HEMORRHOIDS- foods that help in alleviating hemorrhoids

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Food that help in alleviating hemorrhoids

Food and natural herbs are the best medicine... in fact, they should be your only medicine. Stay away from chemical medicines, drugs, creams and surgery.

Food and juices can help control and partially heal hemorrhoids.

In the industrial countries hemorrhoil disease is extremely common.

Although most individuals may begin to develop hemorrhoids in their 20's, hemorrhoidal symptoms usually do not become evident until their 30's.

Estimates have indicated that 50% per cent of men over 50 years of age have symptomatic hemorrhoid disease and up to 1/3 of the total US population have hemorrhoids to some degree. Clean colons don't get hemorrhoids.

This increasingly common affliction is caused by stagnation and coagulation of blood fibron in the tiny capillaries that feed the anus and lower rectum; this is mainly the result of sticky toxic waste in the blood stream, owing to excess consumption of refined starch, especially white bread and other flour products; in addition to dietary adjustments, daily practice of the anal sphincter exercise and defecation in the squatting position help correct and cure this condition.

Carrot and spinach juice: this blend benefits all colon conditions; restores proper blood pH;  eliminates the sticky wastes that clog anal capillaries; 1-2 pints daily, 6 oz spinach to 10 oz carrot.

Celery juice: hemorrhoids are sometimes the result of insufficient supplies of organic sulfur, iron and calcium in the diet; celery juice provides abundant supplies of these elements;  may be mixed half/half with carrot juice, 2 pints daily, or 1 pint straight.

Apple cider vinegar: 2 tsp. in a glass of water, 2-3 times daily, prevents excessive bleeding in hemorrhoids by balancing the bloodstream and lowering blood pressure. Other beneficial foods: turnips; watercress; parsley.

Foods to avoid: refined starch and sugar; especially white bread and sweet pastries;  all pasta; chili peppers; persimmons.


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