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"Drugs do what they claim to do... 
they get rid of pain and suppress disease... but they do not cure."     

Dr. B. Jensen.


Auto urine therapy

Urine therapy (UT) might sound out of this world to you, but know- there are hundreds of thousands of people around the globe practicing daily, and they have been doing it for centuries.

For thousands of years human beings have been practicing auto UT. Former Prime Ministers (India) to simple peasants (Chinese) have found auto urine therapy to be an effective ongoing inexpensive health care therapy.

The hardest part about this readily available and inexpensive therapy is the psychological part- actually drinking your first glass!

The other hard part is talking about it. 

Fasting and colon cleansing is a thousand times easier to talk about in public. Auto Urine therapy is a no-no. Talk about your UT experiences in public and you might find people moving away from your dinner table! You'll also find it harder to get a date.

Once you know the reality of it all, from then on it's easy. 

Find lots of valuable advise and guidance here in this HPS-ONLINE Urine therapy cleansing section.

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  Urine therapy

Thanks & Cheers!

"The first glass was definitely the hardest! 
It's been easy ever since then. Thanks again for your personal intervention and guidance."

Auto Urine therapy is inexpensive health care, and it is always available. 

Find here at HPS-ONLINE.COM valuable pointers about auto urine therapy, otherwise known as Shivambu or Amaroli.

Amaroli is another method of alternative cleansing, originally from India & Tibet.

Auto UT is low cost detox yet an effective ancient form of preventative medicine.

Very therapeutic too!

Jos-hua, the HPS medicine man has been practicing auto urine therapy for 20 years. His latest ten day round was in December 2013. You can find that story here at our online detox cleansing forum.

Jos-hua has found that the best results from UT happen after cleansing the body the HPS-ONLINE way... Then UT becomes really powerful.

Learn here the simple use of one's own urine, properties & efficacy, suggested programs, and more.

PLEASE NOTE: Urine therapy is free but it is not a magic wand... and as someone who has practiced UT extensively, I do not believe it is the source of vigorous energetic youthful health. I believe it is best to be seen as another supportive alternative health care modality that everyone, including yourself, can take advantage of, and profit from. And it's free!

It is an illusion to believe that you can clear out these fetid obstructions and purge the imbedded toxins from your colon, bloodstream, arteries, and internal organs simply by drinking your own urine... the same holds true of eliminating parasites and a host of other fundamental health problems. And until ALL that is done, there will be NO vibrant health. Take note, don't misunderstand this section.

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