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No, I never get out of bed at 5am to exercise. Nor at 6am either... You'd be amazed what an extra hour or more of sleep every night does for health.
Anti ageing program
Jos-hua at sixty.

Anti aging course
2018. Jos-hua at sixty two.

Go ahead and enlarge my pictures. They haven't been touched up or photoshopped. See for yourself.

Don't tell me bitter truths

I want sweet lies

That's the approach many employ for their health.

How do you the reader stay far away from BAD HEALTH? From pain, indigestion and sleepless nights? From fatigue, illness, doctors and tests? From cancer, dementia and heart disease and strokes?

From the defective "symptom" care system of health?
Otherwise known as sickcare.

My solution was to exist the sickcare system and move into a genuine healthcare system. As Meg said: "If you don’t agree with [something], don’t be part of the problem, be part of the solution.

All the screaming we've heard for years - healthcare, healthcare, free healthcare, more health care, better healthcare, government subsidized healthcare, more Medicare, etc., etc. actually is a scream for more sickcare. For more drugs, meds, tests, hospitalizations and surgeries.

All they really want is for it to be cheaper!

It's madness for you to keep doing the same things and to expect different results with your health.

They are afraid of people like me. They are afraid of websites like this one. They are afraid of programs like HPS GUIDED™. Why? Because we're on to them.

I mean really never anymore go three times a week to a gym or yoga class. I never ever count calories or diet. I very rarely buy any herbal supplements. I very rarely buy any vitamins, maybe once every five years. I never buy health insurance nor visit doctors. I have no workout equipment in my home. And I never feel tired anymore. Or sick. Or in pain. During my twenties (when I was at the gym 4 days a week) I was always exhausted, sick with some new illness and in pain (stomach, back, neck). The fear, anxiety and the worries I had about my health died long ago.

You can't be living like this if your health isn't great. And you can't be living like this for decades if the system you use for health is "body only" healthcare.

What's bad about this type of lifestyle! Body mind spirit and soul care. It's everything I ever wished.

Every year I usually start here, with waste management... With an HPS GUIDED™ 7 Day Wonder® week of deep body care.

If your bowels aren't moving everyday, your health isn't either.

We start with the plumbing deep inside the body. We fix that first and then proceed with everything else.

That's our starting point. Year after year it's the same process starting at the same point.

As you might imagine, after one two or three years of doing this you start to get really good at this and then the fun really begins with the relationship you have with your own health.

My bowels are moving daily. Here's a picture I took while in Vietnam just a few months ago.

This is a 17 inch bm! The culmination of only 3 meals over 24 hours.

This bm dropped out in less than two minutes of me sitting down on the toilet seat. There was no straining or pushing. First the dark brown ruler like piece dropped out and then the rest on top of it.

What do yours look like?

Here's me Jos-hua masquerading as a senior citizen -->
Anti ageing program
Hello sixty years young!

I am so grateful that I had the chance to discover deepbodycare.

I'm also so grateful that I had the good fortune to have had great teachers who guided me and provided priceless feedback! Without them chances are I would have messed things up beyond repair!

Do I look old at 60? I think I look OK.

Do I look like I'm playing catch-up at age 65 (see pics below)? Any big ugly bags under my eyes like a lot of people we know have. Pot belly? Saggy wrinkled skin?

Do I look worn out at 62? A senior citizen? Or unhealthy? Or sick? Or weak? Needing a wheelchair or crutches?

So many people do by the time they reach fifty. They're grey or bald. Fat and sloppy. Complaining, farting and kvetching.

Many already started to lose control over their bodily functions but they keep that a secret. By the time they reach seventy, it's public knowledge. In Japan more seniors wear DIAPERS than babies do. Go ahead, look it up on Google!

Get onto our waiting list asap. No reservation fee required. The earliest I'll be accepting anyone new is about three months from now. Feel free to ask any questions you might have. Now's the time. I'll do my best to try and answer them all for you.

My father was grey and bald by his late forties. Had his first heart attack in his mid forties. Second heart surgery mid fifties. He died before he reached sixty.

Me, same genes, totally different outcomes. Deep body care works!

They went to the gym, did yoga, they bought water filters, organic food, endlessly bought herbal supplements and health insurance, endlessly exercised and followed up with their annual doctors, meds and tests yet still, health is lacking.

Recapture your youth.

Skyrocket your energy, immunity and anti-aging efforts. HPS GUIDED™ puts everyone in the winners circle at every age. See below!

Heal. Rejuvenate. Prevent. Transform.


It's time for you to do this, to do some deepbodycare.

That's the story here.

This is a story about moving from the ordinary in health, to the extraordinary.

Remember, if your bowels are moving daily, your healing and rejuvenation probably can too!

If your bowels aren't moving everyday you are not a legitimate contender in health, just another pretender. You're actually moving backwards, not forward but you don't know it yet.

Do this program and you'll walk away with quite a few sustainable practices in health, in fact an arsenal of very productive health practices.

And a ton of WISDOM too.

Right now, you unfortunately are stuck in a deceptive defected system of healthcare... you, your family and all your friends are entangled and stuck. It's a one dimensional "body only" system of health care which leads to the dumpster. I'm offering you a quick, reasonably priced, safe, holistic, way out!

Body mind spirit and soul care.

Healing rejuvenation and prevention.

The experience is the cure.

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Share this page, and then check out this page and share it too! Pictures of healthy bowel movements. After four rounds in the Time Machine your poops should look like this, too. More than 10" long, and fat each time.