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"Eating too many eggs can cause a highly acidifying and putrefactive excess of protein, especially when the diet already includes meat and seafood.

The traditional Chinese dietary guideline stipulates that one or two eggs per week is sufficient for human nutritional needs.

Women with ovarian cysts and other reproductive organ problems should abstain completely for eggs, because eggs are products of the hen's own sexual reproductive system and can therefore aggravate such problems in women.

Today, most commercially sold eggs come from chickens cooped up in small cages under bright lights and fed on dry feed laced with synthetic hormones and antibiotics. Such eggs do more damage than good to the human system and should be avoided.

Try to buy free-range eggs, and don't eat them every day. The best way to cook eggs is soft-boiled or lightly poached, with the yolks remaining soft and intact for maximum nutritional value and digestibility.

Raw egg yolks, without the whites, are an excellent source of protein such as lecithin, amino acids, and other nutrients."

Source: Daniel Reid.  


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