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As can be seen from the intestinal bacteria page, good health depends on having balanced intestinal flora. 80% good bacteria, 20% bad is a ratio that is acceptable. 

Most people's is just the opposite. 80% bad bacteria. 20% good. Yours too probably.

Due to unhealthy lifestyles and improper eating habits you should twice a year implant healthy micro-flora into your gut.

  • Successful implantation cannot occur until the intestines are cleaned out since polluted toxic intestines will always overrun the friendly bacteria before it can get a stronghold. This fact is especially true when large amounts of mucoid matter have, over years, built up on the intestinal & digestive tract walls.

  • Acidophilus will not implant properly in humans. It seems that lacto bifidus and streptococcus will, which is why I recommend these type of implants after your online guided cleansing program.

The problem is that most lacto acidophilus on the market is derived from a strain of animal bacteria (from cow's milk).

Although it may assist human digestion because of its similarity to the human lacto bacteria, it must be constantly fed or replenished because it is not an exact duplicate of the human strain required and dies out easily (maybe because we don't eat and drink the same things a cow does)

The lacto bifidus on the other hand, is a strain of bacteria which is derived from human mothers milk. At birth, the infant who is breast fed thus receives an immediate implant of friendly bacteria. That is why Nature designed mothers to breast fee their babies and why children who are not nursed are said to have more physical and emotional problems.

After cleansing the intestinal tract, implanting the friendly bacteria for healthy intestinal flora and eating raw foods, you will be well on your way to a really healthier living experience.



Rectal implants- are you ready yet?

It is highly advisable once completing a cleansing fast to immediately implant friendly bacteria in massive amounts. In the billions.

The most efficient means to due that are oral and rectal implants simultaneously.

The correct doses to implant are the following:

Rectal implants: 4 capsules in 16 oz water overnight 8-12 hours.

Oral implants: 2 capsules in 12 oz of water overnight, 8-12 hours.

It is advisable to take one or more capsules of friendly micro flora two or three times per day, either 15-30 minutes before a meal or one hour after a meal.

Jos-hua's personal experience shows that when orally taking any brand of micro flora, the 15-30 minutes before a meal regimen seems to work much better than the 60 minutes after a meal. Usually 3-7 weeks of continuous oral implants are more than sufficient.

How do you know when you've taken the correct amount and can stop taking anymore?

When your feces starts to smell like rose petals. It's that simple. Mine does, does yours?

You must experiment and see which application works best for you. More micro flora can be taken in special times of need. It is also recommended that once opening a bottle, keep it refrigerated and tightly closed.

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