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"Of all the vital organs in the body, the one that suffers the most abuse from modern dietary habits is your colon.

Daniel Reid, 'The Tao of Health, Sex & Longevity'

Colonics at a clinic do not do for you what an HPS online guided cleanse does. We don't support colonic irrigations at a clinic, or enemas, for quite a few reasons. Find out why not. Yes. Mail it to me.


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The Quality of Health Care in America at the end of the 20th century

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"Hundreds of thousands of Americans die unnecessarily and many more 
get the wrong treatment".

Costs Up but Quality Poor. Harvard University and the Rand Corporation tells us... 180,000 people die each year because of medically induced injury or negligence! "Autopsy studies show high rates, 35% to 40 percent of missed diagnosis, often resulting in death."

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Washington, Reuters
October 22, 1997

"America's health care system has slid further into crisis, with costs escalating and patients dying because many doctors do not know what they are doing, the National Coalition on Health Care (NCHC) said on Monday.

"Our country's health care system, which was described as in crisis in the early 1990's has, ....actually become worse", said president Henry Sommons.

The NCHC, which includes 100 organizations from the American College of Physicians to companies such as Bethlehem Steel Corporation, unions, insurance companies and religious groups, said urgent action was needed.

"In the absence of effective oversight, the marketplace is not taking care of the problems," said Robert Ray, co-chairman of the coalition.

"Our health care system needs major systemic changes if this country is going to provide high-quality, cost effective health care for all."

A study by the Rand Corporation think-tank found millions of Americans had been injured and tens of thousands had died because of significant misuse, overuse and underuse of health services.

"There are high error rates reported in a wide range of medical practices with serious, sometimes fatal consequences," a summary of the study said. "Autopsy studies show high rates (35 to 40 percent) of missed diagnosis, often resulting in death."

It cites a Harvard University study which estimated 180,000 people die each year because of medically induced injury or negligence.

The Rand report found "major gaps in knowledge" were contributing to medical uncertainty.

"The evidence to justify treatment of even the most common medical and surgical conditions is often questionable," it said. "This includes common conditions as prostate cancer and lower back pain, which affects millions of people.

There were large variations between regions, but no evidence to show people had better access to hospital and doctors or fared any better.

A study the coalition commissioned by Kenneth Thorpe, director of Tulane University's Institute for Health Service Research, found health care costs were increasing at twice the rate of inflation.

"In 1987 we were spending just less than $500 billion a year on health care. 
In 1994, at the height of the health care reform debate, we spent $937 billion, a 5.1 percent increase over the previous year, and almost a 100% increase in 7 years only" he said."

To reinforce the above, 
here is a post sent to our support group 
in January 2003 by Tisha, an HPS online cleanser.

•• From: Tisha

"...I am a bit bummed about my "non cleansing" friends.  I have a friend who is going in for colon surgery on Tuesday.  I have another one who is resigned to taking blood pressure medicine for the rest of her life plus another little stomach pill to counteract the bp meds. 

 I have another friend who's husband had prostate surgery.  I tried to send some info about colon cleansing, but it was "too drastic".  Now my friends husband can not seem to "function" the way he did before.  He has gone to the doctor several times for different meds to help, but nothing does.  I am sad for him.  He is in his 50's.  The thought of no sex ever again has really got him depressed (no kidding).  I have still talked about alternatives, but my friends are just not interested.  They continue to go to doctors for help (or no help as the case seems to me).

I have another friend who just had surgery for a growth on her pituitary gland.  Plus she has some kind of matter on her brain that her doc says could either be early signs of MS or strokes.  I tried to talk to her about cleansing but she, too, is trusting in doctors.  I guess I would just not accept the absolute.  I have learned that there is almost always an alternative.

Am I wrong to think that just about anything can be helped by cleansing?  If what I have read over last year means anything, it seems that most of the ailments we have can be reversed by just cleansing and making changes in diet.  I guess not everything can be reversed.  Some dis-ease may be too far along, but for the most part, can't most everything be reversed?

Any opinions,


Btw, most of my friends are in their 50's and have some ailment that they are dealing with.  My one friend who is having surgery Tues. is only 39 and is facing a colostomy bag.  I guess I don't have any friends that aren't dealing with one thing or another.  How sad.  And they think I'm strange."


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Constipation means less then 1 bowel movement per day!



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