What is Reiki? How does it work? The patient? The experience?
The therapist? Reiki courses? 

These are some of the questions answered here. 

Ever been invited to a Reiki workshop, or perhaps you noticed an invitation, but refused?

Reiki courses are not cheap. You'll need this info. HPS hopes this introduction to Reiki helps you make up your mind to join a Reiki course soon. All gain, no pain. Alternative health care that really works on a clean body.


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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese word that means Universal Life Energy (Rei= universal, Ki= life energy). It is the vital force which flows through all things and can be activated for a powerful form of healing, simply called Reiki. Reiki is in no way a faith system. All that is required is the willingness to heal and be healed.


How does it work?

The Reiki therapist channels the life force through their hands into the recipients body, thereby enhancing the bodies own natural healing ability to heal itself. Reiki works on all levels of a persons being, thereby reaching the root cause as well as the effects of the illness. All illness and disease comes about as a result of natural energy not being allowed to flow correctly. Reiki helps to reinstate and balance out the flow of the life energy at all levels. When the life energy flows correctly, it is much easier to take up the task of living life as we would desire to. Attitudes change, tiredness recedes and our goals no longer seem impossible or so far away.


The patient- the treatment?

Reiki is a simple and powerful process. Treatments and frequency are individually tailored to the patient's needs and condition. In most cases the treatment lasts for one hour and is carried out laying down upon a healing couch. The patient remains fully clothed at all times and the therapist goes through a set of healing process as agreed with the patient prior to the treatment. Reiki carries very few contra-indications, though the therapist may well refuse treatment to a women in the early stages of pregnancy.

Sex, age and condition are of no concern to the Reiki therapists as the patients own body controls the process by only taking from the treatment that amount of life energy it requires at any one session.


The patient- the experience?

In general, you will feel a pleasant sensation of warmth or occasionally coldness in the area being treated. As the treatment progresses, stress is released and a feeling of well-being is usually experienced. Chronic illnesses usually respond well to Reiki, though in these cases some slight discomfort might be experienced in the beginning.


The therapist- Reiki training?

Those that undertake Reiki training are attuned by "Empowerment' to the life energy. That is, the natural energy channels in the body are attuned or re-attuned so that the Reiki energy passes through the healer without being impaired in any way.

The effect of this is twofold: firstly giving self-healing to the healer's own body, and secondly breaking down old outmoded ideals and situations that may impede the energy flow within the therapist.


The therapist- Reiki experience?

Reiki training is a truly profound experience, that the Reiki Master and the aspiring Reiki Healer share. Once attuned, the healing ability stays for ever, and the attunement remains a fond memory.


Reiki courses- Reiki I?

Whilst to use Reiki is to learn, the actual time taken for training is very short. There are three levels of training within Reiki and each is individual in itself. So there is no need to feel committed to doing all three levels.

Reiki I is the basic healing attunement, all the healing channels are attuned, bringing the healing power of universal harmony into all things within your life. This level is complete within itself, giving self-healing and the healing ability for working with others. The price of this level course can range from US$ 70.00 to US$ 300.00 depending on the quality of teachings, location and environment.


Reiki courses- Reiki II?

Reiki II is for those who wish to work as full Reiki Therapists as well as having a deeper commitment and understanding of the power of Reiki within their lives. This is achieved by more attunements and teaching the healing symbols. This level also allows the healer to use Reiki in its absent-healing form. Levels one and two complete the empowerment process on a purely personal level, and unless you wish to teach Reiki no further training is either necessary or required. The price of this level course can range from US$ 400.00 to US$ 900.00 depending on the quality of teachings, location and environment.

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