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"Deep-water ocean fish such as tuna and salmon are excellent sources of protein as well as fish oils that are rich in essential fatty acids called eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosaheyaenoic acid (DHA).

EPA and DHA rank among nature's most effective blood thinners; they prevent sludging of blood platelets, dissolve clots, and dredge blood vessels of excess cholesterol and fatty deposits, thereby improving circulation and preventing heart attacks.

Countries which consume a lot of deep-water fish, such as Japan and Pacific islands, have significantly lower rates of heart disease than non-fish-eating countries.

Like meat, fish is warming and acidifying yang food.

It is most easily digested and yields the most nutrients when eaten raw, such as sashimi in Japan, poissons crux in the South Pacific, or when lightly steamed or poached.

Owing to the pollution of lakes, rivers and streams throughout the world, freshwater fish is no longer such a good choice.

Shellfish and reef fish should also be avoided because the shallow sea beds they inhabit are polluted."

Source: Daniel Reid.  


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