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How right has this been for me Jos-hua the founder of this program?

Has this program fixed my health?

Make a guess and tell me... in the second picture (click to flip) tell me how many years older am I when compared to the first picture? Two years older? Five years older? Or is it maybe ten? YOU KNOW how it is...the sicker we get the older looking we get.

Or is it fifteen? Twenty five? Thirty five years older. Or more? You tell me. Welcome to conscious living. Welcome to the Time Machine.

The answer to the above question, "how much older am I in the second picture" can be found three screens down.

I can tell you right now, if you think ten years older or less, YOU ARE WAY OFF the mark. Way off!

Alternative health care. HPS GUIDED™


Do you really understand what I am talking about when we say we want to see you transform your health!

I'm not so sure you do.

If you want to change the default settings in your health we've got to take a new step in a new direction... No, you won't find this at Amazon Prime. This is exclusive to HPS-ONLINE.COM

For me, transformation of health is something very down to earth. Not something metaphysical.

Bear with me for four minutes as I outline some of the questions that perplexed me about transformation of health.

After I outline some of the questions that interested me I'll be telling you in the immediate below exactly what transpired with my own body, and how my health transformed. I'll be sharing with you exactly what happened. Plus, I'll answer the above flip card, how many years older am I in the second picture?

Outside of this program I've not met many persons who have TRANSFORMED their health.

Those who talk about transformation seem to talk about it more than they live it.

They clone it in terms like 'Kundalini' or they wave wands implying secretive intricate yoga asana's, shamanic vibes, flight 'kyacking' or magic and mystical herbal pills. They talk about something happening OUT THERE that we can experience. Me, I see it differently.

Theory is one thing, reality another.

Most people treat their health, but very few actually transform it. That's what I discovered over the past forty years. And that's a shame!

I spent my life not just in NJ or Cali but also in many "exotic and esoteric places," high in the Himalaya's in Tibetan monasteries, in the jungles and islands off south Thailand, in the plains and in ashrams in India, in health spas and with health masters in China, HK, Singapore and Malaysia. Forty friggin years around the world and guess what...

Both in the East and in the West I didn't see many people transforming health.

That's the bottom line. From NY to LA, from Rio to London, from Tokyo to Athens, from HK to Singapore I found many talkers, many book writers, dresser uppers, druggies, groupies, gurus, youtube videos, bloggers, websites, health centers and spas, etc.. and much talk about food, herbals, juices, anti-oxidants, bio rhythms, vitamins, diets (carbs vs protein), detox, cleansing and yes, yoga and exercising to the extreme too, but not many TRANSFORMATIONS OF HEALTH.

Except at HPS, I just don't see much transformation, anywhere.

Even Jane Fonda hasn't experienced it yet. Nor any of the Hollywood celebrities. She's got a new health video and products for sale, on right now, again. Same old schtik, where's the transformation, Jane? If she had found it, she would stop with the schtik. I think now she into something to do with yoga now. Before, it was aerobics. Same old schtik Jane.

That's a shame. If more people did TRANSFORM AND TRANSCEND, they'd extremely profit just as I and my clients have and continue to do.

Me, I wanted to know about my mouthwash and the bathroom scale.

Will I be able to trash them both, or not?

I wanted to know if I'll be able to brush my teeth less times everyday, rather than more.

I wanted to know if I can stop counting calories everyday and jogging twice a week. If so, I'm ears, tell me about transformation. Me, I wanted to know if I'll be able to get through the day without napping, without running on a treadmill, without feeling pain or anxiety about my health. That's what interested me. If yes, tell me more.

Me, I wanted to know about the "in here," and not so much about the "out there." Energy smenergy. If there is energy out there, make it happen in here. That was how I felt about it.

Can transformation attend to this?

The stains on my shirt sleeve armpits, the stains from the deodorant I used.

Does transformation eliminate that?

That's what interested me.

The stinky smelly socks and the foul smelling breath. You know daily life! What does transformation do about that?

And my time...

Would a transformation of my health give me back my time?

Or is it just an exchange of crutches... an hour and a half on the yoga mat instead of an hour and a half in the gym on the treadmill isn't transformation, it's just exchanging this for that.

And when it comes to time, how much time back will I get?

Most people spend so much of their time around food... everyday at least three times a day an hour or two is wasted (breakfast, lunch, dinner), the very few spend twice a day around food. Every friggin day! What's transformation going to do about that?

I'm not Carnival Barking... not calling you to enter Kabuki Theater. See right now, see for yourself the answers.

Anti aging program
Jos-hua at thirty two.
Anti aging course
2018. Jos-hua at sixty two.

The first picture is me Jos-hua, the founder of this program, at 32 years old, two years into this HPS program.

The second picture is thirty years later, thirty years older!

I never imagined I would look like this at 62.

Never ever.

But who cares about looks, I never ever thought I could feel like this at 62.

For a few rides in the Time Machine at $2,600 a shot, this was a steal.

My father died at 59 years young. He looked old when he died.

62 was a game he never got to play in.

By the time my father was forty five he was almost bald, he was also fat, sick and weak taking prescription meds for his heart, bad cholesterol and high blood pressure too. He had a boatload of health problems and health worries. He already had surgery three different times between the ages of 35 and 55.

Me at 62, with the exact same genes I have none of that.

I have a head full of hair, I'm slim, vibrant and vigorous. And I take no meds, or drugs. My lifestyle is similar to his and I sometimes even binge on the same Junk food that he loved but there is one thing I do differently. I take a ride in the Time Machine frequently. At least once a year, every year. He never did. Why wouldn't I? It's done in the comfort and privacy of your own home. And it's quick, easy and time friendly.

All I'm saying is if you would start doing this and stop messing about as my father did in gyms, on a treadmill, jogging, playing tennis (he loved tennis), wasting endless hours on your yoga mat, calorie counting at every meal, endless tests and meds, endless vitamins and supplements, etc., etc., you will experience this too!

Look, lets make one thing clear... I spend less money and less time on my health than you do. Like 90% less.

I don't spend any time on a treadmill and I don't spend hours in any gym. I don't spend hours specialty shopping for organic food, nor hours preparing food. I keep things simple and easy. I don't spend hours online surfing health websites nor do I spend hours online buying supplements and products. I don't count calories and I don't workout. I don't ever do any of that.

Not even ten minutes in a year. Get it? None of that, zero, zip, nada. I take care of my health differently.

And my health is a thousand times, no a zillion thousand times, better than most people's.

At 32, already by then, just two years into this program, things were looking good and I was looking good too. I went from misery with my health to being ecstatic. I went from famine to feast with my health \\ and with my health care too.

I not just reclaimed my health but I reclaimed my time and my wallet too.

That doesn't happen from a doctor appointment. That doesn't happen from a supplement or drug either. Nor from any diet or yoga asana. That only happens when you transform your health.

I was ecstatic. Who wouldn't be?

I had already lost over 40 pounds that stayed off for over one year.

My face cleared up from all the pimples, zits and blackheads, and stayed cleared up. My skin was shining.

My energy levels were skyrocketing.

The attacks, the herpes attacks which I suffered from every other month for years, disappeared.

The hemorrhoid attacks ended immediately, too. They were a pain in the ass. No pun included!

As did the chronic back and neck pains and sleepless nights too. The foul bad breath, foul B/O, allergies and the dandruff also became history. All of that was happening with no drugs, no diet, no doctor visits, no meds, no formal exercise routines, no tests or health insurance deductibles either. Nor any prayers either. It just unfolded, naturally and holistically, step by step as I flew in the Time Machine. Weeks quickly became months. Before I new it it was two years already.

I was getting healthier and healthier, wiser and wiser in health care, what I call 'ascending good health'. There was altitude to my health for the first time in my life!
Anti ageing program
2018. Jos-hua at sixty two.
Healthier isn't enough...We need the wiser too. Please remember those words. Wisdom is priceless in health.

For example...

If I don't experience a huge bowel movement everyday, I immediately know I did something wrong with my health either yesterday or the day before. And I fix it. I adjust my diet immediately. The wise know this.

How do you the reader stay far away from symptom care?

Do this program and you'll walk away with quite a few practices, in fact an arsenal of practices.

I even stopped using shaving cream too.

When your skin is healthy and alive, soap is enough. A lifetime of shaving cream expenses ended just like that. Boom! Many many hundreds if not thousands of dollars were to stay in my pocket, instead of Gillette's.

Next up was the mouthwash. I stopped buying that too. Bye bye Johnson and Johnson.

Next up came the deodorant. Didn't need it anymore. Same with the gym memberships and gym time. Same with the treadmill. Same with buying and eating only COSTLY organic food. Same with the endless vitamins and endless supplements. I rarely ever buy health products or supplements anymore, it's been like that for over twenty years now. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

Over the course of 24 months at my pace and at my convenience in the comfort and privacy of my own home, all this happened.

And it was lasting! It sustained.

But more so, I immediately discovered that the Time Machine slows down aging too. And in many cases even reverses it. Tell me that's not a sweetener that made all the above, even sweeter!

My life Transformed right before my very own eyes, through health care. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually transformed.

And for the last 25 years I've been helping others accomplish the very same things, online. Welcome to the Time Machine! Reserve your pod today.









Transformation of your health is something that appears... it isn't an object that you can set as a goal. The experience is the cure. It just unfolds.

So, what does "unfold" mean?

When you find yourself WITHOUT MUCH INTENTION spending your time differently (in my case instead of napping actually out and about doing things), painless or at the least with less pain than ever before (in my case finally painless), spending your money differently (in my case not anymore on drugs, medications, doctor appointments and tests), and experiencing life differently (in my case waking up in every morning fresh, alive and bright), that's called transformation. You feel different, relate differently and anticipate differently. You look differently both to yourself and to others. That opens the doors to new and different relationships, both with yourself and with others including also with your mouthwash, your bathroom scale, your deodorant and beauty creams. With your beloved, ex's, your parents, your bosses and your colleagues at work. With food, with your kitchen cupboards, with your pots and pans and what you cook for dinner. With your treadmill and jogging shoes. With how you shop and where you shop.

But it really hits home when you find yourself all of the sudden buying new clothes.

New clothing of different colors, fabrics, cuts and patterns than you did in the past, and of course different sizes (smaller) that "the" recognition hits you... you realize that you are transforming right before your very own eyes. And it wasn't planned and you didn't know how it would unfold or where it is headed too. It's like the bud of a flower just as it opens. We don't know in advance how beautiful it's going to be, so we just wait and watch, and experience.

The list is pretty infinite and you'll feel infinitely better as it keeps expanding. As it usually does. That's called transformation, folks. It is something that unfolds over the course of a few months and sometimes keeps unfolding even for two or three years.

You'll of course like it, and most people around you will like the new you, too!

TAKE NOTE, this is important, this is the beauty in transformation of health... you don't get to decide IN ADVANCE who the new you will be...but rather it unfolds, you unfold as you transform. This is 23rd century medicine!

Instead of making something up, some ideal you up, i.e., making someone up, we just let you be you. Is that clear? When you have to go do yoga for example or have to count calories or have to take certain meds everyday is that you being you, or is that you being them? Be you. That's the only way to sustainably heal. That's the only way to sustainably prevent. If you are trying to emulate others, or be like others, or be right, or virtue signal in health that's a concoction. Concoctions usually fall apart after some time.

Be you. That's why this is sustainable health care. It's you, being you, and not you trying to be someone else. You of course being a body, a mind, a soul and a spirit.

If you know how to do it, please forge on. CONSCIOUS LIVING. Your health is probably headed to where mine is at. ALIVE AGAIN.

If not, join us and experience. The experience is the cure.

It's a whole new world. It's a brand new world in health care, yet still it is still your world, but transformed.



Send HPS an email today.

Follow the instructions below. Let's see if we have a place for you to take a spin in the Time Machine.

Two words ... HPS GUIDED™

Those two words have the power to make you abundantly healthy.

Boundlessly happy. Limitlessly energetic. Continually young.

This is the beginning of a lot of great things for you.

There are just too many examples of great things happening here.

No yoga or stretching did this for her before. Now she is dancing again... Mia, payroll administrator, age 37, level 2.

And no doctor appointments, diet or pills didn't do it for her either... now she is ALIVE AGAIN. Melody, yoga instructor, age 28, level 3.

For decades, every time I ever stepped into and out of my doctors office, nothing was transformed in my health or in my life. The only thing I had in hand was more pills. And another big bill to pay. I bet the same happens to you too!

If you read the stories above it's obvious even to a doornail that their whole life changed FOR THE BETTER.




"Buy one get one free. You are going to want more of this, everyone does. With the second one either gift it to someone you immensely care about and do the program together, online, at the same time or save it for yourself and take your health to a whole new level again after your level 1 and do a level 2 FOR FREE. Totally free. Expiry date, 1 year."

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Healing. Rejuvenation. Prevention. Transformation.

Enriching health through enriched health care.

HPS GUIDEDâ„¢ is the online guided program which walks you through your Time Machine experiences.

(2 x $1300 accepted) Two equally split interest free month after month payments welcomed.  


Chose from our Spring (April to June) online programs, or our Autumn (October to December) online journeys. Trans-Galactic health journey's are permitted to take place only during those months, as per Starfleet Command operational manual TGH-9431.

23 years online!

Please note: HPS isn't on any social media platforms. NONE. Not one. Strange? Not to us. Not really. Popularity is totally irrelevant to truth. Likes and followers mean nothing to us. Simpler seems to make better for us and our health. And anyway more and more people are recognizing that social media isn't very healthy in the longer run. We're lucky, we intuitively thought so, so we avoided it completely right from the start. Thousands of hours saved not being on social media, time and data bandwidth saved, in our pockets. Plus, no disruptions to our mental health either.

Not being on social media is why it's not so easy to find us these days but we assume those that are destined to find us, will, with or without us being on social media. Our propulsion system is awesome. I built it myself.

Also, please note I don't write books, make videos, do interviews or lead retreats anymore. I use to lead 11 day retreats all over the world, inter-galactically too, but not anymore. I'm retired. These days your word of mouth is critical to the survival of this wisdom. Google has censored HPS for years. Rides in a Time Machine aren't for people like you, me or your friends, it is reserved for the elites only. Blue Horizon, Virgin Galactic, or SpaceX at $200,000 for a ten minute spin. So we've been sandboxed in search results for years. Censored. Please share our links with your friends. That would be very kind. That's how we beat the globalists in health care. That's how we spread the wisdom. Thanks.

Move in. Responsible health care. Conscious living. There is no magic here. This is all very down to earth health care.

Body, mind, spirit and soul care, simultaneously. Combined. Together.

START NOW THE INQUIRY PROCESS ---> Maximum thrust at pre-launch please.

"Hello HPS GUIDED™.  I get it, Thank you! The 'endlessness' in my health ends up costing me more than what this program costs while giving me 1/10th what a spin in the Time Machine can give me...

Great, give me skills and skillfulness in my health care. Just what I need. I already have more than enough pills. And five pairs of jogging shoes too. Take me some place new with my health. I want to buckle up ASAP.

I want to heal, RENEW and reclaim ownership of my body, mind, spirit, soul, weight and health... and not jog, pop pills or calorie count anymore!

Now I would like to know about availability. I understand from the below that places usually are limited to only one new person per month... my doctor stuffs in about 400 persons per month. I'm wondering how one versus 400 works out for me. Sounds like the odds are in my favor.

I'd also like to know payment options and whatever else you think I should know or need to know prior to ordering and commencing this online guided program with you. Will I be certified to fly in your Time Machine within the next 30 days or will it take longer? Please advise. Thank you! "


We need to know your age, gender and the country of doing this program in. We do not service all countries. Input that information into the email.

Attn: Corporate HR managers. Play on a different field. Move the goalposts. Please take note that HPS offers discounted corporate special group programs too. Corporate Time Machine flights. If you're hoping that paid-for 'time off' or paid-for vacations is going to be all the rage for your millennial employees, wait until they go on a ride in the Time Machine. They profit, and you profit too. Reduced employee absenteeism, less illness, no more back aches, neck and leg pains, a substantial noticeable reduction in complaints, BRAIN FOG and hardship from long hours in the office, in the showroom, on the road or on the factory floor. Skyrocket their energy and wellness and consequently their productivity too. Productivity goes hand in hand with wellness and energy. Minimum online participation group, five employees at a time. You'll find yourself spending less money and time on their health insurance in light of this. They will be wanting more of this and less of that. Inquire today how we can service your company, its health and your legacy in the company. This is a home run. And a win-win too. This the stuff successful managers repeatedly deliver, home runs and win-wins.  
Beyond your age, gender and country of doing the program in it would also be wise to tell Jos-hua and share a bit about yourself too when you contact us using email... tell Jos-hua about your physical and mental health (past and present) and what you want out of this program. And out of your life!

Tell Jos-hua your story. The more he knows about you the better he will be able to gauge how he intends to work with you.

If you wish to, share also insight about your spiritual health. Jos-hua has a keen interest in all spiritual traditions. He'd love to hear about your practices within yours.

We also would like to know what date is best for you to commence this HPS GUIDED™ online program, and alternative dates which might be convenient too. Thank you for your cooperation, and good luck! BTW, if you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to include them too.

DUE TO JOS-HUA'S RETIREMENT a decade ago, places online are limited to usually only 1 new person per month. But many months sometimes he accepts no one at all if he is busy with his own spiritual practices and life. Sometimes, it's even been a whole year!

We receive tens of applications every month. So obviously of course, the more Jos-hua knows about you and your health the better chances you have of getting his attention and being accepted. 

** When contacting us you will not be asked to sign up to any mailing lists nor will you be signed up to any by us. Your email address is secured. Also you should know that your email address will not be shared with others, or sold. You can rest assured of this.



" If you get accepted, great. If you don't get accepted, or if we have no available space online, also great. Either way, STAY COOL.

Staying cool is always good for health. Your emotional and mental health has a direct impact on your physical health. Both today, and in the longer run too. So stay cool!! Don't get upset or excited whatever happens. Stay cool. Incessantly cool.

Me, I know what I have to do for my health and I do it. Proactively, year in and year out. You, I'm not so sure that you know so you're left with responding. You respond to health issues and body problems instead of totally avoiding them. Me, I avoid them. That's what I call intelligent health care.

The great spiritual masters of past taught that each one of us is perfection.

That each one of us are a reflection and an expression of our deepest dreams.

When we are living consciously with our health, we experience this perfection.

Be smart, make the most of your life while you still can. I hope to see you starting this program soon.

Don't kid yourself... there are too many loopholes in your health insurance policy to fully cover you in every instance. Together you and I are going to fix this for you right now, RIGHT HERE. Welcome to HPS GUIDED™.

'Eat well & exercise' just doesn't cut it. Hasn't cut it for decades already. The skyrocketing cancer rates clearly show us that.

Drinking lots of water and taking vitamins daily doesn't cut it either. The vast number of people who get struck down with the flu every year shows us that. If their immunity was strong, they wouldn't be getting the flu. Drinking lots of water and downing lots of vitamins doesn't cut it.

Gorging on supplements and spending endless time in the gym isn't really the path either. It's just a money making machine for the sellers.

The rabid persistence of heart disease, heart attacks, high BP, cholesterol issues, diabetes, obesity, chronic pain, herpes, chronic fatigue, chronic headaches, periodic migraines, allergies, respiratory issues, arthritis, constant skin problems at all ages, depression, insomnia and strokes worldwide only confirms what I just said above.

Do me Jos-hua one small favor.

If you cannot afford this program or feel you don't want to do it, or aren't accepted due to space limitations online, at the least CONSCIOUSLY do one thing everyday, three times a day both for yourself (and for me too!).

Use your mind in your health care. Bring some hands-on consciousness back into your health. This is the yoga practiced in the Time Machine.

Look into the mirror, look into your eyes, and say out loud to yourself everyday three times a day:

"The movies of my mind are beautiful because I chose to make them so. I love myself, I approve of myself, I appreciate myself, I value myself. I love me. I am life. I am joy. I am love. I am safe and secure."

Feels good, doesn't it?

If it doesn't, double down.

If it doesn't that's showing you how much you have calcified already.

Self-love is the most powerful medicine known to mankind. If self-love doesn't move you, your heart and health has calcified. Double down and practice the above daily, everyday!

Please do this everyday for the next six months. Thanks!! Knowing that you are doing this will make me happy because it will help your health, healing and prevention in numerous ways. It keeps the Larry's of the world out of your life.

And that's what I'm here for, to HPS, to HelpPeopleSurvive, AND thrive!"

-- Jos-hua, the HPS medicineman

That's a wrap. Stay away from Larry. When you order we'll meet up again on the other side.

I look forward to getting to know you.

Whatever merit I've made today I dedicate to the benefit of all sentient beings, wherever they are, whoever you are. I wish you peace, health and happiness. I've given you more to think about and act upon than 99% of the health websites you have ever visited to date. And you now know more about me than you know about your doctor or anyone else involved in your health.

How do I eat daily? What do I do when I experience an unexplained pain? How do I pace my health care? How do I sit on the toilet? When do I jump into the Time Machine?

The answers to all these questions and hundreds more you'll find when you do the program. Join us. This is a structured, comprehensive, deep health care program.

Conscious living empowers you and empowers your health. HPS GUIDED™ will give you more tenacity, stamina, and consistency in health, and in life. If you get it, you get it. If not, not. As I already said at the forum, low IQ people need not apply.

Now back to your regular programming... Go enjoy a bucket of ice cream, take some meds, buy some more supplements online, check in on socials, spend an hour or less on your treadmill and then go take a shower and a nap. And please, don't forget, the bills, the bills. Unlike me, next month you need to pay that big endless Obamacare health insurance bill. Me, I don't nap anymore and I dropped my health insurance 33 years ago. This program is my insurance.

Best insurance money can buy!

Share this page, and then check out this page and share it too! Pictures of healthy bowel movements. After four rounds in the Time Machine your poops should look like this, too. More than 10" long, and fat each time.