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Common sense goes a long way in health care...

Do not repeatedly immerse your hands in water that contains detergents and chemicals such as bleach or dish soap; this results in nail splits and absorption of chemicals and toxins into the body through your skin.

Wear cotton lined gloves when doing housework such as dishes and laundry or when using furniture polish. This protects your hands and nails against harsh chemicals.

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  Nail self diagnosis

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Nail changes may signify a number of disorders elsewhere in the body.
That's a good reason to pay attention to your nails!

These changes may indicate illness long before any other symptoms appear. 

Please do REMEMBER- everything you see on the outside of your body, is a reflection of something going on inside. Inside of it. Inside your body. The way to deal with it all is to clean out and clean up your act.

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  • Unusually wide, square nails can suggest a hormonal disorder.

  • Brittle nails signify possible iron deficiency, thyroid problems, impaired kidney function, and circulation problems.

  • Brittle soft, shiny nails with a moon may indicate an overactive thyroid.

  • Dark nails and/or thin, flat, spoon-shaped nails are a sign of vitamin B12 deficiency or anemia. Nails can also turn gray or dark if the hands are placed in chemicals (most often bleach) or a substance to which one is allergic.

  • Deep blue nail beds show a pulmonary obstructive disorder such as asthma or emphysema.

  • Greenish nails, if not a result of a localized fungal infection, may indicate an internal bacterial infection.

  • Black, splinterlike bits under the nails can be a sign of infectious endocarditits, a serious heart infection; other heart disease; or a bleeding disorder.

  • A half-white nail with dark spots at the tip points to possible kidney disease.

  • An isolated dark-blue bank in the nail bed, especially in light-skinned people, can be a sign of skin cancer.

  • Nail beading (the development of bumps on the surface of the nail) is a sign of rheumatoid arthritis.

  • Nails that chip, peel, crack, or break easily show a general nutritional deficiency and insufficient hydrochloric acid and protein. Minerals are also needed.

  • Ridges can appear in the nails either vertically or horizontally. Vertical ridges indicate poor general health, poor nutrient absorption, and/or iron deficiency; they may also indicate a kidney disorder. Horizontal ridges can occur as a result of severe stress, either psychological or physical, such as from infection and/or disease.

  • White lines across the nail may indicate a liver disease.

  • If the white moon area of the nail turns red, it may indicate heart problems, if it turns slate blue, then it can indicate either heavy metal poisoning (such as silver poisoning) or lung trouble.

  • White nails indicate possible liver or kidney disorders or/and anemia.

  • White nails with pink near the tips are a sign of cirrhosis.

  • Yellow nails or an elevation of the nail tips can indicate internal disorders long before other symptoms appear. Some of these are problems with the lymphatic system, respiratory disorders, diabetes, and liver disorders.

  • Downward-curved nail ends may denote heart, liver or respiratory disease.

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