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since 1996

It's been a blatant "in our face" SCAM.

I'm referring to the "BODY ONLY" approach to health and in health care.

That's the only way to describe what's happened to our bodies and health. A SCAM.

I mean, even if they were to give us 100% free health care, who cares? What good will it do us? It doesn't work even if it's free or if we're paying for it!

The dogged persistence of irregularity and hemorrhoids, hay fever and heart disease, heartburn, gas and bloating, dental issues, high BP, cholesterol issues, diabetes (over 30 million persons in the USA alone! 7.5 million have to take insulin everyday. Sometimes a few times a day), obesity, chronic pain, menstruation problems and pain, an epidemic of herpes, chronic fatigue, chronic headaches, periodic migraines, allergies, respiratory issues, arthritis, constant skin problems, addictions at all ages, depression, insomnia and strokes worldwide only confirms what I just said above... We've been misled, duped, scammed. They have failed us. We ended up in the dumpster instead of in the winners circle in health.



They keep beating the same "BODY ONLY" drum (exercise, supplements, vitamins, eat well, doctor checkups, meds and drugs, etc.) for decades already, and the results are in...

In 2019 more than 1 in 4 women will be afflicted with cancer, one in 3 men.

One in three women will experience a heart attack this year, one in four men.

Twenty percent (20%) of the USA population have to take five meds or more per day according to a recent Mayo clinic study.

Seventy percent take at least one med everyday!


That's where we ended up with 'eat well & exercise' coupled with vitamins and supplements, coupled with an annual medical checkup and doctor appointments. All the yoga in the world isn't going to change that!

We've ended up in the dumpster instead of in the winners circle in health.

Culpability? There is none!

When certified medical doctors criticize the medical industrial complex for this malfeasance, they get sued out of existence. DOCTOR FINED $100,000 for anti-vax social media posts. A crime of opinion. Where else have we hard that before? Oh yes, Instagram censored 'Sex and the City' writer for talking about sex. See for yourself.

The tyranny we are living under is beyond belief... here's one for the record books.


Are you having a personal attack on logic, history and statistics?

We've been misled on a mass scale... Body "only" expressed in "eat well and exercise" has been proven to be an abject costly time consuming narrative failure.

All the rest is fake news too... counting calories, dieting, having to endure a full frontal attack which revolves around food, measuring body mass, jogging and excessive workouts, endless yoga, doing annual medical checkups and dieting again is a losers approach to health management and weight management. A much more clever approach starts with WASTE MANAGEMENT. That's where we start at in HPS GUIDED™.

Endless gym time, energy drinks, protein bars, herbal teas, smoothies, green tea and detox also isn't how great health is done.

Endless vitamins, calorie counting, orange juice drinking, organic eating, apple cider vinegar, health apps and watches, jogging, workouts, reps, and endless supplements is not the path to resolutely lasting better health, either.

Vegan pancakes aren't it either. Nor is biking and hiking.

Nor cosmetic surgery.

Nor yoga. Nor Botox.

Educational, guided, supervised self-help. From 1996!

Body, mind, spirit and soul care.

That's how we do it here at HPS.

We've rewritten the rules in self-help health care.

Take note, if HPS were to talk about health like everyone else does, you would continue to end up with the same costly poor declining troublesome health that most everyone else has and which most people will continue to have until their very last day on this earth.

Therefore you should rejoice that we don't!

I want you to take the ball and run with it. This is a powerful guided self-help health program designed to take your health to a whole new level. For ages 21 to 65 years young.

Let's take a profound step forward and organically merge your health -- physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally instead of separating it and treating it. Let's address and nurture the WHOLE you... your body, your mind, your spirit and your soul.

Corrupt, corruption, corrupted. That's what health care has become in America.

Let's together UN-corrupt your health.

This is POWERFUL. On sale today!

If you think your physical health isn't influence by your emotional and mental state, THINK AGAIN.

And vice versa... if you believe your mental and emotional health isn't influenced by your physical health, I'm calling on you to think again.

With regards to the body care part of this program we shall commence where everyone needs to commence, with WASTE MANAGEMENT. Click the link to see a few pictures. You've got this too!

Waste management is so CRITICAL to health simply because that is where ACCELERATION begins from, or ceases to exist! Once we get the acceleration element under control we can then swiftly move into trajectory and velocity of health. If you cannot accelerate your health, you cannot fundamentally change the trajectory nor the velocity of your health, weight and aging. With digestive problems like gas, bloating, stomach pain, painful bowel movements, diarrhea, upset stomach, and even brain fog it's difficult to ever accelerate health. They need to be cleared ASAP.

Therefore in HPS GUIDED™ you'll be starting off the program with a week of deep body tissue cleansing... a week of guided supervised juice fasting combined with colon cleansing and home colonics designed to evacuate the metric tons of toxic waste which has accumulated inside your body, inside your internal organs, inside your tissue, inside your muscles, blood stream and lymphatic system over the past few years. It needs to be addressed comprehensively if you intend to reclaim health. We'll show you how to. Don't worry, don't hesitate. We've made this easy for you. Hundreds upon hundreds of people have walked this path with us, online. We hope you will commence so, here too. Waste management is the first step in this program, not the last. Once we have that under control we can immediately proceed into the mind, soul and spirit parts and step forward there.


We're listening ... Are you?

Step into the Time Machine. This is a story about "reclaiming" and "accelerating" health. About TRANSFORMING health.

The HPS GUIDED™ way to health and in health care has cured hundreds of health issues
and prevented thousands more. The weight loss is just a nice free side benefit. And we won't bill you for it, either!  


       Body. Mind. Spirit & Soul care, integrated.

Velocity. Trajectory. Acceleration. Whisking health away to places it has NEVER EVER gone before. Online from 1996.

Dieting, herbal supplements, yoga, new age talk, promises, coloring books and crayons, etc.. None of that is going to accelerate the velocity of our health in a lasting way.

None of that is going to move your health to new heights, to new dimensions, nor transform the trajectory of your aging.

None of that is going to SECURE our future.

Sit down and tally up how much you spent this year and last year on your fitness, beauty and health. Get yourself a raw ball park figure.

Click to see the US Department of Health & Human Services projection of what you will spend this year and next year in health, fitness, weight management and beauty. (Use the back button on your browser to return here.)

If all the above doesn't shake you out of your stupor and cause you to read every word in this page, every customer introduction and testimonial at our online forum and to seriously contemplate everything you find here and then do this program, well, good luck. What more can I say but good luck! You'll need it.

"Drugmaker Pays Largest Opioid Settlement In History To Make Investigations Go Away."

The Corrupt System Will Never Police Itself!

20-Plus Healthcare Stats That Will Blow You Away! If you continue doing what everyone else is doing, your health is going to be trashed. It's just a question of when, not if.

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