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Skyrocketing health...Energizing life.

Make this your reality too! 

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Your intestines are where all the bulging is taking place

 HPS-ONLINE cleansers consistently report
15-20-30-40-60 pounds weight lost that doesn't come back; that's toxic debris and morbid waste dumped from their intestines coupled with better functioning metabolism. Weight loss has nothing to do with dieting OR exercising. It has everything to do with metabolism and food. Intestinal cleanliness has a direct bearing on metabolism, food absorption and the optimal functioning of your body. All these people have learnt this fact. See here what they have to say to you. You can realize this too. Learn more today here.

With so many health care, medical, dieting and fitness options available to you how can know who and what is legit?

Attaining good health and maintaining vibrant health has nothing to do with health / fitness products, dieting, detox, multi-vitamins, multi- minerals, exercising or colon cleansing products. It has everything to do with cleaning ourselves up from the inside out. It has everything to do with taking personal responsibility for our body and health. It has a lot to do with mindfulness, attentiveness and practice. Great health is an expression of a relationship that you develop- a relationship between body, mind and health. A sane relationship.

This website, plus the HPS online guided health cleansing programs, plus the HPS health cleansing community/support group/forum will show and teach you how. 

•• Chuck_B: "At 48 I have found the fountain of youth and the beauty of it is HPS gives me control of my own destiny. My weight is holding at a 15 pound loss. I am wearing pants I could not wear for 5 years. My energy level has increased so that I have returned to the gym and my exercise programs. And again my mind is so sharp I'm remembering phone #s and see a daily difference at work because my mind is so sharp. I really can't say enough about how wonderful this program is. I can't wait to move to deeper levels of cleansing. Thank You again Jos-hua and God Bless All. Chuck_B. Feel free to contact me."

In genuine health care there is no magic...

And there are no quick fixes either.


In "genuine" health care thee are just 'sane' persistent actions which need to be taken year in and year out.

And it's not about taking meds or drugs, dieting, exercising, endless supplements, or workouts.

It's surely not about surgery either.


Why to HPS health cleanse?

Because our 7 Day Wonder online guided interactive health cleansing program is the quickest, safest, most effective way to bring some sanity back into your health, and your health care.

Our endgame is sane health care.

What's yours?

"I think it is important to question our sanity
because at the point that you stop questioning your sanity,
you're probably insane."

Elon Musk

For those of us practicing at HPS health cleansing, great health is an expression of one thing only- Smart healthcare™.

With Smart healthcare we find ourselves going somewhere new and exciting with our body and health almost every week- week after week, month after month, year after year.

Is that how you've been experiencing your body and health?

The endgame here at HPS health cleansing is a sane life and a sane relationship with our body and health.


Most people aren't even aware of the insanity in their health and health care.

It's become the norm.

Everybody does the same things... so it seems correct, and normal.


And it's insane...


For example:

Pills (drugs and meds):

Approximately one-third of all Americans use two or more pharmaceutical drugs, and more than ten percent of all Americans use five or more prescription drugs on a regular basis. Source: CDC

Gulping down 5 or more pills a day, everyday, is not a sane relationship with our body.

Even gulping down just 1 or 2 everyday is not a sane relationship either.

Most people have never experienced a sane relationship with their body or health... and unfortunately most never will. 


  Click the more button to see my relationship to meds and drugs.


Supplements: depending on, and taking daily, two different herbal supplements or five different herbal dietary or health supplements, everyday, is not a sane relationship with our health.

Having to take everyday any supplement, med or drug for weeks, months or years (or forever) is insanity. When that is happening our health is being hijacked by others for their profit, not ours. If nothing else we have learned it doesn’t matter how obvious the lie is if people don’t want to know the truth.


  Click the more button to see my relationship to supplements.


Exercise and workouts: having to exercise two or three or four times a week for an hour (or more) for 52 weeks every year, year in and year out, forever, for a lifetime, is not a sane relationship with our body.

Nor with the limited free time that we have at our disposal.

Your free time is precious. You're precious.

We shouldn't be wasting so many hours each week on exercising but rather we could be doing other things, more productive things with our precious time. 


Click the more button to see my relationship to exercising and workouts.


Calorie counting and reading food labels: reading food labels is not just a waste of valuable time,

it also is not a sane relationship with food.

Nor is tabulating and counting calories before eating something.

Eat and enjoy yourself.

If you are not whole heartedly enjoying every bit of whatever you are eating (but rather worrying about the effects on your weight), then you are living with fear, and in fear, which is insane.


Click the more button to see what I do.


Surgery: allowing someone to cut up your human body in order to supposedly cure a health problem is not a sane relationship with your precious human body.

And it's probably one of the worst things we can do to a human body.


Click the more button to see my relationship to surgery.


Tests: running back for tests again and again is not a sane relationship with our body and mind, and running back to a doctor for every little health problem is not a sane relationship with our life.

It's the fear consciousness that drives people to behave this way.

A consciousness which society has embedded into us- racial fears, financial fears, security fears, sexual fears, beauty fears, health fears, cancer fears, ageing fears, etc., etc.. Do you see the pattern here?

We need to break out of the fear paradigm. No one can do it for us, we have to do it ourselves, for ourselves. And when we do that, we profit! We become more sane with our life.


Click the more button to see my relationship to tests.


Naps: feeling that we want to take a nap daily, is a sign that insanity- confusion, exhaustion, stress and fatigue- is taking over our lives. A clean purified body doesn't need any napping at all.

Napping is a diaper.

If you are full of toxic shit, then you need a diaper.

If not, no need. With a comprehensively clean and purified body there is such an abundance of energy available to the body that it doesn't need at the most more than 7 hours of sleep a night, let alone a nap.


Click the more button to see my relationship to napping.


Medical / health insurance: being forced or voluntarily spending tens of thousands of dollars (if not hundreds of thousands) over a lifetime to buy medical insurance for a human body is insanity; it is not a sane relationship with our finances!

It's an indication that we are not properly and genuinely taking care of body and health.

It's a clear sign that our health care has been systematically corrupted and we are trapped. Now, go tell Obama what I just said. Open his eyes too.


Click the more button to see what I do.


And I could go on, and on and on.


Click here to get more sanity back into your health care.


Smart healthcare basically boils down to an expression of sanity- of "how sanely" we relate to ourselves and to our world- how sanely we relate to our body, our health, our health problems, our health care, the food we have access to, our finances, and to our environment as a whole.

It seems like most people end up living a weird kind of insanity with their health rather than living life in an intelligent sane self-confident celebratory manner.

I haven't yet fully determined the reason why almost everyone is living this insanity...

Is it a lack of courage to try and take personal responsibility for their health and life, the "sheeple" effect (e.g., herding public opinion), or rather have we all been brainwashed with mis-information and dis-information by repeated advertisements, bogus research claims and media reports/ commentaries about health?

Most people haven't ever given any thought to the insanity.

It's become the norm.

My approach is similar to Nissim Taleb's- "we should stop trying to predict what exactly the Black Swans in our health will be (not likely), when a Black Swan will arrive at our doorstep (less likely), and start trying to be more 'antifragile'."

Becoming more 'antifragile' means becoming more sane.

Having more sane relationships with our self, our body and our health.

And consequently, with the world around us.


Click the link to see how our clients voted and what our clients said at our online forum in this poll, in their own words, regarding the value of the 7 Day Wonder program. 59 different people voted and many many commented too. Read them all.




Are you also  c a u g h t  u p  in a maze of insanity?

Here is how two very different persons express their 7 Day Wonder health cleansing experiences in their own words. NO repeats, NO refills  ... all they are doing is walking the path with us.

Same age, different gender, different geographical location, different environment, different set of health problems, different set of health goals and definitely different expectations from a 7 Day Wonder... yet, very similar results... Self evident sustained healing, and Empowerment!

Julee_T, Age 43, HPS ADVANCED CLEANSING, 7DW Level 2,
Testimonial: A New Life.... I am in a size 12 from a size 18. I am 43 and am mistaken often for someone in my early thirties. I no longer suffer from IBS or GERD

David_T, Age 43, 7DW Level 1 cleansing, Testimonial- Powerful. I didn’t do this program for the purpose of loosing weight – I did however loose 25 pounds and continue to loose weight seemingly effortlessly now.


No matter how overwhelming the evidence is to the contrary, most people still buy-into the dysfunctional idea of symptom care / treatments/ and sick care.

They still believe that better health comes about from meds and drugs, dieting, nutritional and organic food, minerals and vitamins, consuming supplements, exercising, or from surgery. They are caught in a maze of hurt, pain, problematic health and uncertainty which they don't know how to step out of.

One thing is for sure... In today's modern, face paced, stressed-out, toxic, aggressive, polluted and expensive world it seems in health care the temptation to go for shortcuts and quick fixes, and the temptation to put the responsibility for our health in someone else's hands is simply too strong, even if these shortcuts lead nowhere in the end.

The bottom line is:

Fearing our body and health rather than celebrating it is NOT a sane relationship with ourselves!

Following the herd, behaving as they do in an insane manner vis-a-vis their health care does nothing rewarding or exciting for us, or our health.

It's a waste of time, a waste of energy, a waste of money and and it actually leads in the longer term to self-evident declining health- physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially too.

Click and read him at our online forum.



Lets look at it a different way...

Think about what everyone you know is doing ... they are basically at war with their body and health!

A never ending war AND struggle.

Of course, they don't call it war, and they are not even aware of what is actually going on.

But the facts are most people have no real health skills, they walk no path with regards to their health, they have no self-confidence in their ability to truly change or direct the trajectory of their health, and they fear their health.

Radiation and chemo is certainly war. Plain and simple. It's a massive frontal destructive nuclear attack on the human body!

Endless workouts and exercises is a type of constant struggle, an aggressiveness towards our body, and ourselves. It's vanity hiding behind the mask of health care.

Dieting is certainly a struggle and it is totalitarian. It invades every aspect of our being. That is what totalitarian means. A permissive invasion of every aspect of our lives. Counting calories, reading food labels, healthy recipes, and making food management lists is a tiresome unproductive approach to weight management and weight loss. Furthermore it does nothing for the quality of our long-term health.

Invasive tests, endless daily supplements, meds, drugs and surgery is a constant battle with no end in sight.

I say "no end in sight" because as surely as the sun rises, sooner or later, if your internal environment is still filthy, polluted and toxic you can bet-the-bank and expect new problems to arise (or a reemergence of the old problem/ problems), and so the battles will need to continue, forever.

I'm out to change all this for you, with you!

I'm saying, lets make peace with your body and health.

I'm offering you not just more sanity in your health care, not just more peace in your health and health care, not just a better life but more simplicity too. I personally find engaging forever in the above 8 points to be the antithesis of simplicity. I find it to be insanity, and a drain on my precious time and money. On the other hand, a 7 Day Wonder is just that, seven days only, what could be more simple than that?


I am Jos-hua, the founder of this program, and the above are my observations based on what I do with my body and health these past 25 years compared to what most other people are doing, so I'm talking here from personal experience spanning more than a quarter of a century now.

The above isn't theory, or some sales pitch...but the facts as they relate to my own life. I highly suggest that you read it all and compare it to what you are doing right now with your life, health and body.

We find these days that with the internet, anybody can say anything. Who knows if it is true or not. Who can know if it works or not?

Lucky for you that I foresaw this happening a decade ago, and therefore in 2003, we moved the 7 Day Wonder program to an online forum so that the record would be TRANSPARENT and recorded for posterity sake.

My personal record, and the records of every 7 Day Wonderer can be found at our online forum. Today, you can find over 400 different program reviews at our online forum. Read them all. They will tell you in their own words exactly the results they found with HPS guided interactive health cleansing, and how they care for their body and health these days.

If you keep on continuing with the conventional paradigm of health care, your health will decline. The conventional paradigm of "health-care" actually isn't even health-care, but rather, it's a sick-care and symptom care paradigm based on treatments; initially inexpensive treatments but ultimately bankrupting treatments. And along the way, until the big day, they propagate insanity.



Sustainable lasting change of your health, and how you relate to it, is one of the outcomes of the 7 Day Wonder online guided interactive health cleansing program.

Our HPS 7 Day Wonder health cleansing program is about you gently, intelligently and consistently imposing your will on illness, anemic health and ageing- against its wishes.

It's as simple as that.

Imposing not in the sense of a struggle, but rather in the sense of a cooperative effort.

There is a lot more here than just a book, a routine, a video, a supplement, a kit, an app, a gadget or a piece of equipment. This is self-help at its best. Independent, practical, hands-on, skillful, educational and continuous.

We're walking a PATH here, we not treating, nor in treatment. This is true libertarian health care. In other words, true freedom in health care. Even if we don't solve all our health issues, at the least we're free from the above insanity. That already is a great accomplishment.


Click here to get more sanity back into your health care.


Do you want a "staycation" with your health or rather would you prefer to go someplace exciting and rewarding with your body and health; a permanent "vacation" far far away from conditions, treatments, worry, pain and insanity, forever?

What happens to your body and health by walking our 7 Day Wonder path?

Say goodbye to all the below, and a lot more too... 

Acid reflux Dandruff Menstruation pains
Acne Depression Migraines/ headaches
Allergies Digestive problems Mood swings/ emotional outbursts
Arthritis Fatigue Osteoporosis
Asthma Fibromyalgia Pain (chronic or acute)
Bad foul breath Flatulence/ gas Parasites/ worms
Bleeding gums Hay fever Partial or anemic healing
Blood pressure issues Hemorrhoids Psoriasis
Body odor Herpes Reproductive problems
Boils Hormonal imbalances Sexual issues
Bulging abdomen Hot flashes Sinus issues
Candida IBS Skin issues
Carpal tunnel syndrome Immunity problems Smoking
Cardio vascular issues Insomnia, sleep issues Stress
Chronic illnesses Inflamed tendons/ joint pain Ulcers- mouth, stomach, skin
Cholesterol issues Liver problems Weight problems
Colds / flu every year Lymph problems Wrinkles
Constipation/ irregularity
Lower shoulder/ lower back pain Yeast infections/ urinary tract infections

Add to all the above brain fog, compulsive disorders, anemic healing from injuries, anemic healing after surgery, loss of smell sense, breathing and respiratory difficulties, fading concentration, memory loss, hair loss, easily breaking nails, muscle spasms, internal and external skin funguses, swelling and inflammations, eye twitching, graying, ageing, addictions, cravings, a sweet tooth, a pot belly, wet balmy hands, foot odor, sleep sweats, excessive sweating when exercising, aches, confusion and anxiety about your life, etc.. Gosh, the list is so long!

The lot more also pertains to prevention- think heart attacks, strokes, MS, dementia, Alzheimer's, cancer, weak immunity, and all the other THINGS in the basket of painfully and financially horrible life threatening diseases.

Make all the noise you want, buy all the detox and cleansing supplements, diets, healthy food and exercise equipment in the world but until you actually do something intelligent, structured, transparent and proven, nothing really changes.

  Learn more about our online guided health cleansing program right now.



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