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"Westerners consume a far greater percentage of their calories from meat then Orientals do, and it shows in the complexion, body, fat and body odor.

Meat is highly acidifying and warming (yang qualities), as well as putrefactive.

According to the tenets of traditional Chinese medicine, elderly people require more meat than the young or middle-aged because of its warming yang properties and concentrated nutrients, but only if their digestive systems are in proper order.

The biggest problem with meat in the Standard American Diet (SAD) is the pervasive contamination of US beef with antibiotics and steroid hormones.

About 40% of all the antibiotics produced in the USA are fed to cattle and other livestock, and this is passed on the consumer in every hamburger, steak, and other food products made with US beef. 

This daily dietary intake of antibiotics depresses the human immune system and is an important contributing factor in acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AID's).

In addition to antibiotics, US cattle are fed synthetic hormones to accelerate growth, increase fat deposits, bring entire herds of cows into heat at the same time for breeding, increase milk production, and induce abortions in pregnant cows scheduled for slaughter.

These hormones are suspected as a major cause of the high incidence of breast and ovarian cancer in American women, as well as premature puberty in American children.

Since steroid hormone's cause cattle to grow fat fast, it also stands to reason that they cause obesity in humans who consume the meat and milk of such contaminated animals.

This is especially true for growing children, and is confirmed by the fact that whenever big American fast-food chains featuring beef and milk products set up operations in Asian countries, the once healthy children there soon show all the signs of chronic ill health that plague American children: obesity, acne and pimples, respiratory infections, premature puberty, and behavioral abnormalities.

US cattle also absorb all the herbicides, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers used to grow the feed crops on which they are forced to gorge, and a high percentage of these hapless creatures arrive at the slaughterhouse riddled with cancerous tumors and tuberculosis.

All this poison is passed directly on to the consumer, so if you like to eat beef, be sure it has been organically raised without drugs and hormones, and preferably range-fed than pen-fed.

For different reasons, pork is also a poor choice in meat. Owing to the pig's omnivorous diet, pork is even more acidifying than other meats.

Pork is very hard on the liver, largely because lard is difficult to digest.

Researchers in Canada have established a close link between cirrhosis of the liver and pork consumption in sixteen countries studied. In countries where pork is consumed together with alcohol (beer and sausage, wine and schnitzel, etc.) the likelihood of liver cirrhosis rises by a factor of 1,000.

Commercially raised chickens are also kept confined to cages and fed on denatured feed contaminated with antibiotics, hormones, and pesticides.

Chinese physicians have always recommended 'earth chickens' (tu-jee) as the only safe dietary source of chicken and eggs.

Called 'free-range chickens' in the West, they run free around the farm, eating wild vegetation, insects, and worms and getting plenty of fresh air and exercise.

The best choice in domestic meat is lamb. Sheep generally graze on open ranges, out in the sun and fresh air, and they are usually not contaminated with drugs.

Lamb is the richest source of carnitine, which is required to deliver fat into the cells for metabolism.

Lamb has always been the meat of choice in the Middle East, Mediterranean, and Himalayan regions, where arteriosclerosis and heart disease have never been major problems. Even better than lamb is wild game, such as deer, elk, pheasant, and quail, although these products are hard to find these days.

Red meat should always be consumed as rare as possible, and preferably with horseradish or strong mustard, which stimulates the liver and gall bladder to secrete the juices required to break down the proteins and the fats. Fresh ginger root aids the digestion of meat."

Source: Daniel Reid.  


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