•• Chuck_B: "I believe this to be the most comprehensive program for cleansing, detoxification, inner-healing and eradication of disease that me or anyone else could embark on.

At 48 I have found the fountain of youth and the beauty of it is HPS gives me control of my own destiny.

My weight is holding at a 15 pound loss. I am wearing pants I could not wear for 5 years. My energy level has increased so that I have returned to the gym and my exercise programs. And again my mind is so sharp I'm remembering phone #s and see a daily difference at work because my mind is so sharp.

I really can't say enough about how wonderful this program is. I can't wait to move to deeper levels of cleansing. Thank You again Jos-hua and God Bless All.
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Notice: HPS accepts only 10 new cleansers per year. This approach assures you the high quality support you'll need when cleansing, and it keeps the support group dynamics just right.


With so many medical options at your fingertips, how can you know who and what is legit?

All testimonials in this website come with the writers email address. 

Have you ever seen before 5 star testimonials with email addresses? 
We never have.

The online HPS cleansing support forum
is open for you to check out in real-time. Nothing is edited there. 

Take a look around; review it's potential in your cleansing and health reclamation journey.

Have you ever seen a website that opened its support group for you to take a look around? 
We never have.

Think about it... Both the above tells you volumes about the truth of what you are about to find here at HPS-ONLINE.COM.

Another mark is the fact that not  many people have done on their own body the amount of cleansing that Jos-hua has done on his own body. You profit from his hands-on experience and knowledge. It's first hand, literally straight from the 'horses' mouth.. 

Over 450 days of fasting and over 600 home colonics on his own body. Plus, he's guided to date over 2,780 people in their personal cleansing journeys.

Most cleansing websites do one thing only: they focus on selling you products... what else can they offer you or do for you? You end up buying more and more products from them, for years on end.

At HPS we work just the opposite. We don't sell you products. You most probably already know from you own lifetime of personal experience that no real healing or rejuvenation, and no sustainable health care comes from the insides of bottles. Of course, the correct cleansing herbals are very important, and of course at HPS we take care of that too for you. 

But a lot more then just herbals are needed to make your investment and your cleanse into a long-term success story. 

Let HPS manage the complexities of health renewal, for you with you.

We can help you help yourself...

What are your needs when pursing vigorous energetic youthful health?

Do you prefer to sit alone in your room, staring at the walls, deciphering books, trying to guess and figure out what comes next, what's supposed to happen now, what's safe and what is not safe to do?

Do you want to keep chasing after more and more bottles of herbal supplements, more gyms and fitness classes, more failures, more healers, more doctors, more tests, and more and more bills in the pursuit of better health?

Or rather are your interests best served when you are guided and supported in your health reclamation journey by a professional who does on his own body exactly what you will do here at HPS-ONLINE. Plus you get to have THE SUPPORT of hundreds of other HPS cleansers doing the exact same online program. Take a good look right now at what our online cleansers are discussing today. They are talking right now about the program and their health journeys with HPS.

Defeat bad health. Partake in a winning 
health care strategy...



  “Now listen up because I am about to reveal an untapped health resource that will completely change your life forever!”
Jos-hua, Medicine Man.

This website focuses on cleansing- healing, weight loss, renewal, rejuvenation, and transformation.

Cleansing the HPS-ONLINE way is preventative health care. Those who have discovered the potential of this system have seen their health and energy levels skyrocketed through the roof.


Our colons were intended by nature to function as smoothly flowing sewer systems in order to promptly flush digestive wastes from the body. Instead, they have become stagnant cesspools, the physiological equivalent to a festering pile of uncollected garbage or a broken toilet that continues to be used for defecation.

Note the tortuous twists and bends in the colons below... the pinched and withered sections that have completely degenerated, and the enormous sacculations of impacted mucus and trapped feces generated from such distorted colons (see the below pictures). Appalling? Then take note, for odds are 95% certain that you are looking at a reflection of your own colon.

Samples of eliminations when cleansing

More pictures of elimination's here.

An under active colon is common to most Americans these days...an under active colon full of toxic waste and a depressed immune system  invites disease, low energy, wrinkles, and accelerated ageing in four ways.


We really serve your your needs. Cleansing is preventative health care. It's not about filling up with more herbals, more exercises, more dietary supplements, wonder drugs or magic potions. It's not about reading books, or websites. It's about action.
•• Lorna:
"I have a husband and four children who were very supportive during this cleanse. I have not felt this good in 38 years. Another nice benefit is that I now sleep like a log, which I didn't before."

Tell A Friend!

•• Obie: "I've done many, many herbal colon cleanses, but they are like dinosaurs in comparison to the Space shuttle in relation to this program."

•• Val: "I am in utter amazement at what has come out of me........... this has and will change my life forever! I have not felt this good in 25 years or more!! I am bursting with energy....... My mind is clear and focused and I am driving my family nuts with enthusiasm."

Quick, easy and pocket friendly. 
Over 2,780 successful cleansers to date!

Cleansing the HPS-ONLINE way focuses on you. It can work wonders for you because it is based on continuous professional GUIDANCE. Cleansing should mean transformation. You need to focus on your evacuations, your purification and your rejuvenation; not on 'filling-up' with more herbals, more diets, pills, drugs, laxatives, creams, or more exercising, but rather on dropping the load of morbid toxic waste that is messing with your health, and your immune system.

Whenever excretory functions are impaired, the immune system dumps the garbage it dredges into joints, body fat, lymph nodes, colon and other nooks and crannies seemingly isolated from the bloodstream.

Therefore, all the excretory organs, including colon, lungs, kidneys and skin MUST be maintained in proper working order if one is to attain and maintain good health.

By rebuilding immunity, health is naturally restored and disease disappears. If health and immunity are thereafter conscientiously maintained, the individual is no longer vulnerable to disease and dieting become unnecessary.

Jesus knew this truism about focusing on what comes out.

He spent a lifetime cleansing & purifying his body- sometimes up to 40 days at a time. Here at HPS you can learn how to safely do seven.

HPS-ONLINE cleansers consistently report 7-15-20-30-45-60 pounds weight loss that doesn't come back; that's toxic debris dumped from their large intestine (colon) and GI Tract (small intestine, duodenum, and stomach). But please note, the weight loss is just a nice side benefit. When you cleanse the HPS- ONLINE way it's a lot more than weight loss... it is true purification, healing of old diseases, true rejuvenation and renewal. It's preventative health care and it is sustainable, something that a diet and most exercising isn't.

•• Ann: "When it's over, you will be a brand new person. Since my cleanse three months ago, I have lost 30 pounds."
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Get the theory behind the type of cleansing HPS teaches.
Review the cleansing program HPS offers you.
Receive a free cleansing report by email.
See what a community of online cleansers talk about, say, do, think, practice. Can you do it? See some 'Real-time' cleansing.

Age much slower, and more gracefully.


Within the colon and the folds of the colon lays 5 to 10 pounds of smelly foul toxic impacted mucus, plus another five pounds of undigested meat putrefies inside you. Leave five pounds of meat in a dark, warm, moist place for a few days and see for yourself the results of putrefaction.

Chances are 95% that you too are carrying around this collection of toxic waste and morbid rubbish- impacted feces and mucoid encrustation's half an inch thick! Some of it is over 1.5 feet long and as hard as a worn out tire!


First, it creates in itself a highly reactive, disease-friendly environment.

Second, its slower transit time allows more toxic substances to penetrate the bowel wall and pass into the blood and lymph. From here, they spread throughout the body, creating a greater vulnerability to disease in tissues already weakened by other means.


Third, any inflammations that develop activate the neural-arc reflex, causing symptoms in remote parts of the body.

There is a fourth way an under active toxic bowel opens the door to disease. When the amount of toxic material increases in the body, as it does when bowel transit time is slowed, the immune system soon becomes depressed.

It takes a lot of white blood cells to get rid of the toxic debris in the system, leaving few to defend the body against various types of microorganisms that cause disease. Cancer, heart disease, tuberculosis, diabetes and other degenerative conditions develop more readily when the body’s immune system is depressed.

HPS is a lot more then just a colon cleanse!

•• Robin: "The HPS-Online 7 Day wonder program is truly amazing. They offer unsurpassed support via a private internet chat group, a wealth of information on nutrition, fasting, healing, and spiritual issues. It blew my mind the thought, professionalism and love I have experienced with my cleanse. My advice to anyone who finds themselves at this web site is that there are no accidents in this world. If you have found yourself here it is because you are ready to begin the undertaking to change your body, mind, and spirit. There are a lot of cracks out there peddling nutritional healing. Go with the best and feel great that you have found yourself here."

Special Health Diagnostic Quiz.
Every time you hit the toilet- what should you look for when 'it' hits the water? This is a time limited report. Information not available in this web site. Yes, please email it to me right now.

An underactive bowel is common to most Americans these days... There are said to be more than 45,000 laxative and cathartic remedies manufactured and used in the United States alone. In a recent year, laxative sales were conservatively placed at $350 million. That’s a lot of constipation!

Even when used sparingly and just in emergencies, laxatives should be approached with great caution. The mechanisms of elimination is very delicate and easily upset. Once disturbed, if often requires weeks, maybe months, to become regular again. Laxatives, in order to evacuate the colon, are essentially poisons and irritants. They contribute nothing to restoration of the normal or natural process of defecation. The poisoned colon tries to evacuate the offending substance as quickly as possible, and pushes everything out, including compacted feces.

Oftentimes, these harsh poisonous substances are absorbed into the lymph and blood vessels, and find their way to all parts of the body. This situation contributes to the addiction and overuse of laxatives. Dependency upon laxative compounds over time permanently destroys the natural ability of the bowel to eliminate of it own accord.

•• Jarrett: "HPS is the place to cleanse if you want the proper support, guidance, and information and are serious about cleansing. You have done a great thing Jos-hua. My cleansing experiences wouldn't have been 1/10th as effective and smooth without you to guide me."
Jarrett DncingNancyz@aol.com

The most effective response to all the disease-inviting consequences of an under active toxic bowel is to cleanse the body as thoroughly as possible, beginning first with the colon. At HPS we start with the colon, and then progressively move into other internal organs only once the colon has been cleansed, purified, detoxified, nourished and rebuilt. The HPS system guarantees you meet better health because we focus on you, on your health rejuvenation journey.  

It's time you get beyond medications, exercise and dieting. Imagine a natural health system that is so quick and so easy that it takes you just seven days to terminate constipation, lose excess weight, skyrocket energy, beat disease, addictions, and stress, heal skin problems, terminate pain & chronic illness- all naturally and in 7 days only!

Health is restored by cleansing the tissues through improved 
management and care
of ALL the elimination systems, ESPECIALLY the bowel.
That means cleansing our HPS way- in just 7 days- ends up saving you
a lot of time, and money, already today and in the future

•• Theo:
"Since the cleanse I have regular bowel movements, once every day. To most people who asked me what the effects of my seven day cleanse was, this didn’t seem like a big deal, but for me it’s huge. I haven’t had normal bowel movements since, well, as long as I can remember. I used to go once or twice a week.

Hemorrhoids. These too were gone after the cleanse. I'm actually ready to do another cleanse."

•• Tyrone: "What can I SAY other than thank you. And I owe you all my thanx.

This HPS 7 Day Wonder cleanse has changed my life IMMENSELY.

No longer do I suffer from huge bouts of depression, mental anxiety, and nervousness.

I was on anti-depressive medication for years.
An unbelievable level of calmness and control has come over me, something that I have felt rarely over the last few years...

And to believe that all of this change just took place after 8 days...
it's a testament to the virtually miraculous benefits of the
online HPS 7 Day Wonder cleansing program."

All the below can become history...

Acne Diabetes Lymphatic problems
Addictions Emotional outbursts Malaise
Allergies Fatigue Memory sluggishness
Arthritis Flatulence-gas Migraines
Asthma Foot odor Pre-mature ageing
Bleeding gums Hair problems Pot belly
Blood pressure issues Headaches Psoriasis
Body odor, Bad breath Heart disease Sinus problems
Boils Hemorrhoids Skin eruptions
Bulging abdomen Herpes Sluggish healing
Catarrh Infections Sluggish health
Chronic disease Irritability Smoking
Chronic pain Insomnia Sores
Cholesterol Liver problems Spasms
Colds and flu Lethargy Ulcers
Constipation Lower back pain Weight problems
Depression Lower shoulder pain Yeast infections 

•• Chuck_B:
"I believe this to be the most comprehensive program for cleansing, detoxification, inner-healing and eradication of disease that me or anyone else could embark on.

At 48 I have found the fountain of youth and the beauty of it is HPS gives me control of my own destiny.

My weight is holding at a 15 pound loss. I am wearing pants I could not wear for 5 years. My energy level has increased so that I have returned to the gym and my exercise programs. And again my mind is so sharp I'm remembering phone #s and see a daily difference at work because my mind is so sharp.

I really can't say enough about how wonderful this program is. I can't wait to move to deeper levels of cleansing. Thank You again Jos-hua and God Bless All.
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