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What can you expect after doing this?


A major challenge faced by people with do any type of detox or cleansing is making the transition back to eating real food. Any "food" with a brand name is not real food anymore because the ingredients have been processed for a long shelf life, which means that most of its beneficial anti-inflammatory components have been lost and salt, sugar, and bad fats and preservatives have been added.

Find with us genuine therapeutic cleansing with a strong emphasis not just on the cleansing itself but also on what happens after the cleansing- on healing, authentic rejuvenation and preventative health care.

The 7 Day Wonder program starts out and revolves around 7 days of therapeutic fasting, colon cleansing, home colonics and juicing. We're not joking around here. Detox literally looks like this. Pictures that our cleansers took of stuff actually coming out of them.

Ours is a fully guided, one-on-one, step by step cutting edge educational practical hands-on alternative health program with strong community support.

You'll walk away from this cleanse not just with much better health but also, with the self confidence to care for yourself in a sane intelligent manner forever.

This is superior to anything and everything you have ever done before for your health, body, looks, beauty, weight management, immunity and energy.

Places are limited.












Now I want to help you ...

This is a different type of health care and consequently this difference is not just reflected in our therapies, protocols, methods and structure but also it is reflected in the ideas, words and the language you'll find here.

I'll be talking throughout this 7 Day Wonder health cleansing and rejuvenation program in plain simple English, just like right now, and not in confusing scientific or medical language. This kind of approach fits in well with our desire and our endgame which is to return some sanity to your health, and health care.


  • Proactive interactive "sane" health care. It's time to return some sanity to your health care! Safe, recommended and appropriate for ages 21 to 65.

  • Skill focused genuine authentic health care rather than what you have been exposed to up until today- that being sick care, symptom/ treatment care, test care, diet care, med care, supplement care, surgery care and exercise care.

  • Addressing the underlying causes, and not just the symptoms. Holistic health care that educates rather than medicating or supplementating. Cross disciplinary health care reducing your health costs continuously year after year, every year.

  • Done at your pace and convenience in the privacy and comfort of your own home in your comfort zone at your timing of choice rather than at a clinic, hospital, spa or health center at their timing.

  • Multi-level health care embracing continuity and personal development on all dimensions; physically, mentally, emotionally, and the spiritual dimension too. They are all undoubtedly intimately inter-connected! Ignore one and the peril is- your overall health suffers. If your health suffers, that means you and your family will painfully suffer too- physically, mentally, emotionally and OF COURSE financially too!


Place are limited!

Sorry. Unlike in previous years, even though this program is online, space is limited this year and next. Do to my teaching responsibilities at the university and, because this program is fully guided and so personalized, I won't be able to accept more than a few new people in 2013 and in 2014 too.



Here at we're selling our online health and healing program... a guided interactive, structured, educational health cleansing, healing and body rejuvenation program called the HPS 7 Day Wonder (7DW). Preventative health care at its best. Online since 1996.

You want to do this program because this is how you end the spiraling costs of health care.

2015 data


When your health is Ruled By Hubris, Willful Blindness And Desperation you'll appreciate everything in this website.

And especially you will appreciate our 7 Day Wonder.

Do you love your health? Your life?

How much? How?

Everyday or just sometimes?

Only when you are well?

Or also when you are sick?


Do you love your body?

Show me how.

I'm going to show you how I love mine, and give you skills to love yours too.

Hopefully I'll have a chance to also inspire you in REFORMING your health. I've inspired many before you.


Learn about our 7 Day Wonder health cleanse below ... If you are unresponsive to the comments of those who do this program, then I have to say for some unknown reasons you are unresponsive to a better life.


The longer version goes like this ...

This PhD faculty member says:

"It's not rocket science to figure out why we're so unhealthy.

Two of the leading culprits are physical activity and diet.

We don't move enough and we eat too much fatty, sugary and salty food -- in other words, unhealthy food. Most of us could use a good dose of healthy eating.
So a serious dedication to a healthy diet is a good thing. Right?


I say Wrong.

The above kind of experts we usually listen to, PhD EXPERTS at yahoo/news/health and the likes, don't get it.

Big famous doctors. And their approach to health, and health care is always the same... diet, vitamins, supplements and exercise. And then surgeries. And now vaccines.

We say bullshit.

I think these guys are not only wrong, but totally off base too. Here at HPS we think differently.

And we have a record in health recovery and health extension that's second to none. We're not talkers, we're doers. We're authentic genuine cleansers.


Something Doesn't Add Up

If they are right...

If healthy living is the secret so PLEASE you tell me:

Even though we all have been buying into their "healthy living" approach for many years now and endlessly buying their "health products" why is everyone everywhere including maybe yourself getting sick and sicker, fatter and fatter, so stressed out, so depressed frequently, fearful all the time, overweight and ill?

Why is everyone's immune system so depressed?

Even though everyone does yoga these days why is everyone not healing and experiencing true rejuvenation year-in and year-out?


If knowledge is power, how come so many feel powerless over their health?



Health Care Full Of Causes and Condition, Not Rules.




Isn't it so?

Think about it.



Externally you might STILL look great and even still feel great but metaphorically speaking, internally, your body unequivocally is like the below picture.

Most everyone you know internally looks like the below...

A cesspool of filth and pollution.

Toxic in nature.

Very toxic.

The primary "source" of most people's health problems and issues can be found right here.

Pictures of my own eliminations here.

Forget for a moment your symptoms of poor health.

Forget what the tests say ...

And instead, think outside the box.
Think 'causes and conditions'.


An internal toxic waste dump sets the best 'causes and conditions' for disease, illness, pain, slow healing and/or no healing, and decay to proliferate.

This internal toxic waste dump is an immune system terminator.

Preventative health care becomes almost impossible and usually futile with this inside of us.


'Cause and effect' plays out daily in our body. We need to reform our health.


The effects playing out daily should by now be clear to you. This is one of the reasons why you are here today, at

When your body is toxin saturated and polluted, well, internally, also you can expect other effects too- your mind and mental functions become robbed of their staying powers too! Healing takes longer, or doesn't happen at all. And a whole train of what you would call "minor" health issues appear for a year, two or three before a devastating fall off the cliff drives you to seek help, and change.

And of course, neither is cancer far behind either.

Cancer needs such a toxic environment if it is to survive, spread, and ultimately thrive.

Think about it. Cancer is basically cellular functionality behaving abnormally. It's not an invasion from outside of us, from outside our body like so many other illnesses are...

SO you tell me, how can cells function normally if they are swimming, or rather should we say drowning in a cesspool of filth and toxic pollution?

You don't have to go to Harvard med school to understand the implications of everything I just said above.

In fact, if you did go to Harvard med school, they would corrupt your mind so as not to even consider the above! Oh, aren't those the same people who have been guiding us for years about cancer, and a cure and treatment? Hmmm. "This year, about 585,720 Americans are expected to die of cancer, almost 1,600 people per day." Hmmm. I get it. They know best. We should trust them, right?

Please go back and take a long hard look at the above picture again.
And give some critical thought to what I just said.

This program is based on my life. This is how I survive.

This is how I have thrived- mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually too.

It's fear that holds us back from taking control of our health in a total way.

I've been in control now, full control, for over 25 straight years. Touch wood.

The 7 Day Wonder has been the backbone of my life.

And it is a pioneer in online cleansing.

Our methodology, view, protocols, philosophy and practices reflect my own personal explorations and thousands of others whom I have helped over the past quarter of a century.

Learn, Profit, and Enjoy!

And along the way find yourself Transforming Your Health, and Yourself.


The protocols

This is a step-by-step program.

Guided every step of the way. Interactively. One-on-one. You and me.

We're well structured and that partially explains the phenomenal results our cleansers attain.

But it's not just the structure of this guided program that explains our success.

Our methods and methodology (e.g., focusing on causes and conditions), coactive coaching, training in skills and skill sets, realizing what basic human love actually means in health care which puts this 7 Day Wonder health cleansing program head and shoulders over all those 'trendy' detoxes you've read about or perhaps even tried.

This beats all the yoga and all the diets and all the exercises you have ever done, and above all all the drugs and meds you have ever taken.

Our protocols and follow through should excite you too.

The protocols we're applying and using throughout all the different levels of this program are therapeutic in nature. Genuine authentic cleansing in essence.

For us to get to the source of poor health rather than constantly trying to treat the symptoms our cleaning-out starting point has got to be genuine, comprehensive, therapeutic, deep, targeted, thorough, and intelligent.

We need not just an excellent starting point right out the gate, but a PATH to walk too once we are on the way.

This path has to be able to deliver fast, self-evident, SELF-MOTIVATING, lasting results if we intend to stay on the path for a lifetime.

Consequently, undoubtedly, our starting point has got to be the PRACTICE for seven straight days of:


Here's the point that is fundamentally going to change how you relate to health and illness, to THE COST OF THIS PROGRAM, to your body, weight management, energy levels, ageing and alternative health care in general ...


Unfortunately, most people's health is headed in one direction only, downwards.

It's just a question of, WHEN?

They explain it by ageing, but that's just a myth. It's do to 50 years of toxic accumulation inside of them, with no reprieve in sight.

In addition to the toxic onslaught hey have too many blind spots (gaps) in their health care right from the onset.

When you act without an organizing principle, without a grand strategy in health, without continuity (i.e., you shoot and walk away), without conscious love for our body and health, and without using your own hands, skills and brain power gaps become abyss's... Abyss's that are almost impossible to dig ourselves out of.

Today, lets start doing something valuable and exciting with your life.

You maybe cannot afford to buy and drive a new Porsche,
but you surely can afford to buy and drive a new body.
We've made it doable and affordable for you.





Whatever your symptoms or illnesses are, they are just an expression of the 'causes and conditions' which allow these symptoms to survive, and thrive in.

Purify the 'causes' or 'change" the 'conditions' or better yet change both the 'causes and conditions' and your health immediately will change too i.e., the symptoms and illnesses will either naturally fade away, or at the least find it very hard to survive.

No supplements, drugs, meds, diets, workouts, surgery, creams, patches or other band aids are necessary for us to find fundamental relief and a very substantial improvement in our health year in and year out even as we age...

Just properly change the 'causes and conditions' and your health immediately reacts to this change, and changes too!

Metaphorically speaking, remove the four legs of a chair, and you have no chair to sit on. The causes and conditions for sitting on a chair, are the chair legs themselves. Same with your health, remove the legs of poor health and poor health has nowhere to sit anymore.

While it is true that sometimes symptom care/ treatment care can contribute in the short-term to some temporary changes in our health, the REALITY of better health according to our experiences is that for better health to arise and be sustainable, we MUST first set reliable 'causes and conditions' for better health to thrive in. That's a much more intelligent approach than just treating symptoms!

Of course, no drug or med or supplement or diet or vitamin or exercise company or doctor or hospital is ever going to tell you this... doing so puts them out of business BECAUSE none of them really or truly address the causes and conditions of poor health. They address the symptoms only, which of course can go on for a lifetime, and which they profit from!

Get it?

It all boils down to "CAUSES AND CONDITIONS."

But here at HPS, that isn't enough for us. We want to sustain it all too!

In other words, we don't just intend to help you successfully and safely just change the 'causes and conditions', we intend to cover all the bases with you; to teach and practice with you so that you can sustain it all, forever, for a lifetime. Vigorous energetic youthful health for a lifetime is what we're all seeking here. And we're living it year in and year out.

Join in. You'll profit too!



I want to make one thing absolutely clear; it is the combination of these four therapies together that gives them their power to change our internal environment.

One without the other is NOT 1/1000 as penetrating nor as powerful as when combining all four together at the same time.

I've been at this for over a quarter of a century already, I know what I am saying!

Trust me, you can do this even if you never ever fasted a day in your life before or never ever did a home colonic before. Hundreds have here with the same background as yours.

These practices combined TOGETHER are the only proven way that I have found to genuinely and thoroughly clean up and drain out our internal MESS and cesspools. This is the only way I have found to genuinely reset the 'causes and conditions' for better health.

These four therapeutic cleansing therapies are our shovels, pumps, bulldozers and excavators here at HPS health cleansing.

We'll be going deep inside your body for seven straight days.

It's magical.

Places are limited.

By online appointment only.







What can your life look like in a month from now?

Will your life be 10 times better?

A hundred times better?

Or maybe more like a thousand times better!

Hundreds of testimonials written in real-time since 2003 at our online forum based on skills, our health cleansing path and practice.

This HPS 7 Day Wonder blows everything you have ever done in the past, out of the water.

Our vast experience with hundreds of different people from around the globe shows that when you apply and devote yourself to a '7DW formal' (the 7 days of juicing, detox fasting, colon cleansing and home colonics combined the HPS way) the first steps toward a thorough genuine authentic cleaning out of your whole system from head to toe can be swiftly and thoroughly accomplished  -->


  • digestive system

  • alimentary system

  • elimination systems

  • nervous system

  • reproductive system

  • respiratory system

  • endocrine system

And, your circulatory system too, ALL AT THE SAME TIME, SIMULTANEOUSLY.  

Doctors, supplements, meds and surgery focus on one system or one type of problem at a time, while ignoring the consequences of their actions on other body systems. That almost always delivers un-intended consequences which again require more tests, more treatments, etc..

In this 7 Day Wonder system of health care egregious, serious or chronic illness (let alone minor problems) have nowhere to hide anymore because all the body systems are addressed simultaneously!

Think critically... if every bodily system is being deep-cleansed SIMULTANEOUSLY where could they hide-out at?

They naturally just pack their bags and head south, they disappear because the 'causes and conditions' don't support anywhere in the body their survival anymore, usually never to resurface again simply because in a clean purified environment, and in a well functioning body, they cannot survive.

A clean purified body is a positive alkalized cleansed body.

Disease, illness and pain require a negative acidic environment to exist in. A polluted negative environment sets the best 'causes and conditions' for illness, dysfunctions and dis-ease.

You finally have an opportunity here to take FULL CONTROL of your body, looks, weight, energy levels and general overall health. You finally have an opportunity to TAKE BACK your control.

And because of this type of 7DW cleansing, our HPS approach, our HPS PATH and our HPS follow-through protocols you can expect the:

  • cessation of any illness, disease, problem, issues, dysfunctions

  • cessation of depression

  • cessation of excessive stress

  • cessation of brain fog

  • cessation of swelling and inflammation

  • cessation of compulsive eating disorders

  • cessation of compulsive recreational disorders (drugs and smoking cigarettes)

  • cessation of loss of smell sense

  • cessation of breathing and respiratory issues

  • cessation of foul stinky breath

  • cessation of body odor (b/o)

  • cessation of fading concentration

  • cessation of memory loss

  • cessation of night sweats 

  • cessation of easily broken nails

  • cessation of hair loss

  • cessation of weight gains

Gosh, the list is so long!

I could add another three hundred things to the above list.

You name your illness, problem or disease and I'm pretty sure this is the end of it.

For example...

  • Tumors and cysts

  • Herpes

  • Reproductive and sexual problems

  • Menstruation problems and pains

  • Hot flashes

  • Muscle spasms

  • Internal and external skin funguses and skin issues (pimples, acne, brown spots, etc.)

  • Eye twitching

  • Graying

  • Ageing

  • Addictions

  • Cravings

  • A sweet tooth

  • A pot belly

  • Wet balmy hands

  • Foot odor

  • Sleep sweats

  • Aches and pains

  • Overweight issues

  • Confusion and anxiety about your life

  • Anemic healing from injuries, anemic healing after surgery

  • Chronic illnesses disappear too!

All the above are recorded in our clients records at our online forum.

Think not just healing but prevention too-

What's going to be with you in the future- think heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, MS, dementia, Alzheimer's, cancer, weak immunity, and all the other THINGS in the basket of painfully and financially horrible life threatening diseases.

In short we're talking CLARITY here.

Clarity in your health, and in your health care.

Egregious, serious or chronic illness (let alone minor problems) have no where to hide anymore once you start down this path!

Think critically... if every bodily system is authentically being cleansed SIMULTANEOUSLY, where could they hide? They naturally just disappear, usually never to resurface again, simply because in a clean purified environment, and in a well functioning body, they cannot survive. A clean purified body is a positive alkalized body. Disease, illness and pain require a negative acidic environment to subsist in. Negative in body. Negative in mind.


This online guided interactive program is for ages 21 to 65.

Holistic, structured, hands-on, educational, practical.

We're redefining what healthy actually means.

We're also redefining how to actually get there!


Lets recap... The purpose of getting on an HPS health path and doing this HPS 7 Day Wonder guided interactive program is fivefold:

  • Curing and authentic healing... To immediately eliminate, cure and heal those conditions, illnesses, diseases, dysfunctions, disorders and abnormalities that are presently afflicting your body, mind and health. Recovery is almost guaranteed here.

  • Prevention... To avoid, protect against, and prevent illness.

  • Longevity... To slow down, or at the least to mitigate the painful ageing processes that inevitably strikes us all.

  • Education instead of medication... To educate ourselves in the care of our body and health so that you can respond intelligently to changes in your health rather than resorting to medicating yourself with drugs, meds and costly supplements forever.

  • Monetary savings... In light of all the above, a byproduct of this program is that you'll end up saving fortunes of money in the care of your body and health both immediately in the short-term, but particularly over the longer-run too. By returning some sanity to your health care, this happens! It's happened for me and for hundreds of others who have done this online interactive guided health cleansing program.






Information isn't power.

Insight and wisdom is.

Wisdom based on experience, not preaching or information. Wisdom based on action.

Feel the experience!

That is what love does. It feels.

Here you are going to FEEL your cleansing, know your cleansing, learn your cleansing, and master your cleansing.

You are going to love this cleansing.

You'll end up trusting it, respecting it, and helping it.

Consequently, you have a chance here to Master yourself, your body and health.

I plan on planting some seeds in you, genuine health seeds that shall bloom and flower with time.


Here at HPS we're putting the 'care' back into health care.

No matter how 5 star a supplement is, by nature, whatever it does for you, is temporary.

Supplements aren't in my books, true health care. They rather fall under the category of symptom care / sick care / treatment care.

At some point you'll recognize that your health is down for the count, and at that point you're ready to start genuinely cleansing and caring for your body and mind.

Here at we're perfecting detox and cleansing just because we're dedicated to putting the 'care' back into the 'health care' concept.

If that's what you want, we're for you.

Guided - Interactive - Structured - Hands on -  Educational Cleansing.

Healing - Rejuvenation - Prevention.

Online since 1996.


No one can clean us up properly, or clean you out properly.

Self-help is the only proper way.

Self help is the only proper way simply because self help is the only way how YOU reform your health and your relationship to your body and health. No one can do that for you. IT CAN ONLY BE DONE BY YOU. It's done through YOUR ACTIONS, not talk or gulping down supplements or watching videos or reading books. But rather by continuous consistent actions which genuinely cleanse, heal, and rejuvenate your body. Here we'll take you through all the ropes, action by action, step by step, in a very personalized, loving, caring and professional manner.

This is the only way that I know of to sustainably REFORM health and attain better health for a lifetime.

The follow up and follow through

The follow up and follow through IN A 7 DAY WONDER is NOT ONLY where you see some amazing results materialize but it is also where your self- confidence in this HPS health cleansing and rejuvenation system starts to grow.

It's where you start hearing your body talking to you ... talking not out of pain and suffering, but rather out of a space of celebration, and happiness.

And it's where with HPS you learn to train yourself to fully and attentively listen.

That's right, practice is a form of training.

All this happens when you combine the education this program provides you with the personalized guidance you receive from us while walking the PATH with us.

It's where your compassion for your body and health grows.

It's where honesty nakedly and consciously stares you right in the eye.

It's where your motivation about your health care moves from fear into a celebration of health.


I'll say it again in case you didn't hear me clearly: the follow-through and follow-up is just as important, if not more important as any detox program, formal cleanse or any health procedure itself. It's the follow through, and not the procedure, that makes the results productive, sustainable, and lasting.


Here is your chance to step out of the boxes.

Our HPS paradigm is simple...

Returning sanity to health, and health care.

Online since 1996. Tried, tested and proven.

Sorry, there are no short cuts!

I wish there were. I too would jump on them, but there aren't.

No one can clean us up properly, or clean you out properly.

Self-help is the only proper way.

End of case.

Enquire right now!

Places are limited.

By online appointment only.





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