HPS-online guided cleansing...leaving nothing to chance.

 "Free, aware, open and light" as Lacey B, age 25 describes it in her testimonial two weeks after finishing her first HPS interactive cleanse online.

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Type into the box your weight, height, and age and the five biggest health CHALLENGES THAT you face today. One last thing- when was the last time you really did something for YOU, for your complete health? Something serious that delivered long lasting sustainable evident results? Type that in too.

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20% to...
Lose weight, cellulite, stop gas and bloating, end constipation, end hemorrhoids, end ulcers, end digestive pain.

Fed up with dieting? Fed up with failure? Fed up with fads? Tired of constipation?

Endless testimonials. See Anton's here talking of up to 60 pounds lost. Better breathing. NO more urination problems too.

Remus tried every diet under the sun. And moon. See here what he says.

Fed up with dietary supplements, drugs and diet/nutrition//fitness experts?
Tired of the pot-belly? Tired of the cellulite? Take control. HPS online guided cleansing gives you the solution. Hemorrhoids, lose them as Theo did.

Afraid of obesity and the health implications? Fed up with bags under your eyes? Then change course. Right here. Today. Redefine your associations to food.



35% to...
Look better, feel better. Wanted more energy, Wanted ascending good health.
Wanted their kids to have better health prospects too.


Want to look better?
Want to feel better?

Check out what Debbie discovered from her first HPS cleanse.

It's pretty rough on your body when you're drinking too much alcohol, coffee, or coke. Eating too much meat or pizza doesn't help either. Give it a break. A 7 dayer break. Over 30 and just plain busy growing your business with not enough time for your health, but you need that extra watt of energy, everyday, overnight? Lots of people do...Mike did at 44. Check out what he tells you.

Maybe doing too many dairy products, sugar OR desserts? Consistently eating few salads, few fruits, and few vegetables? Maybe tried everything in the world except stapling your stomach, smoking too many cigarettes, eating too many fatty foods?  Carletta (Ann) had some of those troubles. See here Carlett's seven day discovery.

Or maybe stressed out, often sick, emotionally and mentally fried, tired of what's going on with you and your life?

Sounds like you are ready for an HPS. Bring your health out of retirement. Learn how to eat, nourish AND detox your body every day, rejuvenating every cell every day, while you work and expand your business, and while you play.

Maybe your spouse should join this cleanse too.

Together Tsang and Mike from Honk Kong are learning how to easily acquire better health, and a new lifestyle! Tsang is age 40, Mike 44 (yep, it's the same Mike from above).

Their kids are learning fast too.

If this all sounds to good to be true; you are going to be pleasantly surprised. Their kids are, kids of other HPS cleansers are, yours will be too! Read Tsang's story.



15% were...
Fed up with pills, medications, doctors. Sick and tired of being sick and tired. In short they were fed up with sick-care. They wanted health-care. They endeavored to reduce, heal, eliminate bad physical health, definable and non definable illnesses, and pain from their life.

Disease doesn't belong to us. Nor does chronic illness or chronic pain. Nor does unhealthy old age, nor sickness as you age. That is how Jake at 49 felt when looking at her 70 year old mom popping pills.

Maybe you're fed up too with the pill popping culture, Fed up with sick-care? Fed up with six layers of makeup to look good?

Reclaim your birthright to vibrant youthful energetic health here with HPS-ONLINE GUIDED CLEANSING. Reverse and avoid the bane of western modern lifestyle- heart attacks, chronic illness, respiratory difficulties, diabetes, high cholesterol, cancer, chronic pain, tuberculosis, bad skin and fatal diseases.

This 7-day online guided programme is where you reverse and prevent it all. Best of all you'll learn the system so that you can do again and again on your own, whenever you feel like it, whenever you need it...at your convenience, at your place and time of choice.

Respiratory, allergy, or asthma problems?

If you are curious to see what an HPS cleansing-detox-rejuvenation-diet can really do for 30 years of asthma, then check Dirk's asthma stories right now.

It's easy... and an added bonus is that weight lost on this cleansing-detox-rejuvenation-diet doesn't come back. All the testimonials verify this. Quick, easy & pocket friendly. Sustainable health care that really works. Join in.

Can you do it, 7 days of juice fasting and home colonics? Sure you can. It's just a scheduling question. When to start?

We are confident the earlier you start out on this path, the better off you'll find your life- health wise, financially, mentally and emotionally. You end up saving yourself a lot of money by working with Jos-hua. You don't buy what you don't need, and you buy only what really works. No pie in the sky.

Almost all our cleansers almost always also report better mental health- they all say the same thing- they are calmer, grounded, better memory, more clarity, MORE patience, more compassion and love in their life. We're not surprised. There is so much emphasis in this programme on the compassion aspects of cleansing-detox-rejuvenation-diet.




20% for...
Preventative health-care. Revitalization. Alternative health-care. Health expansion, Youthing. Lifestyle benefits.

Are you healthy? Are you into love and light, adventure, nature, transformation, healing, holistic and alternative lifestyles like Nathan at age 30 is?

Do you respect self-help, natural health care, nature? Ready to move beyond year-in and year-out herbals dietary supplements?

Ready to move beyond sick-care? Are you on a spiritual path?

Surely this programme will become a part of your transformation. Big time! It's preventative health par excellence- body and mind. You'll probably love the fruits and consequences of the sequential therapeutic fasting practiced in the HPS 7- DAY WONDER online guided cleanse™.

By and large you'll surely love the cross multi-disciplinary approach Jos-hua emphasizes in the rejuvenation-diet parts of the prgoramme.

Watch too how the aging process slows considerably...watch how your opened energy channels make your meditations, yoga's, and other spiritual practices even more beneficial, more powerful and easier. No more aches and pains when sitting meditation or doing yoga.

Multiply and magnify your spiritual journey. Awake and ready. HPS online guided cleansing.



10% to....
Save money, cut health bills, avoid future bills.  

With ballooning health-care costs in the USA, many people are looking for a long-term solution. HPS ONLINE GUIDED CLEANSING makes sense. Cut present health care bills, and avoid future bills! Medicinal or herbal, you won't need much after cleansing the HPS-online way.

Pat_W cut out US$25,000 of medications after her first HPS online guided cleanse.

We guess her doctors, pharmacist and insurance company didn't like that.

Check Pat's story She's a 58 years old baby boomer.

If you're interested to know where she is now, 2 years later, check her latest testimonial at our online support group. She just completed her sixth cleanse prior to a trip to China sponsored by her Church in Maine.

This HPS cleansing and health system is sustainable and preventative health care! The proof is in the pudding. Turns out after all that you can have both.



Because we stay focused on you.

Let HPS manage the complexities of cleansing, weight loss and weight control, renewal and sustainable better health for you, with you in live time, interactive. Online guided cleansing.

Whatever your reasons for starting an HPS online guided cleanse are, most probably there are other like minded people at our private online HPS cleansing support group/community; real people with real needs, real lives and real names. You'll be amazed how much value you find when cleansing with HPS-ONLINE.COM.




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