"... and then everyone woke up deaf and within hours died, except Bill Gaytes."


Online from 1996.
The insanity stops here.
Body mind spirit and soul care.
Deep body care™. Adultcare™. Something excitingly different and rewarding for health. The experience is the cure. Designed for ages 24 to 65 years old.

"If this program sounds too good to be true that's natural because "you can’t understand yet what you haven’t yet been a part of." - Jos-hua the HPS medicine man.

This is health care for adults only. That's why I coined this Adultcare™. It is advised that anyone younger than 24 years old not try to do this.

Let's begin... True or false?

"Your health still is nothing to write home about."

Is that true or not?

If that's true it's so very sad because after so much time and so much money you still don't possess the type of health which I'm going to show you below.

Our clients have so very much to write home about their health. I'll be referencing them below.

In health we can either complain, adapt or create new situations, new opportunities.

This guided instructional and educational health program is about creating new situations, new opportunities for your body, mind, health and life.

Hmmm... new situations/ new opportunities. That's so easy to say but not so easy to do.

Check our online forum to see that we've been creating new opportunities and new situations for our online clients for a quarter of a century already. Our clients will tell you in their own words about their accomplishments in health.


I want to give you more than just a glimpse of great health.

I want to make it your reality.

I want to see you sustain it for decades just as I have with my own health.

When I Jos-hua the founder of this HPS project set out thirty five years ago to sort out my own health four criteria were foremost on my mind, a. reduce costs; b. address performance issues; c. whatever I'll be doing has got to be safe, natural and holistic; d. whatever I'll be learning and doing has got to executable at every age (i.e., 30, 60 or even when I'm 90).

We're focused in this guided instructional health program on curing, rejuvenation and AVOIDING... avoiding pain and illness, avoiding crazily expensive health bills, avoiding someone else dictating what we need to do for our health, avoiding the endless jerk around regarding our health and its prospects.

If you wish to avoid health issues the first steps are to cure, heal and rejuvenate.

Once that has been done prevention becomes very much an opportunity.

PREVENTION will not be successful if your health is still disturbed. The slate must be cleaned. First cure and heal. Then rejuvenate. Then prevent. Those are the steps.

This health program is for those who value their freedom.

Cure, heal, rejuvenate and avoid beats working out, dieting, doctor appointments and unneccesarily popping pills. Treatments pacify but they do not cure or heal.

Whether you’re a tech genius, a fashion fanatic or a brewery buff this program is for you.

Whether you suffer from eating disorders, addictions, weight issues, sickness or a serious illness this program is for you.

My mantra for health is plainspeak... Health IQ ...in other words you acquiring some skills and skillfulness for your health rather than just more useless costly health, beauty and fitness products, information overload, diets, dumb exercises and toxic pills.

Don't want to try this? Don't want any skills and skillfulness in taking care of your body, mind and health. I'm cool with that. Keep doing yoga and hanging out at the gym and see where that gets you. Or pound the parks and the pavements if that's your thing for health. Perhaps your smartwatch will save you. Or maybe you prefer the doctors office or the ER.

After all it's your body, not mine. You have to live in it forever, not me.

Here's what happens when you raise your Health IQ -->

Have the wheels already fallen off your bus or are they about to come off soon?

To ignore this program for health would be like fighting in the arena with one hand tied behind your back.

This guided instructional and educational health program was born from my own personal journey to superior health spanning 35 years.

HPS GUIDED™ is the result of a decade long search which took me to Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Tibet, China and Japan. Those who do this guided health program are the beneficiaries of those ten consecutive years in the trenches.

Yes, it took that long to put all this together and even longer to verify that the awesome results which I was experiencing weren't transitory.

Only once I was absolutely convinced that the results were long lasting did I decide to share this publicly, and the rest is history.

Prior to discovering this deep body care™ path for health I was suffering.

I suffered from overweight, bad skin (funguses, zits, chafing), hemorrhoids, fatigue and stress (actually chronic fatigue), genital herpes, constant neck, stomach and back pain, a sweet tooth (sugar addiction), chronic bad breath no matter how much I brushed or used mouthwash, frequent colds, frequent infections, headaches and migraines, broken nails, hair loss, bloody gums when brushing, dandruff, constipation and irregularity.

And of course I also suffered financially from the medical bills that go with all that let alone mentally and emotionally from the anxiety, confusion and time lost, time which needed to be dedicated to my health, to my body mind spirit and soul.

With this health program they all disappeared never to come back again! I said all, not one or two, but all. In place has appeared an insatiable curiosity with regards to how far, how deep and how high health actually can ascend.


Most people, when they say health, they're referring to their body.

But that's a mistake.

You "the person" have four dimensions to "the you"... body mind spirit and soul... your health is an amalgamation of all four.

If you aren't incorporating all four dimensions in your healthcare, your health will never be lastingly good, let alone lastingly great.

Great health appears when you properly establish a relationship with all four dimensions of your being.

More on that when you do the program.

HPS GUIDED™. No more inconsistencies, inconveniences, confusion, anxiety and double standards.

Share this with some friends. They will thank you.

Not only can we cure, heal, rejuvenate and prevent but more so the potential is here to transform your health. That means your health will never go back to what it was before HPS GUIDED ™. Never ever again.

You can expect skyrocketing energy and immunity. Weight lost is a byproduct of this program, not the core reason to do this.

Weight almost always stabilizes at its optimum point when the body is healthy. When the body is not healthy weight becomes an issue.

Click and read his full story right now at our forum...

Skills and skillfulness for health. The 60 lbs he lost weren't a result of dieting or working out. There is no dieting or workouts at HPS GUIDED™. His sixty pounds weight loss is a result of him elevating his health, integrating it, and properly developing his relationship not just with his body but also with his mind spirit and soul. He just "found"himself (his own words) weighing sixty pounds less. And it never came back.

If you've been doing yoga for the past 17 months (or longer) ask yourself "did the following happen for me?" Was all that time and energy devoted to your yoga really worth it? BTW, the yoga you'll be doing here takes 15 to 20 minutes only from start to finish.

Now click and read David...

Pick up the phone and tell a good friend what you just found here.

This is self-help with guidance.

You don't stroll around here alone.

Information isn't power. Actions are power.

Here at HPS GUIDED™ you'll be taking actions that lead to a very perceptible improvement in your health. What exactly are those actions? Do the program and you'll know.

Anyway, it's not the "what" but the how. And the "how" here is unique to HPS GUIDED™.

When you don't stroll around alone on your own (which is what you probably have been doing for years), you don't get lost with your health.

I'm going to be guiding, instructing, helping you up if you accidentally slip, and teaching you every step of the way. We are going to walk the path together towards vigorous energetic youthful health.



The plan is to be showing you your true colors and to show you how you are to welcome vibrant health into your life so that you can independently proceed with the health, wellness and wellbeing cycles on your own without my assistance, or anyone else's.

Ecxema and psoriasis are unpleasant as is graying and wrinkling but it's possible to live with those things. Same with a bulging abdomen, headaches and sleepless nights. They are uncomfortable and unpleasant but they don't kill you.

Heart disease, cancer, long covid, dementia, diabetes, arthritis, high BP, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and chronic pain aren't just uncomfortable and costly to deal with, they are disablers too.

How about we eliminate from your life not just the unpleasant and uncomfortable but the life threatening too!

All the below and more can be terminated.

This guided educational self help health program is how I don't ever allow my health to traumatize me. Ignoring this program will hurt worse than passing a kidney stone.

SEE how many of the THINGS that are bothering your health, i.e., problems and issues, are on this "abbreviated" list.

Actually, the list could include thousands of different illnesses, health dysfunctions and conditions. An abbreviated list just serves to show a few common issues which most of the population already suffers from.

They are just "things," don't give them any other label than that. They are living rent free in your body and mind. It's time for them to move out.

We're going to eliminate them all, those on the list and those not yet on it. Can you imagine what that feels like? Can you imagine how much time and money will be saved?

Can you imagine what type of life you can enjoy when you're not petrified of getting chronically ill? To have the self confidence in health that most people never attain.

All your health issues, past present and future, imagined and real, specified and unspecified, major and minor, big and small, painful and not painful, explainable and unexplainable are going to become history. And we have the records to prove it.

Not more treatments.

No more talk about procedures.

Not more dieting, exercising or costly endless pill popping.

We're just going to eliminate them all. Deep body care™. You know, pack their bags and put them on an airplane heading south.

I invite you to clean up the messes in your health and inside your body. I invite you to cure, heal, then rejuvenate, and then learn how to prevent (in that order). For ages 24 to 65.

I invite you to stockpile some skills, wisdom, skillfulness and self confidence for your health.

Outcomes count!

INQUIRE TODAY into availability of an online place for you.

"The experience is the cure"

OUTCOMES MATTER / theories, claims, hope and promises don't

Click and read them all at our online forums. Hundreds upon hundreds of introductions and testimonials confirming everything I'm saying here today to you. The before and after in their own words.

You don't need to germ proof your car. You need to germ proof your body, spirit and mind -->

  One heck of a story. Click the image to read her in full at our forums.


My name is Jos-hua. I'm the founder of this HPS alternative health care guided online program. A shout out about me here (including pictures).

HPS MEANS HelpingPeopleSurvive.

Putting Shoulder to the Wheel...


Our methods, tools, strategy and tactics for health are different. Contact us by email to discuss these methods, tools and strategy and how they are relevant to your health and your situation. I have no intention in spilling the beans here today. Health should be a very private matter.

A different way to heal.

A different way to prevent. A different type of ageing. A different type of fitness management. A different type of weight management.

A totally different relationship with yourself and your health. A different type of integration of the self with health.

At the touch of a finger you'll enjoy and have all the protection you need, twenty four seven.


We've rewritten the rules about health.

Beyond you seriously finding yourself for the very first time in health self educated in health (i.e., being intelligently able to connect all the dots) you'll also be experiencing the following...

Bye bye doctor appointments, bye bye endless meds, tests and costly drugs, bye bye weekly therapy, bye bye sweaty exercise drudgery, bye bye "stupid" dieting.

If that doesn't tickle you how about this too.

Bye bye cravings, bye bye sweet tooth, bye bye non stop vitamins, creams and expensive supplements, bye bye high BP and cholesterol issues, bye bye blood clots, bye bye insomnia, bye bye being a germaphobe, bye bye cold sores, herpes and shingles, bye bye hemorrhoids, bye bye getting up to pee three times a night, bye bye rash, funguses, thrush and unpleasant odors emanating from your body, mouth, armpits and private parts, bye bye tonsil stones, bye bye ED, bye bye infertility, bye bye nasal congestion, breathing obstructions, asthma and hay fever, bye bye arthritis and diabetes, bye bye confusion, fear, pain, depression and anxiety, bye bye Mr. Chiropractor, bye bye bloat and bulge, bye bye skin issues, digestive issues, constipation an$ irregularity, bye bye dieting, bye bye calorie counting, bye bye heart beat counting, bye bye step counting, bye bye crazy health bills which if you don't do this self-help health program inevitably will get crazier and crazier as you age!

The chickens are home, roosting and watching NetFlix.

The beauty of all this "difference" which our clients outlined for you above is that it saves you tons of time and hugely sufficient amounts of money while delivering superior health, superior immunity, superior energy, fitness and ageing too. At least that's how it has played out for me and them.

Is there any reason you know of that you think the same won't happen for you?

I welcome you into the fire of self discovery through health. This fire cannot burn you. It can only burn what you are not.

Body mind spirit and soul care. Simultaneously. Together.

Under one roof.

In one guided health program. Online.

Educational, instructional and practical.

Deep body care™. Adultcare™. Enormous accomplishments in health.

Quick, swift and pocket friendly.

Online from 1996.

INQUIRE TODAY into availability.

Take a FREE QUOTE today.

You can only hold back rising flood waters for so long before the levee breaks somewhere along the river.

Please be advised that participation in this guided online health program is by online appointment only. Places online are very limited and exclusive. I'm as busy as I could possibly be. For ages 24 to 65 only.

BTW I have no intention of becoming a crutch for you.

I intend for you to realize like I myself have realized freedom in health.

If you click on each of our clients testimonials you'll be seeing how each person absorbed, Integrated and accomplished everything I just said above, everything that I intend to do for you too. They tell you how it is.

I can help you bridge the gaps.

I can help you return to your center of gravity.

Body mind spirit and soul care.

You are always welcome to bang me an email, feel free to ask anything you'd like to. Or tell me where I'm wrong about health. I'll surely reply.

Click to see what our clients discovered in their bowels.

If you haven't yet subscribed to our HPS GUIDED™ level 1 deep body care™ online guided course you really should. Giving one week every year to your health rather than having to give 52 weeks like you are doing now is so self indulging.

OUTCOMES COUNT / theories, claims and promises don't

This is so much more than just a common cleanse, a detox, intermittent fasting or a diet of any sort.


You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.....

WE'VE SEEN it again and again...those who previously couldn't cure and heal (let alone rejuvenate and successfully prevent) get over the hump with HPS GUIDED™.


SEX for health rather than sex simply just for lust and pleasure (yes there is a whole world in sex that is thousands of years old and you've never even heard about it let alone ever done and enjoyed it). I've made this deal too good... Everything you need to cure and heal is here including your sexual prowess in bed and reproductive health too.

Click to contact us

Press, crunch, push it.
To build something new you have to abandon the old. Take a look at your face differently.

If you like your workouts, you can keep your workouts. Same with your doctor, diets, vitamins and tests.

But I found myself not needing them anymore. I tapped into myself.
Many others have here too!

I've been rewriting the rules in self help health care for over a quarter of a century already, and winning.

BTW you'll only find me and this program here. I don't do any socmedia no facebook, twitter nor youtube. This is not available at Amazon either. I don't write books nor give interviews. I used to offer offline brick and mortar retreats but I don't do that anymore either. I only do this. HPS GUIDED™ online. Censored and shadow banned by Google since 2012. I take that as a badge of honor. Share us with your friends and followers. The chances of your friends finding us on their own are close to zero.


Share the facts with those who see….

“There are three classes of people: those who see, those who see when they are shown, those who do not see.” – Leonardo da Vinci


When your body and mind hurt your spirit and soul get decimated.


You don't. We proceed together.

Inquire into eligiblity and availability online

HPS GUIDED™ The experience is the cure!

Body mind spirit and head care.

Warp speed revitalization. Online.

From 1996.

Private. By online appointment only.

For ages 24 to 65.

Guided educational instructional.

The less you know today about health the better off we will be together, you'll have less convictions holding you back.

I try to make it easy... play concept (the program), playmaker (you), accurate quarterback (me) and a whole lot of other variables including tactics and strategy, culture and depth, offense and defense. Special teams too.

Here you'll stop feeling out of your depth in healthcare.

Nothing invasive. No long term commitments (you can always go back to what you were doing before for health), no membership fees, no reorders allowed, no rehashes. This is a one way ticket to health.

No meal plans here. No discussion about carbs and protein. Or calories. If you are really really hungry for better health, lasting better health, the full meal is being served here. Meal plans, calorie counting and dieting isn't part of the plan. To those in the know about great health it has never been part of the meal.

I will not be selling you any products or equipment whatsoever, just this guided program. You will need some tools. Every gardner, carpenter or builder needs the tools of the trade. If you don't already own them I'll be directing you to vendors who sell them. You order from them and pay them directly. Buy from them or from any other vendors of your choice.

I will not be lecturing you, endlessly entertaining you with videos or endlessly feeding you information. Information overload does nothing good for health. Precise INTELLIGENT surgeon like action does.

Here in this alternative health care program I provide an interactive experience for your health. That will give some steadiness to what we want to do.

That's how it has played out for me and many others here. I don't see any reason why it won't for you.

Inquire into eligiblity.

Helping People Survive


Deep body care™

Body mind spirit and soul care.

More than just a remedy.

Online since 1996

Be the light unto yourself and shine upon the world. If you want to know a little bit about me Jos-hua the founder of this health program START HERE. Pictures too. Suffice to say I live this. That's how much I like it.



Deep body care™

Body mind spirit and head care.


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Tina, age 35, USA,
HPS GUIDED™ level 4
   <-- read her at the forum

"...less headaches, deep wonderful sleep, less stress, tons more energy, younger looking (I was recently in Argentina visiting friends I hadn't seen in 2 years- (I started this program 18 months ago) and they all insisted that I had had a face lift- they couldn't believe how young I looked!)....

Emotionally and spiritually I have gained so much peace, more patience and tolerance, flexiblity, less fear, learing to live w/out expectations, just an enhanced way of living life and all that one encounters in a lifetime. Let me just say that I am grateful for Jos-hua, for HPS GUIDED, for all the wonderful people who are part of this support group."

Greg, age 45, USA,
HPS GUIDED™ level 2

"Cholesterol levels Plunged! Cholesterol : 164 ( now lower than normal low of 175 ) Ldl (bad) Cholesterol : 105 (104 is low of normal range ) Bilirubin : 1.9 ( still high but dropped 59 %. )"


Connie, age 53, USA,
HPS GUIDED™ level 2

"I will never look at food the same way again. I thought I was eating what was good for me."

Rachel, age 22, USA,
HPS GUIDED™ level 2

"Nothing can come close to the experience of actually seeing long tubes of rubbery shit come out of you, and after seeing that you'll be a believer for life."

OUTCOMES MATTERS / theories don't

Outcomes count / CLAIMS DON'T


Safe, natural, holistic.

The conscious experience is the cure!

45 - 34



Inquire into eligiblity.

She is remarkable.

Read her.

Image   Anna, Homemaker, age 45, USA, HPS GUIDED™, level 1

"I have suffered with stomach pain my entire life...
So in a nutshell, here's what I experienced through my first HPS GUIDED, some of which I hoped for, others I had no idea would improve from doing this program..."

Curious? You should be!

Inquire here.

Image   Richard, Teacher, age 34, USA, HPS GUIDED™ level 4

"I will never be able to put more than a dent in the debt of gratitude I feel toward Jos-hua, his teachers, my own dear friends in the HPS-Online family past and present...without the caring and support from each and every one of you over the years, my life today would be very different. Your personal stories and wisdom, your own trials and triumphs, all this has been an integral part of my own development... try to find that in a bottle of pills! "




Educational. Practical. Hands-on. Guided.

The experience is the cure.


You want to be great? You got to give something in return.
Adult healthcare.
Recapture your life.
Put the wind back into your sails.
Pay now so that you can get repaid in quadruples.
Accountability. Knock it out of the park! A million bottles of CBD or the best hybrid Hindu Kush flower still couldn't do this.

Contact address is program@hps-online.com

For more information, a free quote or inquiries into availability please email. Restrictions apply.

We do not service all countries.



Check out this page and share it too! Everything good in health starts from deep within the bowels. Starts in the gut. If your bowels aren't moving everyday, your health isn't either. Do your bm's (bowel movements) look anything like mine? Email a friend those pictures. Or better yet post a link of that page and this page on Facebook. On sale today! You both can do this at the same time, online and interactively, or INDEPENDENTLY at your timing of choice and then compare later. Hmmm... I wonder who's going to end up looking younger, being stronger, feeling lighter, looking better?

Who you gonna share with, or tell?