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So you think you don't need a total cleansing?
Do the quiz and see for yourself.

Why dieting cannot work in the long run...
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What this program IS NOT?
Hey, we're not for you if you want...

Many others are trying to copy our program and are making claims that they can do for you what HPS does, but the fact is that's not going to be easy. To do so they would have to carbon copy Jos-hua and his devotion to HPS cleansers, his lifetime of cleansing, his rejuvenation experiences and his lifestyle... all of this is built-in, hardwired, into this online supervised health program. Cleansing and sustainable rejuvenation isn't about products, it's about procedures, attitude, knowledge, skills and follow up.

This HPS cleansing is NOT:

  • This is not an exercise routine.

  • This is not a lifetime of supplements.

  • This is not about sweating, struggling, or denying.

  • This is not positive thinking.

  • This is not yoga.

  • This is not Pilates, aerobics or other such exercises.

  • This is not a special food-eating plan.

  • This is not a recipe or cook book.

  • This is not a pill taking routine.

  • This is not an enema.

  • This is not an ebook course that ends up forgotten on your hard drive.

  • This is not New Age or esoteric.

  • This is not fake cleansing- some powered juice, patch or health food candy-bar that does magic cleansing, detox and weight loss for you while you sleep.

It doesn't do much good to reflect back on what you didn't do to date, but rather we need to focus on what you should do now.



:: Why HPS?

Jos-hua medicine man. Your cleansing guide. "Cleansing has been my own personal mission to get my health and life together... there is a tremendous amount of value hard wired into this program and all put in one place."

Remember, renewal has different roads that lead to it. Some are shortcuts and some take a little longer, are more challenging and thus take some skills. But there is a structure to the process, and if you learn that structure, you will be more successful.

HPS Guided Supervised Interactive
Cleansing is structured and practical.

Step by step cleansing
Educational cleansing
Personalized cleansing
Vitality cleansing
When it comes to cleansing the HPS online guided interactive way there is No

No calorie talk.

No pill counting.

No record keeping.

No measuring. 3 oz of this, 12 of that, 20 grams of this allowed, eat only 8 grams of that. NONE of that here.

No guessing games.

No exercising involved.

No confusion.


17 million people in the USA do yoga.
If all of them were instead doing this type
of cleansing, the face and health of America would look different. This program is a life changing program, truly bringing better health and more happiness.

You can drop all your pills, medications, exercising, kits and diets for the remainder of your life. Now if that isn't more happiness, what is? Your yoga courses too. You won't be needing them either. We'll show you how...

You deserve more than just 'another faceless cleanse'. 

HPS's 7-Day Wonder online guided cleansing courses respond to you and the way you want to live your life. They're designed with your safety and convenience in mind. 

You deserve a winning health care strategy that puts you firmly in control of your health- on all dimensions- physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

You deserve to remove the uncertainty from your cleansing and renewal. Join us for some online guided interactive cleansing...and enjoy what you deserve.

When it comes to cleansing and rejuvenation your very first challenge is to
separate the hype, theories, and outright 'BS' from proven strategies and tested programmes.

It is pointless to embark on any weight loss or health improvement program until you have flushed all the accumulated impacted debris and poisonous residues from your former dietary habits out of your digestive tract and blood stream.

Everyone has different reasons for cleansing, but the results with HPS CLEANSING can be quite similar and the investment well worth it.

We say--> colon cleansing without home colonics + juice fasting is like washing a car with a glass of water.

Likewise, fasting without colon cleansing and home colonics is like playing tennis with a basketball.

Finding the "best" information fast is nearly impossible these days since there are literally 100's of wanna-be cleansing, fasting, juicing, colon care, dieting and health "experts" who are spreading myths and repeating one another... making it hard for you to know what works and what doesn't.

You will learn a lot of new things about yourself, your health and your character by doing this HPS-ONLINE 7 day guided juicing, fasting, colon cleaning revitalization program. It's guaranteed to happen. Sit back, watch and see for yourself.

:: Meet Our Cleansers:

Master cleansers aren't that easy to find. And Bonafide masters all under one roof, well, the chances of that often happening is rare indeed... as rare as a tortoise raising it's head in the open seas and poking it's head through a lifesaver. ... Meet right now some real cleansers, cleansers at all levels of cleansing...they are no different from you. With similar health issues...from novice cleansers to master fasters...some might even become new cleansing buddies of yours.


Who is doing the HPS guided cleansing program?

  • 2 out of every 3 HPS online cleansers are 33-65 years old.

  • Most live in the USA.

  • Seventy percent (70%) are first timers, never having cleansed before anywhere.

  • Women cleansers out-number men by almost 2 to 1.

  • 8.7% were referred by friends.

"I am in utter amazement at what has come out of me........... this has and will change my life forever! I have not felt this good in 25 years or more!! I am bursting with energy....... My mind is clear and focused and I am driving my family nuts with enthusiasm."  Val loving2day@aol.com

Where failure is NOT an option.




HPS 7-Day Wonder Cleansing 
Safe and recommended for ages 21 to 65.
At the end of the day, if you really want to take control of your health, you are going to have to step up to the plate. You are about to embark here on one of the most exciting journeys of your life!

I know, I know, it all sounds too good to be true.

SO do us this favor...During your investigation of this HPS-ONLINE guided cleansing program we want you to keep in mind one thing.... you don't have to believe us... but AT THE SAME TIME you cannot ignore them. They are doing the program. They tell you in their own words exactly what has happened, is happening to them, their health and their life. So don't even believe us, just watch them!! Over 3,000 cleanses served to date. Online since 1996.


Properly cleansing is just like anything else... you get what you pay for.

This program answers the questions you can't get answered anywhere else. This program provides the support and guidance that most people only dream of.

If you've never set foot in cleansing before... managed supervised cleansing will give you a step-by-step recipe for success that will enable you to skip all of the mistakes and blunders and start rejuvenating immediately.

      If you've already given cleansing a shot... and are feeling frustrated with the results you've been having, this program will show you what you've been doing wrong and give you the tips and strategies to start succeeding NOW.

Look back over the past year or two to five years... how many of your health problems have actually faded into the background of your life?

Things like high cholesterol, high BP, allergies, insomnia, constipation, weight issues, arthritis, skin issues, fatigue, irritability and emotional outbursts. How many are history? How many have you healed? Has your health grown? Has your waistline shrunk? Do you look younger today than you did 5 years ago? Here is what a few HPS cleansers have found when we did a quick New year 2006 poll.

60% of our clients have found between 4 to 9 problems OR serious health issues that have naturally healed, are no more, gone and over with, finito, history!

Less problems, less annoyances, less health issues mean one thing only - a happier you!

It's true, you get what you pay for...
Micro targeted cleansing delivers macro impact.

Painless cleansing is what you'll find here. Prevention, healing and rejuvenation is what you will find. That explains why so many of our novice cleansers come back for more and sign up for advanced levels of cleansing with us. They know that HPS Cleansing is the real thing! The Real Deal that they can profit from.

2006 Spring Cleansing

HPS 2006 guided Spring Cleansing Programs are commencing already next month...sign up today and start your first cleanse soon. Your health and privacy is protected when cleansing with us... Supervised, Guided, Personalized programs is what HPS Cleansing is all about. Click the above link to read a short synopsis of the program.

While one would hope that an $80 or 100 dollar colon cleansing herbal kit or a quick 3 day fast would be enough to clean out with, it's highly unlikely and improbable.

A herbal cleansing kit alone isn't enough to move your health and fasting alone, to be effective, needs at least 7 days. In addition the fasting needs some support in the form of colon cleaning combined with colonics and juicing. There really is no other way.

I know because I have over the years experimented on my own body with all the different products available, all the different cleansing options and rejuvenation combinations possible. Extensive experimentation that is still going on right to this day. I live cleansing and renewal. I don't just teach it or sell it.

A lot more than just some colon cleansing herbals, some supplements or a fast are needed to clean up our internal organs and bloodstream, change and transform old habits and learn how to sustain for a few years running healthy rejuvenation.

But once all this is done, well, life can't get better. Each day is a breeze, easier than the day before it. Living becomes fun again. Aging becomes fun too.

Springtime is a wonderful time to do some cleansing. And rejuvenate. We invite you to join us for some HPS-online Spring Cleansing.

The System

The HPS Better Health By Cleansing system is intense and challenging yet painless and quick. You'll find yourself a lot more energetic after doing this program. We guess that's why modern working professionals love it.

Our system is based on 4 synchronous core cleansing protocols -->

Juicing, fasting, herbal colon cleaning and home colonics done for seven straight days.

Our system is based on two simple premises -->

1. Personal responsibility. Bad health starts inside of us, not outside. Nothing and no one is to be blamed, including ourselves. If we would have known better, we would have acted differently. The same beholds good health. Good health starts inside of us, not outside. Nothing, no one person and no one thing is to be credited for good health, including ourselves. What's important is continuous actions and practice.

2. Body and mind are interconnected. We need to nourish both. There can be no long lasting sustainable healing or rejuvenation if one doesn't also look inwards, into our own minds, thoughts and feelings. We need to make friends with ourselves.

You are lucky to have found this program, 4 core detox therapies and over 20 different rejuvenation protocols are taught and simultaneously practiced in this system. 

Our diverse cross disciplinary protocols, how this program is designed and how it is delivered to you makes it all so easy for the novice cleanser.

There are two main phases to this online guided program --> 
a 7 to 10 day cleansing-detox stage and a post-cleansing stage.

There are four different levels to this program -->
You'll find throughout this web site testimonials from people at different levels of HPS cleansing.

Just as a bouquet made from a variety of flowers is more beautiful than a bouquet of flowers that are exactly the same- it is this diversity of people practicing different levels of cleansing that brings richness and beauty to the world of cleansing and rejuvenation.

As your health transforms and ascends you'll have less resistance in the coming months to ascend to higher levels of healing and rejuvenation. It's a progressive safe natural holistic journey here at HPS-ONLINE.COM. HPS cleansing is about transforming your health. Ascending it to higher levels of well-being.

Advanced cleansing is not a rehash. You raise yourself, your health and your consciousness to higher levels in advanced HPS cleansing courses. You decide if you want to progress. It's totally up to you, not us. You progress at your pace. At your pace and your convenience. In all there are four different levels you can do in this HPS 7-Day Wonder program. After level 4 from that point onwards you are a Master Faster. A true Master of your own health and well-being. Jos-hua intends to teach you how to do it all. You'll learn everything from the privacy of comfort of your own home. No retreats to trek to, no clinics to visit, no office visits.

As you can see the HPS cleansing protocols are unique, the rejuvenation strategies exclusive and the support both private, personalized and continuous.

If you ask us what fundamentally differentiates this online HPS cleansing program from all the other herbal, cleansing, detox, fitness or dieting options available it's this- INSPIRATION.

Jos-hua wants to engage and inspire you on all dimensions- physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. He wants to show you that you can control your health on ALL dimensions and that you can grow it year-in and year-out while you work, raise a family and age.

The HPS 7-Day Wonder cleansing program is designed to progressively inspire you to forge on, to help you take even greater steps than you imagined you possibly could with regards to your health. And the result can be phenomenal. Positively sweet.

You are going to look a whole lot better in the coming weeks and months. We're going to hold your hand every step of the cleansing and rejuvenation way. Calibrated inputs. If we can keep you inspired and forging on, then the cost of this program is pennies in comparison to the benefits you, your health and your family gain.

Take advantage of our Spring Cleansing program and 10th year anniversary sale and start your HPS 7-Day Wonder Level 1 cleansing with a substantial discount. Save US$159 today! Regular $699, today only $540.

Do you need a total cleansing?
Do the quiz and judge for yourself.   

You do understand the implications of the above poll, don't you? Not one, not two, but four to nine different serious health problems that are no more an issue... that's phenomenal if you think about it. That's unbelievable at first glance, isn't it? That's exciting to say the least! It's something that you probably never have experienced with your body or health care...

Make your list right now and see for yourself.

How many health problems, body and mind issues, annoyances and grief do you want to get rid of, to drop? No more doctor visits, no more drugs or medications, no more endless bottles of herbal supplements, no more dieting, no more shrinks, no more time, attention or unnecessary worries wasted on your health, no more pain or suffering...

The underlying message of the HPS program is that you CAN take control your health (we intend to show you how) and that you must learn how to sustain the benefits (we intend to teach you how). Jos-hua, the HPS medicine man, intends to inspire you to improve and transform your health on all dimensions, and the benefits should last for a lifetime!

Add them up together - show, teach and inspire - and, well, your excitement must be growing. So must your curiosity. Order now. We intend to deliver an exciting and productive cleansing journey.

Don't wait until you become the next statistic of bad health to start rethinking things... we think everybody should be doing this now...in fact, no one should be able to get a driving license renewed unless they've done their annual 7 day cleansing. That should be the law of the land. That kind of approach would benefit everyone! We would have a much healthier, happier and consequently more peaceful world.

Escape the system you are presently using to take care of your health and body... that system has kept you confined as a prisoner of fear-based medicine, practicing sick care instead of health care. You're dependent upon others rather than depending on yourself, rather than listening to yourself, listening to your innate wisdom, listening to your knowledge and experience. With HPS cleansing you'll gain knowledge, experiences, skills and wisdom.

TURN THE WHEEL and lets get on the superhighway of ascending vigorous energetic youthful health.

Aren't you FED UP with just containing your bad health, your illnesses and diseases rather than growing your health?
Are you tired of feeling tired and in need of a nap?
Has your job de-energized you? Reverse it all here.
Aren't you fed up with sluggish health, excess weight and the fear of fatally bad health striking you down in the future? Drop it here.

Cleansing Vs. Dieting

As regards weight issues, that extra weight you are carrying around isn't excessive fat, isn't your stomach and it isn't body fat; it's something else. The fat is just an expression of the problem, not the problem itself..

Some of the latest obesity statistics from the USA bring forth the following:

  • 58 million overweight

  • 40 million obese

  • 3 million morbidly obese

  • Eight out of 10 over 25's overweight

  • 78% of American's not meeting basic activity level recommendations

  • 25% completely sedentary

  • 76% increase in Type II diabetes in adults 30-40 yrs old since 1990

While shocking, these overweight and obesity statistics bring to light some of the very real problems affecting people today - making us wonder as to why do people get fat and sick?

Take a good look where your stomach is -->

Your stomach is way up there, way above your belly button.

Your stomach is a bit to the left, right below your heart and rib cage.  STOP and look at the picture to the left. Look closely. Cognate it.

Now go ahead, take a moment and put your hands on your heart... now move you hand down right below your rib cage... that's it... that's your stomach!

You just experienced interactive cleansing. Your hands. Our hands. And in this HPS program we interact daily at your convenience and time of choosing.

Fact is your intestines are where all the bulging is taking place... and it's happening because  you are all gummed up inside.

Continue reading below to learn more...

Your intestines are right above and a bit below your belly button... to the right and to the left of your belly button you'll find your intestines.

It's NOT your stomach where everything is gummed up.
It's your intestines- small intestine and colon (large intestine).

You are gummed up inside with this. It starts out like this...
when it's fresh it looks like this:
Click, and see what the cat let out of the bag...

Here is what it looks like when it gets old and stale...

And here is what it looks like when it is really old, after a few years inside your gut:

Dieting is a waste of time and effort because dieting (of any sort) doesn't address any of this.

Dieting doesn't address how our bodies react to the foods we eat or to the toxic elements in the food, water and air we breath, be they chemicals, preservatives, pesticides or the other 1,200 toxic coloring and taste agents (that possibly are cancer causing substances) which have been approved by the FDA for food use and found in our food chain.

Your digestive system and internal organs react by creating mucus.

The mucus is supposedly protective, it contains the foreign substances from doing damage to the internal organs.

The problems start when there is a mucus overload, a hardening of the first layer of mucus... each subsequent layer secreted is less and less effective while at the same time the quantities of mucus inside of us keeps expanding. That's happening to most people.

  • 58 million overweight

  • 40 million obese

  • 76% increase in Type II diabetes in adults 30-40 yrs old since 1990

  • Tens of millions sick, and tens more chronically worried about their health!

For example drinking beer creates heaps of mucus.

Drinking milk the same, heaps of mucus.

We could go on and on re what does what.

And we do so in this HPS 7-Day Wonder program! You'd be amazed at just how toxic and acidic your body really is. Amazed. You'll be amazed what comes out of it. This is a very educational cleansing program. And a practical program too.

In both cases, be it toxins, inappropriate food combining or just plain old unhealthy foodstuffs (think meat, think sugar, think white flour) your digestive tract and your body reacts by creating mucus. As already said this mucus is supposed to isolate and protect your tissues, cells and organs from the foreign hazardous substances.

And this shows you why dieting (or for that matter exercising, taking medications for specific illnesses, herbal supplements on a regular basis or even surgery) have never delivered the long-lasting renewal or longevity that one would expect. It's always been an uphill battle for most people... and now you know why.

See more pictures -->

The poisonous mucus just keeps building up inside of us, week in and week out, month in and month out, year in and year out, gumming up our digestive tract thereby creating blockages in our alimentary, elimination and energy systems.

But first READ THIS -->

These same poisons move by way of osmosis into your blood stream and internal organs, gumming them up too, poisoning them too...These blockages directly effect internal organ functions (be it heart, lungs, bladder, kidneys, liver or mind) and internal body systems (respiratory, circulatory, nervous, reproductive) which over time become weaker and dysfunctional and the cycle of perpetual declining health and sluggish energy is in play until one day (usually out of the blue) there is a wakeup call --> a stroke, a heart attack, arthritis, diabetes, obesity, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, chronic infections, infertility, cancer or other chronic and potentially fatal diseases.

Weight gain, slow metabolism and thyroid issues are just one expression of the process.

It's expressed differently in each one of us according to our body constitution.

One person gets breast cancer, another weight issues, a third skin problems, a fourth arthritis, a fifth diabetes.

Each person suffers according to his or hers own constitution, lifestyle and environment they live in.

Maybe your issue is headaches, or maybe pain or maybe heart disease. Maybe it's chronic fatigue, herpes, insomnia or aging, hair loss and wrinkling.

The number of "issues" is unlimited. What's important is not the problem itself per say, not the manifested illness but rather the sustainable solution to rid you of the problem for good.

Focusing on the problem (the illness) is fear-based medicine. Sick-care. Going after the source of the problems is Health-care. Here at HPS we say Health-care = Self-care.

HPS-ONLINE cleansers consistently report 15-20-30-40-60 pounds weight lost that doesn't come back. That's mucus encrustations dropped from their small and large intestine, stomach and lymphatic system.

A total approach to cleansing, healing and rejuvenation, to immunity building requires a lot more than just cleaning out the colon.

Your body reacts not just to the foods you eat, but how you eat and the way you eat. The food combining section of this web site will enlighten you on this. Please review it at your convenience. As earlier mentioned food combining- the science of Trophology is an integral part of this rejuvenation program.

And btw there is a strong body-mind connection here too. You must have personally noticed on bad days (women, think period/menses days. Menstruation is a form and way for your bloodstream to detoxify itself) how toxins move very quickly from the physical realm to the emotional, mental and spiritual realms of your life. Your body and mind is interconnected. We all have a lot of nastiness and negativity stored up inside us and it needs to be cleansed. HPS cleansing is the best place to start from.

In this program you'll realize this on your own. There is no need to study it, imagine it, or try to understand it; you'll experience it firsthand by way of our cleansing protocols. As your health starts to improve, so will your mindset and spirit. As a close friend of Jos-hua's likes to jokingly remind us- "clean your ass and your mind will follow!"

No physician's appointment & No health check required.

You have to decide exactly what you want... if it's a quick fix, some pills, creams, patches, recipes or surgery we are not your address.

If it is a magic potion, a silver bullet along the lines of "drink this product, consume these herbal cleansing pills, buy these supplements or a kit, do a session of colloidal silver, a yoga course, read this book and lose weight while you sleep" forget it, we are not your address.

If it's "I want everything on the cheap or free without applying myself, without any effort, without gaining any knowledge or understanding of how my body and mind actually works", again, we are not your address.

But if it is something sustainable, cross disciplinary and positive- serious cleansing, detoxification, purification and renewal then it's not going to get much better than the HPS guided supervised INTERACTIVE cleansing & rejuvenation journey.

Web based health care has grown up. Long-term sustainable self-help, education and solutions. Vigorous energetic youthful health is your birthright. Reclaim it here.

Step by step cleansing- reduces the time you need to devote to cleansing, reduces the risks of cleansing and gives your cleansing some sustainability and durability. Step by step cleansing gives depth and scope to your cleansing, renewal and transformation.

Educational cleansing- brings wisdom and sanity back into your health care. Health care instead of sick-care or fear based care becomes your motto.

Personalized cleansing- keeps you together before, during and long after. No excuses, no more procrastination. No alone. No feeling lost. No giving up on yourself.

Supervised cleansing- leads you in a safe, natural and positive rejuvenation direction at your pace and convenience.



HPS 7-Day Wonder cleansing
Spring Cleansing Programs
Pay below

HPS 7-Day Wonder (7DW) Guided Cleansing. Juicing, fasting, and colon cleaning combined. Private Training. Here's where you get the full picture about how to cleanse, how to avoid doing injury to yourself, how to sustain healing, how to maintain weight loss, rejuvenation, skyrocketing energy and preventative health care. What to buy, what NOT to buy, what to avoid doing, how not to do it... this guided supervised program covers all the bases! And it's personalized to your specific personal needs.

This is a proven hands on program.. Your hands, Our hands! Over 3,000 cleanses served to date.

If you are serious about your health this HPS cleansing & rejuvenation program will take you to the next level. 

With over 600 days of fasting and 1,200 home colonics on my own body I can personally assure you that bringing your health out of retirement just got a whole lot easier for you; easier than you ever imagined ... More detailed info about the HPS cleanse BELOW ...

Chose a payment:
One payment US$540 | Two payments US$270 | Three payments US$180

Important details about the program:
Program synopsis
The HPS Cleansing program is good for what?
   Program structure
 HPS Cleansing methodology
Why advanced levels of cleansing?

The daily basic mechanics of HPS cleansing:

You drink fresh juices 5 times daily.
You take colon cleaning supplements 5 times daily.
You do home colonics twice daily.
You do not take any other food outside of the above.
All this is done for 7 straight days... Simple.

That's the cover of this online course.
Now it's time to taste it... take advantage of
our 10th Anniversary sale.



Checkout here


Save US$159 today.
10th Anniversary Sale
Over 3,000 cleanses served to date!

Regular US$699.00
Today US$540.00


HPS 7-Day Wonder cleansing
Level 1
2006 Spring Cleansing Program


One payment 

Please read this before ordering!
These are the tools needed to do this cleansing.

2CheckOut.com Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for goods and services provided by HPS-online.

Recap of the level 1 program
Refund policy
Who shouldn't buy this?

Buy all four levels in advance at a discount. Buy three get almost one free!

Please take note:

Colon cleaning - Home colonicsJuice fasting -Cleansing - Detox Program Requirements.

You will need two things to do this cleansing with Jos-hua. The MUST HAVE tools used in this cleansing with Jos-hua are a home colonics board and the herbal cleansing supplements.

They are NOT included in the HPS cleansing program fee. Without them it is impossible to do any serious cleansing, detox, healing or renewal.

$185 for a colenema board, $100 for cleansing herbals.

Only two vendors to contact. You contact them directly, pay them directly and they ship directly to you. HPS will recommend a few honest reliable fast vendors for you to order from.

Once vendors ship to you, your relationship with them obviously ends. With us, it just gets started. From that point forward your HPS guided cleansing rolls into gear, and over the coming weeks, into top gear!

If you already own a home colonics board, great, you are more than halfway home. So now you'll need only 100 dollars for the herbals. This month ONLY free shipping for the herbals.

HPS-ONLINE does not sell any products whatsoever. Never have, never will. Our job is to take you out of the boxes, not keep you in them.

Only an online guided PROGRAM is what we offer here. We will recommend a few reliable product vendors for you to contact by phone, fax, online or by email.


Payment options

HPS 7-Day Wonder cleansing
Level 1
2006 Spring Cleansing Program

Two interest free monthly payments.
One now and another one in a month from today.

HPS 7 Day Wonder Cleanse- level 1
   US$349.50 x 2 payments= $699
US$270 X 2 payments = $540

2CheckOut.com Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for
goods and services provided by HPS-online.

Recap of the level 1 program
Refund policy
Who shouldn't buy this?

Buy all four levels in advance at a discount. Buy three get almost one free!

270 US$  X2
Two monthly equal payments

Please read this before ordering!
These are the tools needed to do this cleansing.


Payment options

HPS 7-Day Wonder cleansing
Level 1
2006 Spring Cleansing Program

Three interest free monthly payments.
One now , another one in a month from today, and one more after that, two months from today.

HPS 7 Day Wonder Cleanse- level 1
   US$233 x 3 payments = $699
US$180 X 3 payments = $540

2CheckOut.com Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for
goods and services provided by HPS-online.

Recap of the level 1 program
Refund policy
Who shouldn't buy this?

Buy all four levels in advance at a discount. Buy 3 get almost one free!

180 US$  X3
Three monthly equal payments

Please read this before ordering!
These are the tools needed to do this cleansing.

* If for some reason you don't want to make a secure online purchase through 2CO, you can make a bank to bank wire transfer to our account. Contact us for details.

Transformation. Transformation of your health AND your health care is what this HPS-online 7 day cleansing program is designed for and destined to give you.

5 Amazing HPS Cleansing Transformation Stories

Take 3 minutes and read one or two... you too can turn your dreams into reality and start living your dreams. I have, they have, you can too.

David_T, Age 43, HPS 7DW Level 1 cleansing,  Testimonial- Powerful

Martin_J, Age 43, HPS 7DW Level 2 cleansing,  Testimonial, "The Cylinders are Firing"

Tsang_Y, Age 42, HPS 7DW Level 3 cleansing, Testimonial - Money well spent!!!!

Maz_S, Age 54, HPS 7DW Level 4 cleansing, Testimonial, "The summit is in view"

Stephen_C, Age 56, HPS 7DW Master Faster cleansing, Testimonial- five reasons for continued health and happiness

Hundreds of people JUST LIKE YOURSELF have started out with us as novices, as rookies, and ended up practicing as masters of their own health and well being.

They have reclaimed and transformed their health step by step at their pace and convenience from the privacy and comfort of their own homes. You should too.

Over 3,000 cleanses to date. Online since 1996. 

•• Beatriz_M, age 37: "...I also forgot to mention that I am sleeping like a baby these days... Unbelievable for me... I don't think I've slept this well since my twenties... I wake up refreshed! I used to be able to sleep for four hours max some nights... I think better health as well as a calmer perspective on things has helped tremendously!! See the full cleansing testimonial online at the forums.

•• Ronald_H, age 55:  ..."For those of us in the "mid-life" age bracket, I sincerely believe that there is very little else "on the market" to compare with HPS for regaining full vibrant health and avoiding the decline that we all are seeing in friends our age if not experiencing already for ourselves. For several of us that have joined recently, this is exactly the reason we came here: to avoid an end of life decline due to poor health. Forget the nursing home insurance, get into HPS and begin to practice a full, complete, healthy lifestyle. You will never regret it. See his full story online at the forums.

•• Martin_J, age 43: ..."There are many holistic and naturopathic healing arts out there and it is tough to sort out what modalities are best and in what sequence. In this program we get the best of these worlds and this community's experience to stem the learning curve."  See his comments at the forums

•• Nathan, age 29:  "...I guess I'm afraid that I'm doing something wrong because its so easy and good feeling...I dropped about four feet of the rubbery stuff, and I have been dropping pounds and pounds of the black junk.  I cant believe that I could live with that in me... I think I saw the keys to my old Volvo." Take a look at the full testimonial.

   We talk at HPS Cleansing about a cleansing methodology... our competitors, a clinic, a herbal supplement or a spa don't. Please do take note of this fact.

   No one can heal you, no one can fix you, only you can heal yourself. The methodology is what makes this actually happen.

HPS Cleansing is the real deal. This is the cleanup and clean out program that you profit from. Take the smart step. Order Now! Start your healing and prevention already today. Best of all no more doctor visits!

It may seem to you that $699 (plus the $285 cost of the products used in this cleansing) might be a lot , but you should know that prices have come down considerably from a year or two ago as we are right now in the midst of our 10th Anniversary sale...so there are bargains to be found here today.

What this HPS-ONLINE 7 Day Wonder (7DW) Cleansing and Rejuvenation Course is NOT

I'd like to be clear on this, so you know up front what you're getting. There are no bottles of pills for sale here, not kits, no magic devices, false hopes or broken promises.

- it's not a book, a booklet, a video, a CD or manual on cleansing techniques. It's an online guided interactive course on how to cleanse, and how to turn your cleansing into a lasting renewal strategy. Oh sure - we'll cover all the fundamental principles, and how to do your cleansing sessions to make sure you can get started. But the emphasis will be on daily instructions and comprehensive continuous personalized support and guidance, i.e., our intervention in your cleansing and healing so that you can deal with your personal situations- what not to do, what to do, when to do, when not, how, why and why not. 

- it's not about buying pills or products, refills, or magic potions... I'll briefly touch on my favorites (e.g. when and what herbals and which vendors to take advantage of so you know what to expect when buying your herbs), but this course focuses you on the strategies you need to get your health past the startup cleansing phase to bringing lasting rejuvenation into your life and into your family's life. Our job is to take you outside the box, outside the bottle, outside the dependency culture. This program is a self-help program. Comprehensive and educational.

- it's not generic health advice about, for example, the accounting or legal issues involved in health-care like insurance, etc.. or what to look for when choosing alternative health care (I figure you can get that anywhere). We'll go into detail on the issues specific to cleansing, healing, weight loss and rejuvenation - the stuff you can't get just anywhere.

- it's not fluff. It's not discussion, and it's not talking about the cleansing therapies or what you could do. It's a 'How To' Instructional course showing you everything you need to do to go from 'Never Cleansed' to 'Having Cleansed Many Times'.

You can accelerate your health to levels you never imagined. That is a fruit of this program. Order now.

Once you ordered and confirmed your order, you can start the program whenever you wish- today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year or even the year after. Your place is reserved. You bought it, you own it, you've locked in today's low prices.

Whenever you are ready to start, you activate your cleanse. We've made it that easy for you. Activation instructions are in the HPS 7-Day Wonder cleanse setup manual which you download to your computer once payment has been processed.

Please do take note: The earliest you can start your formal cleansing (the juicing, fasting, home colonics) only 2.5 weeks from date of order. We have some preparatory pre-cleansing work to do together during these 2.5 weeks

Only 20 new cleansers being accepted this month. This guarantees you'll get the level of support and love that you expect and need when cleansing and long after into the rejuvenation stage. Exclusivity has its benefits as you most probably know.

Take the smart step and order NOW! 

You pay, you play, you'll profit.


Within 24 to 36 hours after ordering your exclusive HPS online guided 7-Day Wonder cleanse expect a personal email from Jos-hua welcoming you into the 7-Day Wonder cleanse™ programme. This welcoming email is only sent once we receive confirmation from 2checkout.com, our online retailer.

It will be titled PLEASE CONFIRM  Re: order notification.

Be on the lookout for it. Based on your confirmation that email will then give you the 7DW setup manual/ eBook download link. The eBook includes cleansing instructions, schedules, insights and tips, reading list, plus of course the vendor contact information, instructions on how to immediately sign up to the private online HPS cleansing support group, personal counseling instructions, and more. The HPS 7DW online cleanse setup manual/ eBook comes in the form of an organized digital e-book that works just like a webpage and is read from within your browser. You download it to your computer.

Order now.


"This cleanse was certainly worth the time and money....I love that I did this, I love the things I am learning and I love what is happening to me. I am looking forward to the next level."

••Laura_G, age 39, first HPS cleanse, PA

Full testimonial online at the forums

Imagine getting beyond all the skin problems you have had, bad breath, bleeding gums and endless bottles of herbal supplements and cleansing kits that offer at the best temporary relief.

Imagine NO MORE diets and exercising, NO MORE patches and creams, NO MORE costly equipment and health devices, no more Ambien, Botox or Vioxx, Ritalin or Adderall, Viagra, Tylenol or Valium, no more hospitals, lab tests, doctors, surgery, heart anxiety or cancer worries.

We'll show you how to MOVE BEYOND bad health, how to get to the SOURCE of your health problems, how to RECLAIM your purity, how to reunite yourself with the good health inside of you.

Happiness without dieting, without exercising, without medications, doctors and Rx visits.

Best of all no more doctor visits!

This is HPS-online guided EDUCATIONAL cleansing. This rocks ... Order your HPS Spring Cleansing program now. Only 20 new novice cleansers being accepted each month. Hurry before someone beats you to much better health and happiness! You snooze, you loose.



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