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"Beans compliment whole grains as plant sources of essential amino acids, which is why they are often served together in meatless meals.

Chick peas and millet, lentils and barley, rice and dhal, corn bread and black-eyed peas, rice and kidney beans are common example of the grain-and-bean protein team.

Together they provide the full spectrum of essential amino acids required for human nutrition, usually in a proportion of one part beans to two parts grain.

Except for Soya beans, beans are warming, acidifying yang foods, like grains.

Though much touted as a 'whole protein' food, Soya beans and tofu are not very easy to digest, and they can also interfere with the absorption of zinc.

Zinc deficiency is a common problem in vegetarian diets, and using tofu as a meat substitute only aggravates this deficiency.

Furthermore, since zinc is vital for proper function of sexual glands, Soya-bean products such as tofu can cool sexual energy, which is why tofu is a popular staple in Oriental monasteries, where celibacy is the rule. 

Unfortunately, when processed into tofu, Soya beans lose most of their vitamin, mineral and fiber content.

Beans may also be sprouted before consumption, in which case they may be eaten raw. Bean sprouts are rich in vitamins, enzymes, and amino acids, and are far easier to digest than whole beans."

Source: Daniel Reid.

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