DBC™. Deep Body Care.
Renaissance health care™

We're sure if you knew how to do this you'd love doing this too.

Educational. Structured Deep Body Care.
Result oriented. Practice oriented.
Guided. Online. Step by step. Level by level.

Proven. Online since 1996.
Mature active support group online too.

Please note: Everything good in health starts from WASTE MANAGEMENT.

That's why 98% of this FAQ is oriented towards this one subject. We would like to see you understand and feel comfortable with the basic WASTE MANAGEMENT therapies which the HPS GUIDED™ health program starts off with. All the rest will be made clear when and while doing the online guided program.


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  • I saw a discussion once about "ground zero" in health. Where can I find that?
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How do I get the ball rolling?

 How to buy,
what to order, what are the steps to deep body care with HPS?

Here are the steps, step by step.

1) At the HPS GUIDED™ program page you contact us using the contact form or the email address at the bottom of that page... and then you and Jos-hua (the founder of this program and website) take it step by step. You contact us regarding availability. Jos-hua's availability. Jos-hua the HPS medicine man is going to be your guide and instructor during this health rewiring, reclamation and health recalibration journey. You also provide some basic info about your health there in your message, so we can plan on how to work with you and do the best for you.

2) Within 24 to 48 hours you'll receive a reply back from Jos-hua himself.

3) If it's a go for you, you'll be requested to execute payment. Jos-hua will send you payment information details once you revert back with approval. Alternatively, if it's not a go, by email correspondence lets see if we can together find alternative dates that will work for you.

4) After payment is received, you'll be receiving back immediately a personal email from Jos-hua the HPS medicine man, a welcome email to the HPS GUIDED™  DBC™ 7 Day Wonder® (7DW) deep body care program. It's a large email. In that email is a ton of information... you will find contact links for vendors to buy the tools needed in your 7DW level 1. You will also find the links to an informational series of emails from Jos-hua that will walk you through your deep body tissue cleansing, day by day. You will also find links to "vintage" audio recording made by Jos-hua for each day of your "formal" seven days of deep body tissue cleansing... day by day audio clips to listen to daily. For seven days. You will also at that time sign up to our private HPS cleansing and rejuvenation forum and start to have access to the different people there, and of course to all 79,000 posts at our forum. A wealth of information, love and support is awaiting you at our forum.

5) Once we finish up with the formal deep body tissue cleansing, the seven days of deep body cleansing including but not limited to the four core therapies- juicing, fasting, colon cleansing and home colonics- we will move together into the post-cleansing phase... into expanding, renewing, reclaiming, recalibrating and revitalizing life force. That's where the art and practice of healing, rejuvenation and prevention takes place. That's where your body heals and rejuvenates in light of the formal seven days of deep body tissue care. We will post-cleanse together for two full months at your pace and convenience in your comfort zone.

During the HPS GUIDED™ post-cleansing period you work normally, live normally, play normally. Same in the pre-cleansing period. It's just during the formal DBC™ (deep body tissue care, the 7 days of juicing, fasting, colon cleansing and home colonics) that it is recommended you take time off from work and totally devote yourself to your 7 Day Wonder® level 1 formal cleanse.

6) From there, once post-cleansing is concluded, you'll have to make a new decision again... to continue to walk the path with HPS GUIDED™ by your side by proceeding into a 7DW level 2 program or walk it alone on your own. Obviously, you are going to be relating to your health and body, and to your health care, differently after your 7 Day Wonder® (7DW) level 1. Obviously you are going to understand that if you want decent, good, above average to excellent health there is a path to walk and that no one can walk for you. HPS will (already in level 1) have provided you with a ton of new tools, new skills, new knowledge, new experiences and some new self confidence so that proceeding alone isn't an issue. Those of us who proceeded into advanced DBC, well, our self confidence in our ability to take the reins of our health is superior to someone who only did the 7DW level 1 program. You'll find testimonial after testimonial from advanced level clients saying this. That's not me talking, that's them talking after doing and experiencing so it would be wise to take note of their insights shared with you in their testimonials/program reviews.

If you want to turbo charge the whole process "again and again" obviously proceeding into Advanced HPS GUIDED™ deep body guided instructional care clearly makes sense.

There will be a lot of trust built up between us over the next few months. That's good, it will help propel your health, and consequently propel you in directions you probably never have gone before. Your beliefs about what you can and cannot do with your body and health will fundamentally change to your advantage. We promise that.

That's it. The above is about three months of activities, deep learning, lot of new experiences and practicing authentic genuine deep body care, and the follow-through, all summed up in 6 bullet points.


The products, herbals and tools used in each level of the 7 Day Wonder™ you'll need to purchase independently. They are not included in the price of the HPS GUIDED™ deep body guided instructional7 Day Wonder® programs. They are a juicer, a home colonics board and the herbal supplements which we use in the level 1 program. We will recommend best price vendors for you.

If you already have a juicer and a home colonic board, great, you already know how valuable a tool they are in helping to attain internal cleanliness. A home colonic board is critical to waste management. They are used to set the "causes and conditions" for ascension of health. Know, they are two of the best things you'll ever buy in your life for your health. We will use them at every level of the HPS GUIDED™ 7 Day Wonder® DBC™ Renaissance health care™ programs.

At each level we use different herbal supplements and different methods of deep tissue cleansing, deep healing, deep rejuvenation and deep prevention. For your convenience we will recommend best value vendors for all the different products and tools used at each level of the 7 Day Wonder®. Buy from them or vendors of your choice. It makes no difference to us. We receive no commissions from any vendors. And we don't sell any products or tools whatsoever. We never have.

We make our money from our HPS GUIDED™ 7 Day Wonder® DBC™ programs.

This way, we retain our credibility.

You know when we recommend product X or Y for you, you know it's not because we want to cut a coupon (i.e., get a commission on your purchase from the manufacturer or supplier). You know we're recommending the product because Jos-hua believes you need it and it will benefit you at that specific point in your health journey.


Any questions? 
Please do contact us using the contact form. Thank you.


Learn how to create the body and health that you never ever created before.

Discount pricing/ promotional packages:

For pricing please contact Jos-hua by email.


Why are there four levels to the HPS GUIDED™ 7 Day Wonder® Deep Body Care Renaissance health care™ program?

We are a level by level program for two reasons:

One reason being that there is just no way to convey in one shot all the knowledge, information and wisdom and do all the things that need to be done in one shot, in one level. Just no way for you to effectively take it all in, practice it all, revise, build upon the feedback and forge onwards. And no way for you to acquire the wisdom and self confidence either.

Secondly, INTERNAL CLEANLINESS, Breaking Free, Reclaiming Ownership of body and health is a healing and a rejuvenation process.

You cannot buy it, you have to learn how to CREATE IT and then live it and nourish it, make friends with it, and that takes some time. You have to experience it level by level, stage by stage, phase by phase, act by act, play by play. And that takes time. Sorry, we wish we could say differently, but we cannot.

Proper deep body tissue cleansing is how you start attaining the 'causes and conditions' for a continuous unfoldment of better health. That happens because your lifeforce if finally freed and given the opportunity to start renewing itself (if properly attended to!).

Doing the deep body tissue cleansing a few times over the course of a year, two or three is how you profit the most... it's how you solidify great health. There are layer upon layers (like an onion) of impacted feces, mucoid matter, plaque, waste, poisons and toxins which need to be peeled back, and evacuated out of the body. Furthermore, they release themselves at their appropriate timing, not always at our timing. All that we can do is facilitate the process to the best of our ability in a sane and intelligent way. We need patience, knowledge, wisdom and methods to properly go about this peeling off. You will find if you are going to do it a few times over the coming years it becomes much more powerful when you are guided, when it is educational, when it is structured and designed to build up your self confidence too. Otherwise, all you end up experiencing is a rehash. Which of course doesn't propel either you or your health forward. If there is no accumulation of wisdom, self-confidence and skillfulness there is no "breaking free" taking place. You'll still find yourself shackled to the symptom care system of health. In short, your self confidence, wisdom, skillfulness and skills grow with continuous non stop feedback, structured education and personal guidance from Jos-hua.

Thus, you have a framework to ground all your health activities with HPS GUIDED™.

The groundwork for each advanced level needs to be set prior to experiencing the next level of health. This is an important point which you should not overlook or underestimate. Post-cleansing is where this groundwork is accomplished. A lot of work needs to be done after the "formal" deep body tissue cleanse. That's call "post-cleansing." 

Deep Body Care is how we elevate your body, beauty, energy, looks, immunity and health. We renew, revitalize, recalibrate and reclaim life force.

You practice everything taught in the program at your pace and convenience, you live it, and then we jump into the next level of the 7 Day Wonder®, and you ascend your health a whole new notch again. 

Each level is NOT a rehash... But rather each level, each round of the 7 Day Wonder® is a whole new world again, a whole new level of health. Each level builds on the previous levels.

And each level has its own emphasis, focus, strategy and tactics.

That's our methodology. Step by step. level by level.

Please remember, we're not looking for results that dissipate within weeks (so that you'll come back and buy more pills) but rather we're looking for results that are sustainable for years. 

This type of methodology facilitates learning, wisdom, proactive actions, personal responsibility, and sustainability.

And of course, this costs.

As we already said, this is not a magic bullet program, nor a quick fix, and this is not a lipstick painted on the pig program (i.e., that's what I think supplements, diets and exercises are). 

This is a very serious proven deep body health care program that requires a lot of effort and time which we need to devote to you. And it took years to develop and build this.

We didn't copy anybody. We created this from scratch. It's original, authentic and genuine health care. 22nd century health care already available to you in the 21st century. Renaissance health care™. 

Therefore this isn't a cheap... this isn't a quick fix, or a gimmick proposal. This is the real deal. Tried, tested, very very proven.

We're totally into educating you, not medicating you.

The time frame between levels is the following:

Between level one and level two you must wait at least two months.
Between level two and level three you must wait at least three months.

Between level three and level four you must wait at least four months. Upon completion of your 7 Day Wonder® level 4 you become a 7 Day Wonder® (7DW) Master Faster, a master of your own health and wellbeing.

From that point on, all HPS services to you are free of charge and you decide on your own, at your timing of choice when to DBC
, how long to wait BETWEEN your 7 Day Wonder® deep body tissue cleanses, using which level protocols, etc., etc..

This "waiting" period is called post-cleansing.

There are a lot of activities that should take place in the post-cleansing "waiting" period.

Deep body post-cleansing is even more important than the formal tissue cleansing itself because in our opinion if sustainable results are to be attained and realized they can only materialize and be adjusted in the post-cleansing period!

A new relationship is built between you and your body and health in the post-cleansing phase of HPS 'Deep Body Care.'

The focus is on expanding vital life force, developing new habits, attaining feedback to improve these new habits, and working on mind too. Our mental health plays a big part in our overall physical health. Every one of us needs to work in refining our mental health and post-cleansing is where that work is done here at HPS GUIDED

HPS post-cleansing is where "transformation" takes place. You see it unfolding right before your very own eyes. It's exciting and rewarding both at the same time.

That's when healing and rejuvenation takes place. That's where preventative health care can start to step up to the plate.

None of that falls out of the sky or is attained by a supplement or two, or a diet, or an exercise routine. It requires knowledge, effort, practice and perseverance. A path to walk. A mental framework too is required. In short, some practice on your part is what makes it all happen! After all, practice makes perfect, doesn't it!?

We'll guide and instruct you and be making recommendations (daily, weekly, monthly) in all the different activities that we think you should be engaging in- be they physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual activities- so that you proceed proactively step by step.

There is no extra costs to you for this.

The two and a half months of post-cleansing, the plan and a program, is already included in the price of each level of the HPS GUIDED DBC 7 Day Wonder® Renaissance health care program. 

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Do I need a doctors certificate to do HPS GUIDED, a doctor to approve this?

No, you don't. This is self-help. You. Your motivation and intentions are what count here, no one else's. . Your accomplishments. Your body. Your health. Your sanity. Step by step with instructional guidance, feedback and love. This is safe, natural, wholistic health care. Genuine health care. Doctor's deal in sick care, in symptom care. That's a different ballgame.


From a deep body perspective, what is more important... fasting or colon cleansing coupled with colonics?

Jos-hua the HPS medicine man has been asked this question numerous times over the past thirty years. His reply is pretty consistent...

"I'd have to humble myself and say the question isn't framed properly. The question needs to be "can we attain the same level of superior internal cleanliness and reclaim our lifeforce if we drop one of the core four deep body therapies... say drop either the fasting or drop the colon cleansing combined with home colonics and do only one of the therapies, say just colon cleansing (without home colonics)? Or do only juicing without the fasting, but doing at the same time the colon cleansing but without the self administered home colonics?"

My answer based on thirty years of experimentation and exploration, is, "No."

We will not attain superior results. 

We need both. Both fasting and colon cleansing combined with home colonics. 

For the first few times, the first few rounds, the first few deep body cleanses, juicing also should be part of the protocol too. Afterwards, water fasting alone is a possibility to be explored. 

This is why there are four different levels to thE HPSGUIDED™ program. Different tactical approaches to be explored within a grand overall strategy that keeps you grounded and offers you a framework to work from at your convenience and pace.

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Can I do the HPS program even if I have never ever cleansed before, never ever detoxed before, never ever done any yoga before?

Yes! Yes you can. We're the correct and best address for you both to start from and to finish with.

We've taken you very much into account when Jos-hua designed this online interactive guided program.

The HPS 7 Day Wonder® deep body care level 1 is a very hand holding program. Perfect for a novice.

Level 1 is designed to take a novice and ramp up their self confidence in the care of their body and beauty, energy and immunity.

The results should self motivate you to proceed into advanced HPS guided deep body care 7 Day Wonder® level 2 and beyond. At that point you'll move from being a novice into being a veteran accomplished deep body carer and life force rejuvenator.

Our HPS level by level deep body care program will take you through all the ropes, step by step. In detail. In theory. And in practice. From A to Z. 

Your beliefs about what you can do with your body and for your health are going to change fundamentally in light of this HPS deep body program.

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I've done some detox before, even spent a week at a cleansing spa in Thailand! Can I profit from the HPS program more than that?

A spa cleansing, fasting, detox experience in Thailand is great fun but but but...

But for depth of cleansing, education and understanding, habit changing, sustainability of healing, rejuvenation and prevention and the total reclamation of lifeforce HPS guided DBC™ online beats any spa in Thailand. Any time. Every time.

When I say I know, believe me I know... I lived for over six years straight in the most famous cleansing/fasting spa in south Thailand on Ko-Samui island.

I know what a spa can do for you and not do, I know from the inside out. Beyond living for so many years in the most prestigious and famous spa there, I also was intimately involved with a few other lesser known spas on Ko-Samui too, and in the start up a two different spas too... In short, I know exactly what is going on at every one of them. I personally was offered by big investors to open my own high end spa on Ko-Samui but decided that I didn't want to do that anymore, be tied down to one place for decades, so instead I went online with HPS GUIDED™ incorporating the best of a physical spa into an online guided program.

In fact, no fasting or cleansing or detox spa in Thailand has any serious or comprehensive focus on post-cleansing beyond a few words, a few instructions, and a few good wishes for you.

Post-cleansing is way beyond their realm and the scope of services they offer, or can offer. Their clients come for a week or two. They are on holiday. They have to get back home and back to work or they want to continue their holidays in Southeast Asia. Post-cleansing isn't a viable option for them. They want to "taste" a cleansing spa experience. Some of them come back again and again every year for a few years running. That's a very expensive proposition, and yet still they only end up with maybe 25% of what HPS GUIDED™ gives.

You have to understand that post-cleansing is a totally different ballgame than formal tissue cleansing. Fact is, spas don't have the skills because it is not practiced there.

From a personal growth perspective the education and emphasis on practice here in the HPS GUIDED™ online program far exceeds whatever you found in any spa or any detox you ever tried before.

This is a different league. Profoundly different.

A far more sophisticated approach to health care than anything you ever tried before. This is freedom in health, and in health care. We intend to return ownership of your health and your health care to you by making you highly proficient in your health care. This is how you reclaim your lifeforce. This is how you BREAK FREE.

Life force is something that grows inside of you, it originates in you. It's not something outside of you. 

It's yours from the day you were born.

When life force decreases, health declines. It's that simple.

The cleaner you are internally the more your life force can continuously grow and continuously expand no matter what your age is. The more lifeforce you have the more your body can fulfill its healing, rejuvenation and prevention functions.

Health skills not products or pills is the focus here at HPS GUIDED.

HPS DBC. Deep Body Care ... This is a self-help system of health care designed to grow lifeforce.

In this system we're rewiring and recalibrating lifeforce, and consequently health.

When life force is poisoned, it stops growing. It stops expanding. And that's the beginning of our downfall- physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Financially too!

Now compound this over the next 10 or 20 years and you can see for yourself how valuable HPS GUIDED can be for you! Financially valuable, not just health wise, but financially too.

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For ages fasting, juicing, colon cleansing and home colonics have been around. 

So please tell me what makes HPS so special?

1) We're focused on life force .

2) We cost LESS than half the cost of a trip to a cleansing detox spa in Thailand, with four hundred times more education and practice given to you... including of course two free months of post-cleansing instructions, support and guidance which no spa, detox program or centre offers you.

3) We're totally committed to your health, and that's special too. Jos-hua's only wish is that you shall see, attain, experience, know and sustain at the least the same level of life force and health that he has... and had during his thirties, forties and fifties. Now into his sixties, lets see what unfolds. We'd like to share it all with you, and walk the path with you. That's special.

But yes, you are right. The core deep body cleansing therapies were already discovered and have been around since the dawn of mankind.

Previously, only great masters and saints knew about the power of these four core therapies when combined together, and practiced. The general populace has always known about fasting, but the knowledge related to colon cleansing and home colonics has been restricted to a few only. Juicing is a relatively new fad, a 20th century one.

In the past, prior to the internet, if you  wanted to engage in colon cleansing and colonics you had no choice in the past but to go to a colonic clinic, or as the rich and famous have done since the 1980's, fly off to a cleansing / fasting / detox spa in Thailand. But that trip when adding up all the bills for a ten day to two week trip could be anywhere between three thousand to 5,000 or more dollars, per person.

But now for the first time ever, you now have it all PLUS a lot more at your fingertips 24/7 in your comfort zone, in the privacy and comfort of your own home, at a reasonable cost.

Furthermore, you have it at your convenience and timing of choice too. With professional and educational guidance too! Instructional guidance too! Strong group support too!

This is all very new and of course it's a result of the internet. Without the internet available, it couldn't happen.

But, HPS GUIDED™ is more than just the above... much much more...








Can any other health site, program, centre, etc., provide you with that type of continuity for you to investigate prior to ordering or commencing their activities?

Think about it... this is so unique.

Furthermore, we're totally educational oriented.

We're following a methodology that focuses on step by step PRO-ACTIVE progression. We're working from a health care paradigm. First deep body tissue cleansing. Then deep body care- deep body healing. Then deep body rejuvenation. Then deep body prevention.

One follows the other. You need to recognize this and be patient in the care of your body and health. This is called wisdom in health care.

Has anyone else been talking like this to you?

Compound all the above you instinctively can realize that we have advantages and insights that other sites or options on your radar don't. We're moving and living in a different space. Talking a different language. Shakti.

1) What makes HPS special starts from the fact that we combine the four core deep body cleansing therapies into one program, done the HPS way. 

I'd also like to say we're not salesmen, we're bona fide practitioners.

That means we practice on our own body what we would like to see you do.

Others don't take that position. They just want to throw information out at you and sell you something. We want to see you acquire the same level of health that I Jos-hua have.

The same level of self confidence in the care of your body and health. The same level of energy, vitality, and calmness.

Most health websites are salesmen. They just want to make a sale. What you do with it afterwards is your choice. They don't really care. Nor do they ever follow up with you for months on end. Once sold to, you're history. Next.

We do take a personal interest in you. We want to see you become proficient in your health care. That's our goal. Not a sale but trust. We want you to trust us. Skills, not pills, is how that happens. Education, not information is a vital ingredient. This is a fundamental distinction that should be made here. In fact, this distinction is a result of our focus on maintaining our credibility. 

2) Whatever your present and past health issues are/were, there is no doubt in our mind that the HPS 7 Day Wonder deep body care program is going to fundamentally transform your health. FUNDAMENTALLY. The doubt is only in your mind.

HPS 'Deep Body Care' is about "letting go." But you can only let go in a sustainable manner if you see self evident results. Otherwise, the mind automatically reverts back to old patterns related to fearful thoughts and declining health. We're betting our future on you seeing results that are lasting, exciting, rewarding and sustainable. When that is happening, you'll be coming back for advanced HPS DBC™. We're betting on it. Not doubt. Not faith. Just practicalities at HPS GUIDED™.

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Can I order just the level 1 program? Or do I need to order all the different levels right now?

From 2017 you can only order one level, the HPS GUIDED™ level 1.

After concluding level 1 if you wish to proceed we can discuss a promotional package that includes the advanced levels at a discount.

When you order more than one advanced level, you'll enjoy a considerable discount on the HPS deep body programs. But again, that will only be open for discussion in a few months from now. Once we get to know you, and you get to know us. No sense in jumping the gun right now.

Please do note...
Jos-hua wants to help people who are ready to commit to changing, improving and transforming their health. Since he is giving so much of himself, his knowledge and wisdom and his time this kind of approach makes sense from his perspective. 

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Are monthly payments accepted?

Sorry, we don't offer this option. We did in the past (in the 1980's) but we don't anymore. Since 1999 we accept only a one time payment in full, in advance.

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The real deal.

Real health care. Renaissance health care.

Guided. Online. Interactive. Educational. Structured. 


Tried, tested, proven.

Inquire into availability today.

Online support group too.

Inquire Now!

Will Jos-hua himself be active in my health JOURNEY, or is this just his program for sale?

Yes he absolutely will be active in your health journey, very active.

In fact, you will find over 9,000 different posts by Jos-hua at our online forum! Nine thousand.

He will pro-actively be instructing, guiding, giving feedback, recommending and sharing love with you every step of the way, from A to Z, just as he has done with every HPS client before you.

And at our forum many other experienced persons in this program will too. Jos-hua also will be in direct private email correspondence with you too, when needed by you. And from 2017 we will be chatting using a mobile app too. This is quite new for us, but we feel this is the way forward for you making HPS GUIDED™ even better for you.

We will go out on a limb and say "you most probably have never gotten this much deep, professional and continuous attention to you and your health from anybody, anywhere, at any price. This is priceless to say the least.

And you're actually paying for it. This program isn't cheap, but still it's at least 50% cheaper than flying off to a cleansing spa in Thailand and then doing that repeatedly year in and year out for a few years running. And better too!

Much more educational, especially with regards to the pre-cleansing and post-cleansing periods.

We can do that because you are after all online, at home, in your comfort zone. You have time at your convenience and pace. At a spa, you don't. Time is limited. You book, you arrive on location, you're in, you're out. There is a limited number of days.

Here with HPS GUIDED™ you book, you're in, and you can stay in for however long you wish to be. At no extra costs to you!

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Once I ordered and paid, but found I need to change the dates, will that be possible? Any extra charges?

No, there are no extra charges.

Yes, you can change the dates, but you must conclude the program (the level 1 program) within 12 months of ordering.

Very far in our  past, we had people order and pay and then show up 4 to 5 years later. Well, things changed in those 4 to 5 years both in their head, their health, their motivation and their attitudes and in ours too. And in our systems. And vendors too. And in online places and Jos-hua's availability too. And we had to rewire ourselves to fit that behavior.

We finally in 2001 had to initiate a policy of one year from order to done... or you lost your place and payment.

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Is this money back guaranteed? Is there a refund procedure?

No, there is no money back guarantee, nor refund once paid for.

Let me put it in a different light for you... my time and energy is very precious to me. I only accept at most 12 new people per year into the HPS GUIDED 7 Day Wonder® DBC Renaissance health care program. Once that is done, I don't devote any time or energy to marketing or sales. I'm committed to whoever ordered and spend my time devoting myself to them. If you order and then cancel or ask for a refund, that opens up a can of worms for me... I have to rearrange my whole life again. And since I'm on the move between Thailand, Nepal and India (homeless three quarters of the time) that always isn't possible nor feasible for me. It creates total havoc in my life. That's why we have a "no refund" policy. I commit to you, you commit to the program, and we move forward together as a team. That happens once payment is executed.

A company that is just selling commodities like bottles of supplements or books or equipment and devices, etc., for them it's no big deal. They either refund or offer you an exchange. It doesn't upset their whole life and their being. But in my case it does. So, if you are offended by our policy, I apologize and ask you to understand me too, and not just yourself. Thank you.

I'd prefer someone just doesn't order rather than having to deal with a refund situation. I'm here to help you survive and thrive. I'm prepared to devote myself to you 24/7. I don't know anyone else who is ready to do that. If you don't want my services, don't need my services, no problem... all is well with my life. Extremely well. What I don't want is any unnecessary havoc in my  life. Refunding and then having to start all over the process of accepting someone new into the program to replace you creates a lot of havoc, is time consuming and anxiety consuming. Therefore, we adopted this policy. Thank you again for your understanding and compassion. And again, I apologize if you find this policy unacceptable.

HPS Faq. Cancer just hates a clean purified body. It's so hard to survive there!