The nature of male and female
The way of yin and yang
The four attainments
Ejaculation control
The relationship between ejaculation control and better health




"A man may attain health and longevity if he practices an ejaculation frequency of twice monthly or 24 times in a year.

If at the same time he pays careful attention to proper diet and exercise he will have a long and healthy life"

[Sun Su-mo]

"As the great Taoist Doctor Sun points out, diet, exercise and sexual discipline form the three pillars of Taoist health and longevity regimens.

The principles of Tao apply equally to men and women.

In both men and women, semen-essence is the fuel that drives sexuality. It is the source not only of physical capacity for sex but also of sexual interest and emotional affection for the opposite gender.

However, since women do not 'leak' when they ejaculate, orgasm does not rob them of sexual drive and interest after the 'first act'.

Therefore, the practices required to achieve the harmony of Yin & Yang must be cultivated primarily by men. This chapter is thus addressed mainly to men, although the information contained herein should be studied and understood by women who consort with Taoist men or who wish to convert their men into Taoists."


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'Dieting' seemed to be a lead mantra of the 70's & 80's. Hopefully, as we progress, evolve AND become more awakened, 'nutritional-spiritual eating' will become the calling mantra of the 21st century.

Taoist 'nutritional' schools suggests we focus on two basic rules when eating. Above you found the rules; below you'll find the guidelines. Try it out for a few weeks and see for yourself.

Medicine man suggests to read in detail this section, then continue to the food profiles section, and then to the fasting, colon and bowel cleansing pages. That way you'll have a pretty good picture of the basics in 15 minutes or less.


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Tao Sexual Yoga

"Sex that makes you and your partner healthy!"

Tao Sexual Yoga- section reviewsTao sexual yoga - learn how to have sex that actually promotes health...

"Traditional Western hypocrisy towards sex has prevented serious study of human sexuality in the Western world until only a few decades ago.

Like everything else in Western philosophy, 
sex is viewed through the lens of dualism; 
it is seen as either sacred (in matrimony) or 
profane (out of wedlock), with no room 
for anything in between."


"The Chinese have always held the Taoist view that sexual relations between male and female are the primary earthly manifestation of the universal principles of Yin & Yang.

As such, the Chinese regard sex to be as natural and indispensable to human health and longevity as rain falling on the fields is to plant life.

The intense sense of guilt attached to sexual matters in Judeo-Christian tradition is, in Chinese eyes, one of the most unpleasant and incomprehensible aspects of Western culture.

Traditional Western hypocrisy towards sex has prevented serious study of human sexuality in the Western world until only a few decades ago. Like everything else in Western philosophy, sex is viewed through the lens of dualism; it is seen as either sacred (in matrimony) or profane (out of wedlock), with no room for anything in between.

The Chinese, however, do not draw distinctions between sacred and profane sex. As far as the Taoist are concerned, the only important distinctions regarding sexual activities are those between healthy and unhealthy habits.

The Chinese approach the subject of human sexuality with a blend of curiosity and reverence, just as they do all natural phenomena.

Since sexual relations are as fundamental to human life as eating and sleeping, Taoist adepts devoted a lot of time and thought to researching its every aspect and implication for human health and longevity. In a society happily free of sexual repression, Taoist physicians took a long and careful look at human sexual behavior, and they candidly recorded their findings in journals and books, couched in the usual florid Taoist terminology.

Consequently, the Chinese have been able to approach and study sexual relations between man and women, with open eyes and open minds, and they have, over three millennia, become the world's most astute observers of human sexuality, as well as the most inventive lovers."

The essential difference between the sexual nature of man and woman lies in the different nature of male and female orgasm.

When a man ejaculates, he ejects his semen-essence from his body.

When a woman reaches orgasm, she too 'ejaculates' all sorts of sexual secretions internally, but these are retained within her body.

For both men and women, sexual essence is an important storage battery for vital energy and a major source of resistance and immunity.

In conventional sexual relations, a man ejaculates every time he has intercourse, regardless of his own age or condition. This habit gradually robs him of his primary source of vitality and immunity, leaving him weak and vulnerable to disease and shortening his life span. Meanwhile, the women gets stronger and stronger, both from her own orgasmic secretions and from her assimilation of potent male semen-essence."

Source: Daniel Reid,
The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity.

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