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Nervous system

Eye trouble

Most eye trouble is due to insufficient circulation and nutritional deficiency in the eyes muscles and the optic nerves.

The optic nerve is one of the most powerful nerves in the body and uses up to 30% of available glucose (blood sugar).

When blood sugar runs dry, all nerves must rely on glycogen from the liver; any interruption in glycogen supple due to liver dysfunction is often reflected in eye trouble.

Chinese physicians always first look to the liver when treating eye problems; a polluted bloodstream can also cause serious eye problems.

Sunflower seeds: are rich in organic vitamin A and other vital eye nutrients; Dr. Marsh Morrison has show that 2 oz of raw sunflower seeds per day, in conjunction with abstention form all animal proteins, clears up most eye problems within 2 weeks.

Carrot, celery, endive, parsley juice: this blend provides potent nourishment to the entire optic system, including nerves and muscles; carrots provide organic vitamin A as carotene, endives are rich in other nutrients with specific affinity for the eyes; 8 oz/4 oz/3 oz/2 oz, 1-2 pints daily.

Dandelion juice: rich in potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium and iron, raw dandelion juice alkalizes the bloodstream and provides a blend of organic nutrients of specific benefit to the nervous system, of which the optic nerve is the busiest component; mix half/half with carrot juice, 1-2 pints daily.

Spinach: raw spinach is another good source of organic vitamin A for the optic system; also builds strong blood due to rich supplies of organic iron, and this enhances circulation of oxygenated blood to the eyes.

Other beneficial foods: carrots; watercress; apricots; turnip greens; calves liver.

Foods to avoid: deep fat fried foods; refined sugar and starch, hot peppers; alcohol; mineral oil (laxative).



Chronic fatigue is an indication that the body's batteries have run down and resistance is lowered, and thus serves as a warning that disease might strike at any time; it is primarily due to a critical deficiency of active enzymes in the diet and an overabundance of 'dead' processed, over cooked foods, in incompatible combinations; such diets, typical of modern times, literally starve cells of nutrition and energy and permit toxic wastes to accumulate in the tissues; consequently, the body is unable to generate and direct energy for work or play: all available energy must be used just to keep the body alive.

Pecans: nature's most potent source of organic pyridoxine (vitamin B6), which is essential for all nervous functions and plays a key role in utilizing amino acids derived from consumed proteins; since all vital functions are controlled by the nervous system, pecans provide the element required by nerves to transform nutritional 'essence' to functional energy and regulate the body; 10-15 raw pecans, or 20-30 pecan halves daily is a therapeutic dose.

Carrot, beet, cucumber juice: this blend provides a potent boost of active enzymes and organic nutrients to the bloodstream, while also alkalizing and cleansing the kidneys, which in turn improves blood quality and helps relieve fatigue; 10 oz/3 oz/3 oz, 1-2 pints daily.

Carrot juice: raw carrot  juice is perhaps the best overall therapeutic food in the world; it alkalizes, cleanses, nourishes and stimulates almost every system in the body; as such, it is an effective antidote for the nervous exhaustion caused by diets deficient in vital raw foods; 2-3 pints daily.

Raw egg yolk: a potent source of organic lecithin, which is a major component in brain and nerve tissue; also stimulates sluggish adrenal glands, which alleviates fatigue; 2 yolks daily, blended into carrot juice.

Other beneficial foods: raw spinach; active yeast (in warm water, on empty stomach); molasses; wheat germ; soy beans; lecithin.

Foods to avoid: denatured, processed, preserved, canned and cooked foods should compose less than 50 per cent of daily diet in order to cure and prevent chronic fatigue due to nutritional deficiency.


Source: Daniel Reid.

Reproductive system
Genitals, suprarenal glands, prostate, ovaries, testes, uterus, uro-genital canal.



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