Liver cleansing formula

Take the uncertainty out of your cleansing and renewal...

Many of us have dropped hundreds of parasites and hundreds of gall stones because of the HPS supervised cleansing protocols.

Hundreds of gall stones!

He has, She has too.

If you are going to do any cleansing or detox, you might as well do it right. HPS-ONLINE guided supervised interactive cleansing. We'll deliver unforgettable results!


You need to get beyond medications, pills, and herbals. The best medicine is no medicine. Cleansing the HPS-ONLINE way works wonders for your liver. All the testimonials in this website say that... they all come with the writers email address. The HPS-online cleansing support forum is open to you to take a look around- everyone here is involved today in liver care in one form or another. 

An overloaded and toxic colon means that no matter how many liver detox products one takes, nor how many liver detoxification and purification programs one does, the liver is going to be overloaded again and again with toxins- with the source of the problem being your colon and overloaded polluted bloodstream. Therefore it makes no sense to be taking liver care remedies nor taking liver care action until the colon and bloodstream is thoroughly purified.

Get to the source, allow HPS to manage the complexities of liver cleansing, rejuvenation, better energy and health renewal, with you, for you.

Take a look right now at what our online cleansers are discussing today. Wouldn't your interests be best serve by being part of this group, this forum, cleansing with them?

Liver cleansing

Liver and gall bladder cleansing are one of the most important things you can do for your health. In week two of this email series learn  more about liver care and gall bladder care.

Are  days of no-energy, no-thrills, no excitement a part of your life? Well, look to the liver for most of the answers.

Alcohol, recreational drugs, prescription drugs, antibiotics, fatty foods, pesticides, chemicals and food preservatives ALL HIGHLY TAX the liver.

The liver is one of the hardest, yet most important internal organs to cleanse. We do it here at HPS in the advanced levels of cleansing.

Caution: Do not liver cleanse more than once a year. It's important to remember to colon cleanse before liver cleansing. Our HPS cleansers do. We hope you will too.









  Liver cleansing - Gall bladder cleansing

The liver is called the 'General' or 'Chief of Staff' in Taoist literature and is responsible for filtering, detoxifying, nourishing, replenishing, and storing blood.

In Asia, the corbicula clam is known as food for the liver, and people routinely take it for liver ailments and after the over consumption of alcohol.

No clinical studies have been done on the corbicula clam and liver function. However, small empirical trials (based on observation only) in Japan have indicated that consumption of the corbicula clam extract may lower high counts of the liver enzymes SGOT and SGTP (also known as AST and ALT, respectively).

These enzymes help to convert one amino acid into another, and when the liver cells rupture, these enzymes pour into the blood. Measuring these enzymes (along with GGT, another enzyme) is one of the most commonly used ways to determine the health of the liver.

A decrease from abnormally high levels may indicate liver improvement.

  Liver: wood-energy yin organ

The liver is called the 'General' or 'Chief of Staff' in Taoist literature and is responsible for filtering, detoxifying, nourishing, replenishing, and storing blood.

The liver stores large amounts of sugar in the form of glycogen, which it releases into the blood stream as glucose whenever the body requires extra infusions of metabolic energy.

The liver receives all amino acids extracted from food by the small intestines and recombines them to synthesize the various forms of protein required for growth and repair of bodily tissues.

The liver controls the peripheral nervous system, which regulates muscular activity and tension. The inability to relax is often caused by liver dysfunction or imbalance in Wood energy. 

Liver also controls ligaments and tendons, which together with muscles regulate motor activity and determine physical coordination.

Liver function is reflected externally in the condition of finger and toenails and by the eyes and vision. Blurry vision is often a result of liver malfunction rather than an eye problem, and even Western medicine recognizes the symptomatic yellow eyes of liver jaundice.

Through its association with Wood energy, the liver governs growth and development, drives desires, ambitions and creativity.

Obstruction of liver energy can cause intense feelings of frustration, rage, anger, and these emotions in turn further disrupt liver energy and suppress liver function, in a vicious self destructive cycle.

We have found Dr. Hulda Clark's liver cleanse an effective remedy. 

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  Gallbladder: wood-energy yang organ

Known as the 'Honorable Minister' in the Taoist literature, the gall bladder is in charge of the 'Central Clearing Department'.

It secretes the pure and potent bile fluids required to digest and metabolize fats and oils, and its energy provides muscular strength and vitality.

It works with the lymphatic system to clear toxic by-products of metabolism from the muscular system, thereby eliminating muscular aches and fatigue.

In the Chinese system, the common tension headache is caused by obstruction in the gall-bladder meridian, which runs up over the shoulders and back of the neck to the top of the head and forehead. Hence such headaches are usually accompanied by neck and shoulder tension.

The gall bladder governs daring and decisiveness.

In Chinese, the word for daring is da dan ('big gall'). The English language also acknowledges this psycho-physiological relationship with the phrase 'a lot of gall'. An old Chinese adage states: 'The gall bladder is daring, the heart is careful', which reflects the stimulating generative influence of Wood to Fire.

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Liver cleansing formula


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Take the uncertainty out of cleansing and renewal...

Many of us have dropped hundreds of parasites and
hundreds of gall stones
because of the HPS supervised
cleansing protocols.

Hundreds of gall stones!

He has, She has too.


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