basically provides a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual uplift for you. Not one or the other, but all four. And in a sustainable manner.

    This is a Renaissance in health care!


  • HPS DBC™ (Deep Body Care) is a system of health care. Not a product, but a system.

    You learn, actualize and live the system by doing our online HPS GUIDED™ program.

    You attaining constant 24/7/365 individual personalized feedback from us for months on end at no extra cost to you is a basic part of the protocol here.

    But do take note- you are not a patient of mine, you are either an HPS GUIDED™ deep body care friend or a client but not a patient. What does that mean?

    Exercising (yoga, jogging, workouts, etc.) with some basic attention to food i.e., to what you eat and what you avoid eating, has been at the forefront for most people. Instead of that start with how you eat- the science of food combining. That would be more productive in the longer run.

    Counting calories is a waste of time too.

    Instead you should be watching your bowel movements. Click here to see what a healthy bowel movement looks like. When yours is like this, you'll be realizing great health too, and knowing that your health is moving in a safe and sound direction!

    Each level of this program starts off with one week of educational/ instructional hands-on deep body tissue cleaning (your hands) and then we proceed together online from there, step by step at your pace and convenience.

    Transforming lifestyle and diet, adopting new approaches for renewal, new discoveries pertaining to energy and the flow of energy (vital life force) within your body, habit changing, making in real-time critical adjustments in your core elimination systems and reviewing results takes a bit of time, practice, patience and space; it doesn't happen overnight. It couldn't and cannot happen overnight. Your health is not like a lamp with an on-off switch.

    Therefore each level of this HPS GUIDED™ program spans three months of one on one guidance, supervision and constant feedback from us, to you. There are four levels in all in this program.

    Without continuous feedback you'll just be playing guessing games with your health and with the changes you'll be experiencing, shooting blanks in the dark like you have been until now, for years now. That ends here.

    Constant personalized feedback is the protocol here.
  • The four core deep tissue cleansing protocols revolve around guided fasting, juicing, colon cleansing coupled with home administered colonics done the HPS way, for just seven days only.

    This HPS GUIDED™ program makes sure you can easily manage all four together and manage the seven days too. Hundreds of persons have to date, online, even though the majority of them (over 95%) never had experienced these protocols before joining HPS GUIDED™. Your week takes off, juggling all the balls in the air, hoping that you don't drop one. We're here covering your back if you do.

    The combination of these four DBC™ protocols together is superior than any one of them alone, or just two of them together.

    That's why we consistently do all four at every level of HPS GUIDED™.

    Many detox and health websites promote only one, or two of these protocols at most. They do that because that makes it an easier sale for them, not because that is best for your health and the potential results you can experience. Here, at HPS, we're not cutting corners. We feel that with a high level of personalized support, extensive education and constant feedback we can together with you overcome whatever challenges you may experience.

    Cutting corners isn't an intelligent way to approach the challenges of effective health care, but rather meeting them head on makes more sense to us if our objective is a Renaissance in your health. Cutting corners is just shortchanging you. This is a five star four course meal here at HPS GUIDED™, not a three star or two star ala carte menu!

    You can do this, we're here to make sure you can do this safely, effectively and happily.

    While a Renaissance in your health might not yet mean everything to you, we want you to know that everything without it means nothing to us.

    Find at our online forum over 400 of the latest testimonials/ client feedback/ program reviews.

    Four hundred plus times confirming the above.

    When was the last time your doctor or a health website showed you 400 patient health records related to the long term efficacy of the treatment, values and policies suggested for you?

    Think about that for a moment and you'll realize the value of what you just found here.

Skills not Pills

  • Look, it all boils down to three simple questions:

    1) What kind of life do you want to live?

    2) What kind of life do you intend to live?

    3) And how much are you going to have to spend (both in money and time) on your health and health care to attain it?

    The quality of our health is the foundation of our life.

    When health sucks, life sucks and I don't care how much money you have, life just sucks.

    If you are prepared to be sick, get sick, live in a sick care/ symptom care system and be pushed around forever go right ahead- do that.

    If not, we're offering you a genuine true proven alternative.

    Genuine true health care. Independence and freedom in your health care. "Ascending better health" I've coined it, and like to call it.

    True genuine health care is not just a discovery but it's also a mentality and a culture of caring for our body, mind & health. It's a journey to take. It's a journey you gift to yourself.

    A practical fully guided self-help genuine health care program is far superior to an encyclopedia of health information or a kitchen shelf full of supplements, vitamins and anti-oxidants. It's also superior to any piece of fitness equipment you have ever bought. Or any diet. Or any book.

    Practical hands-on accomplishments (your hands) beat information, products, claims and promises any day, everyday.

    In addition to the four core basic deep tissue cleansing protocols mentioned above you'll be learning, PRACTICING and acquiring skills and skill sets in at least eight other deep body healing and deep body rejuvenation therapies INCLUDING but not limited to food combining, conscious breathing, color therapy, body work, parasite cleansing, immunity building, meditation, affirmations and energy enhancement therapies bringing your skillfulness and your self-confidence in the healing, caring and the well-being arts to a new exciting plateau.

    The view from the summit is exhilarating! Breathless many of our clients say!

    At least in my own case it has been. Here is what I Jos-hua the founder of this program look like at over 60 years old.
  • Step by step.
  • Level by level.
  • At your pace, at your convenience.