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DBC™. Deep Body Care.
Renaissance health care.

If you knew how to do this you'd love doing this too. The experience is the cure.

Restorative medicine.
Body, mind, spirit and soul care.

Educational Instructional Health Program.
Guided. Online. Proven.
Step by step program. Level by level.

Long track record. Online since 1996!
Mature online forum/support group, too.

On sale today!


You want SUBSTANTIALLY better health?
Lasting great health?

You are not GETTING it!


You're too CHEAP, too BUSY, too DUBM or too POOR to buy into this.

Or maybe you are just a "doomer".

Whatever. It's your body, not mine. You have to live in it, not me.

Here at HPS GUIDED™ we are rewriting the rules for self-help health care.  And winning!

When you rewrite the rules, you rewrite the game, and the outcome too. Ask the Ministry of Truth. They do it all the time.

This cost! wE wANT yOUR mONEY. We don't give a fuk about your other bills.

Four dimensional health care. NEW YEARS EVE POLL. 59 votes.
POLL- Was this worth the money?

Body, mind, spirit and soul care.......

Restorative medicine. Heal, rejuvenate, prevent, and transform. The experience is the cure. It's BEYOND ecstatic. We are NOT ON any SOCIAL MEDIA, this is so private, so it's here or nowhere! Got it? Get it. Feel it? Know it.

We need to change the way we think. We need to change the way we take care of ourselves and our health. We need to change how we relate to this world. Serf's never get far. Psychopaths end up dead. Rich and famous sucks. Where's life headed? To a nuclear catastrophe... the PROPHET has spoken. Now fuk off or read on. BUT JUST DON'T STAY THE SAME!!!!!

Start your engine.

No vegan or organic eating, no yoga or intense workouts, no supplements, vitamins or magic herbal potions, no dieting, detox, intermittent fasting or colon cleanse will give you what HPS GUIDED™ gives you... Nor will vegan pancakes, Botox, a week at an expensive high end spa or a ten day holiday in Hawaii.

Yoga is nice but this takes you a thousand places yoga never could, or would. I'm saying that as someone who has been doing yoga for over 42 years already!

Is your health anything like our HPS clients?

Are you living, breathing, talking, walking and writing about your health like they are?

You could be!

IN THEIR OWN WORDS... Take note of our clients comments throughout this page.
Click their links to read them in full at our online forum. You can find hundreds upon hundreds of testimonials at our online forum.

This is what healing, rejuvenation, prevention and transformation when combined together, under one roof, TASTES LIKE.

This HPS GUIDED™ health program is by appointment only. Inquiries into availability are done by email. Don't phone me. I won't pick up the phone. Email only.

Image   Julee, Mother, age 43, USA, level 2

"I am in a size 12 from a size 18. I am 43 and am now mistaken often for someone in my early thirties. I no longer suffer from IBS or GERD (unless I slip from good food combining for longer than a week) and no more high blood pressure, all of which also left me drug free!"

Image   Thijis, IT sector, age 37, Holland, level 4

"I am now healthy beyond anything I ever thought possible and I have an acute awareness of and control over the human vessel. And even now, still with every HPS level, the knowledge of my body's processes and the tangible physical sensation of wellbeing is growing. That, plus I am actually getting younger. I feel better than I did ten years ago when I thought I was in my best years, and soon now I will also look better. The knowledge you will gain through this program and the support forum is priceless."

Image   Richard, Teacher, age 34, USA, level 4

"I will never be able to put more than a dent in the debt of gratitude I feel toward Jos-hua, his teachers, my own dear friends in the HPS-Online family past and present...without the caring and support from each and every one of you over the years, my life today would be very different. Your personal stories and wisdom, your own trials and triumphs, all this has been an integral part of my own development...try to find that in a bottle of pills! "

Image   Tina, age 35, USA, level 4

"...less headaches, deep wonderful sleep, less stress, tons more energy, younger looking (I was recently in Argentina visiting friends I hadn't seen in 2 years-(I started this program 18 months ago) and they all insisted that I had had a face lift-they couldn't believe how young I looked!)....Emotionally and spiritually I have gained so much peace, more patience and tolerance, flexiblity, less fear, learing to live w/out expectations, just an enhanced way of living life and all that one encounters in a lifetime."

Image   Louise, Massage therapist, age 56, USA, level 4

"This HPS GUIDED DBC program has been like getting into a time machine and traveling backward in time. Who would have ever thought you could become younger in body but grow in mind and spirit."

HPS GUIDED™ quickly turns Doomers into Bloomers! Click the link and watch this video. Get a feel what a "doomer" is all about.

Feel Alive Again. No price is to high to pay to take back and reclaim full ownership of our health. In health there is only one thing that matters to me... it's the record that counts! Everything else is either theory, presumptions, hope and dreams... or false claims and promises.

We've got one hellov' a record!!!

When was the last time you had a real substantial and lasting uptick in your health?

The type of uptick where you ended up saying to yourself "this is out of this world...gosh, my health is playing on a different level, in a different league and in a different ballpark."

I've found that unfortunately most people have never EVER experienced that feeling in their life, but here in HPS GUIDED™ many do. Let's see if you will too!

Image   David, age 44, USA, level 3

"Amazing Journey, I weigh 60 lbs less... Perhaps most notable to me through this process is experiencing the connection between mind, body and spirit. It is one thing to read about that connection – and yet another to experience it so obviously when you undertake a program like this. Where once I felt like I was blocked emotionally and spiritually, I find that the physical cleansing “unblocked” more than my colon."

Image   William, Electronics technician, age 49, USA, level 1

"I will begin by saying that some of you will find this testimony hard to believe, and rightly so.
If I were someone that had not yet experienced the HPS GUIDED 7 Day Wonder Deep Body Care program, I too, would be suspicious. Those of you who have experienced this program can relate to what I am about to reveal..."

Image   Maz, Housewife, age 54, Australia, level 4

"Yes, all my health problems are gone completely and I feel like I am in my 30"s again---but then what are 30"s, what are 50's-- I just feel full of energy and truly alive, emotional EVEN and STABLE and that is such a blessing!!! I do not have days of "feeling up in the clouds" or days of "life is crap" anymore--just that constant even calm inside!! WOW"

Here's the point...

Your health orbits around your body, mind, spirit and soul. There are four parts to your health. If you ignore three parts of your being and are addressing only "the body" part, the gravitational pull of the other three is without doubt going to destabilize your health. Your body inevitably loses its balance and equilibrium due to the gravitational pull of mind, spirit and soul. Consequently, a fragmentation of health sets in. There is some sort of a constant schism playing out. The ongoing development of this schism, fragmentation and its calcification makes it harder than ever to accelerate health to the upside. In fact, health turns to a downward trajectory... slowly initially and then that downward trajectory ultimately picks up speed. Minor health issues ultimately transform into major ones, sometimes even life threatening ones or incurable ones. In other words the chances of healing, the chances of ever fully recovering, EVER SERIOUSLY PREVENTING and ever rejuvenating are stacked against you. They are stacked against you because a body "only" system of health care is a failed myopic system of health care!

Here's the bottom line...

HPS GUIDED™ is Restorative medicine. Here you'll be TRANSCENDING the body "only" approach in health. But don't misunderstand me, there is a lot of body care going on here. A lot of attention to the body, deep inside. Transcending the "body only" approach doesn't mean we ignore the body, JUST THE OPPOSITE. We pay a lot of attention to the body, more than you ever have before. We do that properly and then simultaneously move on to mind, soul and spirit too. These are the other things beyond "just" body which need our immediate attention too. I'd like to say based on our stellar record that here you will definitely heal, rejuvenate and learn how to prevent too. But in all honesty I cannot promise you that... who knows what is going to happen?? But I can say you'll discover something very new... and that something is related to what healing is and how it unfolds with your own body, what rejuvenation is and how it unfolds with your own body and what prevention is and how it unfolds with your own body. HPS GUIDED͐. We're discovering. I'm hoping whatever you discover here will be rewarding, good for you, wholesome and valuable to you! After all you'll be investing here time and money. What's the point if all that doesn't happen?

Image   Spencer, Manager, age 26, USA, level 1   

"Lets face it, alot of people claim to have the answer and most don't! This program was nothing short of an amazing experience.... I feel more alive than I have felt in a long time."

Step away from the meaningless junk and recapture your health. Step into our Time Machine. In this program we use both biological and mental vectors to do that. Safe, natural and holistic. Swift, easy and pocket friendly.

Unload from within. The HPS GUIDED™ way to health and in health care has cured hundreds of health issues
and prevented thousands more. Weight lost is just a nice free added-value side benefit which we don't even bill you for. Look younger, feel younger, be younger just as you were twenty years ago. Reclaim that state of being.

What kind of presence do you want in this world?

For me, certain things that certain people want compromise on, aren't open for debate. Health is one of them. Without confidence in our health, without some skills and skillfulness in our health all we are left with is products, diets, information, doctors, stupid exercises and pills. That means our presence in this world is weak. And it becomes even weaker as you age. You the reader, right now your health care is probably based on a BODY "ONLY" approach to health. In other words both your health and your health care is one dimensional.

I would like to help you fix that!


Feel ALIVE again. Start right now with Alan Watts ~-> How to Get Your Mind Back --> Click to listen.

If the above is a bit too long for you, try this one, it's half the time. Alan Watts --> Overthinking Will Kill Your Reality --> Click to listen.

And if that one is still too long for you this one is half of that one! Alan Watts --> There's Nothing Wrong With You --> Click to listen.

BONUS: Alan Watts --> TO HAVE A SILENT MIND IS TO HAVE A RICH LIFE --> Click to listen.

You see it's quite simple, when health is a body "only" venture, you miss out on all the above! Join us... Body, mind, spirit and soul care. Integrated. Under one roof.

This HPS GUIDED™ health program is by appointment only. Inquiries into availability are done by email.

colon cleanse  

Reclaim ownership of what's yours! If he could, you can. Restorative medicine. Renaissance health care. Deep Body Care. Four dimensional health care. The experience is the cure. Cut out the (((middlemen))) in your health. Body, mind, spirit and soul care. Healing, rejuvenation, prevention and transformation. Velocity, trajectory, acceleration. This is like stepping into a Time Machine.

Image   Dorothea, Graphic designer, age 51, Canada, level 1

"Oh, and did I mention that my bowel movements are more frequent now than they were last year, when I thought everything was fine? Only a month later and I'm having an unheard of 2 bowel movements every day!!!!!"

If you don't read our clients, you'll never know what a renaissance in health feels like to them, to someone outside of yourself. The above and below soundbites are just soundbites. To get their full experience click and read each and everyone of them. The changes in their health are not just thrilling, but lasting too.

Sometimes we have a strong sense of what our destiny is calling us to do, but we don't feel quite ready or brave enough to answer the call. We need a push, an intervention, a serendipitous stroke—what you might call "Fate Bait." FATE BAIT is a person or event that awakens our dormant willpower and draws us inexorably toward our necessary destiny; it's a thunderbolt or siren song or stage whisper that gives us a good excuse to go do what we know we should do. Do you have any ideas about how to put yourself in the vicinity of your fate bait? Allow me to try and lift the veil from your eyes...

Relocating your eyebrows half an inch higher doesn't disguise your declining health.

You are who you make yourself to be. Intention isn't enough. Action is necessary. Proper action. We want to help you maximize your potential. With a program like this one, you can.

There is a lot of added-value in this guided health program. Here we are going way beyond food and exercise, vitamins and supplements. Way way beyond. Instead of just focusing on what you eat, here you'll be focusing on how you eat, food combining for example falls into that category. Instead of you consuming a handful of vitamins and supplements everyday of your life here we'll be using a week of fasting, juicing and deep body tissue cleansing to re-balanace and realign your health so that you won't be needing those endless supplements anymore. That's money in your pocket for years to come!

Instead of endless hours of physically exercising at a gym or at home, here you'll start to do some mental gymnastics (which btw can be done anywhere, any place, at your timing of choice. All it takes is a minute or two which means you can repeatedly do them throughout the day- in the elevator, while driving your car, while showering, while cooking, etc., etc..). Instead of spending hundreds of hours in the gym, jogging or doing endless yoga here you take that time back, reclaim it. In other words, you profit again!

You won't be anymore tethered to a treadmill, to the RX, to another stupid app, to your jogging shoes, a fridge full of certain types of food, a yoga mat, a bag full of vitamins and supplements, a doctor or even your prescription pills anymore. All those supplements you bought in the past, throw them away. After HPS'ing you are certified to do as little as you like, when you like, and how you like with your health. Supplement free. Drug free. Vitamin free. Gym free. Yoga free. Diet free. Calorie counting free. And please, there is no need to ever read a food packaging label on a can or a package again. People who do that are living "dumpster" health.

Here we are transforming health, not treating it.

When you transform health it's like lifting the veil from your eyes. The list of things you'll be experiencing in this program is very long and to lay it all out for you today is meaningless simply because you haven't ever done any of this. It wouldn't mean a thing to you... but after you do this, and experience this, you are sure to find meaning and priceless value just as all our HPS clients have.

Please share our link with your friends. has been censored for over a decade by the major search engines. When you spread our links on facebook, twitter and insta you lift some veils.

Image   Greg, age 45, USA, level 2

"Cholesterol levels Plunged! Cholesterol : 164 ( now lower than normal low of 175 ) Ldl (bad) Cholesterol : 105 (104 is low of normal range ) Bilirubin : 1.9 ( still high but dropped 59 %. )"

A body "only" approach to health care is such a myopic sad depressing approach to health. It's stale, cold and mechanic too.

Do you now see what I mean after reading just a few of our clients experiences?

Don't you now think so too? You can find hundreds of more introductions and testimonials at our online forum. Please feel free to review them all before ordering.

Take note, I myself for my own health am not doing 95% of the things you do in health... yet here I am in my early sixties looking and feeling like this. Like I'm in my early to mid forties. Please tell me what I am doing wrong in health. Or rather, what exactly are you doing right?

I'm not in bed with the people you are in bed with in your health. You, you're addressing only one quarter of your being. Me, I'm addressing all four parts- body, mind, spirit and soul- Who do you think has the advantage in health? You or me?

If you have any surgery planned you might just want to hold off and do this first. You probably won't need your surgery. We had one client who had brain tumors and was scheduled for surgery. He never needed the surgery after this. His doctors couldn't understand how that happened!


Fixing health and sustaining great health DEPENDS NOT JUST on all the above but TACTICALLY also on how well you understand and consciously act upon these THREE THINGS year in and year out...

1) Velocity.
2) Trajectory.
3) Acceleration capacity (or lack of).

That's it.

Tactically that's where great health starts from and ends at!

If you want trouble free health you must know how to expand, maneuver and redirect the velocity, trajectory and acceleration of your health. Just as NASA does that with their spacecrafts and rockets, you need to be doing it with yours.

What's the velocity of your physical health right now? Do have any idea, any personal benchmarks to refer to? Can you accelerate it in just two weeks time like we do here in this program? Are you even thinking about velocity and trajectory, today? And the trajectory of your aging, how are you amending that this year? I already amended mine twice this year. And twice last year too. Are you mentally and emotionally rejuvenating, or stagnating, caught up in worry, doubt, fear and stress... rejuvenating emotionally, not just mentally. Brain fog? Memory loss? Dementia? Cancer? Heart disease? People who suffer from that don't address these things.

Paying attention to all three (velocity, trajectory, acceleration or lack of) is where healing, rejuvenation and prevention starts from, and ends. It's called conscious living. We shouldn't focus on one and ignore the others. On the contrary, we should focus on all there is, on all three, and bring all three into harmony.

It's as simple as that in deep body care.

That's the focus here in this health program. Tactically, everything we are doing in HPS GUIDED™ revolves around these three items, around these three parameters in health. None of that has anything to do with dieting, with your endless exercising, with you endlessly buying supplements and vitamins, with drugs or meds or you hoping and praying. It has to do with taking the correct actions. Being taught what needs to be done and doing it properly. A guided instructional health program like this one insures that happens.

Is your health and fitness care presently addressing even one of these parameters, let alone all three?

Do you ever even think about your health in these terms?

Can you even imagine how far and how high we can go with your health?

The experience is the cure!

Next week, if you cannot stop thinking about this, come back and buy this.

Any questions? Contact us.

There is more than one way to skin a cat...

With a program like this one you naturally regain your self control when eating. You naturally regain your discipline and self-motivation. You naturally regain your self-esteem.

Throw out the gym, the supplements, the diets, the health insurance, the meds and drugs and step into an alternative world of health care. Spend your time and precious money in a different way simply because what you are doing now can never give you what HPS GUIDED™ deep body care can give you.

Don't underestimate yourself... or the potential your health beholds.

Renaissance health care. Let's give you some skills and skillfulness in health rather than just more information, exercises and pills. That's how you'll move yourself from an inferior system of health care into a superior system.

Let's give you the self-confidence in health, some critical skills and skillfulness, some wisdom and an attitude/ culture and philosophy in health care that every one who is sick, fat and weak lacks in their health. That's something you have never ever had before, and to be quite honest even though you might not yet be aware of it, it's priceless. Inquiries into availability are done by email.

Transform your health. Stop treating it. Feel alive again. Stop fearing it. Stop constantly worrying about it and please stop stupidly wasting your precious time endlessly exercising. You can do much better than that. You can do this program. I Jos-hua, the founder of am here to make sure you meet success.

You have to learn how to address velocity, trajectory and acceleration of health. It's great fun. An adventure in health. You have to learn how to pivot each one separately at your convenience and/or moment of need if you intend to GENUINELY heal, genuinely rejuvenate and genuinely prevent in a lasting manner. Deep body care takes you from the shallow end of the pool to the deep end. A lot more can be accomplished in the deep end.

If you too want to start winning in health you have got to be prepared to take a step forward, to voluntarily jettison the deceptive failed myopic system of health care which you are presently engaging in.


You cannot attribute the success our clients meet to any one product. Nor is this some type of a magic potion. Nor a house of cards. This is a robust powerful grounded health program. A body, mind, spirit and soul care PROGRAM. Online since 1996.

A guided EDUCATIONAL interactive instructional step- by- step health program done in the privacy and comfort of your own home. No traffic to fight, no lines to stand in, no classes to attend, no spas in foreign lands to trek to, no endlessly surfing health websites online, no doctor offices or Rx's anymore.

One of the reasons that most people fail in self-help health care is they lack proficiency in the how to. Working from a book or a video just doesn't cut it.... you have no feedback. Without constant continuous feedback all you are left with is idiosyncratic risk. Frequent mistake are made... activities become a guessing game in health. Here with HPS GUIDED™ you avoid that.

This is faster, deeper and I'll venture to say considerably more comprehensive than anything you have ever done before for your health and aging. EVER!

Best of all you won't be alone anymore in your health care.

Being alone is, well, lonely.

I Jos-hua, the founder of this program, am going to be by your side 24/7 online at our forum, by email and through mobile app (audio and video) everyday, every week, every month for the next three months (100 days actually) providing you constant and continuous FEEDBACK... and even every year for the next few years if you so wish. Anybody else ready to do that for you? No, I didn't think so. This is intelligent sane health care. Here's me at sixty two years old, oops, I meant sixty two years young. This program considerably slows down aging. My own health is vibrant, vigorous, flourishing and encouraging. I intend to make sure you reach the same level of health that I have attained.

That's my goal and I hope to make it your goal too!

Bottom line, this is head and shoulders over anything you have ever done or will ever do for your health.

Done at your convenience and pace in the comfort, hygiene and privacy of your own home.

Places online are very limited and exclusive.

Image   Melody, Yoga instructor, age 28, USA, level 3.

"i started here when i was 21 and am now 28. i feel better, i look better, and i am better... At the end of 7dw level 3, i made a personal decision to step away from HPS to strengthen my self discipline in the new path i had chosen. i wanted to know that i would be able to sustain my lifestyle without the support of this community."

Image   Stacey, Graduate student, age 34, USA, level 2

"7DW level 2 has delved deeper into my emotional life, opening myself to what is around me and inside of me. As I continue to work on what is happening in my body, I am discovering its connectness to my mind and my soul. While it sounds so basic, the implications are great. When I began the process of HPS GUIDED I didn't expect these things to happen- hadn't really even considered the possibility. Each step I take down the path is eye-opening and fills me with gratitude."

Treating health is so 19th century.

Instead of treating here at HPS GUIDED™ we thoroughly re-balance, realign and re-calibrate health from the inside out. This is 23rd century health care.

And we do it quickly, within 30 days you'll have a new body and be a new person. You'll find yourself in a new space. A new place. That's why this website is called HPS... We HelpPeopleSurvive.

This is how I take care of myself, that's what I'd like to teach you and help you learn how to do, too. I never underestimate the turmoil that is laying beneath the surface. I suggest you don't either. All may not be as stable as you suppose.

Re balance instead of instead of medication. Re- calibrate... actions instead of opinions. Realign... knowing instead of hope and dreams. Skills and skillfulness in health instead of more stupid products, dumb diets and expensive pills. Wisdom in health instead of information overload in health. It's a different ballgame here.

Rearrange all the parts, acquire the strategy and the tactics here. It's not the machine, not the pill nor any product that rejuvenates health, it's the person. It's not all that hard with me by your side providing you continuous guidance, education, support, love and a very proven online program in hand. When you rearrange you can re-calibrate. Otherwise not. Online since 1996.

Re-align your priorities in your health care. Step back from the conventional and jump into 23rd century health care. No more calorie counting, no more dieting, no more excessive exercising, no more endless supplements and vitamins. There are a ton of more productive things you could be doing with your health. A program like this one sets you on the path.

Image   Anna, Homemaker, age 45, USA, HPS GUIDED™, level 1

"I have suffered with stomach pain my entire life... So in a nutshell, here's what I experienced through my first HPS GUIDED, some of which I hoped for, others I had no idea would improve from doing this program..."

Body, mind, spirit and soul care. Combined.
Healing. Rejuvenation. Prevention. Transformation.

The experience is the cure.

Next week, if you can't stop thinking about this, come back and buy this.


Reclaim what is yours. Online since 1996.
Places online are very limited and exclusive.

Inquire into HPS GUIDED™ availability using the contact email.


When contacting us or when communicating with us you will not be asked to sign up to any mailing lists nor will you be signed up to any by us. Your email address is secured. Also you should know that your email address will not be shared with others, or sold. You can rest assured of this.


If you prefer, two equal month after month payments will be accepted (US$620 x 2 only).

Read their comments below the poll. Four dimensional health care. 2005 NEW YEARS EVE POLL. 59 votes.
POLL- Was this worth the money?

You've suffered long enough. Hard enough. You tried hard enough, hoped for, dreamed and spent fortunes to date on your health. By now you should be ready and prepared to voluntarily jettison the deceptive failed myopic system of health care which you are presently engaging in.

Sit down and tally up.

See how much you have already spent this year and last year on your fitness, beauty and health. What's the raw ball park figure?

Now COMPARE, click the link immediately below.

Click to see the US Department of Health & Human Services projection of what you will spend per year, this year and next year in health, fitness, weight management and beauty. These are statistical averages over millions of people. You might have already exceeded this spending. With HPS you cut it by 90%. (click on your browser back button to return here)

The experience is the cure.

When Restorative medicine is done properly, it's as if you've taken a ride in a Time Machine.

Get a second opinion... SHARE THIS on twitter and facebook. See what they have to say.


Body. Mind. Spirit & Soul care, combined.

I Jos-hua will be your personal valet, pilot and online guide.

HPS GUIDED™ is the online guided program.
Restorative medicine is the system. Deep Body Care (DBC™) is the backbone of the restorative system.
The 7 Day Wonder® (7DW) is our deep tissue cleansing sub-program supporting the integrity of the deep body care system.
A ride in the Time Machine is the experience. The experience is your cure.

Forget HPS not!

"PROMOTION:   HOT SALE    Buy two levels of HPS GUIDED™ (levels 1 and 2 for only $2,700) and get four extra months of free support from Jos-hua and continual access to our forum for one full year. Yes, three equally split $900 payments are accepted."

You wanna go the whole nine yards?

You want a TOTALLY new body?

I'll give you a promotion that can't be beaten... all four levels of HPS GUIDED™, four rides in the time machine, for the sum total of $999 per level. That's a tad less than $4000 for the whole nine years of better health that are coming your way. That's unbeatable. That's really a gift to yourself, in health. You deserve it.

MORE HPS INFO WHICH MIGHT INTEREST YOU: 1) We are not on any social media. No twitter, facebook, linkin, youtube, insta, etc.. Never have been, probably never will be if we haven't to date. Anyway, everyone now knows that social media is a guilt factory. It's not very good for health. 2) Our clients years ago voted for their privacy and anonymity at our forum. Therefore, you don't find pictures of their faces or bodies in the public sections of our forum, but only in the private sections do we post that kind of information. 3) Our forum is private and secure. You cannot register to it if you are not doing an HPS program. Once registered you will have full access to all 72,200+ posts there. 4) Places in HPS GUIDED™ are very limited, and exclusive. We don't accept more than one new client per month. This policy guarantees that you'll get the attention and care that you deserve. 5) 48% of our clients to date were men, 52% women. The mean age is 31 to 54 years old. 80% resided in the USA. The other 20% were divided among Canada, Scotland, England, Holland, HK, Taiwan, China, Australia and Japan.

We need to know your age, gender and the country of you doing this program in. We are not available in all countries. For example we do not service Middle eastern countries, Africa or China. Input the information into your email.

Attn: Corporate HR managers. Play on a different field. Move the goalposts. Bring your corporate health care costs radically down. Please take note that HPS offers corporate group programs too with a private sub-forum just with your people. A kind of private party arrangement.  

If you want to do the program, please note:

Beyond your age, gender and country of doing the program in it would also be wise to tell Jos-hua and share a bit about yourself too when you contact us using email... tell Jos-hua about your physical and mental health (past and present) and what you want out of this program. And out of your life!

Tell Jos-hua your story. The more he knows about you the better he will be able to gauge how he intends to work with you.

We also would like to know what date is best for you to commence this HPS GUIDED™ online program, and alternative dates which might be convenient too. Thank you for your cooperation, and good luck! BTW, if you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to include them too.

DUE TO JOS-HUA'S RETIREMENT a decade ago, places online are limited to usually only 1 new person per month. But many months sometimes he accepts no one at all if he is busy with his own practices and life. Sometimes, it's even been a whole year!

We receive tens of applications every month. So obviously of course, the more Jos-hua knows about you and your health the better chances you have of getting his attention and being accepted. 




"If you get accepted, great. I look forward to working with you. If you don't get accepted do to health considerations, or if we have no available space online, also great. Either way, STAY COOL.

Staying cool is always good for health. Your emotional and mental health has a direct impact on your physical body & health. Both today, and in the longer run too. So stay cool!! Don't get too upset or too excited whatever happens to you in life. Stay cool. Incessantly cool.

Me, I know what I have to do for my health and I do it. Proactively, year in and year out.

You, I'm not so sure that you know so you're left with responding. You react to health issues and body problems instead of totally avoiding them. Me, I proactively avoid them. That's what I call intelligent health care.

The great spiritual masters of past taught that each one of us is perfection.

That each one of us are a reflection and an expression of our deepest dreams.

When we are living consciously with our health, we experience this perfection.

Be smart, make the most of your life while you still can. You are richer than you think. I hope to see you starting this program soon.

Don't kid yourself... there are too many loopholes in your health insurance policy to fully cover you in every instance. Together you and I are going to fix this for you right now, RIGHT HERE. Welcome to HPS GUIDED™.

'Eat well & exercise' just doesn't cut it. Hasn't cut it for decades already. The skyrocketing cancer rates clearly show us that.

Drinking lots of water and taking vitamins daily doesn't cut it either. The vast number of people who get struck down with the flu every year shows us that. If their immunity was strong, they wouldn't be getting the flu. Drinking lots of water and downing lots of vitamins unfortunately just doesn't cut it either.

Gorging on supplements and spending endless time in the gym isn't really the path either. It's just a money making machine for the sellers.

The rabid persistence of heart disease, heart attacks, triple by-pass, high BP, cholesterol issues, diabetes, obesity, chronic pain, herpes, chronic fatigue, chronic headaches, periodic migraines, allergies, auto-immune disorders, breath and respiratory issues, arthritis, constant skin problems, addictions at all ages, depression, insomnia and strokes worldwide only confirms what I just said above.

Self-love is the most powerful medicine known to mankind. For our species there is no better medicine. This program is an expression of self-love.

Self-love keeps the Larry's of the world out of your life. Larry is the guy at the hospital who changes your bed sheets when you crap in your bed. Bad health sucks! Beat it here at HPS.

And that's what I'm here for, to HPS, to HelpPeopleSurvive, AND thrive!"

-- Jos-hua, the HPS medicineman

That's a wrap. Stay clear of Larry. When you do this program, you will!

I look forward to getting to know you. When you order we'll meet up again on the other side.

Whatever merit I've made today I dedicate to the benefit of all sentient beings, wherever they are, whoever you are. I wish you peace, health and happiness. I've given you more to think about and act upon than 99% of the health websites you have ever visited to date. They all just parrot each other. They are a deceptive failed myopic system of health care. And you now also know more about me than you should. I like my privacy. I'm going to give you privacy in your health, too.

The answers to all your questions and hundreds more you'll find when you do the program. Join me. Join us. Join HPS GUIDED™. This is a structured, comprehensive, guided deep body care program with a strong and long online record of success in health. Health scares usually come in pairs. How sick were you last year and this year? How sick will you be next year and the year after? It's the living who have strength, not the dead. Start living again. Start feeling ALIVE again. It's our record that counts.

Conscious living empowers you and empowers your health. HPS GUIDED™ will give you more tenacity, stamina, and consistency in health, and in life too. If you get it, you get it. If not, not. I already said at the forum... low IQ people need not apply.

Now back to your regular programming... Take some meds, go enjoy a bucket of ice cream, take some more meds, buy some more supplements online, check in on socials, spend an hour or less on your treadmill and then go take a shower and try to nap. And please, don't forget, the bills, the bills. Unlike me, next month you need to pay that big endless Obamacare health insurance bill. Me, I don't nap anymore and I dropped my health insurance 33 years ago. This Time Machine is my insurance.

Best insurance money can buy!

Share this page, and then check out this page and share it too! Pictures of healthy bowel movements. After four rides in the Time Machine your poops should look like this, too, like mine. More than 10" long, and fat each time. When that is happening you just know that your metabolism has a chance to rev itself up DAILY.