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Immunity and energy

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Immunity and energy

Aberrant energies always exert an immunosuppressive influence on the human system by upsetting the delicate balance of internal bioenergies upon which immunity depends.

Aberrant energies can invade the human energy system from external sources such as exposure to microwaves, radiation, fluorescent lights and other forms of electromagnetic pollution, or they can be generated internally by emotional turmoil, toxins, ailing organs, or obstructed energy channels.

Either way, the first casualty of aberrant energy is immunity and the first aid to repairing immune deficiency caused by energy imbalance is the internal alchemy of Taoist energy exercises.

Energy factors that impair immunity

Abnormal electromagnetic fields

We have already discussed in detail the hazards to human health generated by power lines, electrical appliances and a growing array of electronic gadgets.

By suppressing the pineal and pituitary glands and impeding cerebral functions, abnormal electromagnetic fields impair immunity at its central headquarters in the brain.


Not only do microwaves suppress the same glands and tissues as abnormal electromagnetic fields, they also constitute a primary stimulant of the human stress response today.

You don't have to be uptight, paranoid or stuck in a stressful job or marriage in order to suffer chronic stress.

Passive exposure to microwave radiation triggers stress response in even the calmest most balanced individuals.

In laboratory tests conducted on rats, exposure to microwaves at levels twenty times below the current safety standards set in the USA provoked sufficient stress to exhaust and cause a complete breakdown of their immune system.

Air pollution

Air pollutants such as motor-vehicle exhaust, smoke and industrial emissions fill the air with heavy positive ions that negate the activity of negative ions, the tiny charged particles which hold atmospheric energy and carry it into the human system via breath.

Air conditioning and central heating have the same effect, robbing the air in closed buildings of vital negative-ion energy.

Atmospheric negative-ion energy, along with the energy extracted from food by digestion, constitutes a primary ingredient in TRUE HUMAN ENERGY.

Unless you compensate for such "dead" air with internal energy practices such as chee-gung and deep breathing, or alternatively you purchase an ionizer, your immune system will gradually wind down like a clock, leaving you chronically fatigued and vulnerable to the mildest pathogens.

Deficient light

Light is the primary source of energy for the pituitary gland, which receives the energy through the retina and optic nerve.

Light also influences the pineal gland. Light is required by the body to produce vitamin D, which is why this nutrient is called the "sunshine vitamin".

Light also regulates many human biorhythms, particularly sleep.

The sort of wholesome light that nourishes the body is called "full-spectrum light", which means that it contains all the wavelengths of natural sunlight.

Ordinary light bulbs are deficient in many vital frequencies; the light from fluorescent tubes and television screen is not only deficient, it also vibrates erratically and thereby irritates the pituitary gland and the central nervous system via the optic nerve.

Numerous studies conducted in American schools have shown that many of the abnormal behavior patterns and learning impediments which increasingly impair classroom discipline and education in the USA are quickly corrected when fluorescent lights are replaced with full-spectrum lights.

Shallow breathing and physical stagnation

Lack of sufficient exercise and shallow breathing create conditions of chronic fatigue and physical stagnation in the human body, lowering resistance and impairing immunity.

Such habits deprive the body of sufficient oxygen, impede circulation and blood, restrict distribution of nutrients, shrink the protective shield of radiant energy around the body and inhibit internal alchemy.

Emotional turmoil

Frequent outbursts of extreme emotions are regarded as the primary internal source of disease in traditional Chinese medicine and the new Western science of psychoneuroimmunology has confirmed this ancient Taoist premise.

It is well known that grief, for example, such as that experienced after the death of a spouse, renders a person highly vulnerable to disease and degeneration.

Emotional equilibrium is a precondition for maintaining strong immunity and nothing throws human energy off balance more quickly and extremely than sudden outbursts and prolonged bouts of uncontrolled "energies in motion".

Fortunately, there are simple and effective ways to remedy and prevent assaults on the immune system by aberrant energies. When practiced in conjunction with methods that boost immunity on the level of essence, these "energy supplements" become even more effective by virtue of synergy.

Source: Daniel Reid, The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity.

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