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Energy boosters for immunity

Energy boosters for immunity


Chee-gung counteracts the immunosuppressive effects of stress by switching the body over to the parasympathetic branch of the autonomous nervous system.

This gives the adrenals a chance to rest and recuperate and stops their secretion of adrenaline, cortisone and other immunosuppressive hormones.

Chee-gung also strengthens the radiant shield of energy that protects the body from invasion by aberrant environmental energies, balances yin and yang, Water an Fire and other polar energies, harmonized the Five Elemental Energies of the vital organs and recharges every cell in the body with fresh energy.

It greatly enhances circulation, thereby enabling blood to deliver immune factors to all tissues and carry away accumulated metabolic wastes.

Chee-gung also establishes immune-enhancing biofeedback between the nervous and endocrine systems.

Deep breathing

Deep breathing is an essential part of chee-gung, but it also has therapeutic benefits of its own and should be practiced at all times.

By practicing chee-gung daily, one gradually learns how to breath correctly at all times.

Deep breathing causes the diaphragm to massage and stimulate the adrenals with each breath, providing rejuvenating physical therapy to these much-abused glands. It enhances cerebral circulation of oxygen and nutrients, thereby boosting cerebral functions, which in turn maintain immunity.

It maximizes assimilation of negative ion energy from the atmosphere and keeps the autonomous nervous system from constantly driving the body into the high gears of the sympathetic branch, which enervates immunity.

The great Tang-dynasty physician and Taoist adept Sun Ssu-mo extolled the benefits of deep breathing as follows in his medical masterpiece entitled Precious Recipes: "When correct breathing is practices, the myriad ailments will not occur. When breathing is depressed or strained, all sorts of diseases will arise. Those who wish to nurture their lives must first learn the correct methods of controlling breath and balancing energy. These breathing methods can cure all ailments, great and small".

Energy supplements

Just as there are ways to supplement essence with vitamins, herbs, enzymes and so forth, so there are ways to supplement energy.

Traditionally, quartz crystals and various gems have been used to attract positive cosmic energies from the planets and stars and channel them into the human energy system. This is the mechanism by which talismans work. Gold also helps the body to collect and store beneficial environmental energies.

In addition to these traditional methods, modern electronic technology has devised a wide range of pulsed audiovisual aids and many others.


The ancient Taoist science of geomancy (feng-shui) calculates the flow of celestial and terrestrial energies in a designated area in order to determine the best locations for homes, temples, offices and other buildings, so that these natural environmental energies harmonize favorably with human energies in order to promote the health and longevity of the occupants and users.

Though little understood and often debunked in the West, geomancy definitely works, as anyone who has lived in the Far East for a while can readily attest.

Even such common problems as insomnia can often be completely remedied simply by relocating a bed or sleeping in a different room and thousands of business firms in the Far East have gone from the brink of bankruptcy to the pinnacle of profit overnight by calling in a qualified geomancer to rearrange their offices, seal off doors that leak energy out, turn the boss's desk to a more favorable angle and make other adjustments in the flow of the invisible but highly influential energies of sky and earth.

If you've tried everything else to no avail, you might give geomancy a chance to improve your fortunes and boost your energies. Wherever you find a sizable overseas Chinese community, you are bound to find a practicing geomancer.

Source: Daniel Reid, The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity.

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