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With so many health care, medical, dieting and fitness options available to you how can know who and what is legit?

Attaining good health and maintaining vibrant health has nothing to do with health / fitness products, dieting, detox, multi-vitamins, multi- minerals, exercising or colon cleansing products. It has everything to do with cleaning ourselves up from the inside out. It has everything to do with taking personal responsibility for our body and health. It has a lot to do with mindfulness, attentiveness and practice. Great health is an expression of a relationship that you develop- a relationship between body, mind and health. A sane relationship.

This website, plus the HPS online guided cleansing programs, plus the HPS cleansing community/support group/forum will show and teach you how. 

 Connie_M: "I has been about a month since I finished my 7DW formal cleansing. When I was driving the other day, I turned my head to the left to see whether anyone was coming. That is a simple thing that we do every day. However, when I did it this time I realized that it didn't hurt. I have had arthritis of my neck and spine for 20 years, and I am no longer on meds. I am getting better every day. This weekend I worked very hard in my yard. Previously, I would have had pain between my shoulder blades for at least a week in spite of the vioxx. This time the only pain I feel is sore muscles. I ask myself, "why won't everyone do this?" Even though I tell them how it has helped me, almost everyone I know is resistant to the idea. They obviously would rather be sick or dying than to stop trusting doctors and take their health in their own hands. It doesn't make any sense." Connie_M, Age 53. Click here to see the full testimonial at our online forum

Three free HPS health cleansing tips...

The cost of NOT doing a 7 Day Wonder is scary.  

Here's a six part audio presentation we most recently made. If you get tired reading the below, you can always just sit back and listen to this audio presentation.

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Tip #1:
Detox and cleansing basically boils down to two types of people!

Which one have you been in the past?
Which one do you want to be in the future?
You should chose.

In detox and cleansing, there are basically two types of people!

There are those who are Independent, and those who are Dependent.

Dependent means relying on tests, doctors, specialists, therapists, supplements, health food stores, health media, magic potions, refills, creams, etc.

Independent means those who independently with skillfulness and wisdom try to take care of their health on their own.

BUT in the Independent type, we again have THREE types of people:

Those who endlessly shop for health- buying endless supplements, reading endless books, trying endless diets, surfing endless websites, endless exercising, etc..

Those who burn out and end up quitting. Inertia usually gets the best of them until they find something new to get excited about again, and to relive the same pattern again.

And those who aren't either, simply because they are practitioners.

A practitioner is one who walks a health path.

A tried, tested, proven path.

The path is walked slowly, calmly, with opened eyes and in peace, step by step.

A practitioner is one who practices health care on his or hers own body, with his or hers own body. He or she is involved and engaged in the caring of their health.

Through practice, one becomes perfected in health. Practice makes perfect!

A practitioner always has a guide, a coach/mentor, and numerous other people walking the exact same path with him or her. Always for a few years at least. A practitioner always therefore has a few reference points.

That's why the HPS health cleansing programs are called PRACTICE programs. You will always find someone to reference, who is practicing exactly what you wish to practice. Over the years there has been a lot of practice at our online HPS cleansing forum.

Because of all the above, a practitioner relaxes into their health care... and it practically becomes care free many of times. Not all the time, but many.

To a practitioner our body is considered sacred- we listen to it, we touch it frequently, we respect it and we know what it likes. From our practices we develop this clear cut understanding of what it likes.

Practitioners don't make up stuff, because they don't need to,... because the path is clearly delineated for them, and since others are walking the exact same path, there are benchmarks to refer back to.

Practitioners not only succeed in attaining great health, they also, by walking the path, end up saving a ton of money too.

Practitioners end up developing patience with their health, compassion for their body, respect for the path they are walking, and for their teachers too.

Are you presently relating to your health as a practitioner would?

Practitioners become EMPOWERED in their health, and in their health care.

And that's as good as it gets when it comes to health care. Trust me, as good as it gets!

As good as it gets!

HPS health cleansing leads to this.

Here at HPS guided health cleansing we're nurturing practitioners.

We're suggesting you become a practitioner too!

You'll profit. Your family in the future, will too.


Tip #2:
In health care, skillfulness is the key!

Here at it's not just about being proactive vs. reactive, and it's not just about walking a path. It's about skillfully walking a path.

In health care, skillfulness is the absolute key!

Without confidence, it's hard to be skillful.

Confidence develops and grows from practice.

Practicing leads to self confidence growing.

And consequently, skillfulness grows.

Lets be honest with ourselves- Growth can only happen when one is being responsible for what is coming in, and out, of ones life.

In this health cleansing program personal responsibility for your health is a fundamental concept. If you refuse to take it, you unfortunately cannot participate in the HPS 7 Day Wonder health cleansing programs.

To walk skillfully with your health, you'll need skills.

Skills, not pills, sits at the center of best practices in health care.

As you progress at your pace through the different levels of the 7 Day Wonder you'll be acquiring familiarity and proficiency in many different skill sets-

  • fasting skills

  • juicing skills

  • colon cleansing skills

  • home colonic skills

  • food combining skills

  • nutritional eating skills

  • food energetic skills

  • herbal skills

  • immunity building skills

  • body work skills

  • parasite cleansing skills

  • internal organ cleansing skills

  • energy enhancement skills

  • breathing skills

  • chee gung skills

  • healing and rejuvenation skills

  • preventative health care skills

  • TCM, traditional Chinese medicine skills


Tip #3:
In alternative health care, it's the end game which we should never lose sight of!

Most tire before getting there!

Lets keep things simple and in five short paragraphs for you...

In alternative health care, it's the end game which we should never lose sight of!

Most people lose sight of their goal when setting out to cleanse. The goal of course, being, getting better. Feeling better. Being better.

They get caught up in buying products, researching supplements, accumulating information and nutritional lists, comparing websites, comparing prices, investigating equipment, finding valuable video's, books, etc., etc., etc.. Gosh, just trying to get started is enough to tire even the strongest of us out!

No wonder why so many start detox but never cross the goal line.

Here, in these HPS 7 Day Wonder health cleansing programs I'm doing all of the heavy work for you because I'm living this program for the past quarter of a century.

For over 25 years now!

When you do a 7 Day Wonder, just sit back and follow my directions and instructions. That basically sums up how difficult this is.

This is a fully guided interactive ONLINE program. Done at your pace and convenience. Guided, supervised, interactive.

You'll have complete freedom to do as you like, but you will also now have me watching your back. And other HPS cleansers at our online forum doing the same too!

Health cleansing is going to surround you online. Take our apps too, HPS direct to your mobile!

In these HPS health cleansing programs I am going to keep you focused on what's really important if ascending good health is on your radar... that being, the art of practice.

The art of sustainably improving and then maintaining ascending good health in the easiest shortest quickest most cost efficient holistic way possible. Year in and year out.

I like how it feels. It feels good.

Watch and see.

If you aren't having two bm's (bowel movements) a day, everyday, our 7 Day Wonder is for you because if this shit isn't coming out of you, it's staying inside of you and poisoning you, poisoning your internal environment daily.

And over the years it accumulates. Major chronic illnesses including cancer are the expression of that accumulative toxic poison.

If you have any health problems/issues, be they minor, average, major or even very major ones, this is for you, here they will be healed; we are not just cleansing here, we're also body rebirthing. Body rejuvenation and rebirthing is woven into this program.

If you have spent fortunes on your health and are fed up with the lack of exciting rewarding results to date, this is for you. If you want to cut down the amount of time you need to devote to your health, welcome, this is for you.

If you want to throw all your herbal supplements, diets, exercise routines, vitamins, creams, drugs and meds out the window, crank it up baby, this is for you. I myself have done so and most of our clients have too!

If you want more love in your life, better relationships and more empowerment, you can't beat this, this is for you because this sets the stage for all of that to happen.

Last but not least if you want to end up not only healing and rejuvenating your body, skin, energy, looks, life, mind and health but also preventing health issues in the future, too, this is for you.

Pay and lets get you rolling at your date of choice! Tried, tested, and proven. 400 most recent 7DW health reviews written by our clients at our online forum.

They've acquired skills from us, not pills, not refills, not diets, not exercise workouts, not equipment nor kits nor magic devices...that's why they have transformed their health and how they relate to their body and health. You shall too.

What's the end goal here? The end goal is sanity in our health care. Click and see what that means.




This is going to turn the lights on for you:

For most people health care is like driving a car at night. You never see further than your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way. You're often in the dark except what's right in front of you. At least that's usually the case. But for a few shining months (and years if you so desire) I predict you'll be able here to see the big picture of where you're headed. It will be as if the whole world is suddenly illuminated by a prolong burst of light; as if you're both driving your car and also watching your journey from high above.

How to keep the lights on forever?
That's this program!

We can move from a fear based system to a celebration based system.

We should be celebrating our health, and our capacity to totally reform it at will.

Every illness, let me REPEAT, every illness from the very minor health problems to the very major illnesses, has one commonality that is undeniable, which every child can understand and once changed, means the beginning of the end of illness/ illnesses and "dis"-ease.

This commonality is that all illness, all the different diseases and health problems that you have ever encountered (outside of genetic problems and injuries themselves) from the scab on your arm, to the dandruff on your collar to the cancer in your body, etc., etc., it all needs the same thing- a negative polluted filthy environment to survive in. That kind of environment- where your immune system is filthy, polluted, negative, toxic and energy deficient, where you body is so acidic it robs you of vitality- is why disease and illness grows, develops and spreads. It thrives in such an environment!

Remove that environment and you are inherently, implicitly and conscientiously setting the 'causes and conditions' for radical change in your health. And we can prove it. Hundreds of real people with real health challenges at our online forum. Read them all.

Remove that environment and you are inherently setting the causes and conditions for termination of illness and disease, forever. In short, the celebration starts here.

How to properly remove it, heal and sustain its removal?
That's this program!



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