Notice: this online health program is not available to you if you are younger than 24 years old.

Maybe you just need a snicker bar.

Fly baby fly.

He got skillful quickly!
He packed up all the rats and this is what he was left with, a new story in health. Change the rules and you end up with changed health.

That's just one thing you can experience with your health by doing this guided health program. Online since 1996.

No drugs, meds or supplements. No workouts, diets or portion control.

Tried tested and proven. Working for you.

How many times has your health been 3rd and short yet you ended up having to punt again?

You probably don't talk about health this way. We do. Change the language and the outcomes change too.

ascend your health.

Outcomes count.

Supplements, videos, health apps, smartwatchs, Pelotons, yoga and free shipping can't do this for you. Neither do rounds of golf or games of tennis. Nor Pilates. Nor doctors and meds. Nor surgery. Education, guidance, practice, love and dialogue can. Different rules for health. Click this image. Read him in full at our previous forums, from a whilom era.

Take the shades off. Come into the light. Spend some money here. Buy a program. Want to be a Superbowl champion? Buy all four. You have nothing to be afraid of least yourself. Your looks, energy, weight efforts and health are going to take off, and stay on!

   Click this image. Read him at our old forums.

"Nothing short of an amazing experience."

Click to find out.






How many times are you going to punt this year? If you're punting you are not scoring touchdowns!

Curious? You should be!

READ ON. I'm not messing with you. This is how it is here. Amazing. Inquire when needed otherwise continue as you are. After all it's your body not mine. You have to live in it forever, not me.

Click this image, meet Tina.

"They couldn't believe how young I looked!... Emotionally and spiritually I have gained so much peace, more patience and tolerance, flexibility, less fear learning to live w/out expectations, just an enhanced way of living life."

Heal and rejuvenate.

Cure and prevent.


Deep body care™
From the inside out.


Body mind spirit and soul care.

Crafting health for a better life.

Remember this ...

In health you can only craft your body with the cards you have been dealt with.

In this guided instructional health program I Jos-hua am the dealer.

I'm hoping to not just give you an edge in health and longevity but more so to bring your healing energy, immunity and prevention to a whole new level. Weight consequently just naturally follows and disappears. Sometimes we just need to snicker.

I come from a tradition where you do it yourself and then spread it to others.

HPS GUIDED™ delivers what doctors, tests, gyms, endless workouts, endless yoga, endless meds, drugs, surgeries, more tests, more skin creams, vitamins, eating vegan, meditation and dieting usually never has, and probably never will.

Anyway, alone on your own? In health, for health ??

You're kidding, right?

That puts an even greater burden of responsibility on you. You don't need more of that. You got enough on your plate already.

I've been helping people like yourself revolutionize their health for over 25 years already. That's a long time. You're in good hands here. For ages 24 to 65. Pay to play. That's the American way. Brain over brawn. Mind and body. Lasting sustainable results over fiction, hope and faith.

You're too old to be a rookie and too green to be a pro.

Wouldn't you agree?

That means you need help if your health is to become anything like mine and my patients.

HPS GUIDED™ has a game plan... enriching health, not restricting it.

When you enrich your health inevitably life becomes much more richer too.

I want to take you to a few new places for your health, weight, looks, energy, immunity and ageing.

Places which I'm sure you haven't been to before.

Places, things and processes within our bodies. Places, things and processes which deliver extraordinary health.

Places, things and processes which once you grasp, learn and practice with me (I. e., you become familiar and comfortable with) you can and will find yourself safely doing on your own independently for a lifetime just as I do...and profiting from forever.


Designed for people like me and you. Adultcare™

Simpler and easier

Deep body caring™

Cure. Heal. Rejuvenate. Prevent. Simultaneously. Together.

Body mind spirit and head care. Simultaneously. Together.

Under one roof. One program. In one go. Online from 1996.

Meet Dorothea. Definitely worth reading her in full. I dealt her a new hand for her health. Read her. Click and learn how a transformation of health begins. This was her level 1 program. She progressed at her pace and convenience through all four levels of deep body caring™ as taught in HPS GUIDED™


This is a significant moment.
You're worried about your health.
Maybe not panicking yet but still, you are worried.

HPS GUIDED™ is a holistic "practice" health program. Not a treatment but rather a self help do it yourself health program. Alternative health care. Under my tutelage you "train and practice" for just three months in attaining vigorous energetic youthful health. I'm going to walk you through all the steps at your convenience and pace. Practice beats treatments both in time, money and quality of health results which you can attain.

Our solution for everybody is to address simultaneously both your body mind spirit and head, alternatively known as deep body caring™ which is what we're doing here. Robust vitality. Pure and holistic. Body mind spirit and head care beats body "only" health care everytime, every step of the way. Every day. And it saves you a ton of time and money too!

"Nothing short of an amazing experience."

Deep body caring™ is frequently associated with quality life improvements. DBC™ is not a fad. This is serious, lasting and sustainable self-help DIY healthcare that puts you fully in control of your ageing and health. Managing health this way gives you an edge. A competitive edge to constantly cure, heal, rejuvenate and to prevent, at your timing and place of choice, forever.

There has to be an "us" perception of health with strong humanistic elements. The deciding factor in any game is the rules. Change the rules and the outcomes change too.

We will be doing this together and I'll say right now you are going to appreciate this. More than you can imagine right now!

"I just can't explain to you the joy I feel"

Three types of people find themselves doing this guided online alternative health care program:

The healthy. Those who wish to elevate their health, their- healing, rejuvenation and preventative- powers beyond the ordinary.

The sick. Those who have had health issues that haven't disappeared, didn't go away in a satisfactory manner, but still to their credit they are not prepared to surrender to them.

The fed up. Those who are exhausted. Fed up. Their mental, emotional and spiritual health has been depleted. They need a refill and a fuel which keeps thee tank full.

I Jos-hua unfortunately found myself in the second two categories when I started down this path of healing coupled with vigorous prevention at 29 years young. Once on the path I found myself wanting more, wanting rejuvenation and preventative powers and measures beyond the ordinary. And so I've continued doing this program year after year. It's been an all gain no pain proposal.

Wanna play a game of health?

Something is not right with your body and you know it. That feeds into your mind too. Does depression start in the mind, or body? That's a legitimate question. Heart disease, arthritis, overweight? Where are they starting? From the body, or the mind? Legitimate question. You just don't know how to fix it thoroughly. And prevent new stuff from happening too. Seems like everything is just a patch. And exhausting.

I can help.

HPS GUIDED™ The experience is your cure!

Body mind spirit and soul care.

Click this image.
Go beyond this snippet.



I tend to look at the body as a place and not an object.

I can help you overcome so much.

Make the most of your quarantine time.

This self help guided health program is the quickest way to get out of a bad place.

I'm so happy that middle age managers, engineers, mothers, artists and sports and fitness fans can introduce something like this into their lives.

The weight loss which our clients mention frequently is not a focus in this program. It's simply an added value by-product that comes about with very little direct effort on your part.

Click this image

Cure, heal, rejuvenate and prevent.

This is like fucking with an angel.

You can never get enough of that!

Online, guided, educational and instructional.

This is what is going on here online for the past twenty five years.

A different way to think about your health.

A different way to play the game of health.

A different way to talk about health.

Wanna play?

Click this image. Meet Julee. To call her results anything but spectacular would be an understatement! A completely new story in health has emerged for Julee. Different rules for health. She's playing by our rules now. Please read her before reading what I have to say below.

"Left me drug free... I am 43 and am [now] mistaken often for someone in my early thirties... But the other benefits far outweigh the physical."

It's hard enough to even imagine all that happening let alone do it.

No yoga, treadmill or organic meals have given you this. Nor have the diets and doctor bills. Nor the Pilates or running /jogging.

With all due respect at HPS GUIDED™ we will be taking your health to a whole new level.

Probiotics and prebiotics are wonderful, as is kombucha and apple cider vinegar as are smoothies, green and herbal teas, as is Chee Gung and mindfulness nonetheless that's not the end game. That's a beginning. A good beginning. One which you shouldn't disregard right now but can in the future if you so wish to. Whoever told you it is the end game has some explaining to do.


Why does one bloom and the other withers?

After all both have all the information, both have access to all the products, both have all the accessories and shoes and both have done all the tests. Why aren't both blooming?

"You were only waiting for this moment to arrive." (thanks Paul)

In health SKILLS AND SKILLFULNESS MATTER / products, theories, claims, calorie counting, hope, fitness equipment, free shipping, information overload, meds, probiotics, promises and pills don't.


That's our starting point!

Pull the curtains back and look outside. Let's together go for a ride.

You need some acumen in health. A few people have been questionable when coming over and have been anything but!

Meet Maz and her health. She took four rides with me/us. Maz had a lot of health issues. More than the average person usually does.

More than you for sure!
Like more than twenty years worth.
Click and read her at our forums.

She stopped playing their game for health. She plays by different rules now. Click this image. One day all health care and weight care will be like this. Outcomes count!
Do you have this vibe in your life?

Doctors can't do this. She came to us after tens of different doctors.

"My long list of health problems are gone completely... And I feel like I am in my 30's again. I just feel full of energy and truly alive."

I Jos-hua would argue that you don't have to grind in health. Really, there is no need nor any tangible benefits.

If you're looking to get ahead of your middle ages (35 to 65) instead of falling behind like most people do, try to apply more brain in healthcare.

If you're looking to heal today and cure any illness or disease (even chronic ones) deep body care™ is a powerful incentive to start with.

If you're looking to prevent health problems, injuries and to age gracefully this is your address too.

For ages 24 to 65. Your mind is just as powerful as your body is. Let's declutter it a bit through health.

I suggest applying more brain power, intelligence, common sense, humility, intuition and sanity in our healthcare. Now that's firepower!!

Let's simply intimidate and overwhelm our conditions, weaknesses, illnesses and health grievances with wisdom and then with simplicity endeavor to respect our health in a very deliberate and methodical way, in a systematic manner from the "insides out," from within.

From deeply within.

Reclaiming that figure

Reclaiming that life

Deep body care™
Adultcare™, The 7 Day Wonder cleanse®

A different way to cure and heal.

A different way to talk about health.

A different way to prevent. A different type of ageing.

A different type of fitness management. A different type of weight management.

A totally different relationship with yourself and your health.

A different type of integration of the self with health.

Take a step beyond the ordinary for health with HPS GUIDED™ ...

Shock yourself

Guided, educational, instructional. Online.


Exactly what you need. Exactly what you never had. Exactly what's very very difficult to find. Take advantage of your advantage.

Educational, instructional and practical.

Deep body care™. Adultcare™. Enormous accomplishments in health.

Quick, swift and pocket friendly.

Online from 1996.

Pick up the phone and tell somebody about this new way for health.

Actually it's new but ancient too. Some of the therapies in deep body care™ go back thousands of years. Unlike a lot of modern medicine,, they are well tested. There's something very different for health going on here. A different way. Something which makes health very rewarding and exciting. And sustainable.

Anybody else talking like this to you?

Unlike most everywhere else the emphasis here isn't on selling you more products and more pills, selling you more exercise equipment and more diets, selling you more medical devices, more supplements and more vitamins, selling you more myths about food. No one here wants to sell you more of the same.

At HPS GUIDED™ the emphasis is on SKILLS.

You acquiring some skills and skillfulness for your health. With skills we tend to notice self confidence follows. With self confidence an open heart can arise. That's how the transformation process starts out. We transform not just ourselves but the world around us too.

These are some of the intangibles which pills, meds, dieting and exercising rarely ever gives us. With all that in hand you will swiftly cure, heal, rejuvenate and prevent.

It happens all the time here!

Deep body care™ is how I Jos-hua knock it out of the park.

Let's play a game of health together. Your chances of scoring multiple touchdowns rather than just a field goal here and there grows exponentially when you bring me onto your team. A different way to talk about health. A different way to do health.

Body mind spirit and soul care, loving it


Anti ageing program
Jos-hua at sixty.

HPS GUIDED™ There is no better feeling than a win.

For the past 25 years I've been offering those lucky enough to find me a revolutionary cure driven by this self help system for health.

Take what you want and leave some behind. Even after leaving some behind you're bound to find yourself way way ahead in the game of health.

Body mind spirit and soul care.


Skills and skillfulness in health instead of just more information overload, exercises, meds, tests and more stupid pills.

"I have a respect for my body that I never had before."

The sick became healthy.

Those who thought they were healthy became much more healthier.

The lies unmasked, the scams shot down and the misinformation let go. That's a recipe for much better health both now and into the future.

Here's how this works...

Offense sometimes, not just defense all the time. That's how we escape the gulag.

Deep body caring™ is our method of choice.

I teach you new rules for health in HPS GUIDED™. I deal you a new hand of cards to skillfully play the game of health with. We go on the offensive together with a bunch of new tools, actually weapons, in your hands with me by your side guiding and teaching you. We do the program together.

With this type of methodology you acquire self confidence in health. The experience becomes your cure. Whatever ailments you arrived here with they recede into the shadows never to see the light again.

It's the same process for everyone irregardless of their symptoms.

That's why the results you have been reading about are what they are- always the same- AWESOME, repetitive ascending health, rewarding accomplishments irregardless of the severity of symptoms. HPS GUIDED™ The experience is your cure.

When we acquire some skillfulness in self help health we are playing a whole different game in health, energy, immunity and ageing.

Instead of fear of our health (especially as we age) because of our new-found health we stay calm and acquire and accomplish self empowerment.

You are what you think, not what you eat.

HPS GUIDED™ provides you with a new set of rules for health, a new game plan, new plays and a coach to win the game with.


I'd like to show you how to change the rules for your health, healing, weight management, immunity building and longevity.



Refreshing. No?

Ideas are nothing until we make them real.


I mean really, HPS GUIDED™ beats putting more money into stonks right now! I mean there there is the possibility of losing. Here that isn't a possibility.

Winning with stonks and stimmies aren't forever, HPS GUIDED™ is.

Inquire and apply here
Not everyone can afford right now to do this guided health program. If you can't bookmark us to come back when you can afford to do this. Participation online is consciously limited. The less people I have doing this at the same time, the more extra time I have to give to you at no extra costs to you.

I want to see your health at the least as good as mine.

I personally dropped the health insurance too twenty five years already. I'm very happy to have arrived at this place too. That's big big money which has stayed in my pockets instead of theirs. I'm not suggesting you do the same, I'm just pointing out how secure HPS GUIDED™ deep body caring™ has made me feel about my own body and health.

Discover now how we accomplish this- physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually- in HPS GUIDED™ and what the outcomes are.

The outcomes obviously are the focus today.

If the outcomes are meaningless the how to is obviously meaningless too.

OUTCOMES do MATTER / outcomes count!

If you have high blood pressure a cold is not just a cold.

The how to you learn while doing this program.

Look, this is a completely guided program. That also means this is educational and instructional. In other words purposeful.

The only thing you got to do is turn up on time for day one. After that you are free to turn up whenever you want.

You have to make that happen by yourself, alone on your own. I can't make you turn up. That's a free choice thingy that free people have.

Once we get passed day one from there on out, for three months straight, you are never alone on your own.

I Jos-hua will be here for you at our very new forums, with you, every step of the way teaching, explaining, guiding, instructing and sharing.

This is all laid out in detail for you in your setup manual, which you can download already today upon receipt of your payment.

Whatever I say to you today you can't really yet get it, really understand what we're doing here and the ramifications for your health and vitality because you've never done this before, never experienced this before. Could you really understand what ice cream is all about without experiencing it?

Nonetheless I'll mention one how to today, that being the 7 Day Wonder®. See below. You'll learn the other methods, strategies and tactics while doing the program. The experience is your cure.

This is not faith based health care.





Not subscription based.

Nothing is pre-packaged or pre-sliced here.

Innovation. If you want to play at a higher level in health welcome to HPS GUIDED™, my online health program. Ten years in the making prior to going online. Tried, tested, proven. Guided, educational, instructional. Online since 1996.

In case you are like myself bad at maff that's already a quarter of a century online! You can't stay in business for long, surely not for a quarter of a century, if you are selling crap or ripping people off UNLESS you are a politician.

This is how to get out from a bad place.

What have any of them done for you lately (or actually ever when you think about it) ?

How frequently does their model for health care accomplish anything constructive which you can rave about two, three or four years later?

I'd like to make a suggestion.

Your solution is not to play.

Not to play their games in health, for health, and instead equip yourself with some skills and skillfulness for health. Change the rules of the game and almost immediately new outcomes start appearing.

Something beyond hard work and sheer determination is what HPS GUIDED™ is offering you.

To successfully step beyond hard work and sheer determination you need different rules to play the game by.

At HPS we take frequent small steps supplemented periodically with hugh major leaps (e. g., the 7dw, see below).

Do you have that capacity to go a bit beyond crawling, to take small steps, small incremental steps?

If you found your way to here, I'm sure you do. I've been leading you step by step through this page. Small steps, one by one.

I want to share with you everything I know about health. The before, the during and the after.

You can get everything you need for health here. You don't need to go anywhere else. See the proof repeatedly below.

Good news for all you heavy zantac buyers. After doing this program you'll never have heartburn again.

Creating new lives

We've rewritten the rules on how to take care of one's health so of course the above has the potential to happen, can happen, does happen. Read the most exciting curing and healing stories below!

In Hollywood this might be the climax of the story, but here at HPS we are just getting started. Join in. Streamline. Yes, this costs money but that's how you save money. Pay in cash, credit card, bitcoin or gold. Multiple three even payments possible. Buy now Pay later in short.


Imagine you in your late thirties and forties feeling like this?
Mine definitely did! As did my late forties and mid fifties too. Now my sixties do too.

"I am now healthy beyond anything I thought possible... That plus I am actually getting younger."

Do me a personal favor and pick up your phone and tell a bestie! Help me put more eyeballs on this page. They will thank you. They'll discover here what needs discovering. Body mind spirit and head care, integrated, combined together, under one roof in one very proven online guided health program. Swift, easy and pocket friendly.

While reading this page it is critical to watch what is done by my clients rather than said by me.


Professional opinions seem to vary in health. "Get a second opinion" is a frequent comment. Friends and family always say it. It's a dinnertime staple for many of us.

In our HPS opinion conventional Western medicine (allopathic healthcare) is excellent for a hi-tech diagnosis but that's about it.

For curing and for healing or for rejuvenation and prevention walk across the street if you are playing to win the game of health.

Let's get down to business...


I'm assuming they matter to you too.

Otherwise why would you be here?

Now, if you’re spending money and you’re getting a fantastic return on investment, then cost shouldn’t be an issue.

The problem is spending money and failing to achieve any meaningful outcomes.

To me meaningful outcomes mean an elevation of your health. An ascension. Not a return to what was but instead a self evident unambiguous elevation of your health, heat and heart. And it must be lasting! Otherwise why to aspire to that?

It doesn't matter what they say. They haven't fixed your situation. They haven't fundamentally improved your health. That's because their system is built to treat. Treatments are a cash cow. Curing and healing is not.

You need some help. You have needed some help for quite some time.That's what I do. I HPS. I HelpPeopleSurvive.
And thrive!


Of course you can!

I'd like to show you how to so as to make it sustainable and lasting.


Online, guided, educational and practical.

If music is the universal language of mankind hassle free time saving health care is the domain of the few and fortunate.

Four levels in all.

Buy only what you need.

One introductory level (level 1) and three advanced levels.

The advanced levels build upon one another.

Each level encompasses 12 weeks only. That keeps it fun and makes it doable for you.

There is a beginning and a clear end here. It's the end which I want to draw your attention to. And another beginning if you so wish (the advanced levels) at your timing and place of choice.

I hate when things don't end in health. Don't you?

When they don't end they ultimately become undoable.

Like going to the gym. Slaving away at the gym. It has to go on forever. Uugggh.

Or taking vitamins, everyday no less. Everyday forever is the edict. What a scam!!

Forever and ever. Meds forever for our different conditions. More scams!

Health insurance payments forever. One of the biggest scams! First they make you sick, then they make you buy health insurance forever year after year... Health insurance is the mother of all scams! Actually covid shots have taken over that title. Jabs every few months forever. I take my hat off to them. Just brilliant.

Or nutrition facts to remember, forever. Or counting calories every meal. That's three or more times a day for 365 days, or more. Forever? Or counting steps. Total craziness! Can't do that. Don't want to do that. No need to do all that.

Body mind spirit and soul care week in and week out for twelve straight weeks only. That's it. No more. No forever. Move forward I say.

Live normally, work normally, play normally for eleven of those weeks. Just for one week only you'll need to seriously devote yourself exclusively to your body, mind and health. That's good for you. You never have "devoted" yourself before in health. Surely not like you are going to experience in HPS GUIDED™.

That also means you shouldn't go to work.

You'll have to stay home and follow the program. Everything to do is laid out in detail and I Jos-hua will be by your side daily for that week, so your back is covered like never before.

During this week we'll be doing the HPS 7 Day Wonder®.

That's just part of this bargain.

The 7 Day Wonder® (7dw) revolves around one week only of guided fasting, juicing, colon cleansing and home colonics (combined together) plus some other things supporting that week. Before you start the week is already over. It goes by quickly.

Don't say you can't do this. The only "can't" in your mind soon will be the one where you say "I can't wait to do this again."

An HPS 7 Day Wonder® (7dw) is the most beautiful and amazing experience for health. It is the epitome of "from the insides out" for health. And it moves the sticks.

Weight loss in HPS GUIDED is a by product of the 7 Day Wonder® (7dw). An added value by product.

Weight loss is not the focus of your activities here. It just happens. Not much focus is needed.

Every time you read our clients mentioning weight lost you should note that they never directly engaged in activities commonly recommended in traditional weight loss circles e.g., calories counting, dieting, exercising, or whatever. None of that goes on here.

BTW, it's the same with the slowing down of the ageing processes that you read our clients repeatedly mentioning. The anti ageing they experience is a by product. A side effect, albeit one with rewarding implications.

Don't worry you can do this. It's easy the guided HPS way. A 7 Day Wonder® week is the opening salvo in HPS GUIDED™ deep body caring™... The enemy (health problems) are going to run. Be scattered. Weakened. Mortally wounded. Resistance is crushed. It's truly a week of wonders. All the other weeks after is just mopping up and reclaiming ownership of your health.

HPS GUIDED™ deep body care™ is done in the privacy and comfort of your own home at your convenience and pace.

Move out of the compulsive cycles of life and transcend. Each level is guided and instructional. Safe and holistic. And very very educational. Educational in a common man's way, not in a scientific or medical manner. Very personalised. Conducted in your comfort zone, at home.


How about giving it a try doing something about da COVID also? A 7 Day Wonder® will do that for you. You do know don't you that all those jabs are doing horrid things to your body chemistry and biology. You don't yet see it because it's going on deep inside your body but rest assured, it's going on. Let's start reversing that and purifying that. Come do some deep body care™ with me Jos-hua. It's not yet too late but soon it might be. Imagine them, more jabs are on the way. It's criminality.

From today ask your doctor, fitness coach, yoga teacher and health food store what cards they have been dealt. Not their degree's and certifications, but cards?

The experience is the cure!

For ages 24 to 65 years young, LISTEN up!

You need a signal caller who sees the big picture.

Nowhere will the stage be bigger for you and for your health or the lights brighter on you than at HPS GUIDED™. Period. End of case.

You can buy all the shiny tools, fitness equipment and medical devices you want. All the apparel, shoes and accessories too. All the supplements and vitamins you think you need, drink all the smoothies and green tea and collect tons of nutrition information yet still you are missing what you have always been missing for your health, the most important cards in health... Skills and skillfulness in managing your health always beats endless products, information and pills.

In the longer term this is awesome in helping to protect your finances (from big medical, beauty and fitness expenses) too!

Come-on, let's play. Win win win. Basically it's time you own your health. I'm not going to ask you to do things that I haven't seen thousands of people before you do here nor things which I haven't done for my own body, on my own body, numerous times. Many numerous of times. You're in good hands here.

You can't know this if you don't do this. It's like yoga, you have to do it to know it.

OUTCOMES MATTER/ outcomes count.

Yoga is nice. I've been doing it for over 45 years but you should understand that deep body care™ goes a thousand different places that yoga never would, or could.

HPS GUIDED™ is a guided holistic and educational deep body care™ program. Adultcare™. Hands on. Your hands. My head, knowledge and experience. Together we're going to rewrite your story and enlighten your spirit.

One day hopefully all healthcare will be like this... a tight PROACTIVE guided educational collaboration between you and yourself and others on the same path for health.

Skills and skillfulness for health.

See for yourself... see below. In their own words. Online from 1996.

Helping you discover what needs discovering.

Body mind spirit and soul care.

The type of health care that no-one ever gave you before.

Everything listed on this page and much more are game in this program.

Nobody wants soggy fries.

HPS GUIDED™ is where exhaustion, aches and pains, sickness and disease, fatigue, weakness, overweight, injuries, wrinkles, pimples, cysts, polyps, tumors, addictions, depression, confusion about health, anxiety, bad ageing, headaches, migraines and disabilities come to die.

Pre-diabetes, pre-dementia, heart disease, allergies, high BP, constipation and irregularity, arthritis, asthma and cholesterol issues have also gotten crushed here too!

Deductibles and co-pays die here too. As does dandruff, crepy skin, breaking nails, hair loss and bad looks.

This is 'total' systems health care. We're tied to the web of life.

Your nervous system, digestive system, reproductive system, hormonal system, endocrine system, circulatory system, respiratory system and elimination systems all get rehabilitated, rebooted and renewed simultaneously at the same time. In other words reformed.

The major glands of the endocrine system are the hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid, parathyroids, adrenals, pineal body, and the reproductive organs (ovaries and testes). The pancreas is also a part of this system; it has a role in hormone production as well as in digestion.

Lastly let me say infections, parasites, threatening bacteria, inflammation and 'man made' viruses meet a formidable opposition here. Cancer too. But I can't say more than that because as you know if I do the government will be crawling up my ass. We've already been censored and sandboxed by google for nine straight years. All of them are the domain of big Pharma (the second largest industry on the planet!) with government protection, especially cancer, heart disease and now these days particularly covid.

Abbott labs because dignity demands it. Really? No shame.

Outcomes count.


No food plans, food preparations, sample menus, portion control or any specific recipes to follow. Your old recipes are just fine because you love them. Now I want to teach you to love your body and health. Soul care.

And calorie counting is not allowed simply because it is a total waste of your time on a daily basis.

Calorie counting does little for your weight but totally messes with your head.

If you can bring yourself to commit to not maintaining your old status quo for the coming three months I welcome you to HPS GUIDED™ online.  

The experience is the cure!






Contact us to inquire into availability. Places online are very limited and exclusive.

Online since 1996!

One day all health care will be like this.

Pre-book your place RIGHT NOW.

No advance payment nor credit card required to inquire and pre-book.

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Great health starts in the mind, not in the body.

You are what you think. You aren't what you eat.

That's why we sometimes call this Adultcare™. Children can't get it, yet.

Your teenage kids can do basic body care (diet, exercise, play sports, manage health apps, count pills, monitor a smartwatch, etc.) but that's all...they cannot do deep body care.

You on the other hand can be doing a whole lot more than you've ever done before.

I'd like to show you how to. Adultcare™.
Online since 1996!

The experience is the cure.

This is so much more than just eating organic, a colon cleanse, a detox, intermittent fasting, going to Pilates classes or a diet of any sort.

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Curious? You should be!

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"Nothing short of an amazing experience."

HPS GUIDED™ is elective health care not mandatory health care. Front to back, from the inside out, is how good health handles the threats to it and the chaos around you.

In the past, many whom were healthy faced a crises. Now, more than ever many are simply terminally ill. That's the world we live in.

Put the wind back into your sails. You don't want to be the last ones sticking around when the party ends. Join me for a health adventure now, not next year. Inquire today.

US 1,950 per level.
What's the point of paying all this money? The point is to win! This is not a little patchwork done. This is a new body better than the other older one.

Anyways the last thing you need is savers remorse. You got enough on your plate already.

There are four levels in all to HPS GUIDED™.

Take advantage of 50% DISCOUNTED promotional packages when prepurchasing advanced levels (levels 1 plus levels 2, 3 and 4) now. Contact for a quote. INSTALLMENT payment plans are available.

Contact address is

For more information, a free quote or inquiries into availability please email. Restrictions apply.

We do not service all countries.

If inquiring about availability please include the following information...

1) Your age and gender.

2) The country you live in, and city. In other words the place you'll be doing the program.

3) A short history of your health, the symptoms you are especially keen on eliminating and those you seek to prevent (for example some people have genetic family dispositions beyond the everyday stuff that you and I have to deal with).


For the first time ever those who do this guided program will experience from within what it feels like when your body belongs to you.

You are frequently going to find yourself saying to yourself "this is too good to be true." It must be fake. That line is generally said by underachievers. Discount it. It never allows you to put yourself miles ahead before the race even starts.

Please frequently remember to remind yourself that this is all good, real and true. Wholesome health care. We're real people. Having an online forum proves it to you.

Please also remember that participation in this guided health program is exclusive and very limited. Two new places are available every other month for two new people wanting to start this guided and educational alternative health care program. Inquiries are to be made by email only. Inquire above.

Take note this is a journey that extends over twelve weeks (in the privacy and comfort of your own home, in your comfort zone at your timing, convenience and pace. No zoom calls whatsoever).

HPS GUIDED™ is not an event, not a pill, not a diet nor an exercise routine. It's a journey. A body mind spirit and head care journey. An adventure in health.

In health obviously everything feeds off of everything else but here with HPS GUIDED™ there is a style which you won't find elsewhere. Discover what needs discovering.

I do not take compensation of any type from health care companies and I have been doing my own research in the sector for over 35 years.


I leave you today with one blessing!!! Om Shanti. May your health know peace.


Check out this page and share it too! Everything good in health starts from deep within the bowels. Starts in the gut. If your bowels aren't moving everyday, your health isn't either. Do your bm's (bowel movements) look anything like mine? Email a friend those pictures. Or better yet post a link of that page and this page on Facebook. On sale today! You both can do this at the same time, online and interactively, or INDEPENDENTLY at your timing of choice and then compare later. Hmmm... I wonder who's going to end up looking younger, being stronger, feeling lighter, looking better?

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