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Circulatory system


A condition also known as 'tired blood', anemia is caused by critical deficiency of red blood corpuscles, especially the oxygen-carrying element hemoglobin. Symptoms include chronic fatigue, lethargy, depression and loss of sexual drive.

This condition is due almost entirely to poor dietary habits, especially the exclusive consumption of cooked, denatured, processed foods, pasteurized milk and refined starch.

Heavy smoking may also be a contributing factor; failing kidneys due to being a type 1 diabetic may also be a cause according to someone who wrote and told us of her specific situation.

In most cases 'tired blood'' is the condition so therefore blood needs to be purified and cleaned... fasting combined with juicing combined with colon cleansing and home colonics for seven straight days is the first step, that's called "freedom" cleansing... then some "power" healing and lasting rejuvenation needs to be enacted and put in place. Learn more how to rebirth your blood and body.

Molasses: molasses is nature's richest source of organic iron and copper, which work together to build 'strong blood', especially the iron dependent protein hemoglobin; 2 tbsp in a glass of warm water, twice daily.

Wheat germ oil: enhances the blood's capacity to carry oxygen, thereby correcting blood deficiency' 1 tsp of pure wheat germ oil after breakfast and again after dinner.

Lecithin: builds strong blood plasma and dissolves sticky deposits in arteries, thereby enhancing blood's capacity to assimilate and transport oxygen and nutrients; liquid lecithin from soy beans is best; raw egg yolks is another rich source.

Fennel juice: use 'Florence Flennel', also known as 'Finocchio'; specific affinity for blood stream, builds strong blood plasma; may be taken straight, 1 pint daily, or mixed half/half with carrot juice, 2 pints daily.

Red beet juice: builds red blood corpuscles and tones overall blood quality; 8 oz., taken 2-3 tsp at a time throughout the day; or as carrot, beet, cucumber blend.

Spinach: rich in organic iron and other vital minerals; builds strong blood plasma, especially iron dependent hemoglobin; raw bulk in salads, or 6 oz juice with 10 oz carrot juice, 1-2 pints daily.

Other beneficial foods: pomegranate; lettuce juice; dandelion juice; asparagus; cabbage; chrysanthemum tea; black grapes; raisins; raw egg yolks, wheat germ.

Foods to avoid: pasteurized milk; strong coffee and tea; refined starch, especially white flour; canned, smoked, preserved and otherwise processed foods.


Angina pectoris

Painful contractions and cramps in the valves and muscles of the heart and/or pericardium, due primarily to polluted blood, and sometimes to excess pressure from gas in the colon.

Carrot, celery, parsley, spinach juice: this potent potassium-rich blend quickly detoxifies and alkalizes the blood stream, thereby correcting a major cause of angina pectoris; builds strong blood to nourish the heart muscles; 8 oz/4 oz/2 oz/4 oz, 1 pint daily.

Garlic: raw garlic consumed daily in sufficient quantities has been shown to eliminate the acute pain of angina pectoris within 5 days; it cleanses the blood, removes sticky deposits in blood vessels, and thus enhances the quality and quantity of blood supplied to the heart; 6-8 cloves daily (minced into salad dressing, or crushed and put into gelatin capsules for swallowing).

Black fungus: also called "Tree Ears" because it grows from the bark of trees, this Chinese delicacy contains active elements that remove deposits from the walls of blood vessels, thus enhancing the supply of blood to the heart and other tissues.

Wheat germ oil: according to research of nutritional therapist Dr. Marsh Morrison, 1 tsp of wheat germ oil per day provides about as much oxygen to the heart as an oxygen tent, thus relieving spasms and cramps in heart muscles and valves.

Other beneficial foods: raw spinach; wheat germ; lecithin, pecans, active yeast (in warm water, on empty stomach); sunflower seeds, raw egg yolk.

Foods to avoid: refined starch and sugar, especially white flour; pasteurized milk and dairy products; cooked eggs and meat.



The hardening of blood vessels owing to deficiency of organic calcium and other vital organic minerals, and an excess of calcium and inorganic cholesterol, derived primarily from denatured foods, especially pasteurized milk, cooked eggs and overcooked fatty meats; these deposits of inorganic calcium and cholesterol continue to accumulate, hardening and narrowing the blood vessels and permitting clots to develop.

Carrot, celery, parsley, spinach juice: alkalizes bloodstream; removes deposits from blood vessels; 8oz/4 oz/2 oz/4 oz, 1 pint daily.

Garlic: purifies blood and removes accumulations of sticky inorganic deposits from walls of blood vessels, thereby restoring elasticity and free flow of blood.

Black fungus: a fungus that grows on the bark of trees, it contains elements that purify blood and remove sticky deposits from blood vessels.

Beet and carrot juice: raw beets purify the blood and build strong blood plasma, enhancing capacity to carry oxygen: best mixed half/half with carrot juice, 1-2 pints daily.

Other beneficial foods: raw spinach; celery; black grapes; pumpkin seeds; raw tomatoes; seaweed (kelp).

Foods to avoid: pasteurized milk and all dairy products; cooked eggs; animal fat, especially lard; cooked meat, especially pork; all preserved and canned foods; salt.


Blood pressure (high)

Excessive pressure of blood against the walls of blood vessels, owing primarily to diets of denaturated and overcooked foods, which deposit inorganic minerals and cholesterol against walls of blood vessels, narrowing and hardening them and raising blood pressure; also caused by excess retention of toxic by-products of protein putrefaction in the digestive tract and liver.

Carrot, celery, parsley, spinach juice: same benefits and usage for arteriosclerosis, which is accompanied by high blood pressure. alkalizes bloodstream; removes deposits from blood vessels; 8oz/4 oz/2 oz/4 oz, 1 pint daily.

Spinach: raw spinach corrects pH imbalance in the digestive tract and bloodstream, thus eliminating a major source of the toxic wastes that leave deposits in blood vessels and raise blood pressure.

Beet and carrot juice: same effects and usage for arteriosclerosis.

Molasses: builds and balances the bloodstream, eliminating toxic conditions that lead to high blood pressure; 2 tbsp in cup of warm water, twice daily.

Other beneficial foods: raw garlic, wheat germ oil; wheat germ; pecans; sunflower seeds; raw tomatoes; seaweed (kelp); lecithin.

Foods to avoid: refined starch and sugar; pasteurized milk; fatty meats; salt and salt preserved foods; alcohol; stimulating spices such as hot peppers, curry, mustard.



There are dozens of different types of headaches, but most are caused primarily by excess pressure in the tiny capillaries that feed the brain.

This pressure is caused by impurities in the bloodstream, which not only block the tiny capillaries but also deprive the brain of oxygen and glucose.

Spinach: raw spinach, as bulk or juice, purifies the bloodstream and builds up the oxygen-carrying element of hemoglobin, thus enhancing supply or oxygen and blood to the brain.

Carrot, beet, and cucumber juice: this blend breaks down acid crystals in the kidneys, thus improving the ability to cleanse the blood of the impurities that often cause headaches when they have reach the brain; also purifies blood and builds hemoglobin, thus enhancing oxygen supplies to brain; 10 oz/3 oz/3 oz, 1-2 pints when headache approaches.

Lecithin: 20 percent of brain tissue consists of lecithin, which when taken in combination with vitamin C has remarkable rejuvenating effects on the brain; organic lecithin also rinses away inorganic cholesterol deposits in coronary arteries, thereby enhancing supply of oxygenated blood to the brain; liquid lecithin extracted from soy beans is most convenient form of supplement.

Garlic: raw garlic is one of nature's best blood vessel cleansers; taken in conjunction with lecithin, in not only eliminates toxic conditions that often cause headaches, but also enhances memory, learning and other mental functions.

Other beneficial foods: lettuce juice; molasses; pecans; wheat germ; sunflower seeds; raw egg yolk (for lecithin and organic cholesterol).

Foods to avoid: refined starch, especially white flour; refined sugar, especially sweet soft drinks; cooked eggs; pasteurized milk; cooked fatty meats.

Heart disease

The various forms of heart disease are primarily the result of toxic impurities clogging blood vessels.

This deprives the heart muscles and valves of oxygen and puts excessive chronic strain on the heart, which has to pump much harder than normal to push blood through a clogged circulatory system- a healthy heart pumps about 3,000 gallons of blood every 24 hours, but a heart under the stress of a clogged circulatory system must pump up to 25,000 gallons in 24 hours just to maintain sufficient circulation; obviously, such an 8-fold increase in heart strain soon leads to heart exhaustion and disease.

The prime source of the blood impurities and deposits that cause heart disease is a diet composed entirely of denatured and cooked foods.

Carrot, celery, parsley, spinach juice: the most potent blend of juices for potassium, which quickly restores proper blood pH, helps remove deposits from blood vessels, and builds strong blood plasma, especially hemoglobin; 8 oz/4 oz/2 oz/4 oz, 1-2 pints daily.

Molasses: rich in organic iron and copper, as well as potassium, all of which alkalize the bloodstream and build strong blood plasma, which in turn benefits the heart tissues; 2 tbsp in warm water, twice daily.

Grapes: the 'grape cure' (nothing but 1-3 pounds of raw black grapes for 5-7 days) has been shown by experiments in Russia to have a direct tonifying effect on the muscles and valves of the heart; also purifies and balances the bloodstream.

Wheat germ oil: greatly enhances delivery of oxygen to the heart; best when used in conjunction with raw garlic; 1 tsp wheat germ oil and 2-3 cloves raw garlic, once or twice a day, after meals.

Pecans: raw pecans are nature's richest source of readily assimilable organic pyridoxine (vitamin B6), an element that plays an essential role in converting the amino acids from consumed proteins into usable form for the body; thus, raw pecans assist in regeneration of damaged cells in diseased hearts; 10-15 raw pecans (or 20-30 pecan halves) per day.

Other beneficial foods: raw spinach, cabbage, ripe bananas; wheat germ; lecithin; sunflower seeds; raw garlic.

Foods to avoid: refined starch, especially white bread and pastries; refined sugar, especially sweet carbonated soft drinks (regular as well as 'diet' types); cooked eggs, pasteurized milk, cooked fatty meats; salt.


Varicose veins

This condition is caused by deposits of inorganic calcium, cholesterol and other inorganic elements in the walls of veins, causing them to clog up and bulge outward through the skin; refined starch and sugar are primary dietary culprits.

Spinach: raw spinach detoxifies and stimulates the lower bowel, so that wastes are eliminated there rather than accumulating and polluting the blood stream; builds and balances blood; as juice mix 6 oz with 10 oz carrot juice, 2 pints daily.

Red beet juice: another potent purifier and builder of blood, raw beet juice eliminates the blood toxemia that causes varicose veins; best taken half/half with carrot juice, 1-2 pints; or sip 8 oz of the straight beet juice slowly throughout the day.

Garlic: raw garlic dissolves the deposits of inorganic calcium and cholesterol that lead to varicose veins.

Parsley juice: raw parsley juice is one of the most potent of all vegetable juices for enhancing oxygen metabolism, cleansing the blood, dissolving sticky deposits in veins and maintaining elasticity of blood vessels, especially delicate capillaries; it's too strong to take straight and should be mixed with 4 oz to 12 oz carrot juice, or with other blends, 1 pint daily.

Other beneficial foods: lettuce juice; turnips; watercress; black grapes (exclusively for 1-5 days, depending on severity), Black Fungus; molasses; lecithin.

Foods to avoid: pasteurized milk, refined starch, especially white flour; refined sugar; cooked eggs and overcooked meats; hydrogenated fats; alcohol.

Source: Daniel Reid.

Nervous system
Brain, nerves, eyes.





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