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I'm not Carnival Barking... not calling you to enter Kabuki Theater and I'm not stealing your watch just to tell you the time.

See right now, see for yourself what TRANSFORMATION of one's health - one's body, mind, spirit and soul- does for health and aging.

Here's me at sixty years old-->
Anti ageing program
Hello sixty years young!
Do I look old at 60?

Do I look miserable?

See below what this program does for my own health & aging.

I live in Asia and have had the good fortune to have served a few great Masters. I've been doing on my own body for my own health for over 30 years everything you are going to be doing in HPS GUIDED™, and have been teaching and helping others both online and offline for over 24 years.

First I studied, practiced, explored and experienced with my own body, mind, spirit and health for six straight years to make sure what I was taught was all true (and also sustainable). Then in 1996 at the urging of my teachers I went out into the online world to help others.

I prefer live theater over movies. The glossy flawlessness of films, accomplished by machines that assemble and polish, is less emotionally rich than the direct impact of live performers' unmediated voices and bodies and emotions. Their evocative imperfections move me in ways that glossy flawlessness can't. Even if you're not like me, I invite you to experiment with my approach for a while—not just in the entertainment you choose, but in all areas of your life, especially health. As much as possible, get your experience raw and unfiltered.

Skyrocket your energy, immunity and anti-aging. HPS GUIDED™ puts you in the winners circle at every age. See below!

Here's me at sixty two-->
Anti aging course
2018. Jos-hua at sixty two.

Yes, over thirty years ago I spent close to US$ 25,000 to acquire the knowledge and skillfulness of this program! I had to go into debt. And spend close to a decade homeless. I'm not asking you to do that. In fact, I'm saying do this at home, at your convenience and pace. I've made that possible for you. You don't have to quit your job like I had to. You don't have to trek half way around the globe like I had too.

You'll end up spending less money and less time on your health with this than you presently spend today and surely will spend in the future. And, you'll feel a thousand times better than you do today or will in the future no matter whatever else you do for you health outside of this. Sure, this costs. Things of value, do. There are no free rides in health.

My father died at 59 years young. He looked old when he died. He was miserable.

Do I look old at 60?

Do I look miserable?

62 was a game my father never got to even play in, let alone enjoy.

By the time my dad was forty five he was almost bald, he was also fat, sick and weak taking prescription meds for his heart, bad cholesterol and high blood pressure too. He had a boatload of health problems and health worries. He already had surgery three different times between the ages of 35 and 55. Heart surgery once. Other medical problems, twice.

Me at 62, with the exact same genes I have none of that.

Anti ageing program
2018. Jos-hua at sixty two.
Healthy isn't enough...We need to be wise too. Please remember those words. Wisdom is priceless in health.

For me, time is money.

I haven't been in a gym, on a treadmill, jogged or done any intensive exercising in over thirty years. That's hundreds of hours (if not a thousand or two) I reclaimed to do with as I like. I've got plenty of other things to do with my time that waste it in a gym.

I don't do supplements or vitamins. I have no medicine cabinet in my home nor a scale. I don't fuss about the food I eat. I don't eat organic nor vegan. If I want to eat something that I would call "unhealthy," I eat it. If not, I don't. No dieting, no calorie counting, no portion control. No doctor appointments, no tests, no worries, no doubts. I encourage my clients to take note of what I do and how I do it. I'll be showing you and teaching you in detail, hoping that at the least you attain the same great health that I have personally attained. Many have here at HPS GUIDED™. I see no reason whatsoever that you won't too. It all starts with the plumbing in the body.

Image   Tina, age 35, Argentina, level 4

"My physical health has improved tremendously- less headaches, deep wonderful sleep, less stress, tons more energy, younger looking (I was recently in Argentina visiting friends I hadn't seen in 2 years-(I started this program 18 months ago) and they all insisted that I had had a face lift-they couldn't believe how young I looked!), improved skin tone, enhanced running levels, etc. Emotionally and spiritually I have gained so much peace, more patience and tolerance, flexiblity, less fear, learing to live w/out expectations, just an enhanced way of living life and all that one encounters in a lifetime. Let me just say that I am grateful for Jos-hua, for HPS GUIDED, for all the wonderful people who are part of this support group."

Conscious health care we call this. Getting high on health. The experience, is the cure. Our HPS record speaks for itself.

How do you the reader stay far away from the defective symptom care system of health?

We usually start here, with waste management. If your bowels aren't moving everyday, your health isn't either. We start with the plumbing deep inside the body. We fix that first and then proceed with everything else. That's our starting point. Remember, if your bowels are moving daily, your health is too!

Do this program and you'll walk away with quite a few practices in health, in fact an arsenal of very productive health practices.

And a ton of WISDOM too.

In all honesty it's your body, do with it as you please.

You have to live in it.
You have to live with it.

It's hard to ask someone to give up something if you don't have something else to replace it.

In HPS GUIDED™ a body, mind, spirit and soul approach REPLACES your present day "body only" approach to health.

I'm not asking you to sever one part of your body to save another part. I'm not asking you to sacrifice a part of your lifestyle for something inferior. I'm not asking you to find something sharp enough to make a cut. I'm only suggesting you replace one thing with something else. I'm offering you something superior than you've ever had before.

Right now, you are unfortunately stuck in a deceptive system of health... you, your family and all your friends are entangled and stuck. It's a one dimensional "body" only care system which leads to the dumpster. I'm offering you a quick, reasonably priced, safe, holistic, way out!

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