How to Deep Body Care?

How to best care for our body, and mind? How to do it intelligently? How to do it without having to devote too much time? How not to make mistakes? How to get beyond rules and regulations, pill popping and demands for workouts in health care? How to best deep body cleanse? What means detox? What means rejuvenation? How to best sustain it all?

It's all quite confusing for someone who hasn't spent years investigating it all. After all there are endless claims being made everywhere on the net these days ... From the one hour detox plan to the six month detox diet... from herbal colon cleansing detox supplements to cleansing food information to juicing programs, etc..

And then of course, we are forced to listen to all the "experts" who aren't detox experts at all but have decided to chime into the discussion... nutrition experts, diet experts, health experts, fitness experts... "experts" who have absolutely no personal hands-on experiences with detox, deep body cleansing or deep body care let alone decades of experience with their own bodies but have the nerve to write articles published on Yahoo and all over the net, write books, and make videos posted on Youtube telling us what great health and detox is all about, what's safe and what isn't... sheesh. It's abdominal to say the least. Take a good look at them and you'll see their health sucks! But they write, write more and talk unceasingly as if we should pay attention to them. They are in it for the name and fame and money but not for our good health. Here's what I look like at sixty. Does detox work when it is authentic and genuine? You answer the question yourself by looking at my pictures.

At HPS we believe that the best approach is to be total, comprehensive and deep right from the start.

We also believe in health care that is totally self-help and holistic.

We believe in DBC™. Deep Body Care.

Skills, not pills should be the emphasis.

Education, not medication.

Features / protocols.

Online since 1996.

Healing, then rejuvenation and then prevention is where HPS DBC™ leads you, your body, and your mind.

We want to help you refresh, renew and reclaim your life force.

Here is the most FUNDAMENTAL QUESTION in health care. Answer it and you'll understand us even more.

It's a transformation journey with us.

Not just physically but mentally and emotionally too.

And it can be spiritually and financially too!

See what these six people say about the above, in their own words, they are all in the 30's and 40's. 

You're a little bit older than that? Great! See what our over 50+ crowd have to say. In their words.

Or a lot younger than 40, like in your 20's? See what they experienced, learned and felt.

Deep body care (DBC™) is the most profound method to care for the human body known to mankind. For thousands of years humans have been discovering and rediscovering DBC. Safe, holistic, natural self-help.

At HPS we've just made getting phenomenally healthier in body and mind easier than ever before for you.

And swifter than ever before. All under one roof.

One guided, online, hands-on, hand holding, educational and instructional deep body program that is going to renew your vital life force.

Tried, tested, very proven.

Online from 1996!

What Do Our Fantastic Users Say?

Some of these folks are in their 30's, some in their 40's.
One in her 50's.

See what an HPS DBC™ experience meant to them!

Im not the only one happy, my wife is happier,,,,,,,she is very skinny and now doing my husbans responsabilities is a lot easier and joyfull. Thats beside all the techniques that I learn From the Tao Book. I am more energic, sensual, motivated, caring, lovely, romantic ...etc. Ricky Martin is a baby in comparison with me..... My wife said thanks to all of you that make one of my dreams reality..... loose some weight!!!! and for all the support.

“My search for better health brought me to HPS because it seemed so logical when I read about fasting and true colon cleansing. 

 I have been dealing with celiac disease and many other issues.  I have worked with chiropractors, acupuncturists, and nutritionists among many other types of doctors and “experts”.  No one specialty fixes “everything”. 

I’ve learned that when we take care of ourselves in our search for optimal health, we must incorporate many practices.  When I wanted to join, I was a little afraid of the cost. But what I found was that it was truly better than a vacation, which I had been saving my money for!   I took the time off of work that I normally would take to go on a trip somewhere, and I told others that I would not be “available.
“I have some 'usual' habits, driking alcohol, eating refined sugars, foods that are unatural and full of additives...and I'm still changing and experiencing playing with my old habits, although having a few of these patterns compared to having these habits before I joined HPS, I notice the biggest difference for me is that I am aware.

 Due to the continued support of Jos-hua and the rest of the members here, I find I am able to share those times when I fall back into old patterns. 

 There are no hard and fast rules here, just sharing our experiences and knowledge through practice rather than theory-for us all to gain more understanding of ourselves, our bodies, each other and the world we live in...”
“If I had any concerns about my health before I came to HPS - they're all gone now. 

 I know beyond doubt that this is the right path for me, and I also know beyond doubt that any lingering inconsistencies in my health will all work themselves out as I work through the program. It's just like simple math: 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 4. Do the work and you get the results.

 Thanks again to Jos-hua for developing the whole shebang here at HPS. 

 Much love to all of you - if you treasure life, you'll treasure HPS 7 Day Wonder Freedom Cleansing.
“When I last cleansed I thought I'll continue the pattern which was going on at that time, i.e. do a HPS program every two months. Then, life kicked in, events happened. My April cleanse moved to June, then July, I visited the forums less.

 Then, I just felt like I would Freedom cleanse, I went to HPS forums, and I felt - again - like in a family, a community of people with like interests and experiences. Without having someone to share successes and failure, without someone to encourage and cheer with you, most people wouldn't have the will to cleanse long enough. When I joined, it seemed easy, and it was and still is. But the question is not whether is easy - it is, and it makes a lot of sense to cleanse - but, will you do it? ”
“Today, I am still excited not only about my current health, but also my health in the future. 

 I say this because during this past year, having followed a number of the recommendations on nutrition, lifestyle and practices, I simply know that here at HPS 7DW Freedom Cleansing I have found the perfect environment and resources to achieve this.

 My HPS 7 Day Wonder level 2 freedom cleanse was a smooth, straight-forward experience. 

 More so than I had anticipated. 

 The old adage of listening to good advice and following it really works, because right through the cleansing week, I was relaxed, calm, positive and confident. And as expected, there were some amazing eliminations during the colonics (example in the picture attached below). 

 I have started noticing some major changes to my health. 

 Regarding my nasal allergies/hayfever, I believe that it’s almost completely cured. This is such a major improvement to my life, it’s unimaginable to anyone who has never suffered from this condition. Recently, I wrote this on my cleansing journal thread: