What does HPS-ONLINE do for you to make 
cleansing affordable, safe, quick and easy?

  HPS-ONLINE guarantees you meet success because we focus on you. 

Anybody, any child, can open a store to sell weight loss, 
detox or colon cleansing products. But that is not what brings about
remission of disease, healing, rejuvenation, nor prevention of future illness. 

If we sound passionate, it's because we are!

The HPS health care strategy and system can work for you because:

•• The HPS cleanses are structured online cleansing courses. They are geared and built specifically for you the novice cleanser, the online cleanser.

•• Continuous proactive cleansing, health renewal, and rejuvenation education. 195 days with each online cleanse!

•• Personal unlimited counseling with Jos-hua Medicine man. At no extra costs to you!

•• Daily cleansing audio instructions and guidance! Sit back, listen and learn the in's and out's. Avoid the pitfalls while learning the ropes of cleansing, health renewal, dieting, and healing!

•• Large 24/7 cleansing support community. This should be a very very important key in your health care strategy, and in any sustainable cleansing, weight loss, and health rejuvenation program! Without a strong support group, don't cleanse anywhere, at any price.

•• Post-cleansing guidance. Continuous for 90 days. This is what keeps you going strong long-after you finish your online guided cleanse!

•• Private. Only 7 new cleansers accepted each week into the online program. This exclusivity guarantees you the support you would expect (and will need) when cleansing, renewing, and expanding your health potential!

•• Proven long track record. Online since 1996. HPS must be the only health care web site you've ever seen with testimonials that have the writers email address. That alone says volumes about everything here! Also our private cleansing support group is open to you to take a look around. It's awesome. Check it out.

•• Plus we provide you with the books, the recipes, the audio clips and the auxiliary tools to make it all work for you!

•• Last but certainly not least Jos-hua wants to befriend you. He is motivated by an altruistic mind. He has done this program on his own body over 60 times. He practices exactly what he teaches here. He is a doer, not a writer, a talker, a researcher, or a web site designer... he is not a salesman trying to sell you products and more products, but rather he wants to share with you this practical knowledge and wisdom. He teaches and guides you based on his long personal experience. He doesn't go to a gym to exercise, he doesn't do any fitness programs, he doesn't diet, but he does cleanse at least twice annually for 7 days each time...he looks great, feels great, has great body tone, high energy levels, and never worries about his future health prospects. You can too!

Jos-hua is devoted to seeing you experience exactly what he is experiencing and thousands of other HPS-ONLINE cleansers are experiencing- more rejuvenation, better healing, and more happiness in life. To date he has guided over 2,780 people in this system. Remember, the best medicine is no medicine. That is what cleansing will do for you too. Check the testimonial-true story section to see for yourself.

How much is this worth to you when it comes to your health, and your future health prospects? 

You won't find a better, proven or more hands-on approach to better health, anywhere at any price- offline or online.

HPS- better than the best diets!

Better than the best fitness program!

Sure beats doctors visits, endless bottles of drugs, herbal supplements, and medications!

Tell a friend what you found here! Ages 18-65 please take note...

Does your physique include a pot belly, or quite a few pounds of excess fat? Then please note that's directly a result of poor colon & digestive hygiene... and poor colon hygiene will lead directly to one place only--> poor health and an early grave.

Maybe you've been thinking that belly of yours is your stomach, but you're wrong. Look here. It is actually your gut stretching outwards. See here the map... your stomach is way up there.

Understand the source of bad health.

Your stomach lies below your rib cage which protects your lungs and heart, not centered, but a bit off left... and it doesn't bulge. It lies way up there. But your intestines are where you think your belly is and they start spreading and stretching, especially when they start to get blocked up. The consequences of a filthy polluted colon are a lot more then excess weight. A polluted toxic colon is probably responsible for 85% of all health problems.

You saw already the pictures how impacted mucous incrustations and toxic debris collects in the colon, putrefies and rots there... and this collection ends up in your blood and arteries too. Don't think for a moment that it stays entombed in your colon only. Cleanse and watch how heart conditions disappear, cholesterol ceases to be a problem, and high blood pressure normalizes, all without any medications. 

HPS online cleansers consistently report 7-15-20-30-45-60 pounds weight lost; weight that doesn't come back!

Why? Because that's toxic debris evacuated from their colon and digestive tract AND because their metabolism finally starts to kick in in light of the cleansing and post-cleansing program. They also report that their pot bellies disappeared without exercising. Quick, easy, healthy, and pocket friendly. That's HPS-ONLINE.