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Processed food

"If you wish to remain healthy and avoid ailments of the digestive organs, particularly cancer, you'd be well advised to eliminate all processed food completely from your diet.

In the age of fast food, precooked frozen diners, packaged snacks, and other 'convenience food', abstaining from processed food may seem difficult, but in fact it's not.

It is just as quick to eat an apple as it is a package of potato crisps, just as convenient to have nuts and seeds and dried fruit for breakfast as packaged cereal with cow's milk, and just as easy to make an avocado sandwich as a hamburger. It's all a matter of habit.

Today, over 6,000 synthetic chemicals are officially condoned for use in the processed-food industry, including some that are known to have carcinogenic properties.

Furthermore, processed foods also contain high levels of the debilitating, denatured ingredients we wish to avoid, such as white sugar, refined starch, pasteurized cow's milk, land mined salt, and hydrogenated vegetable oils.

The human immune system correctly recognizes chemical food additives as toxic foreign agents and fights hard to rid the body of them, causing severe biochemical reactions and putting great stress on the immune system.

After years of daily exposure to such inorganic chemicals, the immune system finally breaks down and burns out, leaving the body vulnerable to attack by microbes, toxins, and cancerous cells.

Although the food industry has duped the public as well as government health agencies into believing that their products are safe for human consumption, there is abundant scientific evidence to the contrary, and this information is in the public domain, openly available to anyone who seeks it.

Ignorance is therefore no longer a valid excuse for poisoning yourself with industrially adulterated foods. 

Only you control what goes into your mouth and down to your stomach."

Source: Daniel Reid.  

Nuts and seeds

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