For ages 21 to 65 years young.
Online from 1996.
Tried, tested, very proven.

Body & mind health care.
Skills and skillfulness in health.
Not just more products, exercises, information,
diets, meds and pills.

This is our starting point. That's our narrative for health.

"Freedom is never given to you, it has to be fought for. Especially in health that's true. We all are quite vulnerable. Keep the bills down, the traffic down and the chaos out. Live with a mess too long, and you turn into a mess yourself."

Unknot yourself.

This is health care which makes you feel alive again.

Whereas, the other, whatever you are doing right now, is just an obligation.

Welcome to HPS GUIDED™

"Deep Body Care'

Healing. Rejuvenation. Prevention.

This is bold.

This is a body and mind alternative self help health program.

But this is a different type of self help than you are accustomed to...

This is self help which is guided, educational and instructional.

This is self help that actually makes sense.

Peaceful air. Whole body mix. The finest in conscious health care.

With the will to be properly whole, not only do you end up symptom/ illness free but you're also actually engaging in the very best preventative health care money can buy.

Learning how to care for ourselves- our mental and our physical health- requires skills. In this HPS program I'll be providing you with something that no doctor, diet, med, exercise routine, specialist, therapist, surgery, supplement, book, manual or video will ever provide you with... more skills and skillfulness in your health care rather than just more products, diets, exercises, information, painkillers, meds and pills.

The outcome? Phenomenally better health!


Age 45

"So in a nutshell, here's what I experienced through my first HPS GUIDED, some of which I hoped for, others I had no idea would improve from doing this program:

1) Bowel regularity and complete relief from stomach pain (this has had a hugely positive impact on my quality of life)

2) Improved symptoms from carpal tunnel syndrome

3) Relief from under-arm odor

4) Improved skin color and even-ness

5) Brighter eyes and bags under eyes dramatically reduced

6) My whole family is suffering from spring allergies - I am totally symptom-free.

7) I had my period one week after my formal cleanse, I had zero PMS symptoms. It actually caught me off guard because usually my clues that I'm about to start is that I'll feel emotional and my face will break out a little and I'll have lower back pain. I never even had cramps througout the week.

8) All cravings for fast food are gone (I was a fast food junkie!). Now I crave brown rice, steamed and raw vegetables and fruit.

9) I sleep wonderfully. I wake more easily in the morning, feeling refreshed, not like I need two more hours like I did before and I have sustained energy throughout the day.

10) I have taken control of my body and my health...

I can throw out all the other books, diets, theories. This one works. It is simple, practical, works with your body's natural rhythms, AND IT JUST WORKS. It's not a diet or a fad, it is a lifestyle. And the support from the friends you will make here just goes on and on."

You got health problems, we got answers.

You won't find a more comprehensive, more empowering, more proven, more result oriented health program with a longer or more transparent online record than ours. Online from 1996.

Untie yourself.

Instead of looking for salvation without, let's look for salvation within.

Forget the fancy talk about health, forget the products, supplements, diets, exercises and information you have accumulated and forget the science too... I'm way beyond all that.

I'm interested in seeing my clients transform their health, and consequently, themselves. There is no science in transformation. It's an art.

Free yourself from sickly, painful and ungracious aging, and graying too.

User, age 56
HPS GUIDED 7 Day Wonder DBC level 4

"This DBC 7 Day Wonder has been like getting into a time machine and traveling backward in time. Who would have ever thought you could become younger in body but grow in mind and spirit."

HPS GUIDED™ is healing, rejuvenation and prevention all wrapped up in one guided educational &  instructional program, online.

Our health care is giving us happiness, joy, and peace. And it's keeping the bills consistently down year after year, too. Is yours?

This is for those of us who like to venture into the rainforest, or lock in a mid summer meditation. Eastern spirit. Keep riding it.


Three equally split payments accepted if you are financially pressed right now.

Inquire into availability using the inquiry form at the bottom of this page.

User, age 44

"The deeply rewarding, excrutiatingly wonderful, wildly instructive journey continues.....

This was the level I signed up for. I knew before I signed up that the particulars of this HPS GUIDED DBC level 3 was what I needed - and I learnt that the preparation of 7DW Level 1 and 2 were unbelievably essential and productive - and I have expressed my rewards in earlier testimonials."

Section II


Geico can save you 15% on your car insurance, but this HPS GUIDED™ self-help alternative health care program can save you 100% on your health insurance! It has in my own case. It's been my only health insurance for OVER three decades already!!!!!!!!!!! Do the math, that's like over 150K in my pocket rather than in the insurance companies pockets.

The world clings to an old outdated scientific narrative of health care because it's so hard to draw a picture of what should replace it, and because the few people able to draw it for you have no interest in doing so.

I'm able to draw it for you, and help you realize it too.

We've been dispensing with the old and ushering in the new since the early 90s.

No one was born with a list of supplements to buy, meds to consume forever, a diet to live by, a treadmill attached to their umbilical cord or a health insurance policy around their neck.

It's time to end the heist of your health!






The fact that you are even here at this page is
amazing and lucky. For over a decade they have
been trying to close us down, to limit your access
to this knowledge.

Simultaneously, the major search engines removed
us from the top of their pages where we were once
top ranked, and all payment processors banned us
at the same time too. Paypal even banned our donate option button!

That's how much they don't want you to do this.
That's how much they do not want you to know
about this or for this alternative health movement to survive.

We few who refuse to play a rigged game in health
are despised in major parts of the internet.

Over the past 30 years I've had way too many clients
who have had way too many serious health problems
which had gone on for way too long.

That's because no one ever taught them how to properly take care of themselves.
To heal, rejuvenate and prevent.

Whatever your health problems are, I'm pretty sure
that together we can eliminate them, so that you
can survive, and start to thrive again in a lasting way.

With over 400 client reviews at our online forum,
see for yourself what's happening here in health.
It's quite awesome.

Here's some good advice... this page is way too long to read on a mobile phone, on the go.

There is just too much data, too much hard evidence for you to review and a very expansive and detailed step by step explanation of the HPS health programs.

If HPS interests you, go home, sit down in a comfortable chair, open up your laptop, make a cup of coffee or whatever and read this page from top to bottom. That way you'll profit the most.

This HPS GUIDED™ DBC program is probably the most exciting health proposition to cross your desk in years simply because THE FOCUS HERE is on your natural ability and infinite capacity to acquire much more skillfulness in your health.

Health skills are what make health super productive/ super effective and cost efficient.

Take note I said skills... not products, information, exercises, diets, meds, supplements, equipment or pills!

This is more than just palatable.

This is a safe exciting fresh narrative which is a fundamentally different approach than how you have dealt with your health to date.

And probably how you will deal with your health in the future if you decide to ignore HPS GUIDED™. Tried, tested, proven. Online from 1996.

HPS is not selling hopium.

Nor drugs, meds, supplements, a diet, fitness equipment, a fitness program, a fasting course, a colon cleanse, water filters or yoga.

Nor books, an ebook, a set of cd's or whatever.

We're camping out in "Deep Body Care'.

Cutting edge self-help physical, emotional, spiritual & mental health care.

Deep body healing, deep body rejuvenation and deep body prevention.

Here health is a very private and a deeply personal experience, not one splashed on social media for everyone to see. Your privacy matters to us. Our online forum is open only to those doing this program.

-- Here in HPS GUIDED™ you will be entering with me, Jos-hua the HPS medicineman and founder of this website and program, into a teacher-student relationship in your health. This type of relationship is of course fundamentally different than a doctor-patient relationship. It's fundamentally more productive, more intense, deeper, more enriching, more educational and much more encompassing than passively sitting in a doctors office being told what's next, doing more tests, waiting for the next shoe to fall.

Here you'll learn and practice being proactive in your health. In short, you'll be getting both the doctor in me (healing) and the teacher in me (rejuvenation and prevention) both at the same time, and for the same price.

-- Step by step, level by level, self-help health program. Four levels in all.

-- Educational. Instructional. Guided. Interactive. Proactive.

-- Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health care.

-- Mature private online support group/ forum.

-- Empowering. Long proven record online. Online from 1996.

Inquire into availability using the inquiry form at the bottom of this page.

Here you'll be acquiring a ton of practices and skillfulness in your healthcare...

Not just more products, workouts, meds, diets, information, surgeries, endless supplements and pills but rather, HEALTH SKILLS. Physical and mental health skills and practices. This is our starting point.

Infusing your health with more skills is a game changer. Unknot. Untie. Recreate. Sustain. The impact on your life- your relationships, your health, weight, immunity, energy levels, aging and wellbeing can be enormous.

You will not just enjoy and rejoice in phenomenally better health year after year but you shall also be experiencing something which you are not experiencing in your health and fitness care right now... a discernable self evident slowing down of the aging processes too!

I Jos-hua the founder of HPS personally have as have many of my clients too.

We're going to start off TODAY showing you immediately below a few more testimonials from our forum just so you can see the spirit of preemption in health. Has this how your health has been unfolding, like theirs?

Program details follow in the next section after, section III.

HPS GUIDED™ 'Deep Body Care' is yoga, detox, fasting, dieting, therapy, colon cleansing, home colonics and juicing all combined. But we take it all to a much higher level. By far! The emphasis in HPS GUIDED™ isn't on products, the emphasis is on you, you acquiring skillfulness and self-confidence.

Why is there such a strong emphasis in this program on mental health care skills too?

Because it matters ... it's critical. Because you are what you think, and not only what you eat or how many hours you exercise every week.

There is still a ridiculous stigma around mental health care that prevents people from talking about it, let alone acting on it. Here, you are going to get over that! And profit.

For the majority of us, self-love means "I'll go shopping and buy myself something." Or, "I'll connect with someone I like (or love) and hopefully they will shower some love on me."

In other words, we search for love outside of ourselves, rather than inside.

Pathetic to say the least.

Mental health care isn't for "crazies, school shooters or psychopathic politicians and bankers," etc.. They just need to be locked up and the keys thrown away.

But for the rest of us... Mental health is essential to our everyday life...

We are a body and a mind, not one or the other, but both.

Many of us hate certain aspects of ourselves.

Many of us have so many different fears about ourselves, and our lives.

Many of us have genuine emotional pain and grievances which are impacting our physical health in catastrophic ways.

Hate, fear, pain and grievances... add it all up and you can understand by yourself what that does to health.

Mental health care is about consciously taming our mind.

It's about putting more self-love back into our lives on a daily basis.

Any activity, fitness proposal or health care system that ignores the above is leaving our cup half empty.

It's a heist of our health.

Self-help mental health care improves our self esteem, self discipline, self love and self worth. In other words, WE BECOME FUNCTIONALLY BETTER!

The cobwebs go away, and clarity dawns.

And consequently, we heal quicker than ever before! We lose weight quicker than ever before. We rejuvenate. And we finally realize great prevention and higher energy levels too. In short, better health becomes sustainable. There is no expiry date on this package.

Self-love is a skill which you probably have no training in... it is not a product, information or a pill.

Health care = Self care.

Self-love is a skill... not a product, information or a pill. Think deeply about that before dismissing this HPS program.

HPS. HelpingPeopleSurvive, and thrive.

See below the proof, the hard evidence, with your own eyes. Hundreds upon hundreds of HPS program reviews and testimonials at our online forum posted by our clients. Tried, tested, very proven.

Inquire into availability using the inquiry form at the bottom of this page.

User, age 33

 "-- Mood: I used to live in a continual all-day simmering anger, with real temper flares and general irritability thrown in. I used to be cynical, pessimistic, quick to ridicule, basically just bad company to be in most of the time. I still have my issues, but in the main I'm pretty well-adjusted these days, often cheerful. And unlike before, I have real experiential proof that things are getting better every day.

-- Smoking: Down from 1 or 2 packs per day to zero, 3 years running

-- Junk food: I may occasionally indulge, but I used to live off it almost exclusively

-- Fresh fruit/raw vegetables: I've gone for years at a time without consuming even a single piece of fruit, and almost as bad with veggies. Now I eat both every day.

-- Colas/sweetened drinks/coffee: One or two pots a day of coffee has become none on most days, and a cup every now and then when the mood strikes me. I never drink cola anymore, anywhere. I used to drink at least 2 liters a day, in addition to the coffee; it helped the cigarettes go down better.

-- Sugar/sweets: Every so often I would go to the store and get a couple of bags of candy, never mattered which kind, and eat everything in one sitting. Also used to eat ice cream by the bucket, often with cookies crumbled over the top. Like many people who grew up on commercials, I used to think a candy bar or two could substitute as a meal in a pinch. I don't eat any of this stuff any more. What's the dollar value of all that?"

User, age 35
HPS GUIDED 7 Day Wonder DBC Level 4

"After doing the 7 Day Wonder Level 4 deep body care program I can clearly see how wonderfully Jos-hua has set up this DBC program to build step by step, one level to the next.

For anyone wondering whether or not to continue after doing 7DW Level 1 or 2, I encourage you to go for it!

I believe each of the levels are ESSENTIAL to enabling one to achieve true health care via self-care.

This entire deep body care journey has set me upon a path that I never dreamed of.

I don't know nor am I concerned about where it will lead. I have complete faith now that I am on a wonderful path.

My physical health has improved tremendously-less headaches, deep wonderful sleep, less stress, tons more energy, younger looking (I was recently in Argentina visiting friends I hadn't seen in 2 years-(I started this program 18 months ago) and they all insisted that I had had a face lift-they couldn't believe how young I looked!), improved skin tone, enhanced running levels, etc.

Emotionally and spiritually I have gained so much peace, more patience and tolerance, flexiblity, less fear, learing to live w/out expectations, just an enhanced way of living life and all that one encounters in a lifetime.

Let me just say that I am grateful for Jos-hua, for HPS GUIDED, for all the wonderful people who are part of this support group.

I have a long way to go yet and that's just all right with me.

Peace, love, Pura Vida! Tina A"

Electronics technician
Age 49

- “Dropped 28 pounds and one pant size!
- Blood pressure was 128/77 at the start of this program and was lowered to 120/80 by the end of day 19!
- Complexion and scalp is no longer oily!
- Hair, skin, fingernails look and feel healthy!
Yoga teacher
Age 58
HPS GUIDED 7 Day Wonder DBC Level 1

"Level one feels good...

My skin looked great. My bowels were so improved. MY sense of being deepened. Sleep patterns were better. The education from suggested readings and these postings were awesome. I love learning anyway, and this HPS GUIDED program satisfies my quest for organization, depth of knowledge, and support that is positive and loving.

All about FEEL'N GOOD on all levels.

I feel more authentic, inside and out! With gratitude, Jeanine"


Mastering health beats treating it.

We're playing offense in health, not defense.

Being preemptive rather than reactive gives you an edge. A definite discernable profitable long lasting edge.

HPS GUIDED™ DBC (Deep Body Care) is an action packed self-help alternative cutting edge health program for ages 21 to 65 years young.

Online and guided, very instructional, very educational.

Very dynamic too.

With continuity too because when you are preemptive and on the offense you'll want to keep moving forward, nonstop, year after year, conquering higher levels of health, vitality, vigor and wellbeing. Online since 1996.


You will find immediately below the next few paragraphs a step-by-step, level by level, explanation of the HPS GUIDED™ DBC (Deep Body Care) programs.

You'll be learning in the below (five screens down) how we rewire health.


Change the health narrative!

If you think that all you need to do is 'workout and eat well' or JUST buy some more health products and equipment, that products alone, are enough to successfully climb the mountain and reach the summit, trust me, you're very much mistaken.

That's an erroneous approach to health, and to health care.

A messy and costly narrative which unfortunately way too many people have fallen for.

It's a mistaken narrative that has been elevated to truth. But it is not the truth.

Would you attempt to climb Mt. Everest without any mountaineering experience or mountain climbing skills?

Without any preparation, or any guidance, and without continuous feedback while climbing and after?

No one climbs Everest without a Sherpa by their side. And in health it's the same, no one reaches the summit alone. If you think you can, go ahead, try and see, I wish you all the best.

Fixing health is exactly like climbing Mt. Everest. If you don't do it right, you're left with a mess which eventually can even possibly turn out to be fatal too.

Just buying boots, thermal socks, thermal underwear, good rope, a backpack, a tent and some hooks isn't going to cut it. It ain't going to happen even if someone throws in a decent map, a high tech thermos, a great book and free shipping.

Great lasting health, lasting weight loss, strong immunity, healing, rejuvenation, skyrocketing energy and gracious aging needs integration... it's actually very hands-on, it is actually about skills and skillfulness... it isn't and shouldn't be centered around products, diets, exercises, supplements, information, tests, meds, surgeries or pills.

If it is centered around all that, well, that means you're stuck in a reactive situation with your health. A reactive defensive posture ends up always being a very very costly adventure.

Orient your health care properly... A body/mind program doesn't just make all the difference...

It is the difference.

Trying something new is sometimes very nice. Try this. You'll probably love it.

There are four levels in HPS GUIDED™

Unknot. Untie. Recreate. Sustain.

DBC (Deep Body Care) levels 1, 2, 3 and 4.

You decide how many levels you wish to do. Everyone starts off with level 1 where we unknot the mess you have unintentionally (and probably unconsciously) created deep inside your body. If you find results beyond your expectations proceed into level 2, so forth and so on. This is a step by step program.

Slimming down is just one type of health problem.

We're also dealing here with hundreds of more health issues... from the very minors to the very majors.

Our list is long... dozens of diseases and problems, health dysfunctions and illnesses, grievances and worries which this HPS GUIDED™ DBC (Deep Body Care) program has proven to terminate, eliminate, cure, heal and prevent from coming back again. The list is of course much longer than this, but nonetheless, this gives you a taste of what is possible here.

This is how you rewire health...

DBC. Level 1: Unknot yourself.
Deep body tissue care

Don't allow yourself to be fooled... there are no ambiguities in healing, rejuvenation and successful preventative health care.

Health problems need a certain type of environment to hide out in, survive in, and thrive in.

A negative, filthy, polluted, waste filled environment deep within the body.

Uprooting this environment, thereby rooting out the primary pillars and the foundation which supports disease, fatigue, pain, illness, aging and weight gains makes a lot of sense.

Properly purify the environment both physically and mentally and the symptoms just disappear. On their own they decide to pack their bags and head south.

That's been the experience with my own health and aging, and the health of hundreds of our online clients.

Considering the symptom care alternatives (endless prescriptions, fortunes wasted on doctors and meds, a lifetime of increasing ailments, early decay and demise), you'd think the message would spread like wildfire.

The primarily focuses in level 1 is on deep tissue care and waste management.

Instead of treating symptoms, instead of symptom care, the focus in HPS GUIDED™ DBC is on eliminating the root causes behind the symptoms. Usually, in most health cases from the very minor right up the majors the root cause is waste. Internal poisonous waste deep within the body.

The HPS 7 Day Wonder® (7DW®) is our vehicle for deep tissue care, for rooting out the environment. This is how we start the process of rewiring health. This is how we prepare the body for healing, for rejuvenation and for prevention.

Learn more about the 7DW® protocols (at each level of
HPS GUIDED™) a few screens down (right above section IV), but until then I have a lot to say to you about quite a lot of different things.

Right now I'll just say that our HPS GUIDED™ DBC 7 Day Wonder® is how you stop in its tracks the massive autotoxemia taking place in your body, the massive accumulation of waste which leads to a spiraling downward trajectory of health, which leads to WEIGHT GAINS, illness, pain, disease and accelerated ungracious aging. I'll also add right now that each level of the 7DW® (level 1, 2, 3 and 4) is NOT a rehash...each level progresses deeper and deeper into the body, each level builds on the previous levels! See the 7 Day Wonder® chart, per level, right above section IV, at the bottom of this section.

Why it's a big deal: When internal waste piles up inside a human body, health is at a severe and immediate disadvantage.

A striking disadvantage.

It strangles and poisons the human body sending the trajectory of health into a downward spiral.

Until we break free from this situation, we should always expect numerous unexpected health problems to arise and surface, and progressively get worse year after year as we age.

Therefore, continuous attention to waste management is critical, and intelligent.

Not just physical waste management but emotional and mental waste management too!

Waste management is a skill...
not a product, an exercise, a diet, information or a pill.

Waste management (i.e., deep tissue care) on the physical dimension of body and health is waste management of all the internal organs- NOT SOME BUT ALL- heart, colon, lungs, stomach, small intestine, pancreas, spleen, liver, gallbladder, kidneys and bladder, and glands too (thyroid, endocrine system, adrenals, etc.), and bloodstream and lymphatic system too. It all needs to be PROPERLY cleaned up and cleaned out if revamping health matters to you.

Do you even know where all those things are in your body?

You might know a few- heart, lungs, stomach- but what about all the rest?

For God's sake, they are you... if you don't know where they are, how they function, and their relationship to poor health and good health how in God's name are you even going to control your health, weight, energy, aging and immunity?

This is the starting point at each level of HPS GUIDED™.

This starting point values education, action and prevention and it gives you a sense of purpose in your health care.

Crunching granola is fun, as is jogging, hanging out at a gym with friends for a few hours every week, going for a swim or playing golf but, really, we need to get serious about our health care. We need to go deep.

Inquire into availability using the inquiry form at the bottom of this page.

DBC. Level 2: Untie yourself.

Mental and emotional healing matters!

It matters BIG time.

A lot of our stress, instability, worries and doubt has its source in the toxic overload inside our body.

That's why waste management is so very important if more peace is to be achieved in our lives.

Level 2 takes off where we left off in level 1, with an additional rigorous focus on waste management but moves also into mental/ emotional health care, into our psychological makeup, cleaning up the waste and mess there, too.

Us humans need to learn how to tame our minds. Too much stress, conflicts, aggression, sadness, regrets, doubt, anger, jealousy, ambition, brain fog, fears, worries and pride, etc.. All of that impedes and derails healing.

Mental health care isn't about getting more sleep, more exercise or cutting back on the booze.

Mental health care is about consciously taming the mind. It's about self-love. Mental health care improves our self-esteem, self discipline and self worth. In other words, WE BECOME FUNCTIONALLY HEALTHIER!

Everyone in the know will tell you that great health and efficient health care is a body, mind and spirit project, not one or the other but all three.

We need to eradicate the negative emotions both with regards to ourselves/ our lives and in our interpersonal relationships.

I like to call it a "brain drain."

If we don't do this our health will always be 'slipping and sliding' in innumerable ways.

And the consequences can be a Catastrophe.

There is still a ridiculous stigma around mental health care that prevents people from talking about it, let alone acting on it. Here, you are going to get over that! And profit.

The movies of my mind are beautiful because I chose to make them so... soon, I'm hoping to be able to show you how to make yours beautiful too!

Inquire into availability using the inquiry form at the bottom of this page.

DBC. Level 3: Recreate yourself.

Logically and empirically we have found over the past quarter of a century that taking ownership of one's body is a step by step process.

There can be no exciting rejuvenation if waste management and healing has not already commenced.

If it has then the next step is to rejuvenate the body, the vital organs, glands, tissue, fascia, muscles and immune system. When we do that properly, energy SKYROCKETS.

Level 3 continues the focus on waste management, mental health care, and moves into super productive health care.

The focus in level 3 is on "causes and conditions" rather than you just "freaking out" and "treating" symptoms.

The "causes and conditions' have been set in the previous two levels, both in body and in mind, NOW LET'S THOROUGHLY REJUVENATE and make the most out of all our work up until today.

Here in this level is where you recreate yourself!

Inquire into availability using the inquiry form at the bottom of this page.

DBC. Level 4: Sustain yourself.

Preventative health care is by far the best cure. It ends up saving you a ton of money, time, anxiety, pain and confusion in your health.

Level 4 finishes the focus on waste management, mental health, super productive health care and moves into the last part of the matrix, consistently successful health care.

Consistently successful health care is based on prevention...

Sustainable prevention isn't achieved (as the globalists claim) by vaccines, doctor visits and tests, vitamins, exercise or diet but rather prevention happens when we consciously limit the depreciation and depletion of vital life forces from our body.

You are leaking out vital life force all the time. It's time to stop the leakage because when vital life force finally and fully depletes, life is over. You become toast. Walking dead.


This is transformative health care.

This is self-help that actually makes sense.

Read him to see what a transformation meant to him  -->

Age 44
DBC Level 3

"A year ago December I started on the deep body care path with HPS-ONLINE.COM.

I remember feeling totally out of control with my health. I remember feeling tired most of the time. I remember what it was like to get sick on a regular basis - for me that meant once every month or two... and staying sick for a couple weeks.

I always needed to visit a doctor for some antibiotics to get rid of whatever was ailing me (I have to add that part of my low resistance to sickness has been due to having had my spleen removed.) And, if I missed getting 8 hours of sleep, I ran the risk of getting run down and sick.

A short 17 months later I weigh 60 lbs less and, more importantly, I feel completely in charge of my health.

In 17 months I have not been sick but once (i worked really hard at it too ).

I now get by fine with 6 hours of sleep and can go for periods on 5 hours.

My overall energy has improved significantly and I have a respect for my body that I never had before.

Perhaps most notable to me through this process is experiencing the connection between mind, body and spirit.

It is one thing to read about that connection - and yet another to experience it so obviously when you undertake a program like this."


Inquire into online availability.

Each level of HPS GUIDED™ is done at your pace and your convenience in the privacy and comfort of your own home, in your comfort zone.

Each HPS GUIDED™ DBC level continues for sixty to ninety days.

What? Would you prefer we pay attention to you only for ten days, or a week or two? Is sixty to ninety days of full-on attention to you and your health not in your best interests?

Three full months of daily personalized guidance, help, support and teachings at our online forum at no extra costs to you is included in each level... this constant attention to you is built into each level of the program!

Please note, Here at HPS you are not a patient of mine. Why not>> What does that mean?

Inquire into availability using the inquiry form at the bottom of this page.

Why 'Deep Body Care' matters: It matters because it's time to stop the heist of your health.

This is bold. Targeted offense. Body & Mind. Spirit too. Deep. Step by step. Level by level. An investment of time, energy and effort. An accumulation of skills, and skillfulness. An accumulation of self confidence in your ability to successfully care for yourself and your health. And practice.

A Renaissance in health means the changes in health aren't incremental, residual or temporary but rather fundamental, massive and sustainable. You'll be going deep into your body. You are going to find that 'sweet spot' that you've never found before.

That's why we coined this "Deep Body Care'.

The essential thing in religion is making the heart pure.

The essential thing in "Deep Body Care' is making the body pure.

Turns out targeted offense in health is the very best defense in health care.

Check out these nine different people... some in their early 30's, others in their late forties.

See what they say.

They're very much enjoying the journey!

They have changed the narrative. They've become talented and accomplished in their health. They've become skillful. They've reclaimed ownership of their body, mind, spirit and health. They've rewired it all.

In short, they have broken free from their past.

Let's be honest with ourselves...

Information isn't power in health and information isn't going to change your health, actions are power and actions alone are going to change your health.

Health moves in rhythmic cycles. There is no such thing as 'turn your health around on a dime'.

Genuinely fixing health is actually 'rebirthing' health.

And like with the birth of a human child, which takes nine months until it matures and is ready to enter this world... fixing, strengthening, renewing, reclaiming and revitalizing health takes time too.

If you get the rhythm right, you get your health right.

This is one reason why each level of HPS GUIDED™ DBC (Deep Body Care) spans three months.

We need to give your body time and space to adjust to the new rhythms and new cycles. While it is adjusting you want to be supporting it properly. You want to be nourishing it properly. You want to be limiting the depreciation of lifeforce properly. We intend to be there for you, with you, every step of the way.

HPS GUIDED™ DBC (Deep Body Care) is on very solid ground...

You'll find here a beat, a tone, a melody, a structure, a dynamic and a history that you've never ever had before in your health care. This is Renaissance health care.

Better health doesn't come in the mail.

Nor unfortunately does it come from 'eat well and exercise'. I wish it did, but it doesn't. The crazy 'off the charts' rise in cancer cases prove this. Cancer just LOVES a filthy dirty polluted body and mind. A mind full of deep hidden festering secrets. Cancer in the U.S.: 15 States With the Highest Rates of Diagnoses

Great health is not found in a doctors office, or a hospital. This is especially true regarding surgery.

The road to Hell is paved with surgeries. If someone tells you otherwise, you should know they are predators. Nothing more. Nothing less!

Narrative control is unfortunately everything nowadays.

Click here to see the narrative we've been forced fed for decades about health. It's been a very non productive narrative for the majority of Americans. They've pushed health and fitness products, 'eat well and exercise,' tests, vitamins and supplements, and costly surgeries yet these statistics prove its inefficiencies!

That narrative doesn't work. It's enriched "them" while keeping us in perpetually poor health.

If better health is on your agenda we're saying to you "change the narrative the HPS way and you'll end up fundamentally changing your health for the better in a very lasting sustainable way."

I recently received in May 2018 an email from a client of ten years ago, she wrote:


"I have continued to read and explore health literature and much of what I read matches up with your health philosophies. But some cleanses miss what you don't - the deep cleanse aspect, the online / direct support and your low key approach meaning I can do my cleanse privately it's not splashed across social media for everyone to see.

I've found myself returning to your website a lot lately and talking to others a lot about my cleanse experience. I'm not sure what exactly is holding me back and why I didn't pursue my 7DW cleanse further all those years ago. The more I read the more I see just how much the 7DW cleanse is critical for my health and in all honesty your approach has been the best, most thorough, tried, tested and proven approach I've seen."


The bottom line in health is choices... really, that's the bottom line.

And the very first choice you need to make is what narrative are you going to follow and spend money on.

Which system of health care will govern your health activities? We're following the above.

Our health care at HPS is intelligent, consistently successful, super productive and sane. Is yours?


Your immunity to disease, illness, the flu, health dysfunctions, weight gains and injuries is weak...

Not just yours, but everyone's.

Our immune systems keep getting weaker and weaker, decade after decade.

For example, there hasn't been a rise of virulent flu in 2018 as the globalist "fake" mass media would like us to believe but rather what actually has occurred is a continuous weakening of our immune systems which cannot defend us from pathogens, flu, bacteria's and viruses.

This weakening is happening because of the way we take care of ourselves and our health!

But they don't say that because that would mean the globalist narrative of health care isn't working.

That would be a bit too much!

So instead they blame the flu rather than imploring us to start blaming ourselves, to start taking personal responsibility for our own health and well being.

They tell us to blame the flu rather than blaming ourselves. Tell me that isn't absurd. They tell us to take a flu vaccination rather than telling us to immediately start changing our health care narrative (i.e., how we take care of ourselves) thereby strengthening our immunity, naturally and consistently year in and out.

Globalism pushes our health off a cliff.

Sad but true. Plain and simple!

Bow down, you are under their thumb till death do you part.

Fukashima = ocean poisoning
Fracking = ground water poisoning
Chemtrails = atmosphere poisoning
GMO = flora and fauna poisoning
5G mobile networks = electro magnetic radiation, i.e., energy and immune system poisoning

The statistics half way down this page prove the predatory nature of health care this past century. Cancer cases have risen over 30% in this past decade alone! Statistically, there is a one in four chance that you are next. Is that OK with you?

If we want resilient immunity, great health and strong fitness- the type that neither you, your family nor your friends ever had- this is how it's accomplished.

It's accomplished by you on your own...

By stepping up to the plate and rewiring your health, both physically and mentally. Step by step. Independently.

It's accomplished by you being skillful in the endeavor called healthcare.

And it is accomplished when your self-confidence in your knowledge, ability, skills and capacity to care for yourself accelerates far beyond what it is right now.

Here at HPS GUIDED™ your self-confidence is going to grow by leaps and bounds.

I told you already at the top of this page, I see health differently, act differently and dance differently. Our HPS narrative is different. Now you are starting to understand why I said that. This is a fantastically different approach and methodology than how you have approached your health, body, and your health care in the past.

Our HPS methodology in health care is rewarding and valuable to you because it gives you not just skillfulness but also CONTINUITY in the reformation of your body, mind, spirit ... for us, that is what health is all about- body, mind and spirit.

Anybody else on your radar talking like that? Any supplement? Any diet? Any detox? Any workout?

Of course this costs... any reason why it shouldn't?

With HPS GUIDED™ you are never alone out on a limb wondering "what's next?"

"What should I now do?" "What not to do?"

Nor questions like "how to do it?" or "when to and when not to?" or "why?"

Inquire into online availability.

Our HPS guided interactive level by level methodology insures that you progress in a sane safe warm supervised intelligent holistic manner...

Without that kind of progression there is no "caring" taking place in your healthcare.

Without that your health care stays cold, stale and mechanistic.

And when your health care is cold, stale and mechanistic your health ends up being like that too!

Last but not least our personalized attention to you and you having this program in your hands insures that the progression in your health continues for at least a good year or two, or more, rather than stopping in its tracks as is happening now because of the way you take care of yourself now.

It insures that both you and your body have the best chance to survive, and thrive!

To reach the maximum potential in the journey of transforming health- in healing, rejuvenation and prevention- in sustainably transforming your body and health back to a kids health- vibrant, vigorous, youthful and energetic.

There is no push, and no pull, in this methodology...

But rather just a sensible progression and a natural dynamic towards the summit of great health.

I don't think you need conviction that the results are sustainable, let the program prove it.

Some people succeed in putting the 'muse' back in music...we've succeeded in putting the 'care' back into healthcare.

2005 Poll ...59 votes... was this worth the investment?


Inquire into online availability.

We need "Deep Body Care'

Right now and onwards "the lifetime risk of developing cancer is one in three for men and one in four for women. Cancer cases rose 33 percent worldwide in the past 10 years" a 2016 study by researchers at journal JAMA Oncology say.

You read that correctly... one in three for men, one in four for women!

Who is next? You? Your neighbor? A colleague at work? Your sister? Your mom or dad? Your partner in life?

Think of four people... One of them is targeted to be next. It's statistically unavoidable.

This is what happens when we are constantly playing defense in health and when our health care is inappropriately oriented ... i.e., when we have no skills nor skillfulness to take care of ourselves and only buy products, products and more products.

When we lack the ability and the skillfulness to sanely take care of our own body, mind and health- but only have pills, meds, diets, supplements, exercises, fitness equipment, health products and costly surgeries.

The planet may very well be tired of the human race... so many new drug resistant diseases keep appearing, it's scary.

HPS GUIDED™. Take hold of my hands, follow my step by step instructions, pay attention to the program and my personalized feedback to you, and enjoy in the privacy and comfort of your own home at your convenience, the journey.

Yes, this is a health journey, not a product or just a program.

A phenomenal transformation of your body and your body's future health trajectory is the outcome of this journey.

And yes of course this costs! Is there any reason why it shouldn't? Have you found anywhere anything remotely similar, at any price? Or anywhere, with a documented record like ours?

Online for almost a quarter of century already, from 1996.

Hundreds upon hundreds of introductions and testimonials (over 400+) at our online forum. Tried, tested, very proven.


Each of the four levels of HPS GUIDED™ starts off always with our HPS DBC 7DW® (7 Day Wonder®).

The HPS 7DW® is a week of guided supported educational and instructional deep body tissue care.

The combination of therapeutic fasting, juicing, colon cleansing and home colonics combined for seven straight days done in the privacy of your own home, in your comfort zone, is our method of choice for deep tissue care.

If you want your body to be able to heal, to be able to rejuvenate and to be able to prevent we need to prepare the body to be able to efficiently do it. Deep tissue care is how we prepare it here.

Any one of the above therapies (fasting alone, or juicing alone, or colon cleansing alone or home colonics alone) is inferior and substantially less powerful than the combination of all four done together!

And of course, seven straight days of therapeutic fasting is far far superior to any intermittent fasting (which seems to be all the rage these days on the internet). Infinitely superior!

I mean think about it... wouldn't something concentrated, intensive, and deep be more productive than something done intermittently and casually? Wouldn't something that is done continuously for a specific period of time be more productive than something that is turned on, and then turned off, again and again?

Deep tissue care is a very important self-help health practice... the basic fundamental practice from which everything else good in health can grow because it prepares the body for healing, for rejuvenation, for prevention and for transformation.

But it is not on its own neither healing, rejuvenation, prevention or transformation.

Don't fall for the 'nonsense' you'll find all over the internet that one or the other is the answer to your prayers.

It's not... and I'm well credited to say that. I've been in this for over thirty years, day in and day out, not just with my own body but with thousands of clients to date, all over the globe in Spa's, retreats and of course here online too.

That's just greed for money.

Even when all four are combined together for one week, all it does is just prepare the body and the mind for the next steps to be taken... for healing, rejuvenation and prevention... and then it is up to us to make that happen.

If you don't know how to make that happen follow the HPS GUIDED™ 'Deep Body Care' program step by step, progress level by level, and you can bet the bank it will happen. We've been proving it, online, since 1996.

Oh sure, you can do a week of HPS GUIDED™ 7DW®, guided & instructional juicing, fasting, colon cleansing and home colonics combined even if you never have tried doing these therapies before, either separately or in union.

After all, this is done in your comfort zone!

You don't have to pick yourself up and travel anywhere for weeks or months, or years as I had to do. And after all, at HPS GUIDED™ you are never alone, on your own.

I had to pack up thirty years ago. Not only did I have to travel to far away lands, but I had to stay put there for years in order to receive the teaching and to practice...

Years in cleansing spas in Thailand, years in India, years in Nepal high in the Himalaya's in Buddhist monasteries. Plus plus plus.

I could easily write a thriller book just about that decade long journey, about those exciting, costly and time consuming adventures.

Here in HPS GUIDED™ you can ACCOMPLISH in 16 months with your body, mind and health what took me seven years (72 months!) to accomplish.

That's the beauty of this online guided program!

I have no doubt that you will succeed. Our online dynamic protocols guarantee it.

The HPS system makes it easy peasy for you... almost as easy as eating apple pie.

The proof is in the pudding... You have seen with your own eyes at our online forum that hundreds of people have already done this online guided program.

And most of them came back for more... for the advanced levels of the program (levels 2, 3 & 4).

If this was not made easy for them, if this wasn't made extremely productive for them, if this wasn't awesome and beneficial for them why would they keep coming back for more?

For the advanced levels of the program.

After all, the HPS GUIDED™ programs aren't cheap but still they are 85% cheaper than your annual health care insurance premiums!

This is head and shoulders over anything and everything you have ever done before for your health, vitality, immunity, aging and well being.

This is an offensive and targeted body and mind alternative health care program, in a league of its own.

Inquire into online availability.

Powerful and very empowering is not what most people find from their healthcare.

But isn't that what you want?

I did. I can't deny it.

Empowering and powerful was most on my mind when I decided to jump in and pursue this path in health for my own happiness and well being.
I discovered that lasting good health is about skills and skillfulness, and not about more products, information, exercises or pills.

My own personal experiences spanning over thirty years of vibrant health have shown me that any other approach or methodology for improving health, is inferior.

Can you personally say that about your health care today?

I mean think about it...

Have you ever found personal satisfaction and non stop consistent enjoyment from the health care system you're presently trapped in? Year after year? Has your health been phenomenally good?

Be honest... Has your health care been educational and rewarding not just for you, but for your partner and kids too?

Inquire into online availability using the inquiry form at the bottom of this page.


Kids have a very limited amounts of accumulated waste in their bodies consequently their energy, immunity, looks and health can thrive and consistently grow.

But adults have decades of accumulation!!

Anyone with weight issues has poo issues too.

When the physical waste inside our body is properly cleaned out, and our act properly cleaned up, your bowel movements (bm, poo) will look like mine... 9 to 14 inches long per day, everyday of the week!

Organ integrity and functionality, gland integrity and functionality and tissue integrity and functionality returns to normal after only a week of a 7 Day Wonder® waste management program. And weight seriously realigns too.

I believe most of us adults don't execute at a sustained high level in our health simply because no one has ever endeavored to teach us any health skills, or give us any skillfulness in our self-help health care.

We've had no choice but to 'fly blind' for decades. The globalist have taken over the stage. We had no choice.

All they do is sell us "stuff," sell us fish- sell us tests, products, diets, books, courses, meds and supplements, drugs, surgeries, health insurance, etc.- but they never turn us into a fisherman who doesn't need to buy fish anymore simply because he knows how to catch them himself.

To become a proficient fisherman we need feedback. We need a mentor. We need skillfulness. And we need practice.

Most people find that after all that jogging, yoga, dieting, meds, tests, endless supplements, probiotics and other fads, still, their health unravels like a cheap suit.

I'm not surprised. No mentor, no feedback, no skillfulness, and no practice.

You do know what poison, waste and pollution does to a human body, right?

If we don't pushback, if we don't take the offense, our health and weight will continually deteriorate no matter how well we eat, no matter how much we exercise and no matter how many supplements, nutrients and superfoods we consume.

Click here and see with your own eyes what is physically already inside of you... it's horrendous.

YES, in you. It's been in every one of our many hundreds of clients and in my own body too.

Why would you think it's not in yours too?

Intelligent people usually strive to apply intelligence in their health. Are you?

Intelligent health care  is only happening if you are making sure to keep your internal waste load factors consistently low, year after year.

Start today. Order today. Inquire into online availability.

Alzheimer's and DEMENTIA rates are projected to soar for decades. I'm not surprised.

I'll bet you 1000:1 that not one of those victims ever paid any attention to waste management... neither physical waste management nor mental/emotional waste management neither.

Now in their senior years there is so much garbage and so much sticky gluey waste/ poison that has accumulated and is lodged inside their body that it has overflowed into their mind too... the amount of accumulated waste is staggering... building up, backing up and cementing key neuro circuits in their brains!

Try talking to Alzheimer's patients that just keep shaking their heads 'yes'. It's so sad.

NO more punk health!

No more lost, confused and a boatload of anxiety about your body and health and where it is headed.

You acquiring a ton more skillfulness in your health care replaces all that ... not just more exercises, workouts, products, diets, information, surgeries and pills but rather HEALTH SKILLS. This is our starting point.

Are you going to continue to allow "others" to own you, or are you going to own yourself?


No yoga, diet, organic or vegan eating, workouts, intermittent fasting, meds or juicing even remotely addresses this waste, and consequently the trajectory of health is impaired and derailed. 

It's like a cesspool with broken pipes spewing poison, sludge and waste in every direction. It's already there, it's not something that might happen in the future!

Your pipes are already cracked and broken seeping out in every direction... you're experiencing health problems because of this.

We have got to start treating our mess and internal garbage- our internal waste, our physical and mental pollution- as the adversary which it has shown itself to be.

We have got to clean out and clean up our act on all the different dimensions of our existence.

The cost of not doing so far exceeds by multiples the cost of this HPS GUIDED™ online program.

Resist the temptation to write this off and have the humility to accept the limits of your own understanding.

Age 56
DBC Level 2

"Well, here I am at the end of my "sophomore" year at HPS University, Prof Jos-hua, MM, instructor.

As I have written elsewhere since starting the HPS GUIDED Deep Body Care program, I have always viewed this as a "four year degree" program and the first two levels have proved that, for me at least, this is an accurate and helpful mindset to carry as I work on my health journey.

I would identify perhaps five specific health changes as hi-lites of my HPS GUIDED journey at this point:

(1) my total cholesterol level has dropped from a pre-HPS level of 240 to a normal range level of 185. Other related readings are also in normal range.

(2) my weight after the HPS 7 Day Wonder L2 dropped another 8-10 lbs so that by some formulas I am now very close to my "ideal" body weight for my height and age and almost 25 lbs under my pre-HPS weight of 180.

(3) the tibs have become and remain a daily staple of my life style. I find this very, very amazing and satisfying. I have never been much on physical exercise, and so finding that I mentally do not want to miss these routines is really a major lifestyle change for me. I definitely notice if I skip a day and this further motivates me to keep them in my daily routine.

(4) my sinus congestion improved some more with the 7DW L2 fasting and home colonics activity and I notice that they begin to clear while doing the tibs and are usually fully clear by the time I am done. That being said, I anticipate that HPS GUIDED level 3 will bring even greater improvement in this area. Since I have lived with sinus congestion practically all my life, this is no small achievement even if it is still incomplete.

(5) the dry cracking skin I was experiencing on my feet and hands cleared entirely during L2 and I relate this to the parasite work that L2 introduces - specifically the zpng exercises. I will be working with this technique again to see if I can repeat and maintain the same results.

For those of you who are investigating HPS GUIDED DBC as a possible health program, I can recommend it with full confidence that you will get results.

The timeframe and exact experiences will to some extent be unique to you, but results will occur if you apply yourself.

The information is here, the tools are here, and as others have also noted, the support to help you stay motivated and on track is here.

That is very, very important. As I have learned from trying to engage in entrepreneurial endeavors on my own, the lack of a support group is a real hindrance to steady focused progress.

For those who chose to use it, HPS DBC will be without a doubt a major life event, period.

Each one must decide how much of what it offers he or she will adopt and assimilate into their life journey."

BREAKING FREE IN HEALTH IS POSSIBLE... It's a culture, a mentality, a philosophy and an attitude with health...not protocols, an exercise routine, a piece of equipment, a diet, a med or a pill.

It's about body and mind... it's about skills and skillfulness and not just more products, diets, information, exercises and pills.

Inquire into online availability.

When I Jos-hua the founder of HPS set out to totally take back and reclaim my health forty years ago (in my late twenties) I needed people in the know around me.

I needed them all the time, not now and then, not sometimes. But all the time. Week after week, month after month.

I needed a lot of personal attention to ME!

That's the way it is... without continuous guidance, instructions and help we mess up!

Why would you think you won't or you don't need what I needed?

Hello to all you CANCER VICTIMS and cancer patients around the globe.

Hello to the tens of millions of you. Best wishes from It's so sad. Really. I of course feel very very sorry for you... the excruciating pain, the endless suffering, the constant anxiety, the unlimited confusion and of course the HEFTY financial costs.

You are are suffering and being victimized because you didn't pay any attention whatsoever to any of the above, so what did you expect would happen to your health?

Really, what did you expect?

You ran solo...on your own!

No continous guidance, support or help in directing the trajectory of your health. You focused on diet and nutrition, biking and hiking, meds and supplements. No skills or skillfulness in your health care. One thing all cancer patients have in common is an acute lack of attention to their mental health. Each and everyone of you had/have deep secrets, deep hidden pains and fears, that sat and fermented inside of you for years. Neither physical nor mental waste management was ever on your agenda...Now you have cancer. You lost. The way you took care of your health was as ridiculous as sending Stephen Hawking to fight Mike Tyson. Blowback is a bitch.

Got clarity?

Get some, while you can.

It's time to stop looking at price and instead to start looking at substance.

Telling the truth is a revolutionary act in these times. Your friends won't find this memo at Amazon, so share this with your friends.

Skills and skillfulness and not just more products, meds, information and pills.

This is a serious self-help health program. A seamless health experience with a long track record online. Online since 1996.

Some people succeed in putting the 'muse' back in music...we've succeeded in putting the 'care' back into healthcare. 2005 Poll ... was this worth the investment?

Inquire into online availability.

Healing, rejuvenation and prevention becomes extremely challenging and difficult when vital life force is consistently seeping out of our body.

If we want to experience deep healing, rewarding rejuvenation and genuine prevention we need to jump-start it.

That's what deep body care does by limiting the depletion of vital life forces. That's how health care becomes super productive both today and into the future.

When you deeply go into your body, you're intimately making and enhancing a connection at the deepest levels with yourself.

Unlike at a doctor office, a hospital, a health food store, a spa or at a gym you're not connecting here so much with others outside of you as much as you are with yourself, intimately, spaciously and gently... deeply but gently, wholistically and safely.

Remember, lasting great health should be defined as our ability to independently and fully heal, rejuvenate and prevent for a lifetime. Anything less than that is just nonsense in health.


In my playbook anything short of breaking free is just nonsense in health.

Anything about healthcare that doesn't deliver A TOTAL BREAK FROM YOUR PAST is a waste of time, money and energy no matter how cheap it is or how expensive it is, no matter how famous they are or how not famous.

Anything that doesn't give us the health of a kid again, is stupid.

No supplement does, no pill does, no cream does, no exercise routine does, no medications do, no surgery does, no diet, organic eating, juicing or vegan eating does.


Inquire into online availability.

I cannot help everyone.

I am now already retired for a few years.

Therefore I can accommodate only 5 new clients per year but still, share this with your friends. How many people can you inspire today? Help them at the least become aware that a narrative change needs to take place.

Easy to digest, makes sense and our HPS success trail is long, decades long.

Offense in health usually wins.

It astounding because you end up reconnecting with yourself at the deepest levels, deep inside your body and with your mind too.

Try it, taste it, live'll most probably like it.

It's nice sometimes to try something new.  

Now take a quick look at me, Jos-hua, the founder of this website and the HPS GUIDED™ programs.

Compare this to what you are doing daily, weekly and monthly for your body and health.

Here is a short summary of my own health and health care story (including pictures of me and a bio) updated to 2018.


Let's get this party started then, shall we?

Anybody else
ready to individually work with you, LOOKOUT FOR YOU, be there for you day in and day out as you walk the path IN THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME to reclaiming full ownership of your body, energy, immune system, skin, weight and health? As you work through the practicalities and pitfalls? Through the therapies and protocols? Through all the different processes and practices?

Anybody else, or any other health website or fitness program, fasting, detox or cleansing spa, or any physical therapist you know making any effort to empower you? Any effort to give you AN EDUCATIONAL HEALTH EXPERIENCE encompassing 100 hours of teachings, support, guidance and instructions spanning three full months?

Anybody else going to hold your hands, LISTEN TO YOU and provide you constant feedback after each step you take, professional guidance, personalized instructions, love and support as you climb the mountain of retaining great health?

Inquire into online availability.


With HPS GUIDED™ self-help you can successfully end the heist of your health.

HPS GUIDED™ ... you are not just going to reclaim ownership of your body, mind, vital life forces, energy, stamina, looks, immunity and immune system, internal organs, weight, feelings, longevity, freshness and overall health but your ATM and other cards too!

Click the above 'ownership' link to see what I mean, why I say that.

Share the above!

How is it that I myself and my online guided clients are achieving all this healing, energy, rejuvenation and good weight yet you and your friends aren't? Inquire into availability.

Think Big or Go Home. The above few paragraphs aren't just information... they are wisdom in health. Share them with a friend. Kindness does improve mental health.

Still in doubt?

Don't be...

We have an online record that spans decades!

Time to do what must be done... Get inspired ... see the endless possibilities.

More interested to see what those in their mid to late 20's have to say about HPS GUIDED™ DBC? Take a look here.

Our over fifty crowd... amaaaaaaaazing!

Astounding stories regarding weight and body, mind, immunity and health they will share with you.

Read their full testimonials at the forum (you'll find a back link to the forum), not just the snippet given in the page.

Minor health issues frequently deteriorate and turn chronic. Chronic means for a lifetime. Watch your step, you're next in line and the globalist are coming for your checkbook.

This online guided HPS health program remedies that...

We're playing offense with our body and health, not defense.

You should too!

Inquire into availability using the contact form below:

May 2018... Our Spring Sale will be on throughout the month of May.

US$ 699 only for level 1 only. Three full months of intensive personalized health care in your hands.

This is your chance to finally taste what "real" health care means.

I run this sale at a loss for one reason only... I know there are plenty people who would love to try this but they don't have the $1,700 to do it. So this is my way of giving back to the universe.

Yes, this is exclusive health care for the fortunate few. In this sale there are places available for only three persons.

Let's get that body of yours into shape for your new bikinis, summer is just around the corner. Let's get your energy levels substantially higher, lots of biking and hiking to do this summer.

HPS GUIDED™. DBC.  Level 1. US$1,700.
3 equally split payments are possible if you are financially pressed. I'd prefer one, but I'll move to your favor and accept three.

"Hello HPS GUIDED™. I get it... this is superior health care which leads to superior health. I'd now like to know about availability as I understand places are limited to only five new persons per year (and only three during a sale), payment methods, and whatever else you think I should know or need to know prior to ordering and commencing this online guided program with you. Thank you Jos-hua!"

Please note we run a tight ship...that's how we keep our sanity in this business. 

We need to know your age, gender and the country of doing this program in. We do not service all countries. Input that information into the above form.

Beyond your age, gender and country of doing the program in it would also be wise to tell Jos-hua and share a bit about yourself too when you contact us using the above form... tell Jos-hua about your physical and mental health (past and present) and what you want out of this program. And out of your life!

Are you single or married? Any kids? Any relationship problems? Any mental health or emotional health issues like occasional or frequent outbursts, bursts of anger, addictions or depression? What kind of work do you do? Is it stressful? Do you like your work? Feel free to expand. What things have you done or are doing for your physical health and weight right now? Tell Jos-hua your story. The more he knows about you the better he will be able to gauge if this program will work for you too. This is a serious program, not a fly by in the night proposal.

We also would like to know what date is best for you to commence this HPS GUIDED™ online program, and alternative dates which might be convenient too. Thank you for your cooperation, and good luck! BTW, if you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to include them too.

We said good luck because this guided online program is not available to everyone.

There is no automatic acceptance. Jos-hua wants to see in your application "Please help me."

These past couple of years DUE TO JOS-HUA'S RETIREMENT places online are limited to 5 new persons per year. So obviously of course, the more he knows about you and your health the better chances you have of being accepted. You bet Jos-hua has a chip on his shoulder. With a record like ours why shouldn't he? This is an exclusive proven alternative health care program with a very long track record online, with incredible lasting healing, rejuvenation and prevention results. Awesome accomplishments. For ages 21 to 65 years young. Hundreds of documented records at our online forum, documented by our clients in their own words.

For those persons financially pressed three equally split month after month payments are accepted. Bitcoin payment is also accepted too if that is what you prefer.

** When contacting us you will not be asked to sign up to any mailing lists nor will you be signed up to any by us. Your email address is secured. Also you should know that your email address will not be shared with others, or sold. You can rest assured of this.

Please note:

1) Bring your partner, lover, best friend or family member along and both of you will enjoy a 20% discount off our list price. That's US$680 dollars in your pocket today, (not applicable during a sale or promotions).

2) We have a special affinity for training young people so that they don't end up like their parents did with their health. Prove to me that you are under the age of 24, or you are a student. If so, I'll give you a 50% discount off the above list price (not applicable during a sale or promotions).

3) We are always open to voluntary exchange instead of a cash payment. Contact us to see what you can exchange, what you can offer us in exchange for you doing this program. We have a strong interest in your website and social media marketing skills.

4) September 1, 2018 prices are going up to US$2,600 per level.

P.S. For your peace of mind know when your message is sent successfully you'll see a green notification above the message box saying "sent successfully." Please don't forget to tell Jos-hua your age, gender and the country in which you'll be doing the program in. We do not service all countries.

P.P.S. If the above contact form isn't working (i.e., no "sent successfully" message appeared) you can always contact us by email at program [{at}]


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